Swaragini 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swara wakes up and fire scene happens to be her dream. She gets shocked and goes out of her room. Laksh asks what happened? Swara says she saw a bad dream. Sujata tells that she can’t sleep. Ram asks her to calm down. Sujata says Durga Prasad accepted his son now. He would have accepted Sanskar then also. Ram says he can’t ask for his share now. Sujata says she can’t keep quiet and will fight with Durga Prasad if Laksh comes back home. Laksh asks Swara, why you are awake till now. Swara says Dadi maa told me that she will not let this alliance happen. She tells him and a flashback is shown. Swara tells that you won’t believe me. Laksh says I believe as you never lie. Swara gets emotional. Laksh says they will find a way. He says Ragini is very understanding girl. Swara says she didn’t know the

full truth. Laksh says I told her everything. She says Dadimaa manipulated your words and told her different story. A flashback is shown that Dadimaa assuring Ragini that Laksh went to talk to his parents. Laksh says that’s why Ragini was concerned about me. Swara says she has a plan to expose Dadi. Laksh says we will expose her together, 1 +1 =11. They smile.

Ragini collides with Laksh in the morning and says sorry. Laksh says he will leave now. Ragini asks where are you going? Laksh says Omi is waiting for me. Swara is waiting for Laksh. Laksh comes there. Swara scolds him for coming late. Laksh says you are selfish. Swara says sorry. Laksh asks her to keep smiling and gives kundli. He asks her to go as Dida and Sumi might be waiting for her. Dida and Sumi searches for Kundli. Sumi searches in her cupboard. Swara comes there and shows the kundli. She says she can’t believe that Dadi can behave well.

Laksh calls Swara and asks her to meet him. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that she wants to meet Laksh. Sujata asks for his permission to meet Laksh. Ram asks her to go with Annapurna. Sujata insists to go alone. Durga Prasad agrees. Annapurna looks on.
Dadi maa comes to the pandit and gives him bribe asking to point faults in sumi’s kundli. Swara and Laksh peeps in the room. Dadi feels hot and goes to open the window. Just then Pandit ji says this marriage can’t happen. She says if this marriage happens then one will die among them. Dadi thanks him and gives money.

Sujata comes to Dadi’s house. Ragini touches her feet and greets her. Sujata talks to her rudely and badmouths about her family. Sumi interferes and asks how dare you talk to Ragini like that. Ragini says she is Laksh’s chichi. Sujata insults Sumi and says you are getting married instead of getting Ragini married. Laksh comes and asks her to stop. He asks how can you talk like that. Sujata asks him to come with her silently and apologizes to Durga Prasad. Laksh says he isn’t going anywhere and asks her to apologize to Sumi. She refuses. Laksh says he has relation with this family. Sujata says you will repent one day. She is about to fall, but Ragini holds her and asks are you fine? Laksh says let it be. Ragini says I was taught to respect elders. Sujata leaves. Dadi maa comes back and sees Sujata leaving. She asks you are here? Sujata leaves without speaking to her. Dadi thinks she has to give bad news to bengalan. Dida cries hearing kundli didn’t match.

Dida cries. Dadi maa enjoys seeing her crying. Ragini asks is there any way. Dadi says if this marriage happens, then one may die. Swara keeps her hand on Laksh’s chest and asks him to think of the moments spent in the house. He sees Swara instead and shouts stop.

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