Swaragini 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sanskar stopping Swara from leaving. They look at each other. Sahil decorates his room and talks to Swara’s pic. He says I know that you will come here, and says he will propose her today and don’t know anyone to separate them. Maya comes there and is shocked. She asks Sahil to forget Swara as she is married. Sahil says she is his. Maya says let Swara live her life. Sahil says you told me that she is perfect for me, and says he will wait for her all life. Maya says this is not love, but madness. Sahil calls Swara and says her phone is not connecting, says they might be convincing Swara to accept Sanskar. He says I have to go to Maheshwari house and bring her here. Maya tries to stop him but in vain. Swara is scared with Sanskar. Sanskar keeps hand on her face and says I won’t

let anything happen to you, and will take care of you. He says you tell that you don’t trust me and at the other. He says network came and the message is sent to Laksh. He is about to call Durga Prasad, but the phone is switched off. Swara says no problem, atleast message is gone. Sanskar asks her to take rest for sometime. Everyone asks Laksh about Sanskar and Swara.

Sahil comes there and thinks where did Sanskar take my Swara. Laksh asks them not to worry and says he will return with them. He gets Sanskar’s message and shows it Durga Prasad and others, saying they are in jungle nearby (strange). Durga Prasad asks him to go and bring them.

Ragini tells Laksh that she will also go with him. Annapurna says what you are saying? How can you go in pregnancy? She asks her not to worry as it is bad for her and baby. Ragini says my sister needs me now and asks her not to stop her. Annapurna says Swara will be fine and asks her to rest. She asks Utara and Sujata to take Ragini to room. Laksh asks Ragini to take rest and says he can understand what she is feeling. He asks her to trust him and says I won’t let anything happen to Swara and Sanskar. Sujata asks Ragini to come and rest. Sahil hears them and thinks nobody can stop him from getting Swara. Sanskar sees Swara feeling cold and covers her with his sherwani. He lights the bonfire, while the music plays……….He asks her to warm her hands. Swara looks at him…..Sab Tera Song plays……………as they have an eye lock….Sanskar asks her not to worry and says we will find a way to go home. Swara says I know, you will find a way somehow.

Sahil comes to the jungle and looks at the pistol. He says he will kill Sanskar and take Swara. Police stops Sahil and says they can’t let him enter jungle area in the night. Sahil argues, but they make him leave. Laksh prays to God for their safety. Swara and Sanskar are sitting together. She rests her head on his shoulder and sleeps. Ragini calls Sumi and asks her not to worry, says Laksh will bring them. Sumi worries for Swara. Ragini asks her not to take tension and asks her to have food. Sujata comes and says you are making your mum understand as if she is pregnant. She asks her to drink milk. Ragini cuts the call. Sumi is apologetic to Ragini.

In the morning, Laksh calls Sanskar and searches him. Sahil wakes up hearing his voice, as he slept in the jungle. He thinks before Laksh could reach them, I have to get Swara. Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar sleeping. She thinks she has acted to become good as she thought it is the only way to come out. She leaves the place, and sees trees all around. She wonders where is the way and panics. Laksh wakes up Sanskar. Sanskar asks where is Swara? They search for Swara. Swara shouts for help. Sahil is searching for her and wonders where is she? Sanskar and Laksh are searching her at other side. Swara walks in the jungle. Swara marks on the trees to find a way. Sanskar gets tensed. Laksh asks him not to worry. They search for Swara. Sanskar sees S on tree and says it is made by Swara. He says she is here only. Laksh calls her name. Sanskar finds another S on tree. Swara falls down and sees someone.

Sahil runs after Swara and holds her. He points gun at her head and asks Sanskar and Laksh to back off. Suddenly bullet is shot, and blood falls on Swara’s face, exactly the same way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan see u immediately updated swaragini but where is shakti update? we are waiting for so long!

  2. episode was nice.. and if ignore last swara dialouges.. i think its again her heart vs mind…. so she thinks that … she saw sahil i think but she runs away from him… get her memory… song sequence is nice… nice episode…

    1. and they edited swara sharing jacket scene edited.. and cv’s and there illogical laws.. how can they show her monolouge like that if its her drama whats there need to show she hug him.. cv’s and there illogical laws….

  3. Maddy_02

    Swaragini and sanskar Are best. And RAGINI laksh were also so good. Love all of them. Swaragini is best and our sanlak also. Love SWASAN and RAGLAK????????????????????

  4. next week swara reveal pari truth… in mm pooja going sanskar cell ring, sahil try to kill sanskar as spread dangerous gas in swasan room and sanskar came for phone as it is ringing and inhales gas and get unconsious.. swara tadpaoing for sanskar… sahil blackmailing swara for sanskar.

    1. Deeksha

      My God… Hope Sanskaar will be fine….

  5. Wow nice episode…swasan rocks.

  6. Sriranjani

    hmmm………………end this crap memory loss drama.

  7. omg iam on cloud 9 not because of this crap episode but because my temish raglak i mean teja and namish to go in cnb comedy nights bachaooo omg really craving for that i saw there pics also

  8. temish on cnb cant wait and ya again swasan track offfffffff

  9. Wow namish and teju in comedy nights bachao awesome
    But agar varun aur helly bhi jate to aur maja ata
    Realy love you both swasan and raglak and varun

  10. nice episode. hate this sahil

  11. Vyshu10

    awesome…..swasan scenes were amazing. Finally they played sab tera on swasan?? Vahe’s chemistry…uff. Seen d olvs….thank god they are not ending swasan track. Swara tadpaoing for sanskar??And loved varun and helly’s costumes and hairdo

  12. And she says that she hates lies and conspiracy, she clearly acted in front of him …….she left her personality with memory losss,….

    1. Mica

      it’s happened because swara already lose her trust over sanskar, many proves showing that sanskar is a bad man,
      on swara’s memory, sanskar is murderer
      on swara’s mind, sanskar sent goons to hurt sahil and her.
      on swara’s eyes, sanskar is such a big liar since he lied bout kissan.
      so , i think we can’t blame swara’s behave to being insecure toward sanskar.

    2. Mica

      1 thing i couldn’t forget, even if swara just acting in front of sanskar, she allowed sanskar to touch her, but didn’t allow sahil just to touch her hand. hmmmmm.. yummy :3

    3. Vyshu10

      she didn’t lose her personality….she acted just to save herself and she was a having a battle of mind and heart. She doesn’t conspire and betray people

  13. Oouff! Come to end of memoryloss drama bahuth dinonke baad swasan’s eyelock sabtera song today’s episode was nice episode ke end me swara phirse drama kiya

  14. Juggu

    Jolly jolly jolly…..swara is going to regain her memory wow!!!!!!????? love you swasan…..

  15. Omg…seriously today i loved swasan coat sharing scene n swasan eyelock…now after completing this track i really dont want to watch this serial…for one swasan scene cant waste 30min…

    1. Vyshu10

      don’t worry,it is not ending….swasan vs sahil shuru hogi

  16. Oh God Help Swasan….Sahil Swra k zindagi m intrfr krna band kro ….

  17. Guys who are the fans of raglak just read the fanfic ‘her director his designer” you will definitely enjoy it.author is Sindhu she is giving really good which these writers will not give in their and our lifetime.

  18. Mica

    oh please don’t let sahil die…

  19. finally swara will have her memory back. Waiting for swara to slap pari.

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