Swaragini 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sahil asking Swara to feel the birds voice, air movements etc….and asks her to feel it. He says this is music….Swara opens her eyes and sees him singing song. Sahil sings a romantic song…Swara smiles….Sahil says nature and music will never leave you. Swara thanks him. Sahil asks her to come. Sujata and Annapurna misses Swara. Parineeta says we shall make Swara’s favorite rasmalai….Sujata says don’t you know that she is not here…Parineeta says we shall make her favorite food and go to Baadi. If we don’t meet her then how she will regain her memory. Utara says she will make sweets. Parineeta says time will get wasted, and tells Annapurna that we will buy sweets from her favorite shop. Annapurna says okay. Sujata asks Utara to stay at home and give breakfast and tea

to Durga Prasad and Ram. Utara says okay. Shekhar looks at Swara’s marriage albums. Sumi says we shall keep it in Dida’s house, so that Swara couldn’t see it. Shekhar keeps it in a bag and goes to keep it in Dida’s house. He keeps bag in Dida’s house and locks the door again. He gives keys in Sumi’s hand.

Sahil and Swara return home. Shekhar asks about their visit. Swara says I will be back. Sumi asks Sahil what happened? Sahil tells them that they met Sanskar today in music academy and tells everything. Shekhar thanks him for supporting their daughter. He gets Maya’s call and says he is leaving. Durga Prasad tells Ram that it is good that Sahil agreed. Ram says we were making this foundation for Swara, but she lost her memory…what is the use of this foundation. Durga prasad hopes that Swara gets back her memory through this foundation. Sanskar says this will really happen and says I am sure that music and this foundation will unite me with her. They see his hand bleeding and asks what happened? Sanskar says nothing. Utara sees his injured head. Sanskar makes an excuse. Maya and Sahil come there. Maya asks Sanskar about his wound. Sanskar says he is fine. Sahil says shall I help you? Sanskar says no, thanks. He says you have done a bug favor on me by saving Swara’s life. Maya asks who are you? Sanskar says I am Swara’s husband. Maya looks shocked. Sahil says he wants to talk to Sanskar and goes. Durga Prasad thanks Maya for Sahil’s help.

Laksh and Ragini come to Gadodia house. Shekhar and Sumi get happy seeing them. Ragini says Laksh wants to meet Dadi. Dadi says what? Swara hugs Ragini. Ragini introduces her to Laksh and says he is my husband. Swara greets him and asks if he is the same person who was with the murderer. Laksh is stunned. Ragini takes Swara with her. Swara tells her that she saw that murderer again…She asks when did you marry Ragini? Ragini says few months ago..Swara asks are you fine? Ragini says yes, and thinks I can’t tell you how I married him. Laksh talks to Dadi and says your son will be happy to get this baby, and asks why she is against the baby. Swara asks about her inlaws home. Ragini says it is near. Swara goes to play with the kids. Ragini laughs. Parineeta thinks Annapurna and Sujata shouldn’t see Swara. Swara is still playing with kids. Dadi sits down without replying to Laksh. Laksh says I can understand you, he asks if society people ever bother about us. He asks Dadi to accept the child and not raise question on Sumi for her pregnancy. Annapurna, Sujata and Parineeta come there. Annapurna asks if Sumi is pregnant? Everyone is shocked.

Swara happens to see her wedding photo frame and is shocked to know that Sanskar is her husband. Sanskar wears rockstar clothes, hair do, accessories etc.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Maryam

    Sanskar the great… Love him…today’s episode was not up toto expectations… But still it was just…

  2. Nice but can add raglak scenes…not family drama…and pari needs to get shock treatment I have full faith on ragini…..why can’t ppl explain swara is married and why shomi is behaving like it’s not a big deal…..

  3. moni

    Swara will enter Maheshwari house again. Ragini says that” She is pregnant nd will ask swara to come with her” This is just raglak plan to join swara nd sanky again?

  4. I want to see Kishan kicking Sahil’s a*s. And Pari getting a slap from Adarsh. I had hoped sanky’s new avatar will have a name starting with ‘s’. But still, Kishan is pretty cool. but the wig’s length is too long. and sanskar is getting bushy… he ought to trim his beard.

  5. anu

    shomi shekar thanking sahil fr swara but they are nt understanding sanskar pain…. is they frget what sanskar did to unite them with swara… tdy hating shomi most she didnt think sanskar pain once. he did so much fr her… sahil try to win sanskar trust and then break.. hate sahil nw.. sanskar rockstar look to woo his lady love and bring her memory back.. he tld music bring her memory means the connection between swasan and sahil is music and plays imp role… his new look is super..

    • Isha

      agreed. when Sahil explained what happened, they did not even flinch that Sanskar(their adarsh son in law) has been hit by Sahil.
      Instead they are thanking him for taking care of Swara.Oh please.

      if they behave like Sanskar is not a big deal, obviously Sahil can think of separating Swasan

  6. Shona/Laado/Hitler

    Agreed to all of you really today san rock it by his rockstar look ( obeviously in precap). Very long beard san it don’t suits u but you rocked it

  7. Shagun

    Sanskar was applying tika also ??
    Sanskar is business tycoon
    How can he become a singer all of sudden

  8. Shona/Laado/Hitler

    Guys there is a news for you all especially for swara-helly fans. Helly Shah aka Swara is going to be part of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 9. Helly confirmed the news, but it dosen’t mean that she is going to leave the show. Helly will do both (she didn’t want to tell or talk more on it), as per story there cannot be any replacement or death (of swara).
    So guys get ready to see your fav actress in realty show JDJ9. Congratulations Helly we all know that you will rock it like you did and doing here
    Best of LUCK HELLY

  9. swara save sanskar from falling on stairs on upcoming episode i love that soo……….. muchh……………. i am very very…….. happy to see that and thanks to shona/laado/hitler to saying that good news thanks……………

    • Shona/Laado/Hitler

      Thanku for reading it and a reqst choose one of my names it is strg dear plz

  10. Fairy

    Plz more ragini scenes…i jst love rags….she iz jst awesome…love ragini …love raglak..

    Nce to see sanky in new avtaar…hope swasan get united soon…it feels really bad to see any of d couple apart from each other…
    Sahil is really a good actor…
    N all d bst helly for jhalak…

    Bt plz show ragini more n more plz..its a humble request as her brthday iz cmng ..so want more tejas.. scenes plz..

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