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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Ragini, where did she go in the morning? Ragini says I went to temple as today is maa and papa’s marriage anniversary and made malpua for the Prasad as she liked it. Durga Prasad, Annapurna and others come there. Annapurna asks what did you think of yourself. Dadi tries to speak. Ragini apologizes to her for not asking her permission before coming there. Annapurna says she has made Prasad, but didn’t give malpua to me. She says our happiness is incomplete without you, and says you might be thinking why I am behaving like this, and says you are my daughter and a mum can’t be away from her daughter for too long. Ragini gets happy and emotional. She touches her feet and apologizes to her. She then apologizes to Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad asks her to come home and

says your return will be our biggest gift of our marriage anniversary. Annapurna asks Ragini to promise that she will never hide anything from her, even if it is small thing. Rakht Charitra plays…….Swara promises her that Ragini will never break your promise or hide anything from them. She asks her to promise that she will never hide anything from them. Ragini is shocked and recalls about the video…Ragini promises that she will tell her everything when the right time comes. Sujata tells that she don’t like melted cake. Annapurna asks Laksh to bring cake. They cut the cake happily. Ragini is still tensed.

Later at home, Sujata asks Swara to add extra sugar in Ram’s cup. Sulekha comes there and asks can I come in. Annapurna says you are here. Sulekha says Adarsh have. Adarsh says I have sent divorce papers. Sulekha says Adarsh wants to divorce Parineeta. Durga Prasad asks Adarsh, why he didn’t ask him before taking a big decision. Adarsh says I can’t stay with her now, and says you people know well what she had done with this family, I can’t see her as my wife now, she don’t deserve forgiveness. He asks Sulekha to get her signatures on the divorce papers. Sulekha asks Annapurna to make her son understand that it is wrong. Sulekha comes back home and tells Parineeta that she talked to everyone and they are all against her. Parineeta asks did you talk to mummy ji and papa ji. Sulekha says yes, and says Adarsh signed on the papers. Parineeta says this is wrong when I can forgive Adarsh then why can’t he forgive me. Sulekha says Adarsh had rectified his mistake, but you have done mistakes repeatedly. Parineeta fumes.

Ragini thinks that her family got angry when they come to know about her fake pregnancy. She says I had done that for my mum, and my family took 3 months to forgive me. When they couldn’t understand that, how can they understand this and will never forgive me. Just then she gets Parineeta’s call asking her to meet at pahadi temple. Ragini comes to meet her and asks why did you call me here. Parineeta says I want you to do what I wanted. Ragini says I tried, but family members don’t want you back. She asks her not to send video and give it to her. Parineeta says what shall I do? I will not keep quiet and will add your name to my bad luck. She says I will send this video to all maheshwari family. Ragini asks her not to do this and says this will ruin me and my family. Parineeta says sorry and says now it is too late. Ragini tries to snatch her phone from her hand. Parineeta asks her to leave her hand. Just then Parineeta loses balance and falls down in the river. Ragini is shocked and shouts Bhabhi seeing her drowned fully.

Sulekha asks Ragini where is her daughter? She says Parineeta said that she will talk to you, and says if anything happens to her then I will not leave anyone. Ragini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kash yaadash chali hamesha k liye us Kali pari ka.

  2. Mica

    ty for fast update hasan mam.
    what kind of video, hmmmm..how bout the baby ?

  3. its good ap accepted ragini

  4. Ohhhhhh no whats happning.im really confused. Plsss end this drama give us raglak and swasan scence.

  5. Umm sounds interesting..Ragini forgiven good..but what’s with the video.N there is some news of raglak separation..nice..nice…extremely nice.Hope they come out with something logical n gripping..not illogical..n what’s with the news of new entry..too much suspense..CVs execute it nicely please..n who’s the blackmailer..its interesting..too many questions..nyways luv u teju.

  6. when will ragini slap swara and why is she slapping swara

  7. Yar ek bhi scene swasan ka mil hi nhi raha hai ab to pakka ye show dekhna me band kar doogi
    Hum sirf sanskar ki vajah se ye serial dekhts the par uska koi scene hi nhi dikha rahe hai ye log uske baad bhi log kahege ki humesha swasan ko importance milti hai aur raglak ke scenes nhi milte

  8. today in sbs teju sed she is gona play negative again she is even gona hurt laksh and break him completly she does all this things under preasure of blackmailer i think that is definetly pari or sumi feeling so bad for my ragini epi was nice pari kabi wapas hi na aye hmmm waiting for the suspence all sounds intresting and whats there in. Vedio plz tell my lovely online family

  9. ragini east or west ur the best for more raglak news login to there fb page and please join us tweet for r raglak saga and track gn

  10. What is this happening?! Every character of this show is getting drowned in the same river! Swara then laksh then again swara and now parineeta! Can’t they show any other mishaps. ?

  11. ?????again some1 fell into the same river from the same bridge??!!!!!! ??? some1 pls block the bridge… lol i think this serial wil end the moment tht bridge shuts down? lets c parineeti inthe same hosp… saved by fishermen… n then hidin for days n haunting ragini as a fake ghost! Rofl

  12. so coz she is being blackmailed she acts bad…rags only needs an excuse to be her natural self…didnt she cause pari to fall into the river..

  13. As a raglak fan happy with the current track,but again ragini is hiding truth.its not fair even after promised to swara.again ragini can’t able to keep her promise.this time laksh and swara will also be disappointed.finally ,my ragini also got a chance to perform

  14. Amrutha

    Finally these writers accepted our wish.poorragini this time also she can’t keep her promise . waiting with a lot of excitement about video

  15. y is it tat always mistakes happen by ragini???kuch acha dikha nahi sakthe.n cvs plz execute raglak new track properly.dont do it lyk their marriage.nyways teju does every role flawlessly.she l rock tz too.love u my expression queen.teju rocks.

  16. finally!!!!!! they makers and the writers made THE SHOW absolutely , wonderfully , unbealively………BORING!!!!!!!!! And why does everyone want to fall from the same bridge…..

  17. It’s seems interesting what s their n d video…
    Luv u Teja???

  18. crap show..become soo boring…quit the show alrdy. .

  19. i am not getting ,now why parineeta blackmailing ragini , nd what is the secret of ragini that knows only parineeeta…….nd they are talking about video what is in that video……

  20. total bakwaas..show is turning irritating day by day..again ragini is hiding truth and that pari…damn irritating..better the show goes off air

  21. this is nt fair swara and ragini both are in lead role… So why swara is always given priority and ragini is always shown as villain… Pls both are in lead role so pls give priority to both
    Q bechare laksh ki life hell bna rhe

  22. Oh please make Ragini strong…..let her share the truth with Laksh…
    We dont want her to be dependent on swara again…let her solve the problem..
    Love u teju??????????

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