Swaragini 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar comes out of his room following Kavita and sees Ragini standing. He asks what you are doing? Ragini says she is searching for Laksh as haven’t returned till now. Sanskar thinks it was his superstition. Swara wakes up and looks for Sumi. Sumi sees Janki’s ghost and she says she have returned to ruin her life. She blames her for ruining her happy life. Sumi faints. Swara comes and wakes Sumi. She asks what happened? Sumi says Janki was right here. Swara says there is no one there. Sumi says Janki was crying. Swara takes her inside the house. Dadi is shocked to know that. Urvashi asks what did jiji tell you. Swara asks her to see Sumi’s condition and says she will call Shekhar. Sumi says I am fine. Swara says it is just your thought. Urvashi asks if you will call your

mum a liar. Sanskar finds a doll in his room. Swara asks Sumi if she needs milk. Just then she gets Sanskar’s call, but she disconnects the call. Sanskar calls again. Swara picks the call. Swara says there is some problem in the house and says she will solve it. Sanskar says I will come there and says it is done by Kavita. Swara says I am fed of your kavita puran, and says she is fine. Dadi says she will let the hall light open…..

Sumi recalls Janki’s words. Urvashi and Kavita meet again. They feel good about playing with Swara and Sanskar. Urvashi says you are fighting for your right and very soon they will separate. Later Swara hears some noise and looks out holding something. Sanskar comes and says its me. Swara apologizes for shouting at him. Sanskar says no sorry and no thank you. Swara says she is feeling alone, as Shekhar and Dada are not at home. Sanskar says I know that you are very strong. She says I love you and I will tell thousand’s times. He shows the doll with her pic. He says it is done by Kavita in his room and she left doll on his bed. He says I made a plan to catch her and asks her to come. Swara says she can’t leave Sumi alone. Sanskar insists. Swara agrees. Sanskar says I know she is planning something wrong and very big, but I won’t let her succeed.

Laksh comes home. Annapurna asks where did yo go? If you went for that work which I refused you. Laksh says he has taken Ragini’s signatures on the divorce papers and the proceedings will start. Annapurna asks what you have done? Ragini comes there and asks if he is fine. Laksh says I have brought something for you. Annapurna turns her face. Laksh takes out bouquet from his bag. Ragini is surprised and happy. She asks where did you go last night. Laksh says it was important work and I couldn’t call you. I will take you for lunch and asks her to get ready. Ragini goes to get ready. Sujata comes and informs Annapurna that Sanskar went somewhere. Kavita says she heard Annapurna and Sanskar talking, and says he went to temple. Kavita tells Urvashi that sanskar will know soon that I am his first and only love.

Sanskar comes to the temple and asks God if he has done wrong. He says he want to give all the happenings to Swara, but ……he says did I do wrong with Kavita. I thought that I should come here as this is the place where Kavita gave me to Swara. He says I shouldn’t have done this with Kavita, and I am seeing her everywhere because of this guilt. He asks god to sign him and show him the right path. Kavita comes there and thinks Sanskar loves me even now. Sanskar asks God if he has done a wrong decision in a hurry. Kavita says finally I will get my Sanskar. She climbs up the temple stairs. Swara is watching in her laptop through the CCTV. Sanskar messages Swara that Kavita is here and will be shown in camera now. Sanskar asks Kavita to come near the camera. He says God…I wish I could meet Kavita once and speak my heart out. Kavita sees CCTV cam and stops herself from going near Sanskar.

Sanskar tells Swara that he has seen Kavita and she whispered something in his ears and touched him. Swara says I know you knows her touch very much. Sanskar is shocked. Kavita looks at them while they argument. Laksh gets tensed and thinks what will happen if Ragini sees the papers. Ragini happens to see some papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Rey

    omg….. swasan misunderstanding increases nd swara i hate u nd i wanna kill u kavita bcoz of u sanskar ws broken 1st tym i dn’t want to c sanskar wit swara bcoz she never deserves our sanky….

  2. Angel

    Episode was good at the beginning.. Bt precap ruined it totally..
    Swara..wats her problem..kitna hurt krti hai..wo samne wale ko apni bato se..kitni rude hai wo..use lgta ki uska shak sahi wo Hi sahi hai..if sanskar is not able to forget kavita then wo uspr shak nai krta..bewakoof ldki..kuchh toh dimag use kro..wo toh ragini ke alawa kisi ki sagi nai hai..ragini ke itne kand krne ke baad bhi uspr vishwas krne ko ready ho jaati hai..
    hd hai yr..
    Kb tak story repeat krenge..
    Beginning me laga chalo kuchh toh achha hua..bt precap..stupid writer..

  3. Likhitha

    What the hell is going on in this show ?????? seriously…crap….please writers…show some mercy on us….kill that evil mind kavitha and throw urvashi out of the show…Unite swasan please…No arguments between them…please…Show mercy on us…..

  4. Tara

    Hi shree harini, kritika, sindhuja, siya, angel and all… seeing swara talking rudely with sanskar and d word kavita puran… i was like ??????????? thn ok convinced seeing tem 2ghr bt again seeing d precap ????? I don’t want tis fight 2 prolong too long ???? hate swara wen she hurts sanskaar ????

    • bhuvi

      S Tara… I can’t bear it anymore… Seeing precap am really afraid… After hearing those harsh words dono Wat sanskar ll do…I think he ll get much anger this time… ‘coz Those words are really hurting which said by Swara in precap… I hope sanskar won’t react angrily n pull misunderstanding anymore…am feeling restless…

    • siya

      Shit…I wanna kill urvasi n kavitha… God… They are make me get hyper… Seriously I feel like get into tv n strangle their neck till they die…

    • Taka

      They seem to have planned to fight in front of Urvashi and Kavita(hoping she hears them) so that these people think that their plan is working and eventually catch both of them and prove that their love is unbreakable.
      Later, I guess that Urvashi has been doing all this to get Shekar and not just to help Ragini, else she doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who would do so much for her nephew. She finds this as an opportunity to eliminate Swara and Sharmistha form Shekar’s life and get rid of them.
      Kavita will soon do something illegal and be caught by the police when Swara the
      great exposes her and there comes her exit by the end of february.

      • bhuvi

        Hey taka … Hope this crap writer do the same which yo guess… I don’t want their mu get increase… That’s it…

      • Tara

        I thought the same. Tat it’s swasan plan. But seems no. Swara askd sorry. Nd her rude words. May b after swara plan fails.. swasan may plan like tis nd reveal them but currently it’s her original reaction i think

    • Sree harini

      Hello Tara..after a long time. Missed you a lot and yes I really hate swara’s behavior towards sanskar. How can she say like that to him especially in precap. Sanskar has believed her just by her words in case of aadarsh but this girl is not even ready to listen to him after saying that he has seen her. At first she said that laksh didn’t trust her when she needs him the most and what is she doing now…the same..true..sanskar neither deserves swara nor kavitha. After saying many times, swara is again during on sanskar. Only his love is true and genuine. Love you sanskar( not VK)?

      • Tara

        Missed you a lot dear ?.. ?? true sree..Swara doesn’t deserve laksh. Both need proofs to believe the person who is loving them unconditionally. Sanskaar for his true honest love needs someone who blvs him instead of proofs nd also hurt him like tis. Hate swara in precap

    • rids

      M so glad I did not watch this serial yesterday.. nd I ll not watch till urvashi nd kavitha get caught…

  5. bhagi

    ohhh my gosh jab in writers ke paas story nahi hai tho phir show continue karne ka kya matlab hai phir se wahi drama jab swalak ke shaadi par huyi thi bilkul wahi drama aab bhi ho rahi hai waise ki waise……

  6. jo

    in next upcoming episodes kavita comes temple she sees cameras comes to know that sanskar want to expose kavita infront of swara so she comes there in bhajan mandali group covered herself and goes near him and pats him and wishper in his ears she came as he called her and goes from there he miss to catch her. when swara comes there he try to explain her he tells her but swara refuses and try to go from there.. kavita looks at them when they argument.. she try to create misunderstandings between them.. he catch swara hand and try to talk with her when she goes away.. but then she (swara) gets a call and shocked runs from there after attend the call..(may be call from home as sumi is not well).. some MU between them takes lace..
    as swara is just jealous and insecurity have when sanskar tells her about kavita she asks him why he so obessessed with avita.. she feels insecurity..

  7. Saranya

    What the hell ? Swara doing the same mistake again.

    Writers don’t show Kavi as negative. Try to introduce a new hero for her yar. And unite Swasan, raglak & swaragini asap pls.

  8. Mona

    Thank god i stopped watching this crap from monday..i know it will raise my blood pressure.. CV’s doesnt have any creativity, cooking the same story again and again.. I pray tgr TRP should reduce so that they might understand this kavita and urvashi are useless characters to be added..

  9. Angel

    Swaragini me start se yahi dikahaya hai..ki hamesha villain and unke evil plans successful hote hai..wth..
    Episode was good at the beginning bt precap..stupid swara..
    Agar wo kavita ko nhi bhulta toh wo..tumhare saath khush nai hota..aur tumhari care nai krta..aur plan vi nai banata kavita ko trap krne ke liya..
    Really this swara such a dumb..bewakoof..dimag nahi hai isko..sirf ragini uski sagi hai..fit chahe wo uski jaan lene ki koshish bhi kyu na kare..uske liye sab maaf..bt sans pe doubt..repeating same mistake.. Stupid ldki..stupid writer..
    History repeat na kro..kharab ho jayega show..
    Blame game..trust issue yahi dikhta hai writer ko sirf..aur kuchh nai..

  10. neel

    This kavita chapter shld end soon else this ll go in the line of MATSH. it pains to see swara doubt sanky wn sanky trust wt ever she says

  11. Ani

    I dnt knw when oly they are gonna reveale this kavitha and maasi.. Irritating to see their faces? Want to see raglak together?

  12. radz

    This serial is only about evil ppl and their doings!!!
    D most imp relations r ignored by d writers such as raglak swasan and SWARAGINI!
    I hate these writers of swaragini….dey r jst playing wid our emotions!
    Dadi urvashi kavita deserve some really big punishment n ragini needs to realize her mistakes n rectify dem.
    I’m done wid dis serial if dey dnt unite swasan!

  13. Tara princess

    I hate it. why Swara would not believe in sanskar words I hate that #ihateukavitha(niki)and #iwillkillukavitha

  14. Nisha

    Gawd i think my phuta phata ff is far far better dan dis real serial…i mean this is eating my head. Why swara is always not believing sanskar…look at him he’s always dere to believe him nd she’s got doubt on him…i mean ridiculous nd now raglak’s relation is at stake…gawd Il pray dat in real life no body gets soo much pain just to marry his or her love…dese all is heights now…il stop reading the episodes frm now

  15. Honest opinion

    I seriously wish men like sanskar existed in real life!!!!! So caring, understanding, chivalrous AND good looking!

  16. rids

    Hi shuva nik tara needhi neha bhuvi harini saranya siya riya liya angel jo nd all my dear swaragini family…… hw r u guys ??

    1. I dont want sumi to die.. yes urvashi really wants shekar tat s her plan.
    2 . Nd I hope ragini helps swara atleast now.
    3 . Swasan vil not separate no matter hw much they try. They might fight but they ll not separate.
    4 . Uravashi nd kavitha story should end soon. Till tat time m not watching this show.

    I want SWARAGINI back. They both should join together nd save sumi shekhar s marriage like before. …


    • bhuvi

      Hey rids .even I thought not to watch til those two mentals ( kavi n uru ) get out from our sight… But I couldn.. I watching this crap oly for our s swasan’s small n cute scenes…nothing else…

  17. jo

    there is no ghost drama actually it is urvashi who came as with the mask of janki and try to harm sharmistha which eventually distracts swara.. here kavita doing things which is distracting sanskar… they want they both fight… hope they fake there fight infront of them… by seeing precap there mu increasing he is hurt but hope everything clear soon and they catch them soon…as she saw it is trap for her she smartly escape from there.. but everything will fine between them..

  18. anu

    swaragini: kavita tobe successful in creating difference in swasan.
    colors show swaragini is set to bring in some huge twist as the online favorite couple swara and sanskar will develop difference over kavita in the upcoming episode.
    sanskar doubts kavita for all the wrong doings that swara has been made target to.
    sanskar decide to catch kavita red handed and will try to expose her.
    in the forthcoming storyline he will follow kavita who will run in the temple.
    he will spot her but she will take shelter in saadhu group.
    to distract everyone’s attention she will scream of snake.
    everyone will run helter-shelter and kavita will manage to escape.
    swara will reach the temple too but will refuse to believe that kavita is creating trouble for swara.
    swara will walk from sanskar while sanskar will get disturbed with swara’s distrust..

  19. nida

    plz finsh it off the track of urvashi and kavita literally cant tolerate in the show this is the worst track showing in the serial boring story dnt seperate swara and sanskar

  20. Namrata Rathod

    i hate it ?why swara would not belive on sanskar,I am seriously done with the show, i cant tolerate anymore.

  21. Anjali

    I am soooo hurt for Sanskar. Bechara…
    Directors pls change the storyline….

    Idc about maasi and kavita or whoever. But at least show swasan united in fighting against them. No petty fights please.

  22. hi followers of swaragini… am also a fan of swasan jodi… i think swara should believe in sanskars words other wise swasans fans will become only fans of san…..

  23. M really fed up of dis track its irritatng me more n more n i feel lyk killung kavi n maasi n so i dint dared to c dis epi maybe one day i ll bang my head in d wall vry hardly if swasan splits
    O yeah taka evn i want dat it shud go lyk u say

  24. san

    swaragini: janaki’s ghost return to take revenge from sharmistha..
    ((guys in this article clearly given as no ghost drama actually its urvashi faking janaki mask and scares shomi as try to stop swasan marriage))
    the current track of swaragini illustrates lot of intrigues made by urvashi and kavita to seperate swara and sanskaar.
    shomi hear murmuring sound and a flashing light on her face, she follows the light.
    shockingly, she sees janki’s ghost with tear in her eyes holding a candle.
    she tells shomi that she has returned to take revenge as she ruined her happy married life.
    on hearing this shomi faints and collapses on the ground.
    swara sees shomi collapsed on ground takes her inside room.
    swara tries to ease her mother as she is scared of janki’s ghost , swara explains her that its her imagination and nothing else.
    “in the upcoming episode it will be revealed that urvashi makes janki’s face mask and appears as janaki infront of shomi to scare them and break swara and sanskar marriage.

  25. san

    swaragini upcoming drama: swara’s master plan to catch ghost.
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will show that swara is disturbed with that ghost drama.
    she feels that ghost mystery might affect her and sanskar’s relationship. so she decides to end this drama. swara turns spy to find out ghost truth.
    she makes assure that no one in house so that she can execute her plan to catch ghost.
    swara spreads some transparent glue in the floor so that if the person who is doing this comes in the house then he will stick with this glue.
    “”kavita and masi are to spoil swara plan””..
    swara is sure that her plan must expose the ghostbut it will not be very easy for her because masi and kavita are also one step ahead from swara.
    stay tuned further exciting episodes,,.
    so ultimatily swara’s this plan exposing masi is fails and masi and kavita fails her plan..

  26. Vins

    Had a doubt…. is there anything new in the show? Once we had seen first love drama for months… ragini and swara fighting in the name of first love…. again the same is happening now….. first love bullshit…. highly irritable…. I don’t understand how come people r still watching it again…. no one is interesting in the show to watch…. always blo*dy drama…. no humor no love no romance…. They only play the twists by using the word love respect sacrifice. .. In real they didn’t show any such things…. I hate swara and her over acting…. Once I started the show by assuming that there will b some kind of love stories between the lead pairs…. but they proved me totally wrong…. I didn’t find much difference between ssk and swaragini shows…. only difference is sisters r great in ssk and here both the sisters r rivals and fools too…. now I’m not even interested to read the written updates… fed up completely… I want this show should go off air…. I like only laksh… but he is not suitable for the given role… no offence…

  27. pooja

    Stop creating rift between Swasan…I ll stop watching if Swasan misunderstanding continues… Tomorrow episode decides whether I should continue or not… Let them together fight against urvashi n kavitha… Guys who ll are al accepting my decision n quit to watch till they unite Swasan…

  28. goli1

    holy marshmallow … , I hate swara just how much of a B* can she get. She doesn’t trust sanskaar even though she promised. Shame on you swara….

  29. radz

    Srsly so true
    Dis swara trusts evry1 evn dat blo*dy ragini….she is kind towards all evil ppl like dadi n ragini but wen it comes to sanskar she takes him for granted n hurts him.
    She shud trust sanskar…Such an idiot swara is…no wonder all bad things happen wid her.
    She is good towards bad ppl n is bad towards good ppl.

  30. Ashaa

    This show is getting on my nerves. Just get to the point why drag it longer. Hate kavita and urvashi needs to go she’s not even needed.

  31. Neha

    Hello everyone yeah rids I too stopped watching this useless but I’m updating myself with swasan scenes through fb and recently I saw a post on fb that stated that many swasan fans have threatened the CVS regarding swasan separation that if they separated our swasan then they will have to undergo a huge loss in fans as sanskar’s an helly fans will also stop watching SR they threatened cvs on twitter I guess and I too support them as I have already stopped watching and will not watch till swara trusts sanskar bcoz he deserves it no doubt

  32. dolly

    Today in saas bahu and saazish they have shown that swara will follow urvashi…she will see that urvashi goes in a room alone…she will follow her…where she will see two cups and she will understand that somebody is with urvashi against swasan …she will see a red saree hanging there and she will recognize it as janki maa saree and with saree she will see a mask hanging there which when she wear she will come to know that it is only urvashi who wears janki maas mask and act as janki’s ghost…also urvashi will try to burn sharmishtha alive by burning her shawl but swara will come on time due to which urvashi will blow the fire herself….

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