Swaragini 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar comes out of his room following Kavita and sees Ragini standing. He asks what you are doing? Ragini says she is searching for Laksh as haven’t returned till now. Sanskar thinks it was his superstition. Swara wakes up and looks for Sumi. Sumi sees Janki’s ghost and she says she have returned to ruin her life. She blames her for ruining her happy life. Sumi faints. Swara comes and wakes Sumi. She asks what happened? Sumi says Janki was right here. Swara says there is no one there. Sumi says Janki was crying. Swara takes her inside the house. Dadi is shocked to know that. Urvashi asks what did jiji tell you. Swara asks her to see Sumi’s condition and says she will call Shekhar. Sumi says I am fine. Swara says it is just your thought. Urvashi asks if you will call your

mum a liar. Sanskar finds a doll in his room. Swara asks Sumi if she needs milk. Just then she gets Sanskar’s call, but she disconnects the call. Sanskar calls again. Swara picks the call. Swara says there is some problem in the house and says she will solve it. Sanskar says I will come there and says it is done by Kavita. Swara says I am fed of your kavita puran, and says she is fine. Dadi says she will let the hall light open…..

Sumi recalls Janki’s words. Urvashi and Kavita meet again. They feel good about playing with Swara and Sanskar. Urvashi says you are fighting for your right and very soon they will separate. Later Swara hears some noise and looks out holding something. Sanskar comes and says its me. Swara apologizes for shouting at him. Sanskar says no sorry and no thank you. Swara says she is feeling alone, as Shekhar and Dada are not at home. Sanskar says I know that you are very strong. She says I love you and I will tell thousand’s times. He shows the doll with her pic. He says it is done by Kavita in his room and she left doll on his bed. He says I made a plan to catch her and asks her to come. Swara says she can’t leave Sumi alone. Sanskar insists. Swara agrees. Sanskar says I know she is planning something wrong and very big, but I won’t let her succeed.

Laksh comes home. Annapurna asks where did yo go? If you went for that work which I refused you. Laksh says he has taken Ragini’s signatures on the divorce papers and the proceedings will start. Annapurna asks what you have done? Ragini comes there and asks if he is fine. Laksh says I have brought something for you. Annapurna turns her face. Laksh takes out bouquet from his bag. Ragini is surprised and happy. She asks where did you go last night. Laksh says it was important work and I couldn’t call you. I will take you for lunch and asks her to get ready. Ragini goes to get ready. Sujata comes and informs Annapurna that Sanskar went somewhere. Kavita says she heard Annapurna and Sanskar talking, and says he went to temple. Kavita tells Urvashi that sanskar will know soon that I am his first and only love.

Sanskar comes to the temple and asks God if he has done wrong. He says he want to give all the happenings to Swara, but ……he says did I do wrong with Kavita. I thought that I should come here as this is the place where Kavita gave me to Swara. He says I shouldn’t have done this with Kavita, and I am seeing her everywhere because of this guilt. He asks god to sign him and show him the right path. Kavita comes there and thinks Sanskar loves me even now. Sanskar asks God if he has done a wrong decision in a hurry. Kavita says finally I will get my Sanskar. She climbs up the temple stairs. Swara is watching in her laptop through the CCTV. Sanskar messages Swara that Kavita is here and will be shown in camera now. Sanskar asks Kavita to come near the camera. He says God…I wish I could meet Kavita once and speak my heart out. Kavita sees CCTV cam and stops herself from going near Sanskar.

Sanskar tells Swara that he has seen Kavita and she whispered something in his ears and touched him. Swara says I know you knows her touch very much. Sanskar is shocked. Kavita looks at them while they argument. Laksh gets tensed and thinks what will happen if Ragini sees the papers. Ragini happens to see some papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Srsly so true
    Dis swara trusts evry1 evn dat blo*dy ragini….she is kind towards all evil ppl like dadi n ragini but wen it comes to sanskar she takes him for granted n hurts him.
    She shud trust sanskar…Such an idiot swara is…no wonder all bad things happen wid her.
    She is good towards bad ppl n is bad towards good ppl.

  2. This show is getting on my nerves. Just get to the point why drag it longer. Hate kavita and urvashi needs to go she’s not even needed.

  3. Just dragging the writers don’t have any storyline losing attention day by day.Fan fictions are more better.

  4. Hello everyone yeah rids I too stopped watching this useless but I’m updating myself with swasan scenes through fb and recently I saw a post on fb that stated that many swasan fans have threatened the CVS regarding swasan separation that if they separated our swasan then they will have to undergo a huge loss in fans as sanskar’s an helly fans will also stop watching SR they threatened cvs on twitter I guess and I too support them as I have already stopped watching and will not watch till swara trusts sanskar bcoz he deserves it no doubt

    1. neha … even am gonna stop watching it… till they clear mu btw Swasan…

  5. Today in saas bahu and saazish they have shown that swara will follow urvashi…she will see that urvashi goes in a room alone…she will follow her…where she will see two cups and she will understand that somebody is with urvashi against swasan …she will see a red saree hanging there and she will recognize it as janki maa saree and with saree she will see a mask hanging there which when she wear she will come to know that it is only urvashi who wears janki maas mask and act as janki’s ghost…also urvashi will try to burn sharmishtha alive by burning her shawl but swara will come on time due to which urvashi will blow the fire herself….

    1. Thnks for d news 🙂
      I hope swasan unites…n swara trusts sanskar

  6. Hope soon swasan will be together….

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