Swaragini 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh throws brick down to divert Daadi, Dida, and everyone’s attention. Dida sees brick coming from terrace and tells thief is in terrace. Everyone run towards terrace. Swara says it is not a hindi film. Shekhar takes them to storeroom and scolds Laksh. Everyone reach terrace and shout thief. Ragini panics hearing their voice. Swara says if they see them, their families will be insulted. People walk towards store room to check. Sumi asks shekhar to be with children and comes out. She tells neigbhours that she heard brick sound, so came to check. One of them asks she was at home. She says she heard the sound, so she came. Laksh drops steel box. Neighbours ask Sharmista whom she is trying to hide and why she is not letting them check store room. Shekhar comes out from store room and

stands next to Sumi. Dida comes asking if they caught thief and is shocked to see Shekhar and Sumi together. Daadima also comes asking same. Neighbour says they caught 2 thieves. Dida asks her to stop rubbishing.

Laksh tries to open door. Ragini says dad asked not to go out. He says he just wants to see what is happening and peeps out. Neighbour says Sumi and Shekhar were inside store room and another one says their 20-year-old love is blooming again and everyone walkout yelling they wasted their time. Dida says something is wrong and asks Sumi to come home. Daadima also says same and walks out. Laksh, Swara and Ragini come out then and Laksh peeps down again and says he will leave via pipe now. Ragini asks him to go carefully. He angrily nods yes and leaves via pipe. Shekhar takes Sumi and Swara/Ragini down next. Sumi asks Swara to change her cloth soon.

Dida sees Swara and Sumi coming in. Shekhar takes Ragini home and asks her to go and change. Ragini gets afraid seeing Daadima. Dida on the other side says she knew something is wrong and asks Sumi to tell truth as she has an idea what is happening. She then notices Swara wearing Ragini’s clothes and asks what is it. Daadima on the othe side asks Ragini why is she wearing Swara’s clothes and says she is becoming like her. Daadaji asks her to tell where was she. Swara on the other side tells Dida that everyone misunderstood seeing Sumi and Shekhar and describes the whole incident happened from Laksh coming home till Shekhar and Sumi taking blame on themselves. Ragini also describes same to Daadima. Dida says why did she help Shekhar’s daughter and says she will tell the truth to all neighbours that Laksh came to meet gujratan’s granddaughter. Dadima tells Ragini she came under Swara’s influence and took such an extreme step. Shekhar comes and asks her to stop.

Dida says she will bring out coward Shekhar’s truth and insult him in front of everyone. Swara holds her and says she will not do anything as Shekhar is her dad. Dida asks her not to tell lie. Sumi says she did not teach her telling lie and Swara is telling truth. Dida is shocked to hear that and says this cannot be true and starts crying vigorously. Sumi starts crying and says she did no even after loving so much, she and Shekhar could not unite and she submitted to him thinking he will not leave her alone, but everything shattered, her life, her relationship, may be it was her mistake. She says the truth is Shekhar is Swara’s dad and this truth will stay with her her whole life. She asks to forgive her.

Daadima says bengalan planned all this. Shekhar says Swara saved our dignity, if neighbours would have seen Ragini with Laksh, their dignity would have been ruined. Dadima says if Laksh has heared about Sumi’s relationship with Shekhar, he would inform his dad and then break this alliance.

Laksh reaches home via balcony. She goes to bed and reminsces today’s incident and thinks whatever he is doing is wrong, but at least with his one step, 2 lives will be saved. He switches off light and then sleeps.

In the morning, neighbours discuss that because of yesterday’s incident, it is peaceful now.

Sumi gets tea for Dida, but she is still angry on her and sits silently. Ragini on the other side gives aarti to daadaji and touches his feet. He blesses her. She then gives aarti to Shekhar and touches his feet. He also blesses her. Daadima comes out yelling at servant, takes aarti and starts yelling again. She sees Ragini trying to go out and asks where is she going. Ragini says tulsi.. Dadima says if neighbours will know about Laksh coming here, they will insult them, even then she is going out courageously. Shekhar asks her to go out courageously and live her life as she wishes and not on other’s orders. Ragini looks at Daada/daadi. Shekhar opens door and asks her to go. Neighbours say Gujrati family’s door opened now. Ragini thinks she is in delimma now.

Precap: Ragini tells Durga Prasad that Swara is Shekhar and Sumi’s daughter. Durga Prasad tells daadaji he will show the truth and shows video clip on mobile. Swara asks Sumi not to get tensed about Dida. Sumi touches Dida and she falls on floor, dead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Nice episode

  3. hey last line.. its not gujarati.. its marwadi

  4. OMG wt happen to dida

  5. Laksh and ragini ……..supe. jodi

    1. Hey i guess only u n me ship ragini n laksh evry1 else lke swara to b with laksh

  6. Nice episode, how come dida doesn’t know swara’s father is Shekar?

  7. Swara and lakh lov u

  8. Swara and laksh lov u

  9. plz don’t kill dida..otherwise show become boring

  10. ya…i m agree with u

  11. i like dida n dadi super fighting plz don’t kill dida

  12. plz writer make laksh n swara jodi

  13. i like dida’s language ..plz don’t kill dida…

  14. i m agree with u komal

  15. gud epi but bad precape ..i like dida

  16. hate u laksh ..u r so stupid

  17. What is the need of kiling dida

  18. Ragini and laksh perfectttttttt jodi

  19. ragin n lucky have some gud cheistry

  20. ragini n lucky amaizing chemistry

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