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The Episode starts with Parineeta and Sulekha coming to Baadi. Sujata tells Parineeta that she knows that she is repenting now, but they will not return home. Sulekha and Parineeta laughs surprising them. Dadi comes supporting them. Sujata says you are with them. Parineeta touches Dadi’s feet and hugs her. Parineeta tells them that she saw Dadi on road. A fb is shown. She sees Dadi on road and tells that are you kicked out of house. Dadi says yes. Parineeta says we have taken our revenge and asks her to take revenge. Dadi joins hands with her. Fb ends. Dadi says I have grabbed your enemy hand and that’s why I am here. Parineeta says you people didn’t know when the land under your feet is snatched away, and says now you will live in others’s charity money, your bad days have started. Dadi says

just wait and watch, we have just snatched roof and will snatch lives also. Parineeta says you all have a habit of snatching others’ rights and says I will show how to snatch right. Dadi says she will blacken their faces and get them beaten by shoes. Sulekha says you all have given my daughter’s rights to Ragini and Swara and that’s why destiny have taught you a lesson. She taunts Annapurna. Sulekha asks them to be careful and says you can’t hurt my jiji. Sulekha says you will always be chamchi and will never change. Sujata says yes, I will be chamchi and says she is not like her who have entered someone’s home and have ruined it. Parineeta asks Sulekha to chill and don’t talk to poor people like them. She says lets go.

Dadi asks them to have ginger tea at her house. She asks Durga Prasad if he wants to have tea and says she will not give him poison also. Ram warns her not to dare insulting his brother. Dadi curses Durga Prasad and says she will see to it if he dies or stays alive after so much insult. Durga Prasad looks on shocked and insulted. Laksh and Sanskar breaks Dida’s door house to stay there. Sulekha, Dadi and Parineeta drink tea and smirk. Sulekha asks neighbors to see, and says whoever behaves badly with their bahu deserve this punishment. Parineeta says whoever don’t respect their jethani will suffer like this. Dadi says whoever don’t respect her mum will also suffer.

Parineeta asks Swara and Ragini to tell their husbands to be careful while breaking the lock. She asks Dadi to give them pillows and cushion so that they can sleep outside and taunts. She drinks tea. Laksh and Sanskar open the door. Parineeta sees the door open and drinks tea, she burns her tongue. Swara asks her to be careful and says if you have burnt mouth then you can’t taunt us. Sanskar asks them to come. They go inside. Ragini asks Sumi to make Chotu sleep in room. Laksh asks Ragini to switch on TV. They watch news. Reporter tells that Adarsh Maheshwari have become owner of the Maheshwari empire and tells that Annapurna ill treating Parineeta and that’s why they kick them out. He says Adarsh is ruling on the company now. Shekhar says how can he inform media? He is so mannerless. Durga Prasad looks on shocked. Annapurna says I can’t believe that he is our son….Durga Prasad thinks about Reporter’s words that a son have punished his father, Dadi taunts that she will see to it if he stays alive or dies after the insult, Parineeta insulting them and asking to leave, Adarsh holding Durga Prasad’s hand and misbehaving with him. He suffers a heart attack and falls down unconscious on ground. Ragini shouts Papa ji. Swara shouts Bade Papa. Annapurna and other get shocked. She asks Laksh to call Doctor. They see Durga Prasad closing his eyes. Sujata and Laksh shout shockingly. Everyone is shocked. Swara looks on.

Adarsh tears the cheque and tells that he don’t want to spend on beggars. Laksh shouts bhaiyya. Sanskar says it is useless to stay here. Parineeta tells Ragini, Swara, Laksh and Sanskar that today they are begging for his treatment and if he dies tomorrow then he will come again and beg for doing last rites. Ragini gets angry and slaps her hard making Parineeta fall down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate pari dadi sulekha adarsh

  2. Hey h hasan thnku sooo much for super fast update…?? n frst of all a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyhyyyyy happpy vala belated brthdayyyyyyy to varun …love u a lotzzzz vk??? …..stay blessed handsome hunk…?? n a warm wishes to alll vk aka sanky,swasan n ragsan fansss?? hope tevar frndshp grows more stronger ??
    M waitng for d scene wen laksh n sanky wl beat adarsh….n wow ragini slapped pari,superb grl u hve done an amazng work(hope she”ll truely slap her coz SR sometimes shows precap which r different from actual episode)…oh shit!!!dp gets heartattach…feelng really bad for dere situation….n love u my rupunzel(tejaswi)…..stay blessed swaragini team??

  3. goooooooooooood ragini gooooooo and slap that pari

  4. Awesome precap! Parineeta deserves that slap!! Feeling bad for dp? Loved swasan and raglak? Can’t believe that dadi also joined hands with that parineeta? But i loved pari’s acting… She made us hate her….

  5. ragini what a slap baby u rock teja loveU ur a beautiqueen beautiful young lady

  6. only bearing this crap show only for helly…love u doll..

  7. what the hell…..CVS plz stop this stupid track… its really irritating… from today i will stop watching this serial… ??…writers dont have sense at all…now dadi joined her hands with that stupid sulekha and ….idiot …kaali pari….chiiiiiiii…..i hate this track….parineeta ka dialogues….uffff….she made so many mistakes and blaming ap and suju….and dumb aadarsh…i just hate u… ?…i dont understand one thing that pari ko divorce aadarsh ne diya na…then y they r blaming ap and aadarsh ne pari se chabi cheen liya but they r blaming mf members…uff i dont understand anything… but i’m watching this serial for swasan scenes but they r not giving it at all….so i decided to stop watching this stupid track….story writers make some sense….tomorrow i have exam but i’m watching this serial like mad….OMG i cant tolerate it anymore….when they gave swasan and raglak scenes they got 2.5 trp but now it decreased to 1.6 ….i think after this track they will loose these rating also….hmmm….but anyways i stopping this serial from today….thats y i gave biggggg comment… plz dont mind guys and request CVS for swasan and raglak scenes

  8. Iamsofianeak

    Swaragini rockssss , keep watching swaragini guys if you want to see your favourite pairs <3
    parineeta's acting is good even adarsh ! but she gets slapped every time haha
    they make a new montage for the show , you saw it or not ? swaragini pari dadi in one frame !!
    swaragini rockssss , hope swaragini win verrrry soon and return their property

  9. i didn’t see any stronger girl than helly shah..my love and respect for her increase day by day…pls guys stop bashng each othrr in insta..she too upset with her fans bashing and request them to delete that cmmnts..plz guys stp bashng eqch other..really upset by seeing that cmmnts…if i m these much upset den what abt helly..plz spread positivity..if anyone in insta plz praise ur fav..dnt bash dem….love u doll..my cutie pie hellu..

    1. Iamsofianeak

      what happened in helly’s ig ?

  10. its bcm really boring..missing swasan badly. want swasan scenes

  11. Hey I am new here. And really pari deserves a slap. Good ragini love you. Love raglak and swasan . I hate dadi the most because she was the first person who start all these drama. Second is pari who is just jealous of swaragini . But still I like her. Third is adarsh. What is yaar!!! really. I hope swaragini solve this problem quickly .

    Thanks hasan for fast update .

  12. Awesome precap and that unexpected super strong slap,i thought parineetha will roll down the stairs..Adarsha and Parineetha got the much needed slap and beats…

  13. Super ragini
    Nice slap?
    Luv u ragini…
    Super acting…

  14. Hey guyz dont stop watching. Adarsh ki asliyath kabhi bhi aa saktha hai. Dp ko treatment zaroor hoga aur uskeliye ek mystery man help karega. Aur woh man adarsh hi hoga. Adarsh ne pari ko uski asliyath dikhane keliye yeh sab kar rahi hai. Tha ki usko asli jaga dikhakar usko zindgi pe vapas aane keliye…

    1. Kya sach mein Adarsh help karega for DP’s treatment?? And is he really doing this to see Pari’s real face?? Kya tumne koi article pardha ya segment dekha?? Plzz batao na mujhe. 🙂

  15. Mica

    Swara is master of taunt… hahhahah
    ty H Hasan mam, for the update….

  16. Mica

    for all children of maheswary’s crime… this aadarsh is the worst.

  17. Looool if Sulekha is speaking for her daughter against Swaragini than what is that old hag ‘ Dadi ‘ not doing the same? I mean she claims that Ragini is the apple of her eyes if not Swara lmaooo I just dont know how writers can come up with such things like the scenes I have watched the past 2 days

  18. now no expectation from swaragini for raglak the more we expect the more we are hurt

  19. OMG what a precap loved d slap love u teju…????????

  20. I loved precap…ragini is super…..super slap….

  21. Wow I’m loving it.. Lil fast plz.. Also give raglak scene soon 🙂

  22. Hey slap is super,Rags…What happens to Surekha.????

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