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The Episode starts with Ragini asking Annapurna to go and wear some old clothes, as she will punish her. She says I will give punishment to you which is liked by your husband. She says your face will be blackened today and asks Dadi to help Annapurna get ready in old saree. Dadi hesitantly asks Annapurna to come. Sujata warns her. Annapurna asks Sujata to leave it. Uttara comes forward. Ragini asks do you want Uttara to have same insult. Annapurna says I am going. Sujata says you didn’t do right. Laksh is drinking wine and sitting somewhere. Sanskar comes and takes the wine bottle from his hand. Laksh says he want to forget that everyone is bearing Ragini because of him. Sanskar asks him to think about Annapurna and hugs him. Ragini tells Dadi that she called some neighbors here. Dadi brings Annapurna

in black saree. Ragini says she want to use black paint instead of black powder. Dadi says it is good to insult inside the house, and says it is really enjoyable to insult infront of outsiders. She asks Ragini to make MMS. Ragini says after the paint is applied on to her face, then everyone will see her true face. She brings camera stand. Sujata asks Ragini not to fall more low.

Dadi asks Sujata to stay silent else she will send Uttara to jail. Swara tells the lady that she wants to talk to her. Just then she gets Uttara’s call, and she informs her everything. The lady silently leaves. Swara wonders where did she go. Ragini asks Annapurna to come. Sujata tells her that Annapurna didn’t do anything to you. Ragini says she has insulted me and met my enemy Swara. Dadi says yes…. Ragini wears gloves and is about to put her hand in the paint. Dadi stops Ragini and asks her to get Sujata do this work. Sujata is shocked. Ragini likes the idea and asks her to blacken Annapurna’s face. Sujata refuses. Ragini brings her towards the tub. Dadi asks Ragini to show how to blacken the face. Ragini puts the hand on the paint, and asks Annapurna to tell why did she met Swara. Annapurna nods no. Ragini says as your wish, and is about to paint her face black, but just then Swara comes and stops Ragini holding her hand. Ragini asks how dare you step in my house.

Swara says I am here for my family, and says I am not inside the family, and haven’t break any of the rules. She pushes her. Ragini falls on the paint tub and her face gets blackened. She gets shocked. Swara asks Annapurna if she is fine? Annapurna nods. Ragini gets angry and shouts Swara. Swara asks what did you get by doing this? Ragini says everyone respects me now as I am their owner. Swara says nobody loves you and everyone hates you. She says they want to kick you out of their home if it is in their limit. She says that day will come, and then nobody will be there to wipe your tears. Ragini asks how dare you. Swara says you have kicked me out, and not my family. She says they are not alone, but I am with them always. She says even God can’t save you now. Annapurna and her family goes inside. Dadi and Ragini are angry.

Swara comes back and searches for the lady. Annapurna, Sujata, Parineeta and Uttara come back to room. Sujata blames Swara. Uttara says she called her here. Annapurna hopes that Swara finds that person because of whom, Durga Prasad got silent and is hurt. Swara enquires with the people and comes to that lady. The lady is seen doing her make up and sprays the perfume. She sees Swara there. Ragini gets angry and throws the things in her room. Dadi tries to calm her down. Ragini says Swara has blackened my face, insulted me and says I will teach her a lesson for making me lose.

The lady says you have found me at last. I knew that someone will come to search me. Swara says I need your help. The lady asks if she liked her song. Swara says she want to talk to her about Durga Prasad Maheshwari. The lady asks her to sit and talk. Swara says my Dadi and sister have been blackmailing Durga Prasad because of some secret. The lady says she knows a secret which will ruin Durga Prasad’s life. Swara asks what is the secret? The lady asks her to give Jhumkas. Swara takes out her jhumkas and gives in her hand. The lady takes it and asks her to go. Swara says you haven’t told me anything. The lady says it is done for the meeting. Swara removes her other jewellery and gives in her hand. The lady Kaveri tells her that this incident happened 5 years back. She says she was going somewhere and found Durga Prasad sitting near an injured girl (Kavita). She clicks their photo. Swara says my Bade Papa can’t do anything like that. Kaveri says he also told this, but I have seen him killing that girl.

Ragini tells everyone that she will unveil a big secret today. Later Ragini hits Sanskar on his head. Swara tells Ragini that her game is over, and she will expose her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No Minnie she was someone else n yes they earlier showed kavita dying in sanskar’s arm n now she is shown in such a bad condition near dp

  2. I heard in news sanskaar will marry kavita….is it true…plz koi btao

  3. Guyz a really really realllyyyy good newsIndeed a good news for all the Ragini AKA Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar fans!

    The actress who was all set to quit the show Swaragini (Colors) seems to have changed her mind. While Tejaswi had already given a notice period during the start of this month (December), looks like things are changing now.

    Our source informs, “Tejaswi had decided to quit the show on the basis of her positive turned negative character. She was unhappy with the way her character was shaping up on the show. However, the makers are now working on her character and turning it positive. Yes, as shown in the current track, Namish Taneja AKA Lakshya has started falling in love with Ragini. The upcoming episodes might soon witness evil Ragini turning totally positive.”

    As they say… Love can change anything and anyone, likely is to happen with the good turned evil Ragini, who would be soon turning nice again!

    When contacted Tejaswi she said, “If my character turns positive, then I have no reason to quit the show and would happily continue my journey throughout. My only reason behind quitting the show was dissatisfaction with the way my character was shaping up. I would love to be a part of this show for longer time.”

    And so would your fans, who would love to see you throughout the show, Tejaswi!

    Are you guys happy with the developments, do share with us!

  4. Oh gosh, i jz dnt understand wen dis rags n dadi drama wl end up….feeling frustrated watching swasan nt united..:(

  5. Iam so happy to hear that may be tejaswi will continue the show.bcoz I am a big fan of tejaswi,how beautiful she is! Thank u cherry to share the news

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