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The Episode starts with Swara telling Durga Prasad that she made his favorite dal, and took recipe from Ragini. Laksh says I don’t want to eat this dal. Sujata asks Swara to give her dal and says she will eat. Annapurna asks her to take rice. Sujata says I won’t as I am on dating. Uttara laughs and says dieting. Kavya tells Laksh that she will go to her room. Laksh says I will also come. Kavya asks him to sit and says if you come with me then they will taunt me again. Sujata eats the salad. Kavya goes to room, burns her dupatta intentionally and calls Laksh. Everyone run towards there. Kavya acts and pretends to faint. Laksh and others set off the fire from her dupatta. Laksh asks what happened? Kavya acts to gain consciousness and says there is a fire in our room. Laksh gives her asthma spray, and

says thank god you are fine, I thought that I have lost you. He asks how did this fire caught in the room. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar and Adarsh to set off the fire. Sanskar says I am getting lauban smell. Adarsh picks the lauban pot. Durga Prasad asks them to call doctor. Doctor checks Kavya and says she is unwell because of the fire. He says he will give her injection. Kavya says she is allergic to injection and asks him to give tablets. Sujata opens the window and says you will feel better. Kavya tells Laksh that she wants to talk to him alone. Laksh asks Annapurna and others to go, and says he will take care of Kavya. He closes the door. Kavya gets up from bed and tells that it was not an accident. She blames his family for the same. Laksh falls in her words, kisses her, makes her take tablets, says he will make everything fine today, and asks her to be in the room. Kavya smiles and thinks Sujata is gone now.

Sanskar and Adarsh tell Sujata that the fire is caught because of lauban and kerosene. Swara says how can this be possible. Sujata says Kavya is a big actor. Laksh says this is not drama, but you have written this drama’s story. He throws the lauban pot on her. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar shouts. Laksh says when Kavya came down for dinner, you went to room. Durga Prasad shouts at Laksh. Sanskar asks him to mind himself. Laksh asks did you go upstairs or not. Sujata says I went there to take my phone. Laksh says I knew that you will make this excuse. Swara asks what do you want to say? Laksh says you will know soon. He asks for her phone. Swara gives her phone. Kavya looks at them and says you can’t do anything. Laksh checks the call list and says there was no call in the evening. Kavya recalls deleting the last call, which she dialled from the landline number. Sujata checks her phone and says phone had come. Laksh says you had set the alarm, to burn my room on fire. Sanskar shouts. Swara tries to calm her down. Sujata says she is saying truth. Annapurna asks what nonsense? Laksh accuses Sujata for trying to kill Kavya, and says infact you all have problem with her. Kavya smiles and enjoys. Sujata says you have gone blinded by her, and she is instigating you against me. Laksh says why will Kavya take a big risk and knows that anything can happen to her. Swara says relations are getting spoiled. Laksh says I don’t care, and asks her not to give lecture again. He warns everyone and says if anything happens to Kavya then nobody is bad than me. Kavya smiles and sees Laksh torturing his family. Durga Prasad and Annapurna are shocked. Sujata takes Sanskar’s promise and says she didn’t set her room on fire. She cries badly. Annapurna says we trust you.

Sanskar and Swara are in the room. Swara says there is something wrong. She recalls and says did you see inhaler in her hand before. Sanskar says you are smart. Swara says you are lucky. Sanskar says yes. She calls him cute. Swara says I want to go to Laksh’s room and search in his room. She says Laksh is in study, but Kavya is in room. Sanskar says I will bring Kavya out of room now.

Few neighbors taunt at Ragini and calls her parents shameless. Ragini cries and runs towards the house. Dadi stops her. Sanskar calls kavya from an International no, and says he is producer, director etc, and have decided to make her heroine of his film. Kavya gets happy. He says I can’t hear you properly and asks her to come out of the place or room. Kavya comes out. Swara kisses on Sanskar’s cheeks. Sanskar tells Kavya that he will narrate the story to her and starts telling. Swara checks the inhaler and sees it empty. She searches in the cupboard and thinks there is no back up inhaler. Kavya gets happy hearing the story and asks him to hold on as the battery is getting low. She is about to go to room, when Sanskar stops her and asks how is she? He says you are thinking our family wrong. Kavya says I can’t understand and don’t care about your family. Sanskar thinks how to take Swara out and thinks to change the sim card first. Swara hides behind the cupboard. Swara manages to leave from there.

Dadi asks Ragini to hear them. She says Swara and you were stopping my son from selling this house, and asks what happened now? Ragini cries and goes inside the house. Neighbors taunt at her again. Sumi tells them that outsiders don’t have any right to say or taunt them. Dadi asks Sumi to come inside. Ragini serves food to Shekhar. Dadi tells Sumi that everyone got the right to taunt us now. She asks Shekhar to call Kalyan and sell the house urgently. She says we can’t stay here. Swara tells that Kavya had only one inhaler in her room. She shows her phone and shows the pic which is thrown in the dustbin. Uttara says Laksh will believe on us now. Swara says we shall get concrete proof now. Sanskar shows the injection and says we will get to know about her truth through this. She says we have talked to doctor and shows the saline water. Annapurna says no. Sujata says yes and asks her to say what to do?

Sujata, Swara and uttara go to Kavya. Kavya refuses to get injection from them. Uttara says your Asthma will be cured. Kavya shouts Laksh. Sujata and Uttara holds her. Swara gives her injection. Kavya shouts Laksh. Sujata says your Asthma will be treated now. Laksh comes home. Swara tells him that they have given saline water injection to him. Laksh gets angry. Sanskar says she is lying. Kavya shows rashes on her hand and asks him to help her. Laksh gets very much angry. Kavya shows her hand. Everyone get shocked. Laksh asks what is all this Swara. Kavya says I am not safe with them. I told that I am allergic to injection. Swara says she can prove, and asks Sanskar to give her injection. Sanskar says we will not prove to them. Laksh asks him to give injection to his wife. Kavya takes injection with his hand and changes with the other injection. She gives it to Laksh and says something must be mixed in it. Laksh gives injection to Swara. Sanskar gives injection to Swara. Swara says nothing will happen to me as this is just a saline water. Suddenly red patches appear on Swara’s body. Kavya smirks. She recalls about hearing Swara and Sujata’s conversation. She goes to room and injects herself with the injection to get red patches. Fb is shocked. Swara looks at Kavya.

Ragini tells Shekhar that they can’t leave. Shekhar asks her not to force him to break relation with her. They leave from the house. Swara throws wig on Kavya and says she has just tried to burn her wig, but next time she will blacken her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dude why are they showing ragini to be soo weak…and i just hate this coward laksh. I cant just tolerate him and his soo called wife…i wish her name was not Kavya. And moreover why is this family accepting soo much humiliation from their son. Durgaprasad can give punishment to others but cant kick his son who’s a mad guy. I mean this is exhausting.

    1. omg true csnt durga just give hime a smack n if ragini could create soo much problems n be such a strong character why r they making her so weak

      1. yeh i get u girls

  2. The makers need to make Ragini even stronger than this, and is there to help her sister against Kavya! They should make Ragini stand up for Swara against her Dad AND Dadi MA

  3. Really rediculous……

  4. Yr it’s getting too much
    Laksh is really dumb. First he beleive Ragini and now kavya….
    Don’t he has his own mind
    .. Uff he is really very irritating.

  5. sanky urf varun ur really sweet! U made my morning today! Awwwwww!!!!!! I m going crazy

  6. Ms. Swapna R. A. Munagala

    How is it Laksh suddenly is blaming his folks for HIS choices in life?

    1. He made the choice to love Swara against his folks wishes & traditions, and made his parents give in to that.

    2. He made the choice to marry Raagini after blindly falling for her deceptions, without trusting Swara’s nature and without even giving Swara a chance to prove her innocence in person.

    3. He behaved like a spoiled brat when Swara told him that she didn’t love him anymore after he learned the truth about Ragini’s deception (prior to which he never lost any opportunity to taunt Swara, by the way!!!), while attempting to make her change her mind.

    4. He chose to try to kill Ragini, when he thought she was the one standing between Swara returning to him, what the kicker here is his parents gave everything they had up, to save his rear end, yet he did nothing to try and rectify their circumstances but become a drunk, and what’s more as their son, instead of finding a way out of their predicament, he left it all on Swara’s shoulders to find some way of getting them out of trouble.

    How could Swara not see such character flaws in this person and fall for him in the first place?!?! Thank Goodness their relationship didn’t stick!

    After all my diatribe above, here’s one final point…

    I can’t believe how emotionally I’m actually reacting to this guy Laksh, who isn’t even a real person, but a fictional character in an Indian Soap?!!! That has to be most ridiculous point of all of them!??

    I guess props are due to the people whose concept the idea and story line are attributed to. Good job guys!?


  8. Happy birth day swaragini

  9. You can delete phone messages from mobile phone but not from landline. simple.
    most ridiculus track. .
    She has asthma but only takes rescue inhaler. What a out steroid inhaler which keeps asthma in check. what a joke of a track.
    Shekar is such ridiculus father. He always favours Ragini. Swara’s mother should leave him and teach him a lesson. Never does anything right.

  10. This Swara will find everything out but cnt find out tat she Changed the medicine tat to in front of her… Wat non sense is this… They r not even showing Ragini for even 5 mins… I think they forgot tat she is also the lead and not a side actress…

  11. swaragini completed one year and we got cute swasan and tdy cute sa swasan scene… congrats swaragini team and all swasanians and raglakanians..

  12. i also strongly believe like some that dis kavya has married laksh for property or sumthing , not becuz of so called luv at first sight..laksh will learn a lesson wen dis chudail will leave him after her task is accomplished n he is ruined.
    sanky shud separate his part of company n property frm d maheshwaris.. then atleast family can take refuge with him happily at his place

  13. Guys its just a request stop watching this serial even dont comment nd when there will be decrease in TRP they will change d track

  14. OMG!!! Laksh is so dumbo!!! I think that b*t*h Kavya married Laksh only for gaining his property. She does not love him bt this stupid Laksh is blinded by Kavya’s fake love. The CVs could have given him a decent wife. Missing SwaSan a lot these days. CVs plzz stop this saas-bahu drama and show more SwaSan scenes otherwise the TRP will fall. And I can’t understand why Sekhar and Dadi r doing injustice with Swara?? Swara ko apne aap se alag krke unhe kya fayda hoga?? Even Ragini is shown weak nowadays…Ragini do something so that u can help Swara. And why the Maheswaris r suffering in Kavya’s hand?? Durga Prasad should throw her and Laksh out of their house. When Laksh won’t own any property then Kavya’s real face will come out and then only Laksh can understand his mistake by believing his actor wife!!! :-/

  15. make swara more effective coz when kavya is beating swara doesn’t look so good try and make it poosible where laksh is believing swara not kvya aunty….and before shekhar yeda leave the house let him know that ragini is pregnant and let swara and ragini make a plan to trap kavya plz…..make it little interesting u know ..so that even one should feel like watching it

  16. let ragini fight her own fights, why swara takes her thunder always…

  17. segment wu gm parivar going to bikner swara is pleading them but shekar didnt listen and went in bus it started swara is crying there and by seeing her like this he comes to herand consoles her think now baba ki naarz giri is door hoga swara se and swaragini ek honge and swara and papa milan…

  18. Oh god…ye swaragini ki saare enemies ke name k se kyu shuru hota hai.even my name is kavya.i hate tis idiot laksh.y noone is reacting to his stupidities

  19. haaaaaaaapppppppiiiiiiieeeeeee b’day swaragini
    plz kuch toh aacha dikha do

  20. Sanky, u were amazing today…. LOL!! Ullu kavya, paagal uske jaise aunty ko kaise titanic k director phone kar saktha hai?? FUNNY!!

  21. kavya spoil swara’s plan, laksh and swara showdown.
    show will witness some drama in upcoming episodes. it seems swara will scare kavya by injecting some saline water. however kavya will use swara plan against her by making some rashes on her body.
    kavya will go to laksh and complaint that swara tried to harm her by getting her injected, hearing this laksh will lash out at swara. she will try to prove her innocence but kavya will spoil her plan.
    soon swara will realise that kavya is not weak person and will have to come up with something stronger the next time.
    it will be intresting to see what going to happen next in the show.
    stay tuned for more updates in the show.

  22. Swaragini trp-3.0……great guys 😀

  23. Rajashri Pandit

    Lakhshya did best thing with Ragini she deserves it but I donot understand why everytime Lakhsya gey such wife with bad mind and slso why firsttime lakshys family didnot accept Kavya as their Bahu as Lakdya like het but kahani mein twist to chshiye I think st Swara and Lakshya should be together again as they both love each other at first and Ragini should also get nice husband and Sanskar should get married to his first grilfriend

  24. This serial is becoming more nd more weird day by day… just think about it every main character except Ragini has fallen in love twice
    Sanskar used to love Kavita so much that he was fighting with his near and dear ones.How could he so easily forget her. Second is swara she started loving lakshya inspite of knowing all the circumstances and last but most disastrous lakshya he fell for swara , wanted her badly to return back in his life nd now how rudely he is behaving with her and suddenly started loving Kavya its quite mysterious. Anyways I would say among them Ragini’s love is most powerful although she did many a things wrong
    I am badly waiting for someone to come in Ragini’s life to complete the missing link

  25. Now its too much Luckyy…..irritating…..jst serial ko kheech rahe h there is noo storyy of this serial totally stupid now,,,Ragini is also the main character but why is she becoming weak….director ko kuch achcha sochna chahiye or meri aashiqui tum se hi ko achanak ghayab kr diya what nonesene….i really miss Ishani nd Ranveer…

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