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Sujata tells Swara that she is very happy as Sumi got ill and their marriage stopped because of her. Swara says you are right, but I am concerned about mum. Sujata says she will be fine, when you are with her. She asks her to go with Sanskar and says I will bring your bag. Swara goes out of room. Sujata asks Sanskar, if he lied that he loves Swara…..Sanskar says I told that being drunk, but I really loves her. Sujata says Swara is good girl, but bengali. I won’t let her be my bahu else I will die. Sanskar says Swara refused already. Sujata says Swara is very understanding girl and prays she gets bengali lad. Sanskar comes and asks her to get downstairs. Swara signs him to look. Swara, Sujata and Sanskar see Sumi sitting at their house. Ragini asks Sumi, why you didn’t tell me about your bad

health. Swara rushes to her and asks how is she? Laksh says I brought Sumi here as she was unwell. Annapurna says she must be worried. Ragini says Laksh can’t cancel his meeting, but Kul Devi pooja is necessary. She says Maa can see swara’s marriage and bless her this time. Annapurna says you are right. Ragini tells Swara that she made her big worry go, and asks her to thank her. She says I called her here so that you gets married and looks angry. She says she will make all the arrangements. Swara takes Sumi to room. Sujata asks Sumi, why did you come? Sumi says she refused, but Laksh forced her. Sanskar says we will have to find a way out. Swara says we can’t back off else Ragini will be successful. Sumi asks them to expose Ragini or tell their truth. She says I will take Swara home tomorrow.

Ragini tells she did the arrangements for Swara’s mehendi rituals. Annapurna says you think so much about her. Ragini says she is my sister and it is my right to think about her. Laksh says I will leave now. Annapurna asks him to take care. Laksh tells bye to Ragini and tells Swara that I hope when I return home, everything will be finished. He leaves. Sanskar asks Swara about Sumi’s medicine. Swara says I will give. Ragini looks at them. Annapurna tells Swara that she hopes that she will take care of their respect and don’t leave the mandap like before. Ragini asks her not to take her words seriously and asks her to elope. Ragini asks Sanskar, why he is worried? She says you should be happy as you are getting married to your love. Sanskar says as I don’t believe in forced marriage like you. Marriage should be between the couple who love each other. He says forced marriage can’t stay for long and says you will not understand as you don’t know about love. Ragini thinks she will see them tomorrow.

Laksh is driving the car and thinks about Swara and Ragini. He is stopped by the Police and asks if there is any problem. He says I am Laksh Maheshwari. The fake police asks him to drive the car silently. Sanskar tells Swara that he has kidnapped Laksh. She gets shocked and asks why did he do this? Sanskar says we have just 24 hours to prove our truth and expose Ragini. Swara asks what about Laksh? Sanskar says nothing will happen to Laksh. Sumi hears them. Sanskar says this is your plan to enter home with a fake marriage. Sumi asks them to stop fighting. She tells Sanskar that this was wrong. Sanskar says I know, but this is the only way to expose Ragini. He says Ragini will accept their words and will reveal her truth. Ragini comes there and asks why they are silent. Sanskar closes the door. Ragini asks if you are thinking of a trick against me.

Ragini says you will lose even if you try. Sanskar says this is your misunderstanding and indirectly says if the reason goes missing then what? He asks where is Laksh’s conference. Ragini asks why do you want to know? She asks what you did with Laksh? Sanskar says I did his kidnapping and asks her to tell her truth to everyone if she wants Laksh back. Ragini asks how can you do this? He is your brother. Sanskar says I can go to any extent, I can take even her life to expose you. Ragini says you both are good people and can’t do anything bad. Swara says you were also so good, but did bad things with others. Ragini asks Sumi to tell that they are lying? Sumi tells Sanskar is saying truth and have kidnapped Laksh. Ragini asks how can you let him kidnapped Laksh. Sumi says we have no other go. She says you call me Maa, and asks her to tell truth to everyone. She says I promise that your relation with Laksh will not break. Ragini says I am helpless and Laksh will break marriage with me. She says I can’t tell truth to anyone, and says you can’t let anything happen to my suhaag. Sumi says Swara is suffering since childhood and says it is not wrong in her eyes. Ragini is shocked. Sanskar shows the video in which Laksh is tied to a chair after his kidnapping.

Ragini asks what you will do if I didn’t tell my truth to everyone. She says you are trying to scare me. Can you kill Laksh? You can’t and asks him to keep his threat to himself. She says I will not tell my truth to anyone. Laksh tries to frees his hand and opens the rope. She sees the room locked and breaks open the lock, but the goons catch him. Laksh fights with them and end up beaten by them. Ragini says you might be thinking what I am thinking? She says you can’t harm Laksh and emotionally blackmails Sumi, Swara and Sanskar. She says Sanskar can’t kill him, and says your game ends here. She says I will tell you the story, and says Laksh didn’t reach in the meeting so they will get call from the office. She asks them to send Laksh home and marry each other. She says I will not bend down infront of you all. She says phone is ringing and asks to free Laksh before it gets late. Swara tells Sanskar that it was not needed. Ragini says Annapurna will be shocked hearing Laksh didn’t reach office, and will call Durga Prasad. She says Police will search Laksh and will catch you both. Annapurna disconnects the call and says Laksh’s car has stopped working. She says mechanic called and told about Laksh’s car in his garage. She asks Ragini not to worry and says Laksh will come back tomorrow. Sanskar tells Ragini that he has taught her game and says he is ahead of her. Ragini gets tensed.

Ragini tells Swara and Sanskar that she will hurt them. Later she kidnaps Sumi. Swara says it is enough of rat and cat game. Goons brings Laksh near the river, and he sees Swara standing there.

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  1. nashita(nina)

    if swara and sanskar get married then I will be happy. They made for each other.

  2. Laksh really don’t want Swara to marry Sanskar or anyone else. If he really loves Swara why he he does not trust her. What he expects from Swara. If he trust Ragini why he cannot accept her as his wife and be a good husband. Ragini might be selfish and wrong with her ways but the real problem maker is Laksh who is a confused character and is not capable to make right decision in his life ..He should either spare swara and move on in his life with the decision he made of marrying Ragini. He had married Ragini and still loves Swara. When Ragini finds Laksh not loving her nor having s*x with her…she is becoming more aggressive , frustrated and impractical with her ways…Now , Swara’s decision of staying in Maheshwari home is also not right. If her intention is just to unite her parents , she can do it even without staying in Maheshwari home. She cannot have a live in relationship with Sanskar in Maheshwari home and act as bahu and give her strong opinions when family discussions and problems are there in Maheshwari home, especially when she has no emotions for Sanskar and don’t want to have serious relationship with him. Both girls are making a mess of Maheshwari parivar with their egos and fights….when Swara knows Laksh had already accepted Ragini as his wife why she has to stay in that house to prove her truth. She knows Ragini had betrayed her but what she would gain in punishing Ragini more when Laksh is the real culprit of not trusting her…she should leave Laksh and Ragini on their own and move on in her life to complete her studies and succeed in her career with the potentials she has….It is foolishness fora girl like Swara to waste her time and talent staying in Maheshwari to teach Ragini lesson…. I don’t understand why the makers of this serial also wasting their time showing gharelu jhagadas making it so cheap, boring and impractical one when the plot of this serial is so good and can be made a brilliant one and nice….people would gradually lose interest in this serial if the present theme is continued with no interesting twist and turns.

    1. I Totally agree with u madhu

    2. i agree with u in some but i feel that ragini should be punished bcoz leaving both of them would be wrong leaving them and showing them wrong is right bcoz else no guilty feeling and ragini will always think she was right as no body pointed fingers on her. both of them knowing that r wrong and living together and feeling pain.

  3. Arrey baba yeh writer log kya kaan meim rui daal kar so rahe hain???
    Most fans are wanting SWARA AND SANSKAR JODI..,
    CANT THEY Show sum love between SWASAN….PLZ Add sum romance to da show we r getting irritated to see only conspiracy…sum positivity needs to b shown along wid loads of SWASAN ROMANTIC SCENES….PLZ PLZ DONT SEPERATE SWASAN WE LOVE SWARA AND SANSKAR BEING TOGETHER

  4. We want swasan till the end,writers pls add some interesting track between them,these plots n kidnap n and all ..we r fed up.Swasan for ever n ever….

  5. In spite of Swara proving that Ragini is lying no one said a word to Ragini. This is boring. Son of the house gets blamed by their choti bahu who in turn is proved wrong but still no one says anything. Isse aur bakwaas kya ho sakta hai…

    now this kidnapping drama…it is becoming silly and stupid…

  6. I love ragini she did all this for his love and every thing is right in love

  7. guyzz anyone can say where we can see episode of swaragini

  8. Now wat actually is happening
    Will they stop swaragini and replace it with some other serial??!no plz don’t
    Do that n rather make it interesting

  9. wow…kidnapping was the only thing left now… and… what is ragini upto?? she is so over confindent of herself!! lol..

  10. plz expose ragini ‘s truth and unite swara and sansker

  11. how could u expect guys dat ragini ll b exposed so soon……den der ll b no twist left over d serial……all we need is to make swara realise sanskar’s emotion nd to get into relationsp wid him only…….dats it
    do hell wid dat laksh ragini
    fattu kahinka laksh

  12. Sanskaar darohar apnon ki… ragini really in it??? Cool!! 🙂

  13. Nice episode.

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