Swaragini 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara and Sanskar’s conversation. Sanskar asks her to take rest. Adarsh reads Parineeta’s message to family members. Annapurna asks if you had any fight with her. Adarsh says no and says don’t know what happened? Sanskar brings Swara there. Ragini says Parineeta is not here. Swara says she will not come. Sujata says what does she think that my daughter will not marry if she is not here. Adarsh says marriage will happen grandly. Swara gets thinking. Sujata goes to get ready. Rajat comes with his fake parents. Swara looks scared. Annapurna welcomes them and ask to come inside. Rajat’s fake mum asks Swara, what happened to her? Sanskar says a car had hit on her leg while she was crossing road. Rajat says these things do happen. Ragini brings utara and makes

her sit beside Utara.

Laksh welcomes everyone for Utara’s sangeet. Ragini dances on the song Aaj hai sagai……with Laksh. Swara and Sanskar also dance on the same song. Meanwhile Swara checks her phone and goes to side. Utara looks happy. Swara looks at the God’s idol and goes to her room. Swara opens the locker and steals the money. She feels apologetic and says she has no option. Swara comes downstairs and she stumbles. Rajat holds her and asks her to beware. Ragini asks Swara why her pallu is like this. Swara makes an excuse and says she will not danc. They dance on the song Prem Ratan Dhan payo.

Swara asks Rajat’s dad about Parineeta. Rajat comes and asks for money. Swara gives him money angrily. Rajat asks her to keep mouth shut, until he marries Utara. Swara gets teary eyes seeing Parineeta tied and unconscious. Rajat says Parineeta will be fine until you keep your mum shut. Rajat shares his plan with Swara and says he had a tough time searching for the bakra. Swara goes. Parineeta tells Rajat that Swara knows everything, but she couldn’t do anything. She says I will become a good bahu and Swara will become bad. Rajat says I have a different plan. He says he will marry Utara and she will become gold laying hen. Parineeta says what about me? Rajat says I am a mastermind and will play for my benefit.

Ragini asks Swara to tell if she has any problem? She says we as Swaragini can fight together with any problem. Swara tells her that Rajat have kidnapped Parineeta. Ragini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. tooo much drama………

  2. Thank u for fast update hasan…nw swaragini ill solve t problem together tatz really great

  3. swasan scene and back hug good.. i think sanskar to suspect her… rs all show tale of two sisters so its swaragini so now they show their bonding apart that they also showing sanskar to involved in it… like previous in ssk how roli&simar solved now swaragini will do together… but sanskar also comes to know that how he comes to know that and how he react we have to see…

    1. as we know rajat double crossing pari now.. he kept her in his hostage now.. really……… have to see is pari changes after that or not…. mostly swara rescue pari and try to get mms clip also.. i think in precap sanskar will listen to swaragini conversation and bangs the door.. thats why he got injured on set… pari now trapped in her own game.. hope she come to her senses now…

  4. Thanks for the written update!!!!!

  5. Katam karo plsssss…..i want to see more swasan and raglak scenes nd not this shitty rajat scenes
    Dnt undrstand one problm gets over other starts these writers hav no better job other than doing this dumb scenes y dnt they think abt d lead pairs

  6. Lmaooo in this show how easily kidnapping is done is what gets to me ???

  7. So rajat will technically kidnap parineeta and she’ll realize that trusting rajat was wrong and than will she turn positive again after swaragini save her…?

  8. thanks for fast update. i love raglak dance. they are awesome. ragini looking really beautiful. love u teju. aww mera bachhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ragini ugly.she cant dance with she fat self.most stupid dance just shaking she flat bottom n fat belly

  9. Now that’s good..together swaragini will solve dis problem.
    Parineeta is so selfish,destroying uttu,s life for her selfish motive

  10. Thanku swara for telling d thgs to Ragini n now Swaragini will make thgs sought out…

  11. Pari apne hi gaddhe me gir padi acchha hua…rajat ne double cross kiya pari ko..ab samjh aayega bewakuf ke..ab Sanskar ko pata chalega abt rajat jb vo ragini ko batayegi..
    Swara memory loss track toh aayega but ye drama hai ya real memoy loss wo confirm nai hai..I want dis track bt I dont want swalak pair again..I want new story..& show will rock if it is real but full memory loss..hamesha ki villaingiri n unka revelation bore hota hai..isse show ek new turn milega..

  12. Thanks swara for telling ragini…

  13. Pari will now know what Rajat is and not to play with anyone’s life for your her own benefit.

  14. i knw dat rajath will double crss pari nd vahi huva…hope she will turn positive after dis…todays epi ws good….my shona lookng damn cute today..i cant take my eye off frm her….nd swasan scenes wr superb asusal..swasan back hug der care for each othr awww really dey r hevanly couple….i m really happy ki shona shared dat rajath matter with ragini…nw i m waitng for swasan mission pyari behana….swasan is best..such an adorable couple..

  15. ragini really rocked with her dance and beauty raglak is such a cute couple teju u are the best

    1. Ragini cant dance.her dance was a big flop

  16. Ab toh maa beti ki god bharai ek saath hogi !!

  17. This serail is waste
    Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi is very good serial in sony tv

  18. A sheer waste of time – this serial is going nowhere with unimaginable drama … Do us a favour, take it off the channel please …

  19. Today’s swasan hug made my day. They are so cute.only watching this show for them.and I have read somewhere that after memory loss swara will only remember shomi did a and baadi means no swalak.m really exited for memory loss track coz we can see their love story part 2. Wow just amazing single life with two love stories with same person.and I also want to swara not to know about her dad and shomi to live wid swara in dida’s home and someday talking bout her miserable days widout her dad to shomi and shekhar to listen it by hiding so that shekhar should realize DAT what he has lost?? (swara’s childhood).and sanskar’s try to woo her lady love yet again. M soooooooo exited?????????

  20. I love Swasan love their chemistry and their bond. They are great couple and looks cute and gorgeous together. Love their acting, they are my shining star. When they are on screen they sometimes gives me the goosebumps and they take my breath away with their cute scenes. Love them love them love them they are the best couple in on screen for me, they shine bright like a diamond. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks baby.? ? ?

  21. Omg swasan were looking so cute.actually they don’t need to express their feelings, their eyes itself says how much they love each other. Their chemistry is mind blowing. And today swara was lookin soooooo cuteeeee???????. But somewhere I felt that CVS gave them less importance in dance sequence. Love u swasan.???swasan rocks????

  22. if memory loss sequence will come..then it is very excited…but the sharmistha’s pregnency is very worst part of the serial…

  23. Pls give a change to raginis sarees….luk awkward

  24. Swaragini Fan

    If u dont like this show so no need to badmouth about it go and see that KRPKAB huh!!!Swara looks like an angel in this blue dress and rag s dance was really amazing. So rajat double crossess pari may now she understand and again turn +ve. Rag fans happyy now swaragini are together sabar ka fal meetha hota hai but nooooo u all start show ka naam badal do…….etc.(just joking huh!!!) waiting for tom epi yaar eagerly loved it. LOVE U, u all know whom SWARAGINI

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