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Laksh, Ragini, Swara and Sanskar along with other leave from Baadi. Swara tells Sanskar that she came back. Swara says I was worried about Ragini and came to this house for her. She tells him that she will stay in guest room. Sanskar asks her to keep back the pillow and says you are my friend, and official guest of this house. He says you will sleep here and I will sleep out, and asks her to agree to his sayings. Swara says if Ragini see you then? Sanskar says I will handle her. Swara asks do you trust Ragini or? Sanskar says I am really confused. He says my heart says that Ragini lost her memory, but my mind says that Ragini is acting. Swara says Ragini has really lost her memory.

Ragini tries to speak to Laksh and holds him. Laksh tries to move away from her and tells that he is having headache.

Ragini thinks my love has crossed the limits of junoon and says everything is fair in love and war. She asks him to sit and says she will massage his head. Laksh says no, and says he want to have tea. She says I will make tea for you, and asks if he wants to take 2 cups of sugar with ginger. Laksh says his head is paining and he is not in a mood to talk. She says she will bring tea and looks at him. Sanskar tells Swara that truth will out. He says if Ragini is saying truth then she got punished, but if she is acting then we have to be careful. She can go to any extent to take revenge. He tells her good night and goes out to sleep.

Sanskar hides seeing Ragini. Ragini also sees him and acts not to see him. Sanskar thinks it is good that she didn’t see me. Ragini wonders what was Sanskar out of room. She comes back to her room and hugs Laksh saying she needs his support. Laksh recalls Durga Prasad asking him to think about Ragini’s health. Laksh asks why you are worried? Ragini says I heard something and asks if you …….Swara……….Laksh thinks about Doctor asking them not to tell anything to Ragini. Ragini asks him to tell if he loves Swara even now. Laksh turns his face. Ragini acts and cries. He says you can’t see her in pain. She says Swara has married Sanskar, but she is not happy. She tells that she heard Swara crying. Laksh asks what you are telling? Ragini asks what happened to you. Laksh asks when did you see?

Ragini says I heard and says Swara is my sister. She says I didn’t like seeing Swara and Sanskar fighting, and asks how can a husband shout at his wife. She says Swara was crying and Sanskar went to guest room to sleep. She cooks up a fake story. She says I thought to stop Sanskar, but then thought not to interfere between them. She says I want to help Swara, but don’t know how? She asks him to drink tea. She lies on the bed and switches off the lights. Laksh thinks about Ragini’s words that Sanskar and Swara had a fight and he went to sleep in guest room. Laksh gets restless and goes out of his room. Ragini wakes up and follows Laksh.

Sanskar sees Laksh outside his room, and thinks Swara is already tensed. Laksh thinks he shall not go inside Swara’s room late at night. He then thinks about Ragini’s words and gets inside the room. He then locks it. Swara is standing near the window. Laksh keeps hand on her shoulder. Swara is shocked to see him and asks what you are doing in my room. Laksh says I was worried about you and that’s why? Swara asks why? She says if anyone see you in my room then what they will think. Ragini stands outside Swara’s room. Sanskar sees her hearing them.

Ragini questions Laksh, what you were doing in Swara’s room when Sanskar was not in his room. Laksh struggles to give answer. Later Ragini asks Swara to keep fast for Sanskar, else she will be forced to think that there is something between her and Laksh. Swara is surprised and shocked.

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  1. Navee rajakaruna

    රගිනි superb acting………………………………..

    1. Hey ar u Sri Lankan????????

  2. swalak couple is very cute forever ?????????????????????????????

  3. Swasan rocks, they are forever. My gut feeling tells me that they will be paired together. Hate that psyco crazy ragingi, she really needs to go and join the mental institute and sort her self out or stay there forever. She is really. Getting on my nerves.

  4. Stupid twists and over dramatic bt love u swasan

  5. Again same story

  6. is swara gives promise to lakshya?? please anyone tel me… is she get back to lakshya if ragini fake memory loss comes infront of her…. is she gave promise to laksha? she returned to him?

    1. She promises to him that if Ragini is proved to be faking the memory loss then she will help him to get Ragini out of his life but then when he asks her to return to his life she rejects that saying that it will never happen…

  7. swragini: sanskar to faint during karwa chauth puja, swara worries.
    viewers of color’s show swaragini are going to experience big drama between swara and sanskar on karwa chauth.
    it is seen that lakshya and sanskar are in love with swara while ragini is trying to pursue laksy’s heart.
    on karwa chauth ragini fasts for lakshya, while swara is seen fasting for sanskar and sanskar too fasts for swara.
    later, during karwa chauth puja lakshya will get restless seeing sanskar and swara together. however sanskar will feel unstable and lose consiousness due to keeping the fast.
    swara will scream his name while akshya will hold sanskar.
    however ragini and swara both will complete their fast and puja with lakshya and sanskar later.

  8. Guyz i think dat da writers r makig da viewers a sandwich btween swasan n swalk as dey kno dat skme of ud want swasan n some want swalk
    Hey Tammy i totally n fully agree wid u as i was juz unable to guess

  9. I think first swara doubted ragini, lakshy was supporting her blindly. now lakshya is doubting ragini and swara is blindly supporting ragini. i dont know next who will doubt whom.

  10. Yehh Ash. We the SwaLaksh fans. I watched Swaragini yesterday after a long time. Ragini is irritating villain with innocent face. Tejaswiiiiiii U r amazing. I was laughing while watching Swaragini bcs I read a spoiler which was posted by Cherry. I hope that spoiler come true. Yes Ragini looks elder than Lakshya nd Sanskar nd Swara together look Brother and sister!! I just don’t understand why this ” Everything is fair in war & love ” law applicable only to Sanskar, Swara nd Ragini? Lakshya is the real lover. Though he married Ragini under “influence” he never stopped loving Swara. He even tried to move with Ragini but his love….true love didn’t let him do so. Sanskar toh started all kind of dramas in name of Love. Now he forgot that love and fell for other girl…kamaal hai. I should say writers have given Ragini a special power to convince everybody. Ohh fast for Sanskar otherwise I will have to believe there is still something btw U & lakshya!! Yeh Saint Swara will fast for Sanskar. People will say Ohh look Swara is fasting for Sanskar. Then they will praise Ragini. When this same Ragini emotionally blackmailed nd somehow cheated Laksh to marry her then all fault was of Lakshya. Ohhh come on I don’t get why the rules are different for different people in Swaragini. Nd makers please unite SwaLaksh as soon as possible. Don’t worry TRP won’t fall. Many Swalaksh fans are out there…

    1. Hey meenakshi!!! I’m also a huge fan of Swalak!!!! And I’ve got the same question too!!! Why every rule in love is different for laksh than the other trio??? Every one is bad mouthing Laksh as if he was the one who started this revenge drama at the beginning!!!

    2. Difference is that Laksh always take decisions without think of consequences….. He got married believing that she didn’t want to marry and then Swara returned the same day and he didn’t try to find the truth when he knew she was the one who preponed their wedding…. Sanskar had 5 years of mourning for his love as she died in his arms not the case with Laksh his lady love was living under the same roof as his bhabi (no human can bear that thought that the girl with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life is now in the very next room with his brother) that stopped him….. he was hurt and always place the blame on others for his misery unlike Sanskar who owns his mistake and tries to rectify it…. AS far as the fasting is concerned Ragini knows that Swara loves her alot and as per the doctor she shouldn’t be given stress so Swara is ready to do anything for her sister’s health… I like both the pair but recently Laksh is seen as Ragini 2.0 forcing Swara to accept his love and marry him not considering her feelings or anything the girl went through alot more than him…. atleast he married at his free will but she was forced and the turn of events she needs time but he is not ready to give her time compared to Sanskar… Their ways are different and so is their love….. He knows when a girl says no it means “NO” unlike Laksh joh peeche pada hai

  11. Really meenakshi i also luv swalak
    Writer shud made swalak why this sanskar
    Sanskar is the main reason of separating swalak and now also started lot of problems btn swalak

  12. Swasans complement each other dam perfectly. ..??????

  13. in the upcomin episodes swara will get kidnapped and laksh will save her and they will share romantic moments from the past and ragini will take pictures and show the family to embarass swara and laksh and sanskar will be broken as he had helped swara through thick and thin..

  14. swara is realy stupid to listen ragini and belive her…… hate u ragini…. she shouldnt get united with laksh….. plz stop this drama of ragini… its boring to watch her crimes again…..

    1. i want swalak …SWALAK FOREVER ?

  15. Saas Bahu aur Saazish segment

    Cutest most adorable SwaSan scene ever!

    Headline: Swara-Sanskaar ka funny talaak. grin emoticon tongue emoticon

    Talaak lene ke anokhe nuskhe Sanskaar Swara ki Sargi kyun khaa gaya SwaSan bedroom. Sanskaar jumping on the bed with the plate full of Sargi & Swara running behind him to take the food back. She complains that the Sargi is the only thing she’ll get to eat the whole day so he should just let her have it but Sanskaar is still running with the plate to eat it. Finally Swara catches hold of Sanskaar & they both laugh heartily while her hand is placed on his shoulder angel emoticon heart emoticon This scene where SwaSan are out of breath with their continuous running & Swara holds Sanskaar by the shoulder to calm down while slightly leaning onto him & they both are laughing SO loudly. grin emoticon grin emoticon grin emoticon Swara & Sanskaar are deciding of ways & reasons about how they can convince the family for their divorce.
    List of the funniest ways Sanskaar suggests they can apply for divorce. grin emoticon grin emoticon grin emoticon
    :1. Sanskaar saysthat he can claim torture by wife when Swara starts hitting him on the chest to apply for divorce& Swara is offended & starts hitting himsome more & Sanskaar laughs tongue emoticon
    2. Sanskaar suggest that Swara say that Sanskaar snores very loudly when they are sleeping & she can’t stand it. grin emoticon tongue emoticon
    3. Sanskaar then suggests her to tell everyone that he keeps the AC temperature at very low which results in her freezing & Swara counters by saying her mom will ask her to buy a huge blanket & sleep under it tongue emoticon tongue emoticon tongue emoticon
    VaHe IV:Helly: Bada hi cute sa scene hai. Hum Log talaak ki baat kar rahe hain but bilkul bhi seriousness nahi hai bas grin emoticon
    mazaak masti chalu hai& bohot hi sweet sa scene hai. grin emoticon tongue emoticon
    Varun: Haan bilkul bhi seriously nahi discuss kar rahe hai divorce ko bas masti chalu hai dono ki grin emoticon
    Helly: Issi dauraan Swara Sanskaar ko aur bhi behtar samajhne lagi hai, usko bohot acche se jaane lagi hai & ab toh usko best friend bhi bol dia hai heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
    VO says best friend se aage badhkar aap bohot hi jaldi unhe best husband bhi bulaane lagengi,after all Sanskaar itne acche pati jo hai. angel emoticon angel emoticon angel emoticon
    Dekhiye naa karwachauth ki saari rasmein nibha rahe hai wo aapki Sargi khaakar. grin emoticon tongue emoticon
    Helly: Haan ye mera saara khaana khaa jata hai. Meri sargi me se aadhi kheer & paratha bhi khaa gaya. Mujhe sirf thoda sa paratha mila khaane ko. Varun makes cute faces, nods & says mera bhi vrat hai toh main bhi toh khaunga naThey both laugh. tongue emoticon grin emoticon
    Best Part of the segment:Swara says to Sanskaar: Bhale hamari shaadi majboori me huiho, magar sach toh yehi hai na ki ab hum shaadishuda hain. Tum ab mere pati ho aur main tumhari patni. heart emoticon Swara’s back is facing him & Sanskaar is in a daze listening to her acknowledge their relationship & looks mesmerised
    Finally Swara acknowledges them being married yayyy My shipper heart The segment ends with their fighting on bed again & the VO wishes them to fall in love soon with each other& continue their cute antics Best SwaSan scene EVER coming up! Haaye. kiss emoticon wink emoticon kiki emoticon grin emoticon tongue emoticon

  16. I don t think sp that ragini will be in a +ve
    Character after this
    This not fair that swara shud always be the
    Give some chance to,ragini too
    I just watch this show for Swasan

  17. Swaragini makers ur making serial boring if it continues u may lose swaragini fans .please do something interesting .

  18. Please show more swasan scenes.enough f neg Ragini.I like Tejaswi and swasan pair..

  19. Swalak is d best couple…plz don’t separate them writer ji…of course laksh can get another chance because sanskar is d root of this every problem he got another chance y can’t laksh…he is a good person yeah of course he didn’t believe swara but it is the situation makes him to behave like this…he s a normal person how could he knw about ragini’s evil plan that time…he deserve a second chance and please reunite them…SWALAK FOREVER?

  20. Whatever happens no problem…whoever joining no problem Im still swalak fan and I will be a swalak fan no matter what…SWALAK…[email protected] (Im a tamizhian)…

  21. I want to express my opinion in my own language swalak is not a good pair I hate laksh but I like swasan lot swasan is the best pair in the work plss writer Dont separate swasan

  22. Suppose swasan pirinjitta swaragini serial suththa waste swara Ku yaetha pair sanskar only plss Dont separate swasan sanskar swara romba like panran plss swasan always

  23. swasan is the best pair don’t seperate them. they are the perfect on screen couples. if u sepereate swasan then i’ll not watch this daily soap

  24. I think that laksh will bring out ragini’s truth & will be able to get back swara but till that time swara would fall for sanskar so laksh will let her go & sans will succeed in his plan to separate laksh from his love. I think sans is just acting to love swara

  25. Seriously… We want SWASAN… But the latest spoiler it said swara Will get kidnapped n laksh will rescue her…bringing swalak closer.
    Srsly if they reunite swalak I’ll stop watching this serial

  26. N swara might promise they if laksh proves rags wrong then swara might get back to him

  27. its obvious that they gonna get back together ?cherry? because laksh already knos that rags is faking and he knos that swara will come back to him only

  28. OMG if dey will separate swasan den truly i wud juz ditch dis show n wud watch ashoka as atleast dat show has a better storyline n drama inspite of so many characters

  29. I like Sanskar no issue . But I don’t like Swasan. Sanskar doesn’t even regret for separating SwaLaksh. He’s the main reason for their separation. Ragini just played it long. Whatever whatever whatever….I was a huge Swalaksh fan few minutes ago but now I’m a Laksh fan too:-P pleaseeeee unite SwaLaksh….They are best..made for each other. Sanskar can be Swara’s BFF..

  30. Pls reunite swalaksh..they r d best pairs..plssss

  31. I dont love sanskar…….

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