Swaragini 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh asks Swara not to worry, as no one will force her to do anything against her wish. Swara recalls confessing love infront of Ragini and gets teary eyed. Laksh asks her not to cry, and says he will not marry her without her wish. He says no one will force you and gives her handkerchief. Swara wipes the tears and returns the handkerchief. Laksh asks her to keep it. Swara says if we keeps someone’s handkerchief, then we fight with them. Laksh takes the hanky. Just then he gets Ragini’s call. He asks what you were doing with ward boy. Ragini makes excuses, and asks him to meet her with Swara. Laksh agrees and informs Swara that Ragini wants to meet them in the morning.

Sanskar asks Ragini to be careful. Ragini says she managed everything. Durga Prasad tells Ram that he talked to Swara’s

family. Ram asks him to consider once again. Sujata says we shall give a chance to Laksh and talks about Sanskar. Durga Prasad says he can’t forgive Sanskar and you people have to go once he gets well. Sujata asks why he is differentiating between Laksh and Sanskar. Durga Prasad says Laksh apologizes to us. He says Laksh fulfilled the promise, but Sanskar betrayed me and had done whatever he wanted to. There is a difference between two of them, and asks not to start this topic again. He says Swara will become bahu of this house and this is final.

Sujata and Annapurna are at home before going to temple. Sujata tells you might be thinking about Swara and Laksh, and asks her to accept the alliance. She says I am thinking about Marwadi society. She scares her and asks her not to worry. She asks her to go to temple and she will come. Annapurna tells driver that she will go by walk. Sujata calls someone and asks to do something. Annapurna thinks about Durga Prasad’s acceptance for Swara and Laksh’s alliance. Some comes and throws a bucket of fishes on her. Sujata comes and says you did this purposefully. She says this is happening because of Swara. She says let’s go home and take her with her.

Ragini is waiting for Laksh and Swara in the temple. She sees Laksh and Swara coming together. Some mantras is being played in the background, while jealous Ragini looks on. Ragini says she is happy seeing them together, and says Nani can get fine. She says happiness knock on our door in bad time also. Laksh’s papa has accepted Swara as his bahu, and the thing will happen which we want for always. She says our dreams are going to be fulfilled. Swara goes. Laksh asks Ragini not to force Swara to marry him.

Sujata tells Annapurna that she threw her clothes and says fish’s smell is not going to go from you regardless how much Gangajal you sprinkle on yourself. She asks her not to go from temple again, as people might throw fish on her again or taunts her. She says she will talk to Durga prasad about it. She pretends to get a call, and informs Annapurna that sadsan’s head asks us not to come to sadsan. Annapurna asks why? Sujata says because Durga Prasad agreed to get Swara married to Laksh. She calls Swara as fish eater, and emotionally blackmails Annapurna. Annapurna gets in her talks. Durga Prasad comes to room. Annapurna says she was afraid of this thing. She says she has no objection with Swara, but her upbringing and habits are different. Durga Prasad says habits can change. Annapurna gets worried of society and asks him to reconsider his decision. Durga Prasad says his decision is final and Swara will become bahu of this house.

Ragini asks Swara to believe her and asks her to live today. Laksh says it doesn’t matter. Ragini asks did you think that Swara loves you. She says Swara loves you, and asks them to move together. She acts goody and tells it is Swara’s turn now to confess her feelings to Laksh. Laksh is surprised. Swara and Laksh look at each other. Ragini thinks she has to bear this pain to get Laksh.

Utara gets Swara ready as a marwadi bride. Ragini dresses up like Swara and thinks to win Laksh’s love by looking just like Swara.(poor Ragini, she thinks Laksh loves Swara’s superficial beauty).

Update Credit to: MA


  1. khushi

    I hope swara and laksh get married and I dont want any twist in this ….. I hate u ragini it doesnt suits u …. nice episode

    • ?pradishma?

      Yep, swara and laksh will get married and rags will be married with sanskaar or new entry

  2. dhanu

    I hope it will happen soon.I love swara .rags was very sweet but now ………….. I don’t understan anything.

  3. dhanu

    Yeah of course me too.Swara will win because true is always win and bad is noting .lie someday came infrontof everyone.

  4. I wish laksh to marry swara hope will not happen like uttran since todays precap ragini like swara and swara like ragini i think on day of marriage rags gungat pehenkar laksh sae saadi karaegi…….i hope it should not happen like tat……

  5. Ahana

    No… it will not happend…..
    ragini realized her mistak…..
    will u know that ragini give drug to swara in hospital & taken her in a hotel & swara caught by the police…
    i think ragini & sanskar will do this….

  6. jhunu

    No… it will not happend…..
    ragini realized her mistak…..
    will u know that ragini give drug to swara in hospital & taken her in a hotel & swara caught by the police…
    i think ragini & sanskar will do this….

  7. Soni

    Aiyo see swara moodhevi. Aadhyam spoiled ragini marriage with laksh. Ippo ee choriee Patti swarakku laksh venam polum. Chotta thalachi. Ragini ethra sundariyaa. Swara, aiyree

  8. Manoj

    Waiting for swara to marry laksh, but then ragini looks so beautiful in modern..wish she get a good actor as her pair. Laksh and swara, ragini and???. Writers make ragini character positive

  9. Ammu

    India swara moonja paatha vaandhi varudhu.plan panni kalyanatha niruthittu ippo laksh venumaam…kanravi pidichava..aalun mandayum.saniyan.

    Ragini pesaama laksh a katiklaam..fingers crossed….

    Swara va veeta vitti serupla adichu thorathanum. Thirittu pombala Ava..

    • ?pradishma?

      Ammu u r so cheap u showed it by using manoj’s name….. don’t u have brain…. v can see fake manoj and ur symbol r same…. don’t u have guts to use ur name…. coward

      • ?pradishma?

        Oh says u and please get ur treatment done if money is less then don’t worry I will donate some don’t beg here

    • Manoj.

      Stop ur nonsense psycho pradishma..why the hell are u fighting like dis..u are sayng beg and all..get some sense..mnd ur words..dont make this palce cheap again

  10. Ammu

    Hey girl. Cant u stop fighting..tu team deleted two comments but warning message for u is there not to Interfere. U read.also he is commenting.why d he’ll u call him drama boy and calling stupid and shameless. U r shameless.

    Manoj give her good reply.she thinks she owns this site

    • ?pradishma?

      Soni stop using ammu’s name u creep and tu team was fake and the reason I guess u didn’t read it
      ‘it was misuse of tu team staff’ stop using fake names

    • ?pradishma?

      Wow soni u showed how CHEAP u r don’t u have shame or common sense that tu team gave symbols to identify fakers like u…. ugly loser

      • Ammu

        senseless pradishma,this symbols change ..do u mean to say..whoever comment here without rrgistering are fake..go get some sense..people are just commentng and y d hell are u interrupting..we never used ur name and u shamelessly calling us creep,fake and saying us shameless…get some brain ..dont fight with everyone always…

      • ?pradishma?

        If u don’t kno the reason behind it then don’t speak and…. symbol remains same….. whether u comment with ur name or others and I said to him cuz he did really wrong thing ok so don’t step in….. stay away… AND I said shameless cuz u are u are using other’s name without Shame

  11. Ammu

    This is d limit. Chee y interrupting others.. we are chatting , who d he’ll r u to interrupt and call slangs..stay away.

    • Simmi (soni ki saas)

      Oye khoti soni…. dusro ka naam use karti hai…. garwalo ne sikhaya nahi kya…. bata nahi kaise bahu hai ye….. tere maa baap ne taamez nahi sikaye hai kya….. chi thoo fitte mu….. ghar pe aa jaldi varna tere gharwalo ko batate hu…..badtemeez ladki…. sry pradishma aur baaki sab…. yeh badtemeez hai maa baap ne ishe padaya nahi tha na….

    • Simmi (soni ki saas)

      Soni bahu!!! Kaha ho tum…. ghar pe aa kam bohot hai… aur tu yaha pe baccho ko tang kar rahe hai…. sharam nahi aati baccho se ladte hue…..gharpe aa jaldi varna khana nahi milega

      • Soni

        kaun bachche …ye pagal ladki.. uske language ek bhaar read karo,,aap ko heart attcak aaongi saasu maa….ye bache nai… wo puri thara bigadh gayi

    • Simmi (soni ki saas)


  12. ?pradishma?

    Haha lol u continue with ur mother in law soni…. m going bye…… enjoy… bye simmi ji…

  13. annah(anu)

    Please stop it manoj!! Yes, it is irritating d way u cum everyday n say plz update fast…….v all r also eager to read….but v r waiting na…….then y r u so impatient????? N if u have done a mistake, accept it…..

    N @ ammu, symbols donn change…..they remain same

  14. @manoj @soni @ammu @lala can I know y r u after prads? Y r u blaming her widout any reason? Stupid people, get lost else I will hurt n insult u so bad, u will hate urself

  15. sruthi

    @Pradi anu sara …
    that idiots r scolding swara in tamil ….

    @Pradi u used the words… good dear…

    Today i m so much irritated with these guys…
    Today secondary scolding words to scold them … c u at 9 pm …
    Yesterday i told that to scold for small things.. but today for big things…

    • Simmi (soni ki saas)

      Oye accha hua karan beta tu aa gaya….. ye soni bahu bahout zaban chala rahe hai….. tu dekh ab usko….. main tang aa gaye hu

  16. sruthi

    I dont the crct meaning actually…
    They said.
    Swara shud be thrown out frm the house by beating her with slippers…
    Rag n laksh shud be married
    Swara is a theft lady ( getting laksh frm rag)
    They r getting vomit by seeing swara’s face…
    They are saying her face and head are so bad…

    • Simmi (soni ki saas)

      Ha beta tu hi toh hai mera ladla….. tu gharpe aa tere liye maine chole banaye hai… soni bahu ko maine.. mar ke store room mein lock kiya hai aaj use hum khana nahi denge… thik hai na beta

  17. Ammu

    enna di thevidiya shruthi and pradishma,….u both are cheapos…f**king dirty dogs..will slap u both f**king b*t*hes…who used slangs….donkeys…wat if we say of any character. pradishma thendi also said abt ragini on dat day…but this moodhevi thevidichi pradishma is replyng for every comment and fightng..ask her to shut and u shruthi munde ,moodu ni

    • ?pradishma?

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    • annah(anu)

      @ammu, u have complete freedom to tell bout the characters…..but that doesn’t mean u say rubbish lyk anything. N these abuses will not be tolerated here…..so mind ur tongue….n dare say anything bout Pradishma or shruthi!!!

    • ?pradishma?

      And slap… I also want to see how u slap me or sruthi…. u pig…. u need a mental treatment done of using too very much slangs on public website u and ur f**king family should be insulted and people should spit on u rascal…..blo*dy moron

  18. sruthi

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    • Ammu

      Thevidich. Moodudi shruthi..mayire..moodittu podi thendi naaye..poori Patti. .u supporting pradishma…chew disgusting. Endhu pidingum nee..I never started it…. we comment abt character and f**king b*t*h pradishma interrupting..new moodadi shruthi kaali

      • ?pradishma?

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    • Ammu

      Who said pidiklaena pudungradhu…see what that pradishma thevidichi said about ragini and in that page that mayoru got warning…now same she doing..interrupting

      • ?pradishma?

        U racsal I only said blo*dy ragini thats it and u said so much….. to me…. even I didn’t interrupted u b*t*h go and see there

  19. Ammu

    Shut up annah..where were u when they abused..so better shut..also that says of soni is that thevidichi pradishma. Mind ur tongue annah.. see from first who interrupted, who abused. Else don’t support these shruthi Patti and pradishma moodhevi

  20. Suri (ammu ki bhabhi)

    Ammu chup kar… this is what ur parents taught u…. shame on u…. get back at ur home lizard

  21. Ammu

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  22. sruthi

    Podi pisasu … una maari kevalamana kudumbathula irundhu naanga varala…
    Kadavul paathuparu..nee enalam engala solriyo adhelame needhan …
    U ll get paid for ur sins.. mind it…

    • sruthi

      Leave her frnds… she is just a idiot who comes with a purpose of abusing… leave her… god is there … he will see her….ok i m leaving c u @9

      • ?pradishma?

        Ok sru…..bye…
        And let that dog ammu bark…. shaking her ugly tail sara v will also go at will meet at 9 bye

    • ?pradishma?

      Lol sara…. u said 101% truth of that ammu bammu….. she is a clothless begger….

  23. annah(anu)

    Ammu!!! Get d hell lostttt from here u piggy shittyy ugly buffalo!!! I have read d comments n I know who is right n who is wrong!!! So shut up ur blo*dy mouth!!!

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    • annah(anu)

      I started d talk gently wid u, but u were d one who forced me…….
      N lemme tell ya one more thing, Pradishma is my sister…I know her very well. She neva insults anyone widout reason!! N that is y she has soo many frnz n u have none!

    • annah(anu)

      No Sara! Sum ppl think they r d ones who rule d world n everything will happen according to their wish……they will hurt ppl as much as they want n v will keep our mouth shut!

  24. ?pradishma?

    Calm anu I kno how Much care for ur near and dear one’s…. but v should ignore these syco barking dogs na dear….. she is jus a syco nothing else cuz haters gonna hate and hate cuz its us and they r jus jealous of us

    • annah(anu)

      No prads!! V have to give sum ppl answers!! Coz they think that they r superior to others!

      • ?pradishma?

        Now m with u now I was calm but not now its the limit…. now v will teach them in their dirty way…..

  25. ?pradishma?

    Y should v spoil our mood na cuz of stupid bashers….. wait I will tell u both today’s ss precap

  26. Guys ur so disgusting y ur not being calm if u want to fight then leave these pages just share ur views about serial not ur personal stories

    • ?pradishma?

      ANd don’t tell us what to do or not and if v r teen that doesn’t mean that v should be in 4 walls and all….. its 21st century each girl has right to do whatever she wants…. grow up and don’t tell us…. our limits last warning for u….. next I will use slangs

    • annah(anu)

      Sara, wait dear…..she didn’t reply anything……. Let her say sumthing na…..coz then she will say that v told her anything widout any reason…….. She shud also get a chance na

  27. ?pradishma?

    Let me tell u one thing about us… it is that until now u haven’t seen bad or worst side of us….and don’t force us to show to that… if u saw na then u won’t be able to comment here and put this thing in ur small Brian…. there is not doubt u don’t have brain but if u have sense na then stop it and take this to ur grave…..!!! $

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh really and don’t u have shame to interfere in others matter u shameless ugly rascal

  28. Me

    & what were u [email protected] dint u use harsh words?

  29. Me

    I am a girl salley.. & myself b4 advising othrs plz watch yourself its a request.. you only said we cant speak harsh in month of Ramadan then y r u speakng?

  30. Me

    I am from kyy rockz family thats the only clue if you guess correct then I will say my name thats all

    • piya

      hi sally tis piya i read ur comments n wanna say tat dont waste ur time on disgusting ppl like “@ myself” n i wanna tell u tat i’m 2 a muslim n want 2 request u tat never use harsh words bt if ppl cross dere limits then u hav 2 sho tm dere position..

  31. shabbu

    Sruthi for hey u asked sterday.. Mostly this suits right..

    Hey – oii , aii

    Sorry sterday I wasn’t able to reply , so replied in the morning in sterday update.. But u were not there !!

  32. sruthi

    No 1???? Ok … class postponed to tomorrow…

    Today – innaiku
    Tomorrow – nalaiku
    Yesterday – nethu

    🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  33. sruthi

    Oh u guys are here…

    Ok shabbu

    Its crct olive….seeing swaragini… u ?
    U r back @olive

    Vanakkam dreamer….

  34. sruthi

    Naan nalla irukken.
    Neenga epadi irukinga i.e how r u

    Thank u dreamer.

    U have to say enakku koncham koncham tamil theriyum
    Enaku – i
    Koncham koncham – little
    Theriyum – know
    So it means i know tamil a littl

    • Olive

      Next time I sure will shabbu.. You know there are so many guests are coming.. Kinda party today because of our return.. I’m gonna talk in Tamil there…. I’m so much excited

  35. Dreamer ?

    Good night guys ? It was really nice talking with y’all ? Thank you for that ? Bye bye ?

  36. annah(anu)

    Heyyy!! Shabbu! Shoo cutee dp of ishveer!! N vidya, I was not feeling well….so didn’t cum sterday…. Sorry dear?

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