Swaragini 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara telling Sumi that Urvashi is the one who attacked her. Sumi says it was very dark there and once I felt Janki is there. Dadi is shocked. Urvashi says my jiji came to save her lado (Ragini). Swara gets thinking. Ragini thinks if she has done right by separating Swara and Sanskar. She says how can we be happy separating two love ones. She says it this happens to me then. Laksh comes and asks what happened? Ragini says I was just coming out. Laksh asks her to come. Ragini says I know what to do? She closes the door after laksh leaves. She takes out visiting card of lawyer from the file an dthinks she will stop the divorce proceedings.

Sanskar asks Swara to take care of Sumi and give medicine on time. He apologizes to her. Swara says it is okay and Maa will be fine

soon. She is very strong. She apologizes to him and says I said much. She holds her ears and says sorry. Sanskar says I am happy that honest and truthful girl is coming to my life. He says I love you. Swara hugs him and says I love you 3, 4, 5….etc. He asks her to call him and goes. Urvashi tells Swara that it seems you don’t believe on my words. Swara says nothing will happen to anyone until I am here. Urvashi asks her not to make her angry. Swara says Janki was a good woman and asks her not to involve her name. She says I will catch her red handed. Sumi hears her and asks what she is doing?

Swara says she will proof that it is all done by Urvashi. Sumi asks her to focus on her marriage. Swara says she won’t let this affect her marriage. Ragini sits in her car and asks driver to take him to lawyer’s office. Laksh looks at the file and thinks if Ragini went to meet Mr. Das. He thinks it will be a problem if she comes to know that it is our divorce papers, and thinks to stop her anyhow. Swara applies paint near the windows and doors. Urvashi comes and asks about the sound. Ragini reaches lawyer’s office. Laksh is on the way to Mr. Das office. He calls Mr. Das’s number, but his no. is busy. Ragini comes to meet him and asks peon about him. Peon asks her to sit. Ragini asks him to see Swara and Sanskar’s divorce file. He says he will check and goes inside. He checks the files. Laksh reaches there and runs inside.

Ragini asks him to check with alphabetical order. He checks in S…Ragini sees Laksh’s call and calls him back. She says she is busy and disconnects the call. Laksh takes the stairs. Ragini asks Peon to check with Maheshwari. Laksh runs on the stairs. Peon gets Laksh and Ragini’s divorce papers. He says Swara’s name is not written in this. Ragini asks then whose name is written and takes the file. Laksh comes and is shocked seeing her holding the file.

Swara asks Urvashi if she is going somewhere. Dadi says she will not go anywhere and takes her there. Swara thinks night…..Ragini asks if everything is fine. Laksh says I thought much about your talk. He says he has taken stairs to reach there. Ragini says it is okay now. Laksh says I will take care of everything now. Peon looks at them. He says your name is Ragini….this file….Laksh says I will talk to Mr. Das. Ragini tells Laksh that peon said that Swara and Sanskar’s name is not on the file. Laksh says I will take care of everything and asks her to come.

Swara gets Ragini’s call informing her about Sumi. Ragini says I will come to Baadi now. Swara asks her to come in the morning. Ragini tells Laksh that they will go in the morning. Swara asks Sumi not to worry as she is with her. She comes out of room and says she will bring out Urvashi’s truth. She applies paint/chemical again in night. She thinks I will catch her, as doors and windows are closed now. She says even if your jiju comes then she can’t be saved. I will catch her with her foot prints. Swara hears lori and gets up from bed. She closes Sumi’s door and says nothing will happen to you Maa. She sees a woman going. She asks who is there. The woman sings lori again. Swara says she will catch this woman. She sees woman going to terrace wearing the same saree which Janki had worn in the photo. She sees her going to terrace and asks her to stop. She runs there. Janki’s face is shown. She looks for the woman and asks who are you? The woman falls down on the ground. She turns and reveals her face. Swara is shocked to see Janki’s face.

Kavita is seen taking out the mask from her face. Swara gets the mask and wears it. She is shocked to see Janki’s mask.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. not bad.dragging dragging dragging. guys have u got any spoilers?

  2. nice episode.waiting for SwaSan’s wedding

  3. mausi truth is going to reveal… but Wat bout kavitha??? she is acting sweetly to Swara n everyone …san ll believe her that she is not behind every bad happenings n every thing done by mausi alone… anyway Swasan scene was so cute…

  4. Pls writers change the track yar. And pls don’t separate swasan & raglak.

  5. Nice twist. Ghost track ll finally end. Just got to read some wr tst Urvashi ll b exposed by none other than ragini herself. Then our fav swaragini reunion. Laksh ll propose ragini once again. . If tats true swaragini name ld justify itself. Writers have perhaps learnt from the MATSH which is set to go off air very soon becoz of its dumb writers. .

  6. Full of nonsense…. l hate this seiral from bottom of tje heart…plz stop this nonsense seiral…waste of time to see this moke padu moke seiral… swara is overacting… it is dumb seiral…i can’t bear the swara overacting… especally she calling sanskar sanskar ..timing.. full of irk scenes as well as story…plz writers stop this seiral

  7. I think SWARAGINI is back…I am soooooo happy and you guys??

  8. This show is becoming worst these days… I really hate the current story line… 🙁 -_-

  9. Nice episode.. Waiting for Swaragini Union..

  10. Im so glad that Ragini will be taughted a good lesson after all the things she done to her sister, and after all the things she did to Laksh’s family from making them work like animals, threatning the father, throwin water on the mothers face along with wanting to blacken her face Ragini actually deserves the divorce and the shock thats waiting for her in the coming episodes ?????? not to mention she will commit suicide which means i dont get to see her fake innocense face which is a good thing for me and some of the other fans who cant stand her. # TeamSwasan ????

    1. I really want old ragini back and I hate that Swara. She always want to be Mahan. even though I don’t like Swara, helly is one of the favorite actress. But tejaswi is the best because it’s easy to do a positive role but it take some courage to do negative role even after knowing that the viewers will hate u???. I hope raglak will reunite and Swasan will get married so then both can lead a happy married life?

      1. I agree with u mia I want ragini to back and I hate swara I like maha if any girl not like swara

      2. Finally my ragini come back to swaragini I m happy

  11. neel if this happens thens all fans of SWARAGINI will be cloud 9

  12. Had seen the new promo. I think sharmista is going to die because only her death can bring swasan separation as per current track, swara is always fighting with sanskar for her only.

    1. I also think so.


    The much awaited moment is here when Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) will finally re-unite! The viewers will soon get to see the cute sisterly bond between them.Wondering how will that happen? Read on..The person, who will bring the sisters back together is none other than the nefarious Maasi (Sonia Singh). Yes, to everyone’s surprise, Maasi will be the reason behindSwaragini’s reunion.In the coming episodes, Swara will take help of Ragini to expose Maasi in front of everyone. Ragini however, will initiallyrefuse to believe her but later on will play a major role in revealing the true face of Maasi.So how exactly will Maasi get exposed?Ragini will don her mother Jaanki’s look and will come in front of Urvashi. And infear of seeing her sister Jaanki’s spirit, she will confess her motive of taking revenge from Swara and her family.Allz well that ends well! Following this incidence, Swara and Ragini will get close to each other and not only is this, Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will propose Ragini for re-marriage alongwith Swara and Sanskar’s (Varun Kapoor) wedding .Wow! Lot more happening on the show! Are you guys excited for the upcoming track? Do comment below…

    1. thanq so much you made my day with this news i’m very happy fr swaragaini and hope rags doesn’t say yes to laksh soon 😉

  14. Nice episode.

  15. Hi guyzz
    I am roshini and i will be uploading ur fanfiction awesome life of raksh @ragini and laksh and swasan @swara and sanskaar
    So first let me start with the characters
    Swara –main lead
    Laksh – swara’s elder brother [second lead]Sanskaar –swara’s boyfriend [main lead ]Ragini – sanskaar ‘s elder sister [second lead]Annapoorna-sanskaar and ragini ‘s mother
    Dp[durga Prasad]-ragini and sanskaar ‘s father
    Sumi-laksh and swara’s mother
    Shekar –laksh and swara’s father
    Sujata- laksh and swara’s chaachi
    Ram- laksh and swara’s chaacha
    Parineetha and adarsh are bhaiyaa and bhaabhi of ragini and sanskaar
    Uthra –sister of ragini and sanskaar
    Parvathy-daadi of ragini and sanskaar
    Deendayal-dada of ragini and sanskaar
    Shobha – dida of laksh and swara
    Guyzz i will be making these changes in my fanfiction
    *raksh will be enemies at first and then they will be turned to lovers
    *swasan will be in the same academy both learning guitar
    *dp will soon find a boy for ragini and laksh will stop the marriage
    *also both the families are marwadis and both the families are friends
    I will soon update my 1st fanfiction

  16. Nice episode luv u swaragini

  17. Honest opinion

    I really really really like this show… But if the writers r gonna keep doing stupid B.S just to prolong it, I’d rather the show end!! I know ragini has been awful, but it seems like she’s genuinely changing & since laksh had said to Annapoorna that if ragini is really changing he won’t leave her.. Well he shouldn’t..I’d feel pretty bad if raglak breakup because of stupid urvashi (since she made ragini have that “dream” about her mom..which led to ragini signing those swasan divorce paper)

    1. Exactly I completely agree with ur opinion

  18. It is so funny. Swara has problem with maasi and ragini. Ragini has problem with swara, laksh has problem with ragini, maasi has problem with swara and sarmishtha, daadi has problem with Swara’s family, sanskar has problem with kavitha, kavitha has problem with swara, sujatha has problem with different people at different times, annapoorna is mute spectator and so is sanskar’s father, then the others just adorn the already overcrowded household. One wonders how many more people will join in to interfere the already troubled family… Anyone who comes just stays on except the genuine family members who are evicted for flimsy reasons while others are pardoned for heinous crimes. Wah re wah…man na man main tera mehman

    1. lol i really like your comment 😉

  19. swara to seek kavita’s help for exposing maasi:
    colors show swaragini come to anintresting stage where swara is trying to get the truth out about janki’s ghost and exposing urvashi.
    it is seen that janaki’s ghost created havoc in swara, sanskar and sharmishtha’s life.
    swara is determined to find the truth and suspect urvashi to be the culprit. on the other hand sanskar doubts on kavita for all the mishaps. swara however trusts kavita and refuses to believe sanskar.
    she doen’t know about masi and kavita joint conspircy against swasan. unknowingly she seeks kavita help to expose urvashi.
    kavita will agree to help her and will mislead her. kavita will make the drama being swara’s side but in reality will make an evil plans with urvashi.
    let’s see if swara realises kavita’s true intensions.

  20. ragini-swara join hand to expose urvashi masi:
    finally good news is making for the viewers of colors tv show swaragini as swara and ragini will join hands to expose urvashi maasi and her evil games.
    swara is determined to find out the truth behin janki’s ghost and doubts urvashi. she will also seeks kavita’s help despite sanskar doubting kavita.
    however, soon swara will realize that kavita too is involved in the urvashi’s evil plan and is misguiding swara.
    major twist will taken place in swaragini as ragini will join hands with swara to find out the ghost reality.
    ragini will take janki’s avatar to scare urvashi.
    urvashi will try to kill swara but will be stopped by ragini and shomi and at the nick of the time shomi will slap her.
    ragini and swara will together unveil urvashi’s evil plan in swaragini.

  21. Yr marega koun ye smjh nhi aa rha..

  22. lakshya’s romantic re marriage proposal to ragini.
    happiness is soon engulf fans of the show swaragini as finally ragini and laksh will be seen sharing romantic moments.
    in the upcoming episodes of swaragini , sanskar and swara sangeeth cermony reharsels will take place in mm house. swasan will be very happy and will dance together.
    on the other hand ragini and lakshya too will dance together and will look elated. lakshya, suddenly will propose romantically to ragini and willbend doen infront of her.
    ragini will get blushed and will give positive answer to his proposal. khe will announce remaariage him and ragini. she will feel elated and excited about his annocement.
    she will turn positive and will help swara in exposing urvashi’s evil plan.

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