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The Episode starts with Swara telling Ragini that now she will come to her and if she don’t come then she will think she has done her shradh from heart. Swaragini plays………..Laksh tells Sanskar that his life will be worst than a death and he will always remind him about the betrayal which he gave to him. Sanskar looks on. He comes home. Swara is shocked to see him injured and the things fall from her hand. She asks what happened and make him sit. She gives him water and asks are you fine? Sanskar drinks water. Swara applies ointment on his wounds and asks how did this happen? Sanskar says Laksh came to settle the scores…and tells everything. A fb is shown. Laksh taunting Sujata and Sanskar, and beating and then saving him. Fb ends. Sanskar says I will not bear if he badmouths about my family.

Swara asks him to relax and says Laksh is under the influence of Adarsh and will not agree to us. She says I tried to talk to Ragini, but she didn’t listen. Sanskar asks her to remember that they have no relation with Maheshwari family now.

Swara says relations don’t break like this. Sanskar says when they can decide that they will not have relation with us, then I have decided too that we will not have any relation with them. Sujata and Utara come and hear them. Swara asks Sujata to explain to Sanskar. Sanskar says I will not bear when anybody badmouths about my mum.

Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that he can’t bear seeing Swara in this place. He says Adarsh is breaking his two hands…Laksh and Sanskar. Annapurna says Adarsh is behind everything and have broken relation between the brothers. He says I am hopeful that God is seeing and will do something. Ragini comes there and asks Durga Prasad and Annapurna, why you both are crying? Annapurna says nothing and says now we don’t have to cry thinking about old days. She says now our family is one, it is a happy moment. Ragini says come and have food. She says Laksh will come now. Just then they hear Parineeta asking Laksh, what happened? They go downstairs. Swara tells Sanskar that it is not right to break relations. Sanskar says I can fight with Adarsh, but I don’t want to fight with fool like Laksh.

Swara asks him to listen to her. Sanskar asks her to go. Swara is shocked. Sumi comes just then with Ayush. Swara asks Sumi about Ayush and his health. Sumi looks on. Ragini sees Laksh with injuries and asks what happened? Laksh says he had a fight with Sanskar, and says I have settled scores with Sanskar. Parineeta smirks. Sumi asks them to shout and tell everything that they are fighting. She says we have never taught our kids to accept defeat, and says you have proved that our upbringing is wrong. Sanskar says no, and says I was explaining to her that I will not bear if anyone badmouths about my mom. Swara says they are our family. Sanskar says they are strangers now. He announces that if anyone from his family have any relation with Maheshwari then he will commit suicide. Swara is shocked. He asks Swara to support him if she ever loved him. Swara is shocked. Sumi consoles Swara.

Adarsh tells Laksh that he is pain to see his condition. Laksh apologizes to him and says I know how much you loves me. Ragini thinks about Swara’s 3 questions. Parineeta says even I love you a lot. Ragini asks Adarsh, you told that Sanskar took 10 crores Rs. from you and have sent Laksh to jail. She says Laksh was beaten all night, and asks how could you bear this. Adarsh and Parineeta are loss of words. Ragini asks when you couldn’t see Laksh’s small wound, then how could you let Laksh beaten in jail all night. She asks him to tell and says I want to know. Annapurna and Durga Prasad looks on. Ragini asks him to tell. Swara tells Sumi that how we will unite our family, and fears about Sanskar’s threat. They see light falling on Bhagawat Gita. Sumi tells her that God Krishna will born in every yug/era to defeat the evil. She gives strength to Swara and says they have done wrong and made fun of relation. She says it is a dharm yudh, you have to face troubles and win. She says you have to do everything and lie to your husband. Swara says Sanskar…Sumi asks her not to worry and says I am with you in this fight. Swara takes her blessings.

Swara asks Ragini to support her and says we can defeat evil together. Swaragini plays…Ragini shakes hand with her. Sumi looks at her daughters.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Heltej

    I thot ragini will come to know about adrish n dadi ma in this episode… Disappointed.! Still waiting…
    Sumi was the strongest character in swaragini… Somewhat cvs trying to reimage her character! I love it… I love her old getup!
    Mmmmm…. Mmmmm…. Mmmmm… Ty H Hasan

    1. Mica

      hurrayyyy… my Heltej became first commentator! YAY!
      calm Babe! we just have 22 minutes every day.. 2 hours every weeks, but still we can fight and bash every day ! OMG !! 😀 😀 😀

      1. Heltej

        Haha… For 2hr every week… People are bashing 24hr…ohh god… ?

      2. Heltej

        Ubr shocked to see my comment ? its k dear! Free time utilization… Hehe!

    2. Mica

      24 hr/7 per week 😀

  2. haapy with precap episode waas kinda okay

  3. Maryam

    Hey Guys…Look I am not here to start any kind of Fight..So plz Guys don’t start bashing after reading the Comment..
    So Guys What do you think that” Is The Serial Going on the Correct Track”…
    Yar I am just asking this question because there is no importance given to the couples neither there is a kind of any special Sisterly Bond…mainly in today’s episode…Don’t Ragini have her own mind can’t she think on her own about the trap which Pariash had laid…the Cv’s are just playing with us as well as the characters…
    N don’t u think that…Yeh log kuch zyada e dika raha hain..I mean..how can the brothers fight like this…in my POV they are just giving a bad impact on the viewers about Brotherhood..
    Being a muslim I really don’t support these kind of fights between Brotherhood…I mean they want to say that never believe in your Brother…

    1. Mica

      but Laksh with Aadarsh now, they are brothers too, rite ? 😀 😀 *kidding
      being in any Faith, we didn’t support this kind of fight too Dear!..
      Actually, sometime we should learn to see the opposite message in every action..
      once upon a time, there was a syeikh who always learn false hadists, his student asked him about it… his answer : by learn the wrong one, it save me to do the wrong thing…
      by watching swaragini, we know that fight between brothers is wrong, torture elder is wrong, being cheater is wrong, being obsession in love is wrong… so, DON”T do that…
      but still you are rite!!!… Swaragini have become a crap now…

  4. Arunika

    Today’s episode was awesome!!

  5. Sanji

    nothing is possible without my swara……she is not dumbo like others in the show……love her to the core…

  6. pls unite laksan and destroy adarsh! !! can’t bear it anymore!

  7. well done Ilove swaragini show so mush and Iwish to be contineud with all actress and actors and ofcours the best swasan

  8. love you helly shah you deserve the best actress realy

  9. You are right maryam this swaragini is becoming a crazy crap as you say. have said end this swaragini and give us another nice program to watch. Colour do something about this.

  10. Mica

    i love Sumi… no wonder that Swara become so smart, wise, kind heart…. She is truly a good mother…
    but something i didn’t agree, ordered Swara to lie to her husband..
    Sumi mam, in swasan’s life, there was nothing left now, their happiness , their family, their trust, their dignity,.. everything broken to pieces…
    just 1 thing left..THEIR MARRIAGE…. i know you are rite, but did you ever consider that you put your daughter’s marriage and love in big risk and danger ?

    poor Sanskar! i can see how vulnerable he is now, his ego hurt soo badly, he fells so restless and useless..
    his brother accused and insulted him, his DP&AP hates him, his mom betrayed him, losing job, his wife got insulted but he can’t do anything, nothing left now, i can’t imagine if only he know that his wife betray him by her liar..OMG!

    but Sanskar!!!!!How can you threaten your Swara ? how can you hurt her by those disgusting word ? don’t let your ego overpower your love !! it’s not you !! huh!

    Swara!!! you go galz! all the best! i know you love him soo much, being a lover you will know his pain inside his anger and his smile!

    but , somehow…. I LOVE SWASAN FIGHTING !!!… they are soo cute, their fighting made their marriage soo colorful !!!!! *jumping

    1. Heltej

      Mica…. Mica.. Mica.. Mica… Mica… ??

      1. Mica

        what..what..what… stop roaming! ??

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Thnx hasan mam for fast update …. and moca don’t jump so hig or u will fall ????…. and how do u comment so early 6 in the morning …..
    So coming to the episode …. I hated when sanskaar asked her to go …. what is this yaar … plz don’t seperate swasan …. and loved when shomi instructed swara to be strong and fight against wrong …..

    1. Heltej

      Haa mica… Answer her… U commenting at 5 and 6’o clock…! Haaa tell me what u doing at that time….

      1. Mica

        ahem.. ahem… it’s secret dear Heltej!!!
        (actually just shocked to see Heltej’s comment in first place )

    2. Mica

      huh! even i’m forgot to say thank to H. Hasan mam… ty dear!
      hahahahh Sanjuu! i should wake up soo early morning dear for praying..
      but reality is we have 2 hours differences, it was 8 morning on my side 😀 😀

      1. Hey mica! In which country do u live??
        And is there gonna be a 7 years leap in swaragini?? I just saw in YouTube just now
        If yes, the also told that SwaSan will be the children of RagLak..
        Is their any news like this?????

      2. Mica

        Shrinjuu! ask Heltej ! 😀 😀 *still run chasing Heltej
        7 year leaps ? i no.. it’s fake..

      3. Heltej

        Shrinjal…. She is from mars??? she is an alien! ? running… Still running ???

    3. Heltej

      Sanju… Mica is lieing ???? before mica… Comes.. M running away…. She will come with her broom stick?? to beat me

      1. Mica

        Heltej!!!! how could you tell them the truth haa!!!!!
        huh! no broom stick.. i just got wafer sticks to beat you! not fair!….

      2. Shrinjal

        Alien!!! Hey Bhagwan I need to be careful!!!!!
        Alien knows how to write ff n os???

      3. Heltej

        Shrinjal…. Ready 123start run… Run baby run??? special alien… Like PK ??

    4. Sanjanaagrawal

      Oh no…. heltej di and mica …. don’t fight or else I am also having broom stick and I also know to beat ????? and about 7 hears leap is it true ?????

      And mica where do u live ???? Really u are from mars ????? I will also come there ?????

  12. have you gone mad??? stupid CVS…!!! i’m asking you, have you gone mad??? do you think the viewers of this serial are fools? you are showing the serial as you like??/ who is that blo*dy director and producer???

    fools like Raglak even don’t exist in real world. everything is clear that adarsh has done this blo*dy shit… and stilll they are believeing that devil adarsh??? even a fool will not do like that… but this director is dare enough to show raglak as such fools…. simply making raglak fans dissapointed…! and Ragini…? she can’t open her eyes till what swara says?? is she that much brainless??? cvs…is showing like that………

    how ever, i liked sanskar’s decision today. being a raglak fan, i’m hating them…. that adarsh and pari did so much till they believe them??? that stupid laksh, even he can’t understand that as a fake video?? bcz, previously making fake videos and plans was common to ragini and laksh know…

    fault is not raglak”s…. the director wants to show swara as higher queen. for that, he has to make ragini dumbo know…

    i think swasan fans are enjoying this part…. they got chance of hating raglak even more….

    hey idiot director..! give raglak fans also a chance to scold swasan plzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….

    go to helll……. the stupid and idiot swaragini director…!!!!!

    only, because of you swasan vs raglak formed…

    i want to tell one thing to swara fans… why do you hate ragini that much??? you guys just remember it is only because of Ragini, swasan was formed.

    so plz…. u love your swara. but don’t hate ragini.

    1. Heltej

      Ur pov is correct to some extent…
      I will tell u my pov… M swasan n raglak fan
      Both raglak and swasan are correct in their place..
      Laksh is being controlled by his anger n ego that why he can’t see what’s right and wrong! There are people who acts like dumb when their so called anger overpower so called love!
      If u want i will give u example for above ?!
      Sanskar is correct… He only wants to correct laksh! But the way he choosed is utter blunder!
      Both swaragini are mahaan…
      Cvs made both swaragini mahaan!
      I want to tell one thing to swara and Ragini fans… why do you hate ragini and swara that much??? you guys just remember it is only because of Ragini, swasan was formed.it is because of swara, raglak is formed. (swara scarificed laksh for ragini.she didnt take revenge).

      so plz…. u love your swara. but don’t hate ragini. Vice versa too

    2. it is our wish whom we want to love and hate u mind ur own business

    3. Mica

      Somehow, you are soo correct..
      but i dunno what kinda of value you choose..
      when Ragini thought in smart way to doubting Parish, you said she was brainless..
      when Laksh saved Sanskar, you kept mum..
      but, when Sanskar took wrong decision, you like it so much…
      (actually it’s a chance to scold Swasan/sanskar, but you waste it by praising him)
      so, complicated… 🙂 🙂 🙂 (wonder you are raglak fans or sanskar fans)
      I saw there were many problem of Raglak fans, they have too low confidence about their raglak (especially Ragini)..
      so, instead of tried their best to depend their fav…they busy to praising Swara become maahan…(i dunno the meaning of maahan actually, but i think to do a good thing is amazing one…)

  13. Tdy epi is too some extnt gng okay…i like sumi charachter as c always stand wth her daughter nd always tries to make them strong nd fight in evry situation..but sumhow i thnk c os nt dng good by making swara lie to sanskar nd to hide frm him…wen sanskar wil cum to knw surely there wil b misunderstndng creating between them..wch i rlly dnt want…hope nthng happns such..

  14. poor swara

  15. well to say the truth i was not disappointed when ragini didn’t overhear ap and dp those cvs can’t let out such a truth like that and about swasan their fight might go up to divorce i believe it has 50% chances and i hate it when swara always has to sacrifice her love first laksh for ragini(not sad for that), sanskar for kavita and again sanskar for her family
    but i’m happy i’m sooooooooo happy that swaragini will be together

    1. Mica

      Mynaaa!!!! how could you to said — not sad for that– 😀 😀 😀
      haa.. you are rite.. why swara always become a candle ? sacrifice herself to give light to others..
      Be frank, i wish Swara will say this to Ragini ” Ragini please fix this mess, let me spend time and do romance with my Sanskar! ” *praying
      it will epic if raglak ruining parish’s life meanwhile swasan go to honeymoon…

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