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The Episode starts with Rajat telling Parineeta that his habit is to turn the game and he has turned this game too. He says until I marry Utara, you will be here. Parineeta is shocked. Rajat asks his goons to take care of her and says I know what I can do with you. You have betrayed your family, and if they know this then you know what they will do. He asks his goons to take her from back door. Sumi gets vomiting. Shekhar says shall I bring water and says I will tell Durga Prasad that I can’t come. Sumi says I am fine. She wipes her mouth and sees blood coming out from her mouth, faints. Shekhar calls Dadi and asks her to call Doctor fast. Doctor comes and checks Sumi. She says it was good that she didn’t have full glass of milk. Shekhar asks what do you mean? Doctor says she had food poisoning. I gave

her tablets. Shekhar asks about baby. Doctor says baby is fine. Shekhar is relieved. Dadi gets tensed.

Swara thinks how to save Parineeta. Ragini looks for Swara. Rajat asks Swara to relax and says his goons took Swara with them. He says parineeta can lose her life because of your one mistake. Swara is shocked and teary eyed. He goes. Ragini comes and asks what happened? Swara says nothing and tells about her leg fracture pain. Ragini asks her to sit and see the function. Durga Prasad says lets begin the function. Rajat comes and says I lost twice in this big house. Utara smiles. Rajat says I forgot ring in the washroom, and says he is kidding. Everyone smiles. Swara is tensed. Shekhar is sitting at Sumi’s side. Durga Prasad calls him and asks why you have not come. Shekhar says Sumi is unwell and having headache. Ragini and Swara get tensed. Durga Prasad asks him to take care. Ragini asks Swara not to worry and says Maa will be fine. Rajat holds Utara’s hand and makes her wear ring. Everyone claps. Utara then places ring on his finger. Ragini senses Swara’s tension. Durga Prasad congratulates Rajat’s parents. Sanskar asks them to take care of Utara. Rajat says this rasam is not completed without blessings of you all. They take everyone’s blessings. Durga prasad blesses Utara which increases Swara’s tension. Ragini asks if there is something, and asks her to tell.

Sujata is happy and shares her happiness with Annapurna. She says I am very happy today. Swara is about to tell Ragini. Rajat warns Swara not to tell anything and asks her to be careful. Rajat’s dad says we will leave now. Rajat says okay Utara and forwards his hand to shake hand with her. Swara comes between them and says not yet. Rajat says marriage will happen soon. Ragini senses something is wrong. Ragini is in her room and is tensed. Laksh comes to room and asks Ragini what happened? He says I am here only, don’t worry. Ragini says I was just worried. Laksh asks today was good day. Ragini says that’s why. She says Swara is hurt, but she never look pained. She seems to be hiding something from us. Swara tells Sanskar that she is not hiding anything. Sanskar says I felt you are tensed. Swara says I was just scared. Swara hugs him and recalls Rajat’s threat.

Shekhar recalls Dadi bringing milk for Sumi, and then Sumi fainting after drinking half glass of milk. He sees Dadi meeting someone in night, and thinks who is this lady. Dadi gets poison from the woman for killing Sumi’s baby. Shekhar comes downstairs and couldn’t see Dadi. He comes to Dadi’s room and asks who was that lady? Dadi says she was neighbor Saraswati and want to discuss something with me. Shekhar gets suspicious. Ragini asks Swara to sit and asks what is the matter. She says since you came back, something is bothering you, it seems like you are hiding something from me. Swara says no. Ragini keeps her hand on her head and asks her to promise. Swara is shocked. She says Ragini….that.

Ragini asks if there is any problem, we will solve together. We have two different names, but Swaragini is one, can fight together with any problem. Swara says Rajat have kidnapped Parineeta and cries. She tells everything about seeing Rajat’s fake parents in the market and then her kidnapping. Ragini is shocked and in tears. Swara says I wanted to tell you this, but……Just then Laksh and Sanskar also come there and look like as if they are heard everything.

Ragini says we can’t sit idle. Swara says we will take all means to expose Rajat. Laksh and Ragini tell Rajat that they know his truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. swasan scene nice.. and they heard swaragini talk want to scene sanskar reaction tmrw.. hw he react. and preacap swara telling in bengali… but total slow episode tdy…. badi scene why they interrupting this.. and nt liking badi scene but like shekar tdy he got doubt on dadi.. but slow episode. last week like express and tdy slow motion

  2. Dadi is very mean. Very nice episode. Good team work.

  3. Swaragini Fan

    Omg only 3 comments cant believe this swaragini ki fanfollowing ko kya ho gaya?????
    Nice epi really loved it

  4. yup… I wanna see how he will save his sis .. n how he will take revenge for scaring his jaan swara..

  5. liked today’s swasan hug .guys can any one tell me, is swara really gonna suffer memory loss or is she gonna shot by bullet coz suspence is killing me.

  6. Swasan ? ? ? swaragini bonding its super

  7. Wow just loved swasan scene?????

  8. Aww my cute swasan

  9. Today swasan hug made my day luv swasan???

  10. Love swasan their expressions are enough to capture thousands of hearts???

  11. Today Ragini stole the episode..it ws jst awesome nd Raglak hugging it made ma day ..Nd Laksh call Ragini mera bacha was awesome..Raglak z bst

  12. Swasan forever Swasan rocks. They are my shining stars.??

  13. I like this show very much
    And swasan

  14. abhishek pandey

    I like this show very much and swasan are toooooo good

  15. Is very good that this episode is showing Dadi’s actions because this often happens in most homes because of ignorance. Of course the idea may be to eliminate the child but that does not always happen without affecting or even killing the mother too.

    First of all it is crime for which Dadi can be arrested whether or not Sumi survives. Secondly, what is Dadi’s business if the parents want to keep their child. Is she in any way providing financial help? Answer: No. Actually it was only out of curtesy that she was told about the pregnancy. Even if she is going to be involved in raising the child and she feels she doesn’t want to, she is free to ignore her responsibilities for which Sumi will definitely cover.

    I’m also happy that Swara has finally informed the others. Thanks to Ragini. Most often in kidnap and blackmail cases due to threats people do not disclose to close ones who can help. Disclosure should be made but under careful circumstances to ensure that the other person’s life is not on the line and this will always bring help. Disclosures should always be made to trusted persons or trusted law officers. Because the point is even if you don’t disclose, the offender will still carry out his plan to completion, any way.

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