Swaragini 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini and others sadly looking at Annapurna seeing her health deteriorated. Mishka tells Swara that a lady came (swara) and asked same question from her. Swara says it must be co incidence. Just then her pallu is moved and her face is revealed. Mishka is shocked and tells her that she will tell her mum. She goes to inform her mum. Swara calls Sanskar and tells him that Mishka saw her face. Sanskar asks her to leave from there immediately and tells that Mansi can do anything. Swara says okay. Mishka hears Mansi talking to Nikhil and sharing her plan that they have to kill Laksh today itself, then only she will get Abhimanyu Khanna’s wealth. She says Laksh is not my husband, but a random guy whom I forced to act as my husband. She asks him to come there. Mishka closes the door,

and is shocked. Mansi hears the door noise, and comes to Swara. Swara asks her to let her go. Mishka chokes and takes a heavy breath. Swara asks her to relax, says he is not your Papa, but Laksh.

Mishka says I know, and says Mansi and Nikhil made plan to kill Laksh today, and says they have even killed my papa. Swara is shocked to hear that. Mansi comes there and hits Swara on her head with vase. Swara falls unconscious. Mansi then scares Mishka and asks her to keep house talks in house itself. Mansi thinks don’t know where is Laksh.

Laksh comes there. Sanskar asks why did you come here? Laksh says Ragini called me. Sanskar says Maa wants to meet her son. Laksh says I understand, but. Sanskar asks him to go and not to increase her pain. Laksh says I just want to meet her once. Sanskar closes the door and says I won’t let you go inside and asks him to get out. Laksh says it is enough, and asks him to let him go inside. Sanskar asks who are you to care if anything happens to her. Laksh says I do care, as she is my mum. Ragini gets teary eyes. Laksh says if you don’t let me meet my mum then I will forget that you are my brother. Sanskar says you had forgotten, but I was just making you remember. He asks him to meet Maa…Ragini opens the door.

Laksh looks at Ragini with teary eyes and goes inside. He sees Annapurna lying on bed. He runs to her and calls her Maa. Annapurna says Laksh. Laksh says your Laksh have come, get up. Annapurna gets teary eyes and happy. Everyone smiles. Annapurna hugs him and cries. Laksh apologizes to her and says I troubled you a lot. Annapurna cries again. Laksh asks her not to cry. Durga Prasad says Laksh….Laksh folds his hands and says I am your Laksh. He hugs him. Sumi asks why did you act to be Laksh. Laksh tells them that Mansi’s husband died with his car mistakenly, and tells everything. A fb is shown. Sumi says Ragini tried to commit suicide, how did you stop yourself. Ragini says no, he couldn’t stop himself and came here. Laksh hugs Ram and Sanskar. He gets Mansi’s call. Mansi says we have to take Mishka to hospital. Laksh says he is in Baadi as his mum is unwell, and he had to tell her everything. Mansi is angry.

Mansi tells Laksh that as he told his truth to his family, today is his last day as Abhimanyu. He don’t need to act more. They leave in car. Ragini comes to Mansi’s house and calls Mishka and Swara. Swara is unconscious while Mishka is tied and hidden.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Niya_Maheshwari

    Hey guys! I’m new here…

    1. Hey Niya…Welcome to the Family..
      I hope you have a good time here…N could have a good bond with Members N visitors here..

    2. Kakali

      Welcome to TU mini family Niya… !! enjoy here …?

    3. MAHIRA

      hi niya… welcome 😀

  3. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam rfor fast update…
    let me finish my candy crush first then watch :3

    1. Kakali

      Saga/Soda.. which level? huhh !

      1. Mica

        nearly 1500 lvl..sooo much behind..

  4. Raina

    now i understood why cvs is obsessed with this river. because whoever falls in this river are always safe. laksh reunited with his family. superb….
    stupid mansi, how dare u hit swara? sanskar go fast and save ur kaccha nimboo/life/princess/lover/wife

    1. Mica

      i am waiting my Nikhil still..
      huh! today i watched the princess kaccha nimbo episode.. aawwww


    ufff… so emotional…
    Thanks for update Hasan mam 🙂

  6. Finally finally finally ????
    Laksh NE maan liye k vo ho laksh h idiot mansi 5 min baad call ni kr skti thi ????? ????
    Raglak ka hug hote hote rah gya ????
    Yr plzzzz swaragini ko itni jldi khtam mt kro plzzzz ??????
    M swasan k bina nahi raha skti plzzzz i lv swasan sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Much yr plzzzzz ???????

  7. waited for raglak hug., hmmm this mansi called laksh its k the epi was so good. So nxt week will start with RAGLAK hug. Am so excited! Am waiting…

  8. Kakali

    Thnk u mam for update…
    Today episode just made me speechless.. i seriously don’t know what to write… all i could only sob… just sob.. !! nobody could make Laksh ready to accept himself as LAKSH … but this MOTHER word is so strong na..as d personality. she can do anything … it was just a phone call to inform him about his mother’s illness… n Laksh couldn’t stop himself coming n surrender as “MAA MAIN APP HI KA LAKSH HUU”… this is called motherly love.. motherly affection … nothing worked NEITHER SWASAN’S HARD WORK NOR RAGINI’S LOVE … it was only his MOTHER’S LOVE …
    it was a BLEESED moment for me…. i LIVED it..
    Thnk u CVs …

    “Sanskar listen to ur heart.. may b it is saying something. like ur life is in danger….. UR SWARA NEEDS U … i know i know she is princess of lioness n will handle herself…. though u should goo n HUG her tight…making all of us feel warmth of our SWASAN hug.. we need it.. ”

    “waiting for Monday … so eager to watch how tgey gonna punish Mansi n Nikhil… urghhh let them fall in deep wel which is full of cowdunk…” ;-*

    1. MAHIRA

      You know? there is a movie named “Forever ever” dont know if you know it, it tells the true story of Cindrella, the princess who inspires brother Grimm for their contes… *fiction*
      In that story Cindrella is so strong that once, the prince is trapped with some goons who let her go since they just want him, she asked for her dress so they laught on her saying she could take whatever she could handle, she let go of the dress and put the prince on her shoulder to save him … at the end of story, prince searching her everywhere with the famous shoe… she has been sold to man who she fight with and when he arrives to save her, she’s just getting out after winning the fight… saviing herself, so he just asks her to save him…
      Someone asked why Swara is always called princess… she really recalls me that princess, no magic powers, no magic older to give her beatiful outfits to go to the bal, but she arrives at time and has her prince (like on their marriage day, when runned from jail)
      just with her determination and the force of being in THE GOOD way, it’s all she needs to be the super lioness she has always been… so yes Sanskar go there, hug her SHE/WE need that
      but i’m sure she’ll find her way 😀

      1. Mica

        aaww Mahira didi…. as Disney channel fans, i will shout it’s motto
        *back watching jungle junction

      2. Kakali

        Yes dear i have heard this story but lil in dif way which deffinalely doesn’t suite our princess of lioness.. !!
        u know Chindrela was strong enough coz she knew her prince will come to her.. he will make her free soo she just need some courage to handle herself bravely at that particular situation.. n that courage was given by her love ger prince…(since u said d story i get d view in this way)
        as Same Swara.. Swara knows Sanskar is with her in every single step.. they may b house apart but they r one by heart na.. soo she has to handle herself not only for HER PRINCE but also for her Ragini . n she will she will get success with d help of her prince love.. !!
        SHE IS INDEED A PRINCESS A LIONESS… !! but a warm hug from her prince is something else we predict at that phase.
        only SWASAN can understand this…

        n m eagerly waiting for the warmth of that heavenly couple HUG. !!

        TY Mahira for d story.. ty so much.. !! ;-*

      3. MAHIRA

        Kakali dear… you’re welcome, i was born to tell stories in this life lol… and if it wasn’t the language barriers, i would unstoppable…. lol
        For Swara… even her name is like Cinderella one… and she has 2 sisters… one is the bad side of Ragini and the other is the good one who helped her at the end 🙂

      4. N i would like to read or listen ur stories. !! ? …
        yupp she has 1 sister with two shades.. but it’s our Swara.. princess of lioness which shield is her Prince her love in every single step of life …. as well as her Ragini’s her sister’s love since they r soul mate… !! My God… !! SHE IS ONE N ONLY UNIQUE PIECE … !! godw bless her.. !!

  9. Aasthu

    HMM….NYC……….can anyone plzz tell me when SR is going off air??????

    1. Raina

      the last episode is december 16, i guess. because the new serial is coming from december 19. but i’m still nt sure, because before also many times it happened like. they will announce one date for the new serial, but if the old serial is not completed before that, they may extend the date. but as of now swaragini will go off air in december 16

      1. Rainaaaa !!! plz don’t say like that… !! it stabs my heart.. !! hope SR alive.. hope our SWASAN come back with extension… !! hope i never face d date 16 December … hope Color tv declare it was a rumour.. hope SR live infinity..
        hope i can live without SwaSan..
        I JUST HOPE EVERYTHING GOES WELL.. !! i just hope my hope becomes reality… *sob

  10. wow superb episode
    but it is so short
    i think mansi n nikil had affair

  11. Adishu

    ohooooo my poor swara…. n Laksh finally u qccepted truth… nice episode….

  12. Why hell they r ending before 10mins, we hardly have only few days with our lovely stars in that the telecast is only for 15 mins, hope new serial does not get even 1 % trp, none of swaragini fans should watch it

    1. Exactly none should the watch new show N as well as we should stop watching colors in protest

    2. Mica

      today episode is about 19 minutes

    3. Adishu

      I’ll never watch that hell swabhiman…

      1. Waa Aditi forgot about Swabhiman… i dun even let anyone on color tv… if swaragini ends,, that means “once upon a time there was a channel Color tv which is now NO MORE”…

  13. Mica

    wll for today episode.. 1 question only.. where is my Nikhil ?
    though Mansi spoke to Nikhil, but huh! i didn’t see him…
    when Sanskar closed the door, somehow i want to laugh..
    he is kinda a kid who fight with his friend…

    1. MAHIRA

      Sanskar/Laksh fights are always like real 2 little brothers or friends fighting at home, you just don’t want to separate them, you know very well, that in few moments it’s over… then they are the closest brothers again 😀

      1. Mica

        hahahhah,, you are soo rite… remind me to my nephews, everytime they fight, my sister just smile on them, when ma complains, she only say”ma, let it be, they are so cute, rite ? ”
        that’s what i feel when SanLak fight, they are sooo cute also :3

    2. MAHIRA

      and i’m a real BIG FAN of disney princesses too… but this film so *realistic* is one of my favourites… we should all have a love story like that (i don’t like weak poor ladies needing rich powerful guy to become princess… this is why Swara is so special princess… she can be compared to Raipansel with a bad guy turning to be a prince…. ok i should stop disney dreams :p

      1. Mica

        haaa.. i love Swara.. she is not crying heroins..
        uugghh Rapunzel and her silly thief ? 😀 Tangled
        speak about Cinderella… i love korean drama Cinderella Stepsister
        and talk about princess, Once Upon A Time serial made us know that women rules the world whether being a princess, a queen or even a witch 😀
        *listen Daya, Sit still, look pretty

      2. Adishu

        even me n my cousins fight like this… many of them have gave me new names…. like my elder brother calls me mandir, somnath mandir n specially pagal bcoz my home name is Somu… he always pinches me…mess my hair…. n me n my sister n elder brothers always fight n then in just some moments we patch up…

    3. MAHIRA

      I really love SanLak relation… they share a real brotherhood love whatever happen between them… whoever will make mistakes, he’s sure his brother will forgive him…. I would love a better patch up between both of them after the big issue they were in 6 months ago…
      Talking about the end, CVs seem have fogetten Chirag and family issue hai na?
      For princesses… i loved Shrek (don’t remember which part) where Fiona gather all princesses to fight bad poeple from disney… how she made them understand, that they have no need for the princes to win… they are strong enough 😀

    4. Kakali

      Huh urrrrr Nikhil… *wrap Mica with her Nikhil n throw them to Pluto… !!! puut puuuttt.. have a safe Raksha bandhan.. !!

      1. Mica

        eerrrrggghhhhh… we should see Nikhil save first 😛

    5. Adishu

      mica go n check sathiya… u will found ur nikhil there… he was on his way when gopi came n drag him to sathiya…

      1. Mica

        Aditi.. huh! i need Nokhil here for mission to complete..
        hi.. Gopi is aired in my country nowadays, along with kumkum bagyha, YHM, Anandhi, Thapki..well i dunno the rest, i have no interest, i just wait for Swaragini airing here please #ANteve or #SCTV

  14. my god this was one of the bestest episode ever
    raglak united
    mishka knows the truth
    swara is kidnapped
    oh god why do they have to end this serial now

    1. Adishu

      because these CVS have taken a pledge to never listen or do what their viewers want….

  15. Hello freinds

  16. Hai guys episode was nice I hate the CVS procedure and colors channel why they are ending my show so fast if swaragini will end I will not watch any show on clors hate it please don’t end show


    1. hai piyu

    2. Piyuuuuuu… welcome to family dear..!! enjoy here roam here spam here.. !! ?

    3. MAHIRA

      Welcome in the family dear Piyu 😀

  18. MAHIRA

    It was a beautiful episode with the so awaited return of LAksh in his family, i’ve said that Laksh can’t resist when it comes to his mother, it has always been his character and i’m happy that Cvs don’t change that.
    I love Sanskar already fighting on phone with him taunting, teasing, provocating… behalf really angry with him because of his bade ma illness… And when he arrives, Sanskar stuborness breaks his last defenses making him claim his right of being here… you have really forgetten Laksh, i was reminding you… uff!! how much i cried with the reunate moments!!!
    I just loved the quite, calm and happy Ragini who didn’t to talk to him, just opening the door for him, waiting for their moment, their eye lock…
    By the way, happy Raglakians??… no Swara in their return back at all… my poor sweet Swara who is in danger… Sanskar tried to hide his maa health problem to not make her worry but she makes him worry more… waiting for Swasan… ok, cvs make raglakians happy, but there just fews episodes before the end… swasan please!!!

    1. Mica

      Mahira didi……yeeaahh… i love the cvs show us about psy war…playing emotion to breaking something than even smart plan or any evidence can’t do that.
      well, people more interest to something that resemble to themselves, for example us, being a girl with feminist thought we love Swara character, independent, smart, witty, chirpy, responsible, meanwhile people who love Ragini mostly more sensitive and shy one..
      in this episode, if only Swasan replaced Raglak, we will obviously spamming any page any site just to talking about their eye lock or whatever they done as we are chirpy and crazy fans 😀 😀
      uuugghhh, my concern to Nikhil eat my brain, but it didn’t let me to not blushing when Swara called her prince just to informing that something happen to her.. aaawww

  19. Srusti

    Hai mica,kakali ,mahira di i was also a new member in swaragini family coz I’m also a fan of swasan can i join in ur club plzzzzz

    1. MAHIRA

      Welcome dear… *bringing chai and cakes*

      1. Mahiraa dear i m also coming with u.. coz i need a cold coffee to calm down my crazy heart which is continuously doing DHAK DHAKK.. !!! only for SwaSan… huhh*blush

      2. -Taking a sip of cold coffee made by Mahira..*it’s testy…
        -Imagining SwaSan warm hug..
        -Cursing color tv
        -cursing someone very badly…*secret
        -dreaming about SR getting extension for more 5 years..
        -finally sitting in footpath n crying vigorously thinking about SR last episode…
        -its seriously unbearable… m highly depressed…
        Mahiraaaaa why it’s happening? Why whyy whyyy¿¿¿
        our SWASAN … *shoot ev1

      3. Mahiraa dear… u have no idea what u have given to me.. !! what this link means to me… !!! i dun know how to express my sentiments… !!! Thnk u very much dear.. !!! after watching that i just cried with a bright smile… just cried like a mad.. !!
        how SwaSan were.. so bubbly so chirpy soo cuteee soo naughty… but now everything has finished… everything ruined.. !! we fans r curving for our old SwaSan… i m carving for my SwaSan… but now everything us finally going to finish.. !! we wouldn’t b able to see our SWASAN.. !!
        how will i live without them? HOW WILL WE? all this thoughts r soo unbearable … so damn unbearable.. !! still can’t stop my tears while writing… but what to do they became my HEART BIT naa.. !! so ut really pains a lot.. !!

        huhh no chocolates dear.. !! doctor forbids me.. as fir this chocos i was in hospital bed past 2 days.. !! soo tight hug to Mahiraaa.. !!* Sob…

      4. Mahiraaa !!! no sorry dear..*hug…
        Waa i always prefer chocolate or cold coffee to make myself feel better… but from one week i m taking it in a huge amount since some very bad news coming one after another.. !!! so ate a lot of chocolate instead of meal.. !! so landed on hospital bed n make hospital my permanent residence for 2 days.. !! so now doctor strictly forbid me to take choco for some days or else i need to shift there again… !! can’t even touch or smell… urghh !!! once again ty fir d links… 😉

        nope nopeeee !!! Raksha Bandhan is not now… actually this special festival is open for Mica n Her Nikhil now..huhuhu !!!

    2. Waaa Shrustiiiii … u dun need ask dear… u can obviously join us… yeiii one more new member in our mini family.. welcome dear… enjoy here till SR with us.. !!!

      1. MAHIRA

        *pooring a cold coffee in Kakali cup*
        *preparing spaghetti with spice sauce while writing*
        *listening some romantic songs on Swasan videos*
        so we have 2 other weeks for Swaragini yet? (i was sad thinking that next week will be the last)

      2. MAHIRA

        hugging Kakali tightly and giving her some chocolate and this link about Swasan:

      3. MAHIRA

        Sorry for making you cry more… hoped give you a smile with the beautiful Swasan moments… no chocolate? what do you take to feel better?
        it’s raksha bandhan time in india??

  20. Amrutha

    This serial is going to end because of their own mistakes.may be you guys ( swasan fans) are right according to your point of view. But there is nothing new.
    But don’t worry guys, These fellows will bring swasan love story with another season. Or another serial I strongly believe it. Don’t be sad friends.
    But this time,( if you want to start again) plz don’t include my raglak. Plz don’t make them as supporting characters.
    And don’t curse the new serial, they are also spending money. When heroes enters into the serial swabhiman may also take a turn into love story.( How swaragini, two sisters story became swasan,a pair story) like that.
    All the best swabhiman team, learn something from swaragini, there seems to be two heroines .give importence to both equally.treat both of them as main leads.

    1. Yeah Amrutha dear … even i have hugeeeee wish that ur strong believe come true n our SWASAN come back again with a BANGG !!! that day will b d most happiest day for me … God bless u dear for ur so kind strong believe… !!!
      hmmm we/i should not curse d new channel… infect i should curse my fate for showing me d day when SR will end… !!
      but one thing i wanna say… !!! instead of SR 100 of new serial come… 1000 of new love story start… BUT SWASAN N RAGLAK r SWASAN N RAGLAK only… !!! if color channel show us any other love stories then also m so damn not interested… !!! i want only SWASAN n RagLak… !!!
      yupp there is no more color tv in my home after “SR” goes off air.. !!!

      haa Swabhiman should learn something from SR as may b they should get a pair like SWASAN n RagLak…(which is impossible in every way)…

      1. Adishu

        u r correct amrutha… but it is for sure that I m not going to watch any other love story other than swasan n raglak… never in my life…. I m not going to give that place to anyone else… never…. I love my swasan unconditionally… n I will never forget them…. n I would never watch any serial on colors TV… this would be their punishment for ending swaragini….

  21. Sanji

    today i was watching all the past moment of swasan and thinking that if swaragini ends…….viewers will miss a magical love story…………it really heartbreaking……..

    1. Haaa Sanjiiii… it’s heart breaking n unbearable… except crying i m not getting anything… even if i watch old moments to cherish it just make me cry with a bright smile… !!! Love SwaSan love SR…. *curse color tv.. !!!
      Gd mrng all.

  22. Mica

    Niya, Tas, Piyu, Shrusti.. welcome to all…*hug
    Let’s spamming this site with our nonsense talk :3 :3
    please join me beat that silly color channel*handed broomstick one by one

  23. Adishu

    welcome all…. n mica I’m with you… let’s go n beat them…

    1. Mica

      Aditiiiiiiiiiiiiii… sooo bad….uuugghhh i’m crazy now, just watching HeVa perfirmance in ITA…
      gooossshhh i’m dead, weeww their slow motion technique and their sliding step technique… WOOOWWW..

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