Swaragini 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar promising Swara that he won’t let anyone doubt her. She tells him good night and thinks she was waiting for him to tell truth, but you was lying again and again. She thinks to confirm her doubt and then question him. Someeone keeps an eye on Swara. Swara feels someone’s presence and comes out of room. She thinks she thinks she has to know. Annapurna asks Ragini to have food and she refuses. Dadi holds her hand. Ragini asks if she has forgiven her and says I miss your love. Dadi asks if you said truth and saw Swara’s face. Ragini recalls and tells that she saw her long hairs. She tells that she held kidnapper’s hand and even scratched her hand. Dadi asks her to rest.

Later Swara comes to Sanskar’s room, but he is not there. She calls him and thinks she

might get proof from the room. She opens his wallet, but couldn’t get anything. She gets airport road receipt and thinks it has date when she was kidnapped. Sanskar comes and asks what you are doing here? Dadi asks Laksh to take care of Ragini until she comes back. Laksh says okay. He gets someone’s call and he goes. Ragini recalls the horrific day and wakes up from sleep. She thinks to talk to Swara.

Swara asks Sanskar, if he went to airport road to search Ragini. Sanskar asks from where did you get this receipt? Swara says I got this receipt here and tells that she saw him burning blanket the previous night. She says she has many doubts in her mind and asks if he would not have questioned her if he was on her place. Sanskar says I trust you fully…and tells that he will never doubts her. Swara says but proofs….Sanskar says proofs were against you also, but I never doubted you. He feels bad as she is doubting him. Swara asks him to reply. He says it is better for you to walk, but when you fall down, then I will hold you like always. Swara asks him to tell if he went there on that kidnapping day. Sanskar accepts to have gone there. Swara says I have to talk to everyone about this matter. Sanskar feels bad as Swara has doubted her.

Ragini comes and takes her from there. Swara says whatever has happened with you is done by Sanskar. Ragini says no, she says neither you or Sanskar had kidnapped me. She says she has scratched the person who had kidnapped her. Swara asks why you didn’t tell me. Ragini says I forgot about it. She says definitely there is third person involved. She asks her not to take Sanskar’s name and says she is fully sure. Sujata calls Ragini and Swara as Inspector came.

Durga Prasad asks Inspector what do you want to say. Inspector says kidnapper is very clever and have cleaned all the marks on the spray and wig. He asks him to inform if he gets to know anything. Durga Prasad says sure. He asks do you want to tell something. Swara thinks about her conversation with Sanskar. Durga Prasad asks her to tell. Inspector asks her to tell if there is something which they shall know. Ragini nods no. Swara looks at everyone’s faces.

Laksh tells shall I help you both and asks what they were searching. Swara says nail marks on hand. Later when alone, Laksh takes out fake skin from his hand revealing marks on his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    At last it’s Laksh… Now it may take some more time to reveal it’s Laksh… But the way swara talked to sanskar I don’t like it… Anyway please writters add some swasan moments.. Dying to see that…

  2. Tara

    Laksh d kidnapper. Uttara takes the blame. Swara didn’t trust sanskar and she don’t deserve sanskar. Swara don’ttttttttt deserve sanskar ????. She deserves only laksh. He also won’t blv truthful person and swara also never blvd truthful person. Made 4 each other

    • Nina

      You are absolutely right I completely agree with you and I can make a dacision now for not watching this series and also I want all swasanians to agree with me to create pressure on the writers to end up this stupid twist and unite swasan

    • Rids

      Thank god finally. Me too watching till they change story. Swara s acting too smart. She is not good. Should thinks she s too good nd right

    • Tara

      Yeah nina & rids.. today swara was like acting so smart. She shouldn’t have blvd even if sanskar himself acpts and shud blv he can’t and won’t do this. Sanskar diags made me feel bad ?

  3. Saba

    Ohhhhh!!! Finally laksh is kidnapper! Aj to ragini par pyar aa gea! But Swara should trust on Sanskar! Finally sanskar says something to swara who always takes him for granted! Berdasht Ki bhi koi had hoti hai. Kab tak us se pyar karta rahe aur woh Madame har waqt uska sath laiti to hai mgr daiti nahi, well lets wait and watch what will happen next! But finally I think swaragini will unite soon as well as swasan!!

  4. Prena

    wowww, well done swara…u doubted sanskaar and even told ragini that it’s sanskaar who kidnapped her..Awesome swara..

    Sanskaar- Please do stay away from this girl unless she realize ur worth. But u rocked sanskaar, The way u said u will support her always…but even after that she told ragini , its u who kidnapped her.

    • Tara

      I hate swara today.. hate to core. She doubted d one who stood with her through thick nd thins of her life.

      • Prena

        Exactly how can she do that ,atleast she cud consider him as friend and trust him..Felt bad ,when she said about proofs…Sanskaar pointing out that he ever trusted swara even when proofs where against her ,pained me a lottt. Swara sud cry a lottt to get Sanskar..But sure he will never do that coz he loves her immensely

    • Tara

      Yeah prena ? evn wen all d proofs wer against her during ragini kidnapping nd wen she was saying ant adharsh’s gf.. sanskar blvd her blindly. But she ??????. Hate swara n tis epi

  5. Oooo…its laksh..swara toh sanskr ko trsr v nhi krti..n i think sansker jnti h ki kdnppr laksh h…isihlye laksh ko bachane ki lye jhoot kha swara se…bt NEways swasan rockszzzzzzzz

  6. kashis

    I have strong intuition that laksh had done that.. as when ragini held his hand during kidnapping that person has scratched marks and also hairs in his hand…

  7. ashi

    sanskar hats off to your trust…..bad swara why are you doubting sanky ….finally its laksh and it will be out in some time

  8. Shraddha

    Swara how on this earth cud u doubt on the person who has been with you trough all thick n thins? u don’t deserve Sanskaar u just don’t deserve after the way u spoke to him today. Ssly sanskaar today u rocked bohot hogaya ab aur kitna karoge tum uske liye… N lakshya ssly get lost??rags n u are like twins?

  9. muskaan

    Seriously dint expect dis from SWARA how can she evn think of doubting Sanskar….
    Did she forget how it was only him, who stood against all odds n supported her always…
    It was very hurtful…too see dis…!!!!!!!
    She is gonna regret it very badly…!!!!!

  10. harsha

    Great sanskar..what a words.s sure after all problems sort out sanskar won’t forgive swara And then she will realize what pain he goes through…poor sanskar I feel crying today…

  11. anu

    article tc:
    swaragini: misunderstandings to drift swara -sanskaar apart on colors swaragini.
    the viewers of colors drama swaragini will soon witness something super shocking.
    we believe that ragini kidnap has effected all the relationships in maheshwari house.
    while in the special integration episode , with ssk , we have seen simar coming to their rescue. and now we hear that things will get even worse from now on.
    a source shared, “swara will witness sanskaar destroying the evidence about ragini’s kidnaper. shocked with this development she will start doubting his intentiion’s. on the other hand, it will be reavealed that devika, the evil spirit has casted spell on him to seperate him from swara.”
    wondering why devika wants to spoil swara and sanskaar’s life? and why sanskaar is trying to destroy all the evidence?
    we will tell you know for sure.
    as, we have seen last integration sequence of ssk and sr , swara spoiled mohini’s plan as a revenge of that action, she is all set to ruin swara’s life.
    and at the same time it will also be shown that scared of the thought that uttara might be the kidnapper , he will try to keep the truth under the wrap.
    too many secrets for us.. what about you?
    when contacted , helly remained buy for shooting.

  12. angel

    I knew it its laskh….how mean he is…he kidnapped ragini so that all doubt swara and he would take sara’s side to bee good in her eyes….ufff

  13. Aishu

    The best part was swaragini….finally but felt very bad for sansko and know these writers are making laksh negative.. I just hate it cause I want leads to be leads but not like this..please don’t make him negative

  14. sandhya

    Now the writer is upto create a new bhakwas story line…laksh the new villain? Wht is wrong with swara..she is doubting the person who always stood for her…welcome back ladoo…old ragini is back I think….

  15. kashis

    and swara don’t take sanskar as granted… he never doubted u even if proofs are against u.. but you r doubting him?? please grow up swara.. its high time for u to know whom to trust & whom not…

  16. anu

    swaragini: their is slapping melodrama in the show. ragini’s dadi scolds uttara. she gets slapped by her family . laksh’s cant see uttara get slapped and stops everyone. he consoles uttara. she says she is not behind ragini’s kidnapping. swara takes uttara side and takes time to find out the culprit. ragini cries, while dadi consoles her. swara was doubting sanskaar seeing him burn red shawl. she decides to find the reason why he burning the shawl. she doesnot have any clue to point out anyone. she investigate the matter on her level and tries knowing the person who has attacked ragini at night..

  17. ahana

    sanskar always trusts swara even there was many proofs against swara
    on other hand swara who bcz of seeing him burning blanket she thoght him as kidnapper… how could she!!!
    I never thought laksh could be kidnapper

  18. badru

    Swara r u mad how can u do this nee sanskar ra purinjikavae maatiya plsss swara don’t believe laksh pls unite swasan always SwaSan

  19. Saman

    Sanskar is always wid swara whether in good or bad times he was always there even in marriage day also he was ready to say the truth bt Swara had nt let him speak and after that she was blaming him same is happening she does not trust him at all sanskar is only fool to fall in love wid her

  20. joya

    thnx swara yeh sabit karne k liye ki sanskar does not deserve u….he desreve better than u….sorry guys i dont want hurt any1 feeling bt aaj swara ne sanskar pe shak kiya…i know is ke baad bhi wo dono ek honewale hai…agr yehi hona hai to laksh ko bhi hak hai ki swara usko wapas mile qki jo laksh ne shadiwale din kiya tha wahi galati aaj swara ne dauhrayi hai…she dont have any ri8 to say that laksh did not believe her….
    wo kya laksh se kam hai….???
    situation chahe kuch bhi rahe ho sanksar ne swara par labhi shak nahi kiya nahi kabhi kisi saboot pe yakin kiya…usne humesh swara ka sath diya and what she did with sanskar????
    usne sanskar ka room hi isliye check kiya qki uska mind set hai ki sanksar ne hi ragini ka kidnappe kiya hai…even ragini told her dt sanskar is not culprit but usko yekin nahi hai….
    i saw many people say dat swara is smart bt i m saying she is the most foolish person in swaragini….
    swara laksh se pyar karti hai yeh ehsaas usko ragini ne dilaya…ragini galat hai yeh laksh ko kehna pada…wo sanksar se pyar karti hai yeh simar yaha tak salman bhi kehkar gaya….ab sanksar doshi nahi hai yeh khud ragini keh rahi hai fir bhi madam ko yakin nahi hai…are tumhara khud ka dimag kabhi chalta hai ya nahi????
    swara said bhagwan k liye sanskar batao sach…are khuda banke khud ghum rahi hai….
    jo swara ne sanskar ke sath aaj kiya hai uske bad usko bharosa and pyar,dosti ke bare me kuch kehne ka koi ri8 nhi hai

  21. bhuvi

    God… Feeling soooooooooooooooo sad for sanskar… Swara isnt hurt sanskar alone… She hurts all swasan fans… I can’t see him in pain… Director plz reveal true kidnapper soon… N dont make anymore misunderstanding btwn swasan… Or else i ll quit to watch

  22. How come swara u did nt have faith on sanskar and doubted him.. vry bad swara… he has done so much for u nd nw wt have u done for him????

  23. Laksh is da kidnapper its pakka frm 1st only i think he will create a big drama i saw in swaragini wikipedia’s cast near laksh its written as protagonist turned antagonist so dis means he is da future villain in swaragini

  24. sethooty

    Hm swara u don’t deserve sanskar.he always supportd her, but look wat she had done to him…sanskar should avoid swara, then only she will realize ur importance

  25. So it’s that prat lasksh, he who kidnapped ragini and maybe wants to put the blame on sanskar to separate Swasan. And what about uttara I thought She’s also involved. And our mahan swara devi what’s her problem. How can she doubt sanskar, I mean don’t get me wrong I like swara but it’s just that she shouldn’t doubt sanskar after what

    • So it’s that prat lasksh, he who kidnapped ragini and maybe wants to put the blame on sanskar to separate Swasan. And what about uttara I thought She’s also involved. And our mahan swara devi what’s her problem. How can she doubt sanskar, I mean don’t get me wrong I like swara but it’s just that she shouldn’t doubt sanskar after what he has done for her.

  26. K.praveena

    I already know that laksh is önly kidnapper. Bcoz he has a only motivation to away ragini from him life. And today swara way of talks to sanskar it’s really disgussting. I really feeling bad for both sanskar and ragini. Whatever ragini did it’s only for laksh bcoz she really loves him and sanskar geneunilly love swara whatever against swara he trust her. swara plz gives respect sanskar atleast trust him. He did not do any thing wrong against u.

  27. Vinu

    Heyyyyyy my doubt is rite.. laksh is the culprit…. congos writers…. successfully spoiled laksh character….

  28. Vinu

    What a show!!! Initially sanskar is villan. Later he made ragini as villan… but he turns positive….then ragini made laksh as villan… I think she is turning positive now… and now its laksh turn to make someone negative… I think swara is left out.. but it won’t b done as she is swara, the mahaan… who else is remaining now to change them as negative characters…..

  29. aruna

    Bakwas serial hai ragini pe hi bharosa hai sabka..kitna kuch kiya to bhi ragini acchi hai bolti hai annapurna ko to akal hi nahi….zuthi shadi ka natak ..shadi ke naam ka majak kar diya…kuch bhi dikha rahe hai jo man main aaya wo…

  30. ABG

    Bravo swara bravo. U love ur sister more than ur husband who always support u, wen it comes to ragini u will say I must have prove first, But when it is sanskar u dint even clear it u told rag that it’s sanskar who kidnap. U don’t deserve sansk. Shame on u.

  31. neha

    I knew it till when this kidnapping drama started on that episode ei marked laksh’s expression n I was 100% sure dat he is the culprit….BTW that’s gud ..he denied to accept ragini bcoz of her dids n he did d same mistake ..now raglak are made for each other…as after some days both raglak will b gud character n will b unite

  32. nik

    Ya Saba , laksh is the kdnpr n from the day of kdnpng we all hd doubted him only. Finally sanskar is not the consprtr, suprv I wntd this only to hpn. Now this tm laksh has bcm ngtive.

  33. nik

    Ya Tara swara didn’t deserve sanskar bt what to do Sanskar lvs swara so much that without hr he cnt live. So fr sanskars happiness we hv to tolerate swara in his life.

  34. Neha

    Wow superb swara what a great character u are u surely don’t deserve sanky just get out from his life and let him live peacefully because u are just insulting him through your acts how can you doubt him and trust laksh seriously I just don’t get u girl for the first time I think ragini is much better than u atleast she used her brain and understood sanskar and yeah laksh the bin pende ka lota doing sins himself and blaming sanskar and uttara pls don’t put the blame on yourself for that stupid lucky he doesn’t deserve anyone just go to hell

  35. nik

    Actually guys u know what this laksh deserves a nice slaps from both the sisters, the one whom he lvd didn’t trstd hr n to whom he trstd didn’t lvd hr. He wants every thing to hpn according to him. From the day 1 only I feel his prsnlty btr fr vln not fr hero. Know fnly he is bk to his orignl avatar.

  36. nik

    If trst is the matter than swara doesn’t deserves sanskar just as laksh doesn’t swara. In this case she is no less than laksh, actually worst.

  37. rosy

    Months ago wen sanskar’s entry was made n reveald dat he was a villain i read in da wiki page dat lead antagonist (male) is laksh and lead protagonist (male) is sanskar….
    Now i m satisfied with wiki’s editor of swaragini page

    but swara swara swara rags seems to b far better than u atleast she didnt doubt da 1 who always supportd u bt U doubtd da 1 who loved u n supportd u to such an xtent dat he didnt think of himself..SHAME ON UR SELFISHNESS AS SELFISHNESS ITSELF WUD LEAVE SEEING UR BETRAYAL….
    But My love Sanskar u nailed it by ur dialogue”swara tum galat kar rahi ho..aur aab main tumhe us raste se hata nahi sakta par jaab girogi toh apne piche mujhe hi payogi…”
    dats love dear swara dat he jst cnt leave u even if u do wrong with him only…
    I felt sad wen sanky said ki mujhe itna dard pehle kabi nahi huya yeh jo dard tumne mujhe diya hai…

  38. K.praveena

    Plz script writter whatever u do plz make in ragini as a good role this is the good chance to ragi turned into bad from good. I want to see old ragi. So cute face. Whatever she do good or bad i really likes u.

  39. dipu

    Happy to kw dat laks is d kidnepr…now he doesn’t have single chance to get swara…bt m totaly disappointed with d story line of ds serial..d writer has turned cmpletly crazy…do all d worst thing happen only in mahaswari family…plz stop proving ur worst writing skills…cant things get normal fr smtym…d whole famly is mad ..nd brainless…laks…arnnapurna…sekhar..dadi…sujata…nd now swara….if negitive things r there dn plz remembr positivity exist too….jst want to kill d writer

  40. nik

    It would b prfct if in the cmng trck sanskar gives divorce to swara, he should gv hr the same pn which she always gvs to sanskar. Writers I would not mind if u do this atleast it would b far btr thn what u r showing rt now.

  41. Guys dnt b soo sure coz at first in d precap they showed swara wearing the mask nw they r making to shw laksh let’s wait and watch anything any twist can happen coz if laksh is d culprit thn there is no need fa sanskar to destroy the evidence think well people

    • Honey

      Hi priya… What I thought is may be sanskar found that it is Laksh. And as Lucky is his beloved brother he wants to save him.

      • Hey bt fee days back both r fyting and blaming each other in their kidnapping drama and u people also see last tym in precap they show swara wearing mask and she is d kidnapper nw showing as if laksh v dnt knw anything clear till nw let’s wait and watch honey

  42. nik

    Hey Shuva sorry yr I know that we always say swasan rocks bt now it would b btr for sanskar to mv on without swara, she really don’t deserve him. It would hv btr if the pairs were ragsan n swalak coz in case of lvng someone ragini is much btr than swara n sanskar as we know much much ……… than laksh.

  43. nik

    Well Saba to our dispointmnt as pr the sources swaragini will not unite there is a buzz that after knowing the truth ragini will frgv utara n will use utara agnst swara.

  44. ishu

    s….ur right neha……nw im also feel that ragini is much better then swara….she alsways insult sanskar….she is dumbo….she is useless…..i hate her in core of my heart….
    when sanky tells his love she says that betryal her….bt ty she whatever do it to sanskar its real betryal….
    nw she proof theat she never ever deserve sanskar……..
    ty whatever sansker told to swara its very superb….hw much he tolerate her…..sema….i suggest sanskar plz leave her….and dont forgive her bzc she dont respect to u and ur love….

  45. Neha

    Yeah guys swara don’t deserve sanskar but what to do our sanky loves her a lot and for him I will try to accept swara for sanky but after much repentance and now I want ki sanky swara se divorce maange aur swara usko manaye thats it

  46. zee

    I want to appeal to colours industry to please try and be translating their series at all times because some of their viewers are not indians.

  47. It is natural for Swara to feel doubtful about Sanskar , for the ways he did. But she need to have patience and make more study about things , rather than reach into conclusions and find faults in Sanskar… she need to trust Sanskar and find reason of what he does and did. This nature of Swara of investing things is not a good quality of a girl . Sanskar is the only person who trusted her and supported her in her bad times . So she too need to have trust in Sanskar.if we can trust Sanskar why not Swara… I felt her behaving over smart in today’s episode.

  48. benny Nigerian

    zee I support ur opinion. I’m from Nigeria I don’t understand Hindi but I think I’m understanding it bit by bit ,colours pls translate for us that like India soap and iMovie thanks

  49. wt the hell yar i really feel that swara does not deserve sanskar how could she doubt on him i mean she knows him this much that he can not do anything like this but even though she is doubting him its disgusting feeling so bad for sanky nd ye kidnapper laksh tha e tho mujhe pehle se hi patha hai kyom ki laksh ne ek baar kaha ki pyaar aur war me sab kuch sahi hai bt i think ragini’s love is more true than laksh bec when ragini is behaving badly even though she never kept any blame on laksh vo laksh par koi aanch nahi aane diya par ye laksh iski vajhe se tho swara ko jail bhi jaana pada par phir bhi vo swara ko sans ki against manipulate kar rahe hai

  50. nik

    Hey rupsikha on yr rcmndation I hv rd veena di’s ff . I hv rd all the episodes in a day itself n they r suprv. Reading it I flt lk I m wchng it n forgot about the crap going on in swaragini. I think she has stpd writing it if so plz tell hr to write it agn.

  51. nik

    I hv a btr idea fr swara if she wants to show hr mahanta she should btr go to chennai n help the flood victims there n hope the flood water there can bring hr to senses n she can realize how precious is sanskar.

  52. nik

    Swara’s brnbox is all empty if she will fill all the flood wtr of chennai then also there will be space in hr brnbox to accommodate more.

    • Hi nik I agree with you, she should not have doubted on sanskar. When I watched yesterday’s eppi I was very annoyed at her. I just hope she realise
      her mistake and apologies to sanskar. And nik you mentioned something about ragini that she will use uttara against swara. So that means that ragini won’t change, she won’t turn
      positive. Did you see the way that annuproorna was treating that ragini, I mean first she says to dp that she can’t stand that ragini and don’t want to see her face and all of a sudden she shows sypathy for her. And yeh Swasan rocks even though that swara was annoying.

  53. Reeta

    Wen Laksh was shown removing fake skin,I thought it is another idea by writers to confuse us,but if it was an injury due to other cause why should he hide it instead of putting bandage,his expression n way he threw his blazer reveals frustration, now Ragini will come to know abt this later,she may try to protect Laksh,this might be writers tactics to move Laksh a little closer to Rags,and Swara,u r an oversmart individual, man,u were under doubt n Simar n Sanskar supported u.Now u r doubting Sanky,agree situations are against him bt how can u go n tell that to Ragini without solid proof,u know she has grudge on Sanskar, Swara, for what u r doing now,you don’t even deserve Sanskar’s friendship,love toh door ki baath hei.Ah,hope truth will come out someday(they will drag it) and Swara u will repent and apologise to Sanskar,bt y the hell is Uttara taking blame on herself? May be Laksh convinced her that Sanskar kidnapped Ragini n she s tryg to protect her brother.

  54. sanju

    actual culprit is laksh but utaara takes blame on her but swara doubts on her and tells some 3rd person is there. she will find out.. laksh is using uttara.. when ap comes to know its laksh what happen to her.. hope no MU between swasan.. laksh is behind rag’s kidnapping.. now after utara exposed as she tells she did kidnaping ragini forgives her.. but i think actually now ragini uses utara to get back swara..

  55. sanju

    metro masti article:
    swaragini: uttara exposed, ragini use uttara to get back at swara.
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will show that swara will find uttara’s earrings(hair extension) at the crime spot.
    swara reveals to the family that uttara is the one who had kidnapped ragini and she also confess her crime. she tells ap that she was tried seeing ragini’s evil plans therefore she kidnapped her.
    ap is furious to hear this and she slaps her while ragini’s dadi says that she will not forgive uttara and will send her to jail. however, ragini will have some other evil plans in her mind as she will decide to use uttara against swara.
    ragini will decide to forgive uttara and will tell her that she will resolve the problems in the house.

  56. jo

    spoiler: misunderstands seperate swara-sanskaar.
    it is also rumuored that laksh tried his best to make sanskaar as the kidnaper in swara’s eye. anyhow some of his plan work out and swara will doubt sanskaar. and at the same time it will be also show that scared of the thought uttara might be the kidnapper, sanskaar will try to keep the truth under the wrap.
    soon swara finds a hair extension on ragini’s saree and findsout uttara as the real kidnapper. she will also reveals that she did everything all alone asshe got tried of ragini’s lies. annapurna will slap the girl but dadi asks them to handover uttara to police . later ragini will realize her mistake and takes her complaint back on uttara.
    what will happen in swara and sanskaar’s relation? will laksh reveal his true intentions?
    keep visiting the page for more updates.

  57. AD Musica

    this is completely confusing me sometimes ppl say uttara is the kidnapper but it shows as lucky is the kidnapper…… curious to know who is the kidnapper

  58. Akansha

    Oh God!!! too boring episode
    didn’t hope this from swara as she doubted sanskar
    Hope for soon reunion of swasan and raglak…

  59. Rids

    Everyone in this serial is selfish. Wen it comes to sanskaar swara takes him for granted. She thinks she is very smart nd truthful. If not for sanskaar s support she wu hv been thrown out of tat house or probably be rotting in jail. Nd wen ragini blamed swara everyone supported ragini as though she had done a big crime. Wat about times wen ragini pushed swara in river o stabbed her. Y was she not sent to jail. Sujatha nd ap lack common sense. They r illiterate fools. Nd lakshya he was never right. He claims to love swara but never stands up for her. Swara doesn’t deserve sanskaar because she always values wrong ppl nd hurts right ones. She s not mahaan. She actually pretends to be one.

  60. Rids

    Inspire of all the good swara has done. Today s episode showed her as over smart . over confident. Selfish girl. Sanskaar s actually good. He s always right. <3

    • Yes rids
      Totally agree with you. She should have not doubted on sanskar. And yeh you’re also right about everyone supporting that ragini even knowing what she did. She tried to kill swara twice, first she pushed swara In the river and 2nd time she stabbed swara with a knife even tough it was a fake one. How come she got away with it and how come no one called the police then. That annuproorna is showing too much sympathy towards her. And that sujata is always changing colours as annuproorna have said.

      • And yeh sanskar is a nice guy and I hope swara soon realise what she did was wrong about doubting sanskar and apologise to him. I’m blo*dy fed up with the writers, why the hell Are they making swara doubting sanskar and why are they blo*dy dragging this show and when the hell are they going to unite Swasan. I’m just blo*dy fed up.

      • Rids

        Exactly shuva . me too very irritated. I vil not watch this. I can’t see sanskaar getting hurt. I ll oly fall in love with him before swara… Ha ha … Kiddin

  61. manu

    metro masti:
    swaragini: laksh involved with uttara in kidnapping drama?
    the current plot of swaragini is getting more and more intresting as the identity of the kidnapper is turning out to be a big mystery.
    while there is a news going around that uttara is the real culprit, there is still a good chance that she may also be involved with someone else in the crime.
    in the latest episode of the show , it is seen that swara has a doubt on sanskaar as she finds some evidence against him.
    on the other hand, ragini remembers that she had scratched the kidnapper during her struggle and she feels that whoever the kidnaper will have the scratch marks.
    ragini also tells in front of everyone that swara and sanskaar innocent since they both don’t have the marks.
    however, a big twist will now come about as lakshya will remove the fake skin from his hand revealing the scratch mark.
    is lakshya is the real kidnapper? is he involved with uttara in the kidnapping crime? let’s wait and watch.

  62. Ramya

    I hate Swara to the core of my heart. Hw can she doubt sanky?
    Even he told dt proofs were against u bt I blvd u…
    Hate u really Swara

  63. Neha

    Bcoz she(swara) is a big dumbo guys don’t u all get it from her acts she is a moron with no brain love u sanky#varun

  64. kitu

    plssssssssss writers show some swasan romantic scenes.. dont separate them ..pls I beg u .in today’s SBS segment thy saw ragini being compltly changed .her looks also chgd .where is swasan , WHR r others ????? who gave keys of house to ragini ??? so confused .pls don’t separate swasan .if thy got separated It will be a boring shw .I WL STP watching it

  65. Sandy

    The serial is becoming worst even day by day it started it from raglak marriage they separated true lovers and made ragini villain and now they made laksh villain I think its just swara, sarmista and Annapurna are left to become bad, why late make them bad soon at least this can be a such evil show what nonsense a second lead became good and now lead hero became bad what the writers are up to does they have any story or just wasting audience time, I never expected this kind of story from rashmi Sharma telefilm’s I really mid swalak I think it won’t happen the show now I just hate see the latest promo:
    Ragini is head of house and slapping laksh, I think they doesn’t have any storyline i miss swalak really really I miss them to the core swalak is the best forever

  66. kitu

    pls writers don’t drag this show. this show is becoming worse day by day.if u don’t get any idea then pls just read fanfictions .u WL gt idea from there.I hate swara for hr behavior towards sanskar.pls writers show swasan scenes..Nw u WL drag this show, showing ragini changd .taking revenge from laksh, then swara ,sankar and at last whole family.pls during this don’t separate swasan .plllssssssssss

  67. kitu

    this show is becoming worse day by day .pls she some swasan scenes.if u didn’t get any idea then just read fan fiction u WL gt from there. Nw pls don’t drag this with ragani showing that she WL take revenge from laksh ,then swasan and last from family members. I hate swara for her behavior towards sanskar .he could she do this to sanskar?? I am waiting to see swasan scenes.don’t separate them . I am watching this show only because of swasan .pllssssss show there scenes

  68. Saba

    Hey Nik! I read your comment about Ragini! And feel really sad about that she’ll not change but dont know why. I’ve strong feeling that writer will change all four characters in positive and one more thing in wikipedia, ragini status is also as lead protagonist as well as swasan! While laksh status isn’t main lead roll and turns into antagonist. Which means only laksh is negative character between them! I hope that spoiler will be fake because till sanskar accident isn’t happened…

  69. Rids

    Hey where did u see tat ragini s head of the house nd slapping lakshya. She has no rights. She s equally been bad infact worser.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.