Swaragini 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini asks Sujata to keep Swara’s fast sargi and goes to call her. Sujata thinks Ragini is acting and remembers only the things which is benefitted to her. She comes to Swara’s room. Swara tries to clarify about the night. Ragini says I trust my husband, and asks her to keep fast for Sanskar else she will be forced to believe that there is something between her and Laksh. Swara says there is nothing as such. Ragini asks her to keep fast and takes Swara downstairs. She asks Annapurna if Swara’s sargi is ready. Sanskar says Swara will not keep fast. Ragini says Swara is a modern girl, but karwachauth fast is a belief of a married woman. Sanskar says Swara has no problem, but I have problem. He tells Swara is unwell and have cough. Sujata asks Swara what happened? Swara says it is okay and she will

keep fast. Sanskar says he don’t believe in all this. Ragini asks Sujata to give sargi to Swara. Swara takes sargi and touches elders’ feet. Ragini takes her sargi and takes elders’ blessings. Laksh looks on. Ragini tells Annapurna that she is going with Laksh, and says Laksh has promised to spend a day with her. Annapurna asks now, and gives her permission. Ragini says we will return before sunset.

Sanskar knocks on the door. Swara asks him to come and says it is your room. Sanskar asks if you are keeping fast surely. Swara says she is keeping fast to give peace to Ragini. Sanskar says you should have supported me in my lie. Swara says your excuse was a lie, but our marriage is real. She says I am keeping this fast for someone closer. Sanskar says for Ragini. Swara says for my best friend’s long life also. Sanskar says I didn’t know that I will be in your prayers. Swara says she wants to talk to Maa. Sanskar says you want to tell her that you are doing this to unite Laksh and Ragini. Sanskar asks her not to tell anyone and says our relation has become drama. He says once everything is fine, you shall tell that you are not compatible with me and doesn’t like me. Swara says Maa will ask me to spend more time with you to know you better. Sanskar eats her kheer and asks her to tell Maa that he had her kheer. Swara raises her hand. Sanskar asks her to stop and says he will get divorce on the grounds of wife torturing him. Swara laughs. Laksh sees them laughing.

Sanskar says I will eat your parathas. Swara says I have to eat my sargi before morning. Sanskar makes her eat with his hands. Laksh gets jealous and angry. Swara runs after Sanskar. Ragini comes and asks Laksh to come. He sees Swara running after Sanskar. Swara falls. Sanskar holds her and asks her to eat. Swara thanks him. Sanskar thanks her for smiling. Swara says you are the reason for my smile. Sanskar says I will be always, I promise. Swara makes him eat sargi with her hand. Sanskar says it is morning and your sargi is finished too. Swara says you have finished half of my sargi and will eat breakfast too. Sanskar says obviously, and takes food dishes names. Swara laughs. Sanskar also laughs.

Laksh and Ragini are in the car. Ragini plays music and rests on his shoulder. Laksh tells her that he is driving since 20 mins and asks where she wants to go. Ragini asks him to stop car at the park. Laksh stops the car. Ragini asks him to help her open seat belt and door. She gets close to him. Laksh and Ragini get down the car. Laksh asks what we are doing here? Ragini says we are spending time here. Laksh says I have to do lunch. Ragini says I kept fast for your long life and you will do lunch infront of me. Laksh asks who asked you to keep fast, and says he is not interested in fasting. Ragini asks him to stop it and says I know you are not interested in our relation and that’s why went to Swara’s room yesterday.

Laksh tells Swara if he proves Ragini’s truth infront of her then she has to kick Ragini out of his life and then she has to return in his life. Swara accepts the challenge. Later Swara is kidnapped, and Laksh runs after the kidnapper’s car.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. sandya

    week synopsis:
    on “karva chauth”, ragini asks swara to keep a fast for sanskar to prove that she has no feelings for lakshya anymore. later, lakshya and ragini have a huge confrontation and ragini disappears.
    during the “karva chauth” puja, intimate photos of swara and lakshya reach durga prasad and annapurna. the family is shocked to see this and questions lakshya and swara.
    when lakshya finds out that sanskar kept fast for swara, he confronts him about his true feelings for her. sanskar gets antagonised and tells lakshya that he loves swara.
    sanskar asks swara to accept his love for her so thatlakshya can move in life. swara is caught in a dilemma. is this what ragini wanted all along?
    lakshya doesn’t believe that ragini has lost her memory for real. he tells swara that he will prove ragini’s lie and if he succeeds in doing so, swara has to accept him in her life.

  2. xoxo

    Finally a cute swasan scene… Again tom boring drama will start n how long are they going to continue with karvachauth.. They are really dragging the serial.. I used to think the writer is some old man n that’s y the show is slow but writer is a Yong guy what is wrong with him…

  3. Neel pori

    thanks for so fast update…. I’ll watch repeat telecast of this episode only for sswasan ..
    seems lovely episode 🙂

  4. archana

    in onlocation we saw that swara accepts his promise if he prove ragini lie she will help him but refuses to accept him in her life is impossible… and she wents from there.. but in precap they aare telling she is givining promise to him.. help me which is correct..

    • Ray

      Swara will give him the promise and say that if you are right and if ragini is playing a game again then I’ll help you throw her out of your life but i dont promise you that I’ll come back in your life because that is not possible.

  5. prena

    Hmmm, such an awesome swasan sequence, but still i dont understand teh spoiler…
    Swara is kidnapped as planned by ragini..-Fine
    Laksh saves Swara-Fine
    Swara hugs Laksh- Hmmm,ok as out of shock she might hug him.
    Laksh kissing swara on forehead-stupid, cant digest it.. I do accept that swara and Laksh were lovers…Fine,he is still loving swara and everyone knows ragini cheated.But, how can he kiss swara.swara is already married,that too not to someone else, to his brother and is not yet divorced..How can he kiss his brother’s wife.

    Have to wait for episodes to know if spoiler is true,Whatever swasan scene was nice

  6. jyo

    ragini has got swara kidnapped. the goons were trying to forcibly take her in car., but laksh comes and beats the goons as he can’t see anyone touching swara. swra hugs him and cries. laksh kisses swara on her forehead. swara cries again. laksh feels that his love has power and swara will return to him.

  7. please unite swalak because they love each other. all serials are in the same manner loving someone & doing marriage another please in this serial unite swalak

  8. jyo

    i have doubt about the photos.. how easily family believes the photos and ask swara… what will sanskar do now and what is ragini upto? i am confusing… in tdy segmnt they showed swara and sanskar comes with bag swara takes blessings and vo says she going to her mothers home.. and at that time ragini comes and tells that laksh cut his wrist all shocked firstly swara runs and after that all are run to his room. ragini gives idea to laksh to cut his hand so swara might give him second chance… what will swara do now? what is sanskar reaction?..

  9. Swalak will not happen ??????
    This is a fan s request ??
    Swara why did u accept that challenge ????????
    I dont want swalak ??
    I want raglak and swasan ☺☺☺

  10. manu

    Disgusting yaar..how could she accept that she would return to lasksh??
    Poor sanskaar……why is this happening to you ??

  11. Veena

    I think it will be swasan in the end bt hw long will the swasan fans have to wait,disappointed after reading the spoilers n the comment on Laksh cutting wrist,please start a proper track of our swasan at least like today’s ..I am watching only for swasan.

  12. I don’t know about right and wrong. As everybody find no issue in Sanskar separating SwaLaksh nd brain washed Ragini negatively , I find no issue in Laksh’ s tries for getting back Swara!! I feel Ragini & Sanskar are still a team. Sanskar is just doing Chance Pe Dance!!! Laksh do whatever you want to do to get back Swara but just don’t lose your senses as Ragini though it’s a drama sometimes it’s irritating.
    It’s quite sure that Swara and Sanskar will be paired as the rule of Indian Tellies(sacrifice love for sister, brother or best friend). Being a true SwaLaksh fan from the beginning I’ll watch Swaragini till SwaSan union.
    Sanskar , if you ever feel that still Swara loves Laksh try something to unite them. Otherwise there will be no difference btw you and Ragini.
    Laksh, if Swara goes to Sanskar , don’t go behind her. Leave her & Ragini , find some other girl live happily.
    Ragini , take a break man. Laksh doesn’t love you.
    Swara, sorry Saint Swara , nothing to tell. You won’t change….

  13. ash

    I think ragini sanskar realised their mistakes and again reunite swalakh together. I dont know what will happend? First ragini acted as good but do evil things. Now she acted as bad but the result is good. How a family girl know the goons. Sanskar the person knows all in all. So she get help from sanskar and do everything well. It is my view. Possible?

  14. I don’t know about right and wrong. As everybody found no fault in Sanskar separated Swalaksh and brain washed Ragini negatively, I don’t find any issues in Laksh’s tries for getting back Swara.

    I know it’s going to be SwaSan as typical telly rule ( Sacrifice love for Sister , brother and best friend ) being true SwaLaksh fan I’ll watch Swaragini till SwaSan union.
    Sanskar is just doing Chance Pe Dance!!! He’ll 100% use benefits of Ragini’s drama to impress Swara. I feel Ragini & Sanskar are a group ! I don’t know just s thought. Laksh , do whatever you want to do to get back Swara but don’t lose your senses like Ragini ! Though it’s a drama sometimes it’s irritating.

    Sanskar , if you ever feel that Swara still loves Laksh try something to unite them .
    Laksh , if Swara loves Sanskar, just leave her & Ragini and find another girl live happily.
    Ragini , take a break man!! Laksh doesn’t love you. Nobody knows it better than you!!
    Swara matha , nothing to tell you . You will never change.

  15. Saahithi

    In today’s episode SwaSan’s scenes are very lovely….. Please forward the story and please bring ragini’s truth infront of everyone not like before but this time usko aise jhatka lagnee chaahiye ki usko kisi hospital mein admit karaane keliye sab log majboor honee chaahiye… aur swara and sanskar ko ek kardo… I think swara is also realising her love towards sanskar….Love U SWASAN pair…

  16. banu

    swara and laksh made for each other..swara has feelings for laksh..true love should unite and shouldnt compromise…..sanskar loves swara but its one sided like how ragini…they both should move on wid their lyf leaving swara and laksh together….in d end we wil see ….

  17. harshvardhan

    plz unite swalak. they are the best.and I think it has begin with promise that swara will do in upcoming episode

  18. Ray

    Guys.. swara has not promised laksh that she’ll come back in his life… Swara only promised him that she’ll help him throw ragink out of his life if he proves she’s playing a game again. And that she can not promise to come back in his life as it’s not possible.

  19. sathy

    swara and laksh made
    for each other..swara has feelings
    for laksh..true love should unite.sansker is also responsible of sawlak for separate.now how could be that happen. sawsan isn’t good pair.sawlak is a love Baird nd true love never simply end

    • Archies

      Simple question would you prefer to spend the rest of your life with a man who will run at the slightest sight of a problem and doesn’t give a damn to what you feel or respect your decisions or even ask it and the only time he will listen is if you beg him (haath jodke) or someone who will try to bring a smile on your face when life is filled with problems and all you can do is cry?

      Please don’t say misunderstanding caused by Ragini and all that. He hasn’t learned to accept his mistake and respect her decisions or consider her feelings. Do you want to marry a guy like that?? Will any girl want it??? First love should n’t be a punishment. If it doesn’t work they need to let go and move forward…

    • I’m sorry to say this but its not true love, how is it true love? If there’s no trust in a relationship then how is it true love. Laksh didn’t believe Swara when she told him about that psyco ragini’s evil doings, instead he goes and marrys that evil ragini. He could have waited but nowhere didn’t. He also was being mean to her by calling her characterless and now that he knows the truth he wants her back. He is also forcing her to be back with him, is he insane? I mean how can he even look her in the eyes and want her back after how he treated her.

    • Prena

      Yeah I too agree with archies and guest.
      Sanskaar took revenge because he had misunderstanding that his love was killed, but on realising his fault (fault in the sense is, he didn’t support swara after knowing about kavitha’s truth. He got good after seeing swara’s love for laksh. What else is needed to tell about sanskaar’s good nature. Also he didn’t support swara after raglak marriage, even he joined swara and tried telling truth of ragini, but laksh paid no heed. What’s sanskaar’s fault. Laksh insulted and left swara, whereas sanskaar realised his mistake, helped, cared and now loving swara not like a husband or lover, like a very beautiful friend.

      On seeing swasan together, it gives pleasant feel

  20. sonu

    i m not writing this to insult anyone or something. Everyone has their perspective afterall…But to b honest i m really surprised that some people want Laksh and swara together, after all he did to her. I mean if he had loved her So much like he claims, he wouldn’t have married Ragini in the first place. The first thing about love is Trust, but laksh didnt trust swara when she needed him THE MOST, instead he humiliated her IN EVERY POSSIBLE MANNER, insulted her and their love, always ALWAYS chose Ragini’s words over hers and even called her “CHARACTERLESS”. I don’t know wat others r thinking but frankly, if i was swara I wouldn’t even have forgiven him let alone returning to his life. He is nothing but a spoiled, selfish brat, if he loved he would have cared about her feelings. He wouldn’t have forced his feelings on her. In fact he is no different from ragini. (he deserve someone like ragini only).
    N lastly, Sanskaar was going to divorce Swara, it was because of his family’s insistence he stopped, moreover if all of u have forgotten though he started all this he felt guilty n stopped it in the middle, even asked Ragini to stop it too, he was the one to go n search for swara wen Laksh was busy ‘marrying Ragini’, to make things right he acted to get married to her, stayed by her all the time even wen Swara was being rude to him, n the only reason he isn’t asking Swara to go back to Laksh’s life is because SHE DOESN’T WANT TO( he is just respecting her decision and feelings), n even now he has not once asked Swara to not divorce her.
    If anything…he truly cares for her n deserves her…Swasan forever ,3 <3

    • Well said sonu,
      I also agree with you, I mean I don’t know why people wants swalak. After all laksh was too busy marrying that psyco ragini. It was sanskar who gave courage To swara when she was in the hospital injured. He told her to get up and go with him to stop ragini’s and laksh’s wedding. And when swara couldnt walk sanskar picked her up and carried her. This when I thought that there won’t be any swalak any more but there might be swasan in the future. And also sanskar was there for swara always when ever she was in tough situations, he was her shoulder to cry on.

      • sonu

        Thank you for support. I m glad that there r people who r not putting the whole blame on sanskaar for wat happened to Laksh and Swara. I mean to say, Laksh himself would have saved their relationship if his love for swara was strong enough. But he chose to not believe her. So, it was Laksh who destroyed their relationship not Sanskaar. Thank you guest for supposting 😀 😀

      • Archies

        “Ek aur baath hai”, which i would like to add here.. Marriage was not the first time when he show he didn’t believe swara, during sangeet function when swara goes to get her mobile and comes back he shows her video of going to pub and adding drugs and when she says about a dhaddi wala insan he shuts her off saying its her imagination where as its shown Sanskar is effected by her words and shows a change of heart there itself.

    • sheetal

      well said dear….
      i agree wid u from bottom of my heart…
      laksh and swara alag ho gaye yeh sanskar ki galti nhi h…laksh ki h.
      pehle laksh ne swara pe yakin nahi kiya uski kitni insult ki…ab sach samne aaya to he wants swara back in his life…
      matld jab jaha apnaya jab chaha chhod diya….???
      rahi sanskar ki bat to yr unko misunderstanding huyi thi.swara ne jab use samjhaya tab wo samj bhi gaya ki dp and laksh was not responsible for his love’s murder..
      usne laksh ki tarah koi saboot ki mang nhi ki..wo swara pr uski feeling thop nhi raha..log yeh bhool gaye kya ki laksh ne ragini se apni sagai todne k liye sharmishta and shekhar ka video banaya tha.jis ki wajah se un dono behno ne kitna suffer kiya.aur fir khud un dono ko ek karne ki koshish me lag gaya.
      sanskar se ek galati huyi to kya usko in sab ka dosh de nahi sakte.

    • Finally someone talked sense…… sanskaar’s role is spoiling day by day….. if its true love then y is he running behind swara…… coz if its ur true love then it will come to u someday and if u won’t then it was never urs….swara’s happiness lies in laksh sankaar’s love is one sided including ragini they can’t understand only coz of them two lovers are separated

      • Archies

        Dear minnie Swara’s happiness is in Sanskar not Laksh… Everyone can see it why can’t you???? And sanskar is not running behind her he is standing with her like always!!! Its Laksh who is running behind her and spoiling her mood and peace of mind.. If anything Sanskar is trying to lighten the situation and lift her mood up bring smile and happiness… Hope you know the difference between running behind someone(peeche padna) and standing for someone (saath khada rahna)!!!

  21. anaya

    I am not a fan of swasan or swalak. By reading Sonu’s post. I think swasan should be together. According to me for a relation trust is MRE imp. If there is LUV BT no TRUST mans that relation is not true. In a true luv trust will be there. Laksh doesn’t trust swara then how can we say it is a true love. Laksh just want to make swara as his own that’s all, he is forcing swara. IT IS NOT A TRUE LOVE. what Sony said is absolutely right. I totally agree with her. I opt for SWASAN ??????

    • sonu

      thanks a lot 😀 I m happy that someone was able to judge the matter impartially, not being someone’s fan. Being a girl, I think Swara have enough self respect to walk away from someone who is didn’t trust her, her love, her feelings and doesn’t even respect her decisions and forcing his feelings on her. N m extremely delighted that someone understood this <3 <3 Thank u!!

    • jhanvi

      Yes , I know it’s sanskar’s nd Ragini’s plan nd I m not saying they did right …. I agree that laksh was manipulated BT I want to say that after swara come back nd she said she is not lying y laksh didn’t blv her ….

      Today in this world , to edit photos nd videos is so easy in fact they make fack MMS nd videos nd , in this world u will blv d video nd not.d person whom u loves when she is continuously saying she is not wrong , she didn’t do anything wrong nd yet u will blv d video not d person….

      Do feel it’s a true love ????????????????

  22. Well said anaya,
    I totally agree with you and sonu.
    And I also think that there won’t be any swalak but there will be swasan.
    Some people are saying that swasan they don’t look good together but they are wrong, To be honest I think that swasan looks good together then swalak.

  23. joya khan

    dnt separate swara and sanskar…
    i m not fan of swasan ya swaralaksh…
    i belive in true love.
    laksh is behaving like ragini and forcing his feelings on swara.sanskar is different and very good person.
    agar hm swara ki jagah hote ya chahe kitna bhi pyar jaise insan se kiya hota to kabhi usko apne life me wapas nahi late…pyar chahr kitna bhi jyada ho agar trust na ho pyar me to wo pyar nhi hota…
    swara aur laksh k fan shayad pyar ko na samjte h nahi unhe uski value pata h nahi pyar ko nibhana kya hota h yeh samj sakte h.
    ragini nr jo bhi kiya ho pr laksh ne swara pe belive nahi kiya even he insulted her so many times… charecterless kaha..
    yeh matlb ye to ragini se bhi jyada gir gaya…

  24. unknw

    yr kitna ghatiya hota ja raha h swaragini ka track..
    i mean laksh and swara fir se ek????
    yeh kaisa lah raha h jaise rape karne bad wo insan kehta h ki i m feeling guilty.aur me tumse shadi karna chahta hu.disgusting yr.
    yeh serial mom ki wajah se aur sanskar ki wajah ss dekhti hu.
    sach me badi dur se aaye h and pyar ko ho jane do r really better than swaragini.

    • sonu

      No no unknw Laksh and Swara are not getting together. Swara promises to support him to separate him n Ragini if Ragini turns out to b a liar but also says that she wont return to his life, since it’s impossible now.
      After that, the kidnapping drama is Ragini’s plan….Laksh saves Swara and comforted her (by hugging her and kissing her forehead) which was exactly what Ragini wanted. She clicked their pics when they were intimate. After that she will send the pic and that video to their house and create A HUGE RUKUS OVER IT.
      I have a feeling that the writers r trying to show the difference between Laksh and Sanskaar. I mean i don’t know what’s going to happen next, but i have the feeling that when Ragini shows all this to the family and tries to tarnish the image of Swara, Only Sanskaar won’t believe Ragini and stand firm for Swara even after seeing all the proofs. This will prove his trust for her and also his true feelings for her. And in the process would show that he deserves Swara rather than Laksh…What say?

      • Archies

        Laksh is going to act exactly like Ragini so that their love story can also start. As for Hugging and kiss she runs to Laksh and hugs him calling Sanskar!!! And i also read a report saying Ragini will say she regained her memory then when Swara decides to leave the house Laksh will cut his wrist to stop her from leaving the house.

  25. Veena

    Swara will fall in love with Sanskar n we can see the true strength of their love then,they have not even showed Swara feeling for Sanskar n still swasan is having so many fans,which means people are liking their pair n there is something about them…Swasan will unite after crossing the hurdles,I am watching to see that happening… swasan rocks

  26. MeH

    super happy to see SwaSan moments …..dey r fabulous….such a cute couple….precap is confusing….ny way vry vry hpy to see d smiling faces of SwaSan.

    • Aasshka

      Well said rosy I totally agree with you!!? How could swara do this?n now in front of whole family she can’t even justify as pics potray something else.Bechara sansakaar I’m sure even in this he will side her n prove her innocent. This lakshya is becoming so creepy day by day?Plz don’t do this cvs plz bring swara n sanskar together!!!!you will be on no 1 position if u unite swasan?plz don’t let swalak happen I would stop watching it if so

  27. rosy

    Swara u wr afraid wen u got kidnappd hugged laksh as a means of support…..FINE…
    He kissed u on ur forehead as he got a chance to establish his feelings dat u still love him….OK…
    But were u out of senses nd is that u became senseless dat u cudnt feel his touch?????????????
    Y CUDNT U GV A TIDE SLAP TO LAKSH FOR HIS OBSECENE WORK…DAT RESCUING IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM KISSING…CUDNT U TELL HIM “LAKSH thanks for saving me bt how dare u touch me lyk dat….wat u thnk u hav savd me i hugged u out of fear nd u got da license to bcum intimate….dont forget laksh im ur BHABI n u hav a wife in ur home…if u dnt respect ur marriage dat ur prblm dat dont mean I too dont respect my relation wid Sanskar”

    • Archies

      she was scared and not in her senses and when she ran to laksh for comfort and he said nothing will happen to you and all that she cries and hugs him calling Sanskar(to be sure we can watch today’s epi)

  28. Aasshka

    Plzzz don’t separate swara n sanskaar?they are. meant to stay together.Swasan look the best?dont separate them plzz unite them make swara understand sanskaars true love!!!

  29. madhu

    I read somewhere that swara promises laksh to kick ragini out of his life if he prove that ragini is faking her memory and also promises that she will not return to his life

    • I’m sorry to say this minnie but my gut feeling tells me that it will be swasan not swalak. And about that psyco Ragini and laksh, what can I say about them. I just hope that they get abducted by aliens so that they won’t interfare with swasan relationship, sorry it’s just my opinion.

      • ash

        No, my feeling sayas its swalak. Because I saw only friendship in sanskar s eyes. He loves swara. But He feels guilty too. He wants to give old happens to swara. He knows swara s adamant. First he clears all the hurdles then unite swalak. If he do this he is the hero. No problem we search another heroine to sans. If ragini changed why not ragini? She is also a good friend once. Once we thought they are made for each other. Now also I like the pair very much. Any body?

  30. sarah

    why are swara and sanskaar so dumb? can’t they tell ragini that its their personal matter and a matter between wife and husband to keep fast for karwa chauth or not. can’t they tell her not to involve in their personal matters……can’t swara tell ragini not to poke her blo*dy nose into someone’s personal matter?

    swara is so sweet to evil ragini but doesn’t realise sanskaar’s love for her. just to prove it to ragini that there’s nothing between laksh and her, she need not play with sanskaar’s feelings and need not keep fake fast

    • sonu

      Haaaaa finally somebody talked sense!!! I mean Laksh is snatching all of swara’s happiness. Wenever she is with him, she is crying…on the other hand, sanskaar is doing everything he could to make her smile! I think swara has started having feelings for Sanskaar! But she hasn’t realized it yet. N i m definite that she has LOST ALL HER FEELINGS FOR LAKSH!! M SURE!!

  31. unknown

    in olv where lakshya fight with goon and swara hugs lakshya after he saving him he planted kiss on her forehead and she is sobbing.. while crying she takes sanskar’s name i cant hear exact but she takes his name see olv of lakshy and goon fighting at 4:11 she sceams sanskar name..

  32. zz

    lakshya to comitte sucide ragini manipulate situation.
    the upcoming episodes of colors daily popular show swaragini is going to be like a roller coaster ride of emotions and drama.
    it is heard that soon ragini will reveal to swara, sanskar, and lakshya , that she recovered from partial memory loss. she will try to convince swara and lakshya to get married .
    though swara will not be much convinced about ragini’s new changed avatar, ragini on the other hand will claim that she has no feelings left for her husband. lakshya’s excessive hatred and negligence towards ragini has changed her emotions.
    however, the cunning lady has other thing in her mind, she will also instigate lakshya to commite sucide to showcase his love for swara. and later on, will try to manipulate the situation accordind to her own will.

    • If this the case zz then I do really hope that psyco ragini and that mad laksh really does get abducted by aliens so that we don’t have to see all that crap. They are getting on my nerves, why can’t they just stay out if swasan’s lives.

  33. Really rehas .
    Laksh love swara more than himself
    But this rags created misunderstanding btn them
    Hate rags
    Why all r separating this beautiful couple
    Pls pls unite swara nd Laksh

    • sarah

      love always stands on trust…whosoever may create many misunderstandings…but it stands on trust…laksh doesn’t trust swara…..

  34. According to me trust is more imp. Than love in a love story
    But laksh left her n chose not to believe n marry rags(trying to be mature)
    Sanskaar trust is really strong he also didn’t saw adarsh with that woman but still decided to believe sara where as laksh said that swara always lies only sans trusted her
    N now I don’t think laksh n swara’s relationship will be as before
    So SWASAN “must” unite
    Sorry I didn’t intend to hurt any swalak fans I just shared my views if I had hurt any swalak fans I’m extremely sorry

  35. anu

    swaragini:: omg!! ragini instigate lakshya to commite sucide to win back swara’s affections.
    with this gossip going around , will sanskar’s love for swara remain unfulfilled.
    the karva chauth track is currently going on swaragini and we have seen that ragini and swara have kept fasts for their respective spouses , lakshya and sanskar. later, we will see swara getting captured by goons and lakshya will run to save her.
    he saves her and she will hug him. as per rumors , he will also kiss her on the forehead. in the mean time ragini will click their pictures and show them to the maheshwari family that will be shocked. there are some reports that sanskar will destroy them before that. lakshya who will come to know that sanskar has observed fast for swara will be enraged and ask him actually loves her. he will answer in the affirmative. however, the shocker that will follow is ragini will tell the family that she has recovered partially from memory loss and that she wants to unite lakshya and swara as she cannot live her husband’s indifference and hatred anymore. both the parties will be stunned.
    ” swra will start packing her bags to go home while sanskar will be left ‘heartbroken’. he will tell swara to give a chance for their relationship. in the midst of this , lakshya will cut his wrists to prove his love for swara at the instigation of ragini, whoo wants to create the ultimate dilemma for her. as per earlier reports, lakshya has told swara that if he exposes her sister, she will have to ensure that ragini is out of his life, which she has promised, “she did not confirm her re-entry into his life”. stay tuned bollywood life for more updates”..

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    New Promo: Will Swara realize her true love?

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    GO of 7Page 1 of 7
    Joined: 19 June 2015
    Posts: 2770
    Posted: 02 November 2015 at 10:39am | IP Logged Report Quote
    OMG Guys new Karwachauth promo!
    Saw only half of it so here’s the WU 😛

    *Finally saw it full!

    Sanskaar meeting Swara at stairs & says “Swara maine tumhare liye KC vrat rakha hain” & VO says saccha pyaar de raha hai Swara ki zindagi mein dastak,

    Lux comes from behind & him taking promise from Swara that if he proves Ragini a liar, she’ll have to return to him.

    Lakshya & Sanskaar are shown & the contrast in their love for Swara is shown.

    Lakshya’s face is shown & Sanskaar’s face is shown through Swara’s channi. VO says, kya iss KC, Swara pehchaan payegi apne sacche pyaar ko? & it ends with Swara’s confused face looking at Sanskaar! Embarrassed While they say Kya Swara pehchaan payegi sacche pyyar ki taaqat, Sanskaar’s face is shown Day Dreaming

  37. Ridz

    I think ragini s plan is to try to unite swara and lakshya and then swara will reject him. So he ll be heart broken. Tat s first mission accomplished. Second sanskaar vil be hurt wen swara leaves the house. Tat accomplished. Now how she intends to hurt swara have to see… Nice plan. Frst memory loss then no memory loss. Back to normal… Rubbish

  38. Laksh ko yh baat kyun samaj nhee ate zbrdasti pyar nhee pya jata.agar ASA hota to ragini both phly apna pyar pa late. 1 tarf laksh khta hy k ragini drama kr rhe hy or 2usre tarf wo us ki baat man krr suicide krny ki kosis krta by.ufffff


    swasan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i cant imagine about swalak. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz director. take it as request. swasan is so cute nd made for each other in onscreen

  40. manju

    i already unliked all the swaragini pages..swalak never goin t happen???… i dont want to see swasan..bakwas serial..really cant tolerate..sanskar is nt gud as a main lead..its laksh..he is the hero in this serial..

  41. After watching new promo , it’s confirmed that Swara will accept Sanskar. Definitely Laksh will be heart broken. Isn’t there any twist !!!!!???!!! Ohh come on makers , some kind of twist is needed. Don’t make it a silly predictable love story!!

  42. I just want to share my own view points on Laksh’s trust factor. He didn’t trust Swara for once for that he is paying much . He was there with her every moment till marriage. One video changed everything. Swara never confessed her love for Laksh before. She confessed when she wanted to reveal Ragini’s truth. Nywayz I miss those cute moments of Swalaksh. The way he used to call her sona , helping her etc etc. I can’t see that cuteness btw Swara and Sanskar might be because they are meant to be best friends. I miss old Swaragini. It’s clearly showing that the track is going to be SwaSan union. Best thing about SwaSan union is that I’ll be free from watching seriels!:-D bcs it’s the only seriel I watch , honestly. I tried to watch other seriels but not interesting.

  43. Jifi

    Pls.swara and laksh….they r best jodi…sanskar is gud….but…but he is not suit for swara…cute romances of swara and laksh…missing lot

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