Swaragini 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sanskar wakes up and sees sun rays falling on Swara disturbing her sleep. He stands on the way and then moves the curtains stopping the sun rays from falling on her. Swara is about to fall off from the bed, but Sanskar holds her on time. Swara opens her eyes and is shocked to see Sanskar holding her. Sanskar asks her to forget the happenings. Swara says you have betrayed me? Sanskar asks her not to insult his love and asks to forget it. He apologizes while he goes to washroom. Sujata asks Annapurna about Kul Devi’s puja. Annapurna says last time puja was done by Adarsh and Parineeta and this time Laksh and Ragini will do the puja. Durga Prasad agrees and asks about Adarsh. Annapurna says don’t know. Adarsh asks Parineeta not to go. Parineeta says I will not stop and takes her baggage. She apologizes

to Annapurna and Durga Prasad requesting them to give her permission to go to her mum’s house. Adarsh asks for a chance to rectify her mistake. Ragini asks Parineeta not to leave house and forgive Adarsh. She says I accept that he did a big mistake, but he is apologizing to you from his heart. She says there is nothing more than her husband for a woman. Swara says woman’s self esteem is more than anything else. She says how can she forgive Adarsh easily?

Ragini says you want her to leave? Swara says I am asking her to stay back as she has equal right on this house as Adarsh. She says it should be Bhabhi’s decision to forgive him or not. She says there is a respect between husband and wife, which Adarsh have lost it. She asks Parineeta to give a chance to Adarsh. Annapurna asks what do you want to say? That Parineeta should go and widen the distance between them. Swara says no, and says she is asking Parineeta to stay back on her conditions. She says it should be her decision to forgive Adarsh only when she is sure. She tells Parineeta that solution can be taken out if they are together. Parineeta agrees with Swara, and says she wants to give a chance to Adarsh, but can’t forgive him for now. Durga Prasad agrees with Parineeta and tells Swara that he likes her suggestion. Ragini is shocked and tensed.

Dadi and Shekhar talk with each other. She asks where did bengalan go? Sumi says she went to Maasi’s house. Shekhar tells Sumi that he will do breakfast outside. Sumi says shall I send breakfast? Shekhar says no need. Sumi calls Shekhar and falls down. Shekhar comes back hearing the voice and calls Mishti…..He holds her and says she has high fever. Ragini tells Laksh that it is last chance for her to expose Swara’s marriage truth. She says until Swara is here, we can’t move our relation to next level. She says I thought you will bring smile on my face, and that’s why……..Laksh says I will fulfill my promise for sure and asks her to bring box. She opens it and sees a watch inside it. Laksh asks her to forward her hand and makes her wear watch. Ragini looks happy. Laksh says I liked it so bought for you. Ragini says I really liked it and thanks him with a hug. She thinks this is Krishna’s sign that her good time has started.
Laksh refuses to sit in the puja citing urgent meeting.

Sujata asks Annapurna to sit with Durga Prasad. Laksh says Sanskar and Swara will sit for puja. Swara gets up shockingly. Annapurna agrees. Swara says what you are saying? She says Annapurna wants you to sit with Ragini. Laksh says you both are married so what is the problem. Sanskar says I do have a meeting too. Laksh asks Sanskar to cancel his meeting and says there is nothing more than family. Sanskar says I can’t and asks him to cancel his meeting. Laksh asks him to accept the truth and says you both are not married. Sanskar asks him not to start again. Laksh says you have started it and I will end it. Annapurna asks them to stop fighting. Sanskar says you are wrong as I filled Swara’s maang infront of all. Laksh says how can I forget your cheap work. He suggests Annapurna to get them married before the puja, so that this thing ends for all.

Sujata tells marriage is not a joke and it happens once only. Ragini says we didn’t see their marriage though. She tells Annapurna that Swara is her sister and everyone will be happy seeing them married. She says everyone got chance to attend my marriage, but they got married without informing others. Swara says but. Annapurna says Ragini is right and declares that Swara and Sanskar will marry before the Kul Devi pooja. Ragini thanks Annapurna and hugs Swara saying she is very happy. She tells Swara that she will do all the arrangements and then may be Sanskar might forgive her. Laksh says I will go.

Doctor checks Sumi and tells he will send someone to take blood sample for test. Dadi says tomorrow she has to go somewhere and asks to send lab guy some other day. Shekhar asks why did you stop him. Dadi says she has to go to marriage tomorrow. Sumi asks whose marriage? Dadi says Maheshwari family are getting Swara and Sanskar marriage. Sumi is shocked. Dadi taunts her. Sujata is tensed and says you both can’t marry in life. She asks Sanskar not to marry Swara under any circumstances. She tells I don’t have any problems with you and don’t want a bengali bahu. Swara says it is okay mum. Sujata says we don’t have a way out. Ragini didn’t leave any way for us. Ragini comes and says I have closed all the door. You will lose in all circumstances. She says if they accept that their marriage is fake, then the family will throw Swara out of house. She says then Laksh will accept her love. She says if they got married then their lie will become truth, then Laksh will remove thought of loving Swara from his heart and I will become his support. She tells Swara that you can’t do anything now, and asks what you will do tomorrow.

Sumi calls Swara. Ragini tells Dadi might informed maa about your marriage and asks them to drink tea. She says you have 24 hours to think, and I will go for making the arrangements of my sister’s wedding which will happen with all the rituals. Swara takes Sumi’s call and says yes……..Laksh packs her stuff. Ragini asks him to stop and says she wants him to see their marriage truth coming out. She asks if he has meeting to attend or he can’t see Swara getting married to Sanskar. Laksh says I can’t see Swara marrying Sanskar, and I can’t bear their face. He says I can’t bear all this. Ragini says I am afraid that they will start a new drama to stop the wedding. She then hears Sujata’s voice calling Annapurna. Sujata tells Annapurna that Sumi is unwell, so that’s why she is sending Swara to take care of Sumi. Annapurna says you can go, and says I will ask Laksh to cancel the meeting. She asks Swara to go to her mum’s house. Ragini and Laksh see Annapurna asking Swara to go.

Ragini tells Swara that she brought Sumi home, so that she stays with her. She says she will do her marriage arrangement now without any worry. Laksh gets kidnapped. Sanskar tells Ragini that he got Laksh’s kidnapped and asks her to accept her wrong doings infront of all. Ragini is shocked.

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  1. sanju

    swaragini: swara wins the family’s trust after bringing ouy aadarsh’s truth.. ragini gets worried seeing swara love by all…

  2. Radha

    Ragini was proved wrong by Swara and everyone agreed that..But no one said anything to Ragini. Why???? She is a liar…

  3. sanju

    swargaini: swara is made to perform all wedding rituals against her wish. swara hopes laksh finds the entire truth and stops her marriage. swara does not love sanskaar, whereas he truly loves swara. ragini gifts the bridal dress to swara. she wishes swara and sanskaar unite, so that laksh can move on and accept ragini. ragini is excited to get swara married to sanskaar and she is doing all arrengements happily for her sister. ragini is the root of all problems. ragini knows sanskaar genuinely loves swara and wants swarato be off her way. ragini is happy as things are happening as per her plan, but swara has also got smart being with ragini.

  4. sandya

    Today in saas bahu and sadish it was shown ragini will kidnap sumi and black mail swara to get married to sanskar, other side sanskar will be worried for swara has Will be waiting for laksh to come stop the marriage btw him and swara, writers please do not separate swara and sanSkar, if she goes back to laksh that will the last episod Then trp will go

  5. s

    this week sanskaar kidnaps laksh, where ragini kidnaps sharmistha. mehandi cermony happeingand swara tell half truth and whe she came to maheshwarii house and tells about her fake marriage.. is laksh believes her??? is swasan wedding happens or not?? is swasan wedding happens… ?? swara told she is waiting for laksh and stops marriage.. is swalak united??

  6. anu

    is swasan will get married or swalak happend?? confusion about all this please clear me with whom swara will live sanskar or lakshya?? .. this week full drama only ab pata nahi is din kitne din chalega? 1 week or 2weeks??

  7. v

    i saw there (swasan) in wedding attire pic.. is there marriage happend or lakshy stops them… swara is fighting with sanskar now.. what is happening.. its total confusing story.. i want to see swara with sanskaaronly not with laksya,.. as she said she came there to only expose ragini truth and unite her parents,, but ragini is doing something else.. what is going to happen now.

  8. jyo

    please tel me laksh knows about the truth or not? is there marriage happen?? want to see swasan together… please cvs unite swasan and this is rs show the already ragya paired so they wont seperate.. want swasan together…… i thought sujatha changed but she tells she dont want bengali bahu.. what will happen now??

  9. alku

    Whats happening in this drama???
    Pehale laksh kidnapped swara..then sanskar kidnapped ragini (but they together did it)..and now…????? ragini is going to kidnap sharmishta and sanskar laksh ko….sab bakwas….

  10. Pri

    If swara and laksh are reunited that will b the last episode of this serial
    As already ragini and laksh are marrie d and laksh insulted swara very much
    He nor trusted her
    But sanskaar he always trusted swara and his love for her is genuine n he is very caring for her
    May b swaras Mrg will nt hpn but I think she will not marry laksh bcz she always told that she nvr want to separate raglak
    So even if chance comes and even laksh pleads her she won’t marry laksh

  11. amna


  12. rosy

    Wow wow wow…swara laksh wen fell in love wid u despite being engaged to rags u called him a bad person(bura insaan)
    and wen sanskar is in love wid u u r calling him a betrayer…..if u really support truth b wid it….wen it is true dat laksh called u characterless,,, it is also true dat sanskar have told his truth to let u win….
    However sanskar plz u b true to swara to let her go wen she wants to leave u….i hope she wud undrstand ur unconditional love…
    Writers it very very crucial to show dat there is a difference between the love of laksh(immature and sanskar(unconditional)….

  13. R

    But that kidnapping of laksh will not happen tomorrow.
    Hpns may b nxt week
    They have a habit of showing cling weeks promo
    so I hope at dusshera everything will b reveald hope so
    Dadi she is such a waste fellow she says lado agar ttumne galat kiya tho mein tughe punish karoongi
    But y the hell does she does wring with sharmista?
    She also needs to b punished
    She is also wicked like ragini chi chi

  14. sweety

    wow…that 1st sceen was superb…its so loving….i want swara sanskar together…plz…..swasan marrrid them…i like that serial very much…i knw its fuly drama and al…bt i like that way to go…i just to see swaksan only….ty r so cute…and best toeach other.. i wish this marriage will happen…and swasan together always..because sanskar deserve swara not laksh.

  15. Ishani

    God this serial….wht wl happen nw???i want swasan get married…plz swara love sanskaar..n frgt dt bullshit lakhsya.he dnt evn trust u ..n is promising ragini day by day dt he ll keep her happy,also gift sift v de rha he..huh..wht typ of charactr is ds ,loving smone else n promisi smone else..huh…sanskar atlst he trust her…n being a past loving exp..he fell in lv wt swara..so pls swara excpt his lv..n sujata stop mkng diffrnce btwn bengali n marwari ,..hindu is hindu ..

  16. riya

    oh god wot is happening in this serial…. r u fooling us… full of unnecessary twists and dramas… ts a kidnapping story… wots that… will swasan unite?????… whether laksh knows all the truth or he is acting???…. swara I iike u.

    but nowadays u r oversmart..y u rejecting sanskar… he did all that things for u…. if he is not there u couldn’t do anything…. some reviews says swara and laksh will unite… wot is this writers doing…. r u all playing with emotions… I thought this will be a different love story… but I was wrong… this is like all the other dramas…. hate this nowadays… I am watching this serial only to see swara ans sanskar’s moments.if they didn’t unite or swalak happens I will stop watching this serial. and I am damn sure that trp will come ver low…. so pls… unite swasan they r very cute

  17. Reeta

    This serial s having high trp nw becos f d Swasan track,please don’t drag the serial n also don’t show the same promo for a week like it happened last time..love- hate relationship s interesting to watch bt too much of drama s intolerable and serial will lose its viewers. End of Swasan track if it happens then it is end of the serial

  18. nira

    swasan scene z gd bt d story z getting worse dey strtd to prv dat dis shw z frm d sm makers of sns n ssk it is prvng dat it is a rs shw with rubbish storyline n dumy male leads laksh has becom brainless dummy n i am sure sanskar will turn dummy after sometime

  19. ADELE( Anu)

    Y is shona not accepting sanskar??? I mean its OK that it is difficult for her to fall in love with him, but sanskar is not forcing her na?! M really feeling sad for sanskar………..????
    Poor sanskar! He did so much for her n she is ignoring him…………..plz shona accept sanskar’s love……….coz his love is true…………..pleaseeee

    • ADELE( Anu)

      It’s coz of sanskar only that shona has passed all the hurdles………I m really scared that sankar doesn’t turn negative after all this…..

    • ?minnie?

      How can u say that anu….. v all kno what’s going on swara and u are saying her to fall in love… like seriously… do u think if anything like this happens on a girl then she will easily move on ???u said its difficult but don’t u think the faith of love is now no more on swara..ur pov is wrong in pov

  20. Avani

    Two brothers fell for one girl and two sisters fell for one boy….

    no matter what….i want swara and sanskar together… Laksh is a cheapo…he cant understand swara.. he keeps on taunting swara but keeps on saying that he still loves her… Sanskar’s love for swara is true as he is supporting her in all modes of her life…

  21. R

    I feel swara will not marry laksh Bt if she marries him that would b the worst thing ever happen
    anyone doesn’t marry a person who insults her, and who blames her character with no trust
    Yep swara says to parineeta that there should b a self respect so by this I think swara will nt marry laksh
    Any sujata Wt a woman she is?
    she has no rights to choose her bahu her son loves her truly and his happiness should count for her not Bengali bahu or Marwari bahu
    I bet if swara and laksh are reunited serial ratings would drastically decrease for sone time

  22. rosy

    Want SWARA AND SANSKAR TO GET TOGETHER….plz plz plz swara u only told abt selfrespect of a girl so plz dont let dat down by marrying dat fellow who doesnt trust u…even if dat happens wont u wl let urself down on sanskar’s eyes???
    Wen he is ready to accept any punishment for his past deeds does truly he deserves swalak together….is there no chance dat laksh might blame swara again (if sumthng happens) since da trust is broken and he wud always doubt swara wen once doubt is there….there wud nt b full trust between swalak….

    Arrey yaar show sum love not revenge and hatred.,show sum romantic scenes of SWASAN

  23. Appy

    we dnt want to c any love sceen btw ragini & laksh. pls stop this. ragini ki sach sabke samne lao. aur laksh us ragini ko ghar se nikal de aur hate kare.

    • ?minnie?

      Yeah that’s the best cuz I don’t want swasan to happen…. they will be ok for me as bro sis on and off screen but couple is so yuck

  24. Kat

    Totally agree with u Appy!!! That Raglak scene was ddisgusting!!!! And I wanted to slap both Ragini & Laksh after seeing their satisfied smirks when Annapurna agreed to get Swara and Sanskaar married before the puja. Raglak is a totally screwed up couple!!!!!! ????

  25. ?minnie?

    I feel my shona is also wrong i mean she says that laksh didn’t trusted her so she will not go back to him but what about her own baba huh??? He toh broke her n sumi’s trust many times so y she wants her so called baba back in her n sumi’s life…?? Laksh trusted her many times in fact many times the situation was against her but still he supported her but what bout shekhar he never trusted her…. never even when ragini’s accident happened he didn’t even let shons speak for once he kept on accusing her when she was not at fault it was ragini only who ran away like maniac…. u all are blaming laksh!!! Like seriously?? M not saying that he was not at fault but m saying that he was not only the one who was not at fault cuz even it was swara’s fault n of course how can I forgot the root of this mess blo*dy b*t*h ugly phsyco ragini!! it was shona’s fault to trust shekhar many times…..

    PS: Bashers be away.!!!!! Dare if anyone under my comment uses abusive language or harsh words cuz I won’t tolerate it

    • Kat

      Yeah minnie I also feel that if Swara is ready to forgive that good for nothing baba of hers then Laksh definitely deserves a second chance too coz he was the biggest victim in all these chaos. But these days his snarky remarks are bit too much!!!!!!

    • ?minnie?

      Yeah ik kat it’s too much but if are given 90% love n 10% hatred from a person v love then can v ever stop loving that person remembering 10% of hatred in front of 90% love no na ??v won’t stop loving that person… so same situation is of swalak…. hope u understood it 🙂

      • Kat

        Yeah minni I get it. Thatz y Swara doesn’t say a single thing when Laksh insults her and she always keeps saying to Sanskaar that Laksh talks that way coz he thinks Swara betrayed him. Underneath all her brave talk that she doesn’t love Laksh anymore I think she still loves him deeply!!!!!??? Bt what to do Swasan marriage is gonna happen!!!!????

    • Shelly

      I get ur point. I dnt wnt shekhar n sumi union. Its not fair. He broke swara’s mother’s trust when it ws mst required. I m against swalak also coz Laksh ws totally at fault. Hw cn he nt wait fr swara? Rags put on d drama bt he cud hv handeled it some other way. He cud hv askd hr to wait fr swara to clear out things bt no he married hr. It ws a tst of his love his trst which he failed badly… I want swasan cz sanskar is a chngd prsn nw n wid wits. So Swara deserves a guy wid brains… This tym is not at fault fully as hw cd he nt trst ragini whom he brought up? Bt again he shud hv treated swaragini equally.

  26. Archies

    Yayyyy!!!!!Swara and Sanskar will get married Laksh will not be able to stop the wedding… Its said that Sanskar will get up from mandap and say that he will tell everyone the truth as he don’t want to marry her like this but Swara stops him as Ragini has kidnapped her mom. They get married…

  27. Reeta

    Good news for all Swasan fans,swasan got married,today’s sbs segment,thank you writers,Swasan pair is just awesome,waiting for more swasan scenes.

  28. kirti

    Hey archies & reeta , r u sryly saying dat swasan got married?? is it true??coz i dint watchd sbs fr a long tym

  29. Everyone plz don’t b happy or sad bcoz in the end sanskar will fall for rag n it will b swalak.
    I saw d interview yesterday on youtube
    But I want it to b swasan

  30. arnesh

    y dis rashmi sharma productions make serials only based on 2 sisters…..SNS( cousin sisters)….SSK( own sisters)…..SG( step sisters) marrying in the same family

  31. ADELE( Anu)

    @minnie(prads) dear, I too want swalak n not swasan………I mean I juz like swasan………n I luv swalak!

    I juz meant that shona shud at least talk wid him nycly na…….coz after wat all sanskar has done for swara,he at least deserves that?? Yeah I accept my way of saying was not correct…….sorry for that…….but wat I meant was this……!Even I know it very well that swara has always loved laksh n will love him only……………….

    I juz want shona to speak to sanskar…..

    • ADELE( Anu)

      N yes, prads, yaar u know na that I love swalak only. …….that tym I was really upset wid laksh…….coz he is juz hurting shona lyk anything!!!
      N I was really feeling bad for sanskar….

      M not saying that shona shud fall for sanskar……..n after all this, no girl will have that strength to start over again………….

      But is sanskar soo bad that he doesn’t even deserve swara’s frndship?????
      Ya, i know sanskar has made it a lill difficult now, but can’t he get one chance in return to wat all he has done???

  32. ADELE( Anu)

    By saying this-” shona shud accept sanskar’s love” I mean to say, that shona shud accept the respect that sans has for her………the care that he has for her…..,………..
    I didn’t mean that she shud love him!

  33. Matendo pharida

    Guys airing swaragini pls try to put e english wordings at night bse there is no time of watching e repeatation e next day

  34. Guest

    ongoing track of Colors serial “Swaragini” it is seen that Ragini has brainwashed Lakshya to get Swara and Sanskaar get married with proper rituals before the Kul Devi Puja.

    Swara and Sanskaar try hard to avoid the marriage, but fail thanks to Ragini’s efforts to get them married at any cost.

    Lakshya tells Ragini that though he wants to find out if Swara and Sanskaar are married or not, but he will be unable to see the wedding rituals of Swara and Sanskaar.

    When Swara gives her mother’s ill health as excuse to avoid the marriage, Ragini gets Shona (Sharmistha) to Maheshwari house.

    Now, in the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Sanskaar will kidnap Lakshya and blackmail Ragini to reveal her truth to everyone.

    But Ragini does not give up and hides Sharmistha in the house to blackmail Swara to get married to Sanskaar else she will harm her mother.

    Later, it will be seen that Swara will reveal Ragini’s truth to Lakshya and tell him to believe her if he ever truly love her.

    Later, it is seen that Swara is dressed as a Bengali bride, while Sankaar is dressed as marwadi bridegroom for the wedding.

    Swara waits for Lakshya to come and stop Sankaar and her marriage. As the pheras will begin, Swara will be desperately looking for Lakshya to come and stop the marriage, but he fails to reach in time.

    Swara and Sanskaar will finally get married for real while Ragini will be happy that now Lakshya will be hers forever after this marriage.

    Ragini will think that no one can separate her from Lakshya.

    What happens next? What will Lakshya do now? Well, there’s so much drama ins tore for the viewers.

  35. Guest

    I literally hate this serial now.they are promoting success of evil over goodness. I officially will stop watching this. I literally started crying reading this. Very bad .

  36. Madhu

    I think…it will be…swasan in the end….rembmber….whn sanskar filled swara’s maang…and Laksh pushed him….and dat sindoor box…was fallen down….swara ran to take it….coz I think sindoor ka gir jaana…ashubh mana jaata hai….and uske baba aa jate hain…jinse aashirwaad bhi le leti hai….

    It will be swasan….

  37. Pri

    Yes in this serial always evil wins
    Swara even if wins her victory would b fr a short tym.
    Always happiness will b at the door of ragini
    I hope laksh should believe swara and reveal raginis truth infront of everyone
    And mainly ragini should suffer for her deeds
    So for dis dussehra swasans Mrg will hpn and raginis truth may come out atleast infront of laksh

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