Swaragini 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Swara that he loves her and needs to be smart as he wants to stay with her. He says I have done mistakes in childhood but not now. I love you since I was a child…..Swara pats on his cheeks. Nikhil says you are beating me, and says it is kalyug. Sanskar fumes in anger and gets jealous. Swara asks you are joking even now. Nikhil says I wasn’t joking and tells that he was far from her but felt as if he was always near. He talks about Swara and Sanskar. Swara gets emotional. Ragini tells Shekhar that although she is far from Laksh, but their hearts are together, she says my heart says that he is fine perfectly. Nikhil comes and says you said right. He says I won’t go until your believe comes true. He keeps hand on her shoulder. Shekhar brushes off his hand and

asks where he will stay? Nikhil says he will stay there, as he has no home. Shekhar asks have you gone mad and asks him not to increase their troubles. Nikhil says I am Swara’s friend. Sumi says let him stay here.

Swara tells Nikhil will help them in their business. Shekhar goes. Nikhil tells Swara that she has embarrassed him, and tells that he is more innocent than Ayush. Ragini laughs heavily hearing him. Swara is happy and says she has seen Ragini laughing after many months. Shekhar asks Sumi, how can she let Nikhil stay here. Sumi asks him to calm down, and says we will take care of our daughters. Shekhar doesn’t like Nikhil.

Sanskar sees his pic with Swara and recalls Nikhil confessing his love to Swara. He gets jealous and takes wine. Sujata comes and asks did you start drinking in day time too, and blames Swara. Sanskar says I don’t want to talk about Swara. Sujata asks him to come with her and tells that they have sent some stuff. Sanskar says he will go and talk to them. Sujata says you will not go. Sanskar assures her that nothing is left in their relation now, and says he won’t let his relation affect Uttara’s marriage. Sujata asks him to be careful else Uttara’s life will be ruined. Gayatri calls Sujata and asks if the arrangements is done. Sujata says yes, all arrangements have been done. Gayatri tells her that guests have come. She reminds Sujata if she will give 50 Lakhs tomorrow. Sujata assures that the money is ready. Gayatri presses her husband legs, and tells that she has trapped rich family. Her husband says 50 Lakh is just starting and plan to demand more money from them.

Sumi serves snacks to them. Ragini says she will go to caterer. Nikhil says he will also come. Swara asks delivery guy to keep the lehenga there. She thinks it will look good on Uttara. She takes its snap and sends to Utara. Uttara likes it and messages her back. Swara smiles. Sumi comes and asks Swara to be careful while working in Maheshwari house. Swara says nothing is changed for me, I love Sanskar even now. Swara asks Sumi not to worry and says I will return just as Laksh returns home. Sumi says I hope it is not late. Swara gives lehenga to Sumi and asks her to keep. She sees Sanskar standing and thinks it is her imagination. She slips and falls in his arms. All the papers fall over them from her hand. They have an eye lock.

Sanskar reminds Swara that she is just wedding planner here and asks her not to fulfill relations. Later Swara dances on Diwani hogayi song. Gayatri makes her wear notes garland. Sanskar is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this gayatri!!!!!!!! i’m gonna kill her she is making a fool of innocent sujata
    precap is gonna be a bomb don’t know what sanskar will do now loved today’s swasan scene
    its high time cvs should atleast show us in which condition laksh is
    not really liking this sanskar loved the previous cute sanskar

    it is just my guess that maybe there is a chance of uttara and nikhil’s wedding there is a chance don’t want to see nikhil as negative but don’t know what will happen here every new character is bad first sanskar then kavita then rajat then sahil then now maybe nikhil

    1. Manjula20

      Myna I also read it in fb that Nikhil will marry Uttara and Laksh will start his shoot next week, I also want that cute Sanskar

  2. Manjula20

    ????? kaun tha voh lady badi aayi meri Swara ko pareshaan karne wali
    Mann toh karta hai aankhon mein mirchi lagaake uski whole body jalaa doon????
    Uttara ki mother in law tum outsider ho aur outsider hi raho humhare Swasan ki beech mat aana tu

  3. Neera

    What the hell ??? I really wanna kill tat stupid idiot dumb nonsense irritating gayatri…. how dare she puts money garland on my swara ?????? She s being humiliated again in front of all….this is the high time for maheshwari family to save swara’s respect…. swara was the one who brought their shelter… she was d one who always stood by their side…. she was d one to ruin the person who insults maheshwari family…. i seriously wanna see sanskar’s reaction !!! Even now if he doesnt react it will be a very big disappointment for me…. how can see his own wife being made a dancer n those peo put money garland ???
    Pls sanskar how much ever u both fight she s ur wife…. i wish ragini was there tat time…. she would have atleast comforted swara….. i heard she ll leave in d middle following a veiled woman….
    N y the hell shekar doesnt like nikhil ???? I really think tat there s some connection btw nikhil and ragini !!! I jus feel so….
    Anyhow i want my swasan to reunite !!! Love u swasan umaaaaaaahhhhhh <3

    1. Sanskar will try to stop gayatri but sujata will stop him from doing so.i saw in upcoming scene video

      1. Neera

        Really ?????????? I literally hate tat sujatha….. money minded idiot….she s not fit to be a mother…. jus hate her…..

  4. Nidhi

    Remember shekhar didn’t like Laksh also at times and Ragini laughed finaly someone made her happy like this. Don’t know what Cv’s will make you nikhil but thanq for making ragu Happy ab toh Rashmi phir kuch karegi so all the best

  5. Raina

    missed todays episode . just wish everything gets solved soon and
    swasan and raglak gets united

  6. Think so Nikhil will fall for Ragini only not swara

  7. Scooby

    So its clear bolt dat gayatri family is cheapster.. thy r gonna trap them. And pity uttara and feel sorry for her bcz hr marriage is gonna break again. May b nikil ur gonna b would be husband of uttara. Whi knows wt CvZ have planned..
    to all the swaragianians….

    Diwali is all about ritual bonding, of a belief that that good will forever triumph over evil for dark night must always make way for morning light every day. Wishing you a happy Diwali!


    Aur Gayatri? Lemme not start about her. I’ll rant a lot if I start.

    Tysm for the update. Swasan scene was amazing. Missing the cute sweet little boy Sanskar Maheshwari. Mr. Khadoos is not suiting him

  9. I have doubt …is nikhil is laksh?

    1. rekha vaghela

      Me too feeling same. He wants to patch swasan again

  10. I feel nikil is laksh. Both r same… Namish is going to quit swaragini….. If it’s really truth, I’m never going to watch this show.

    1. Mica

      nope… Namish will take shoot this week

    2. Sammykapoor

      no its not true…namish starts shooting from next week

      1. best news… I hope he will get back soon… n swasan unison track starts… n I really wish he will not leave the show… I m a swasan fan but that doesn’t mean that I hate raglak… I love them too but not more than swasan… n I only want to see swasan n raglak as pair…..

  11. Goddd…precap..what a crap..
    Gayatri makes swara wear garland shit…this time if Sanskar doesn’t say something na then I am sure I am gonna hate his character….Please cvs I don’t want to hate my Sanskar….

  12. Awwwww the precap precap precap…….the only thing which I don’t like in this swaragini serial the director very well knows to show wrong precap scenes……one precap for so many days I was waiting for sanskar to say go marry nikhil blaa blaa blaa……and too show one situation in many angles and reduce the run time……..But yar swara said SHE JUST CAME TO SUPPORT HER SISTER BUT ITS SANSKAR WHO MADE IT EGO PROBLEM…….God I don’t understand if she wants to support her sister she can even tell sanskar and go instead of making fun of him to be frank any one will get angry in that situation and JUST BECAUSE LAKSH IS MISSING EVERYBODY IS BLAMING SANSKAR……THAT BCOZZ OF HIM LAKSH IS MISSING YARRRR BOTH OF THEM ARE EQUALLY PUNISHABLE AND LAKSH IS MISSING SO SYMPATHY TO LAKSH AND PAIN TO SANSKAR…..HOO WAHH WAHH and I can say that if sanskar is missing ragini will not say anything to LAKSH…….and Yarr this swara can forgive her sister for anything but not sanskar……..I don’t know to whom support but it was started by swara but it will end only when sanskar again starts loving swara……..but I LOVE SANSKAR

    1. sanskar never stopped loving Swara… he still loves her….n even swara loves him…
      but some misunderstanding are there which will be cleared… u don’t worry dear….
      u should support swasan… not swara n sanskar separately….
      we r Swasanians n we should support our swasan….


      1. Yep agree????

    2. Mica

      She blamed him as he fail being elder brother of Laksh, didn’t you get that point ?
      let’s me explain, Swara is elder of Ragini, Sanskar is elder of Laksh..
      what Swara’s want was, Sanskar will handle Laksh in mature way, not went against Laksh and tried to kill him… that why she said it’s Sanskar’s ego problem.
      Ragini ever try to kill Swara, but as elder, Swara forgave her, and now Ragini become a good person.

      Don’t you ever think what happen if Laksh die by Sanskar ? Sanskar is the one who suffered most by his guilty feeling, and Swara knew it as she know that Sanskar loves Laksh too.

      Swara forgave Ragini because she is the victim, not others, did you remember that she can slapped Ragini for her distrust to her Sanskar.

      Until today, between Swara and Sanskar, it’s only Swara who admit that she was wrong, she is wrong, she ready to get punishment, but Sanskar ??hmm…
      i know you love only Sanskar.. that why you didn’t see his mistake..

      don’t compare Ragini’s love with Swara’s love,…because Swara prefer to support her partner in RIGHT thing, not in everything….

      1. Yep…. May be I like sanskar that’s why I can’t see his mistake but not all mistakes done by him even sanskar says sorry to swara……when swara says he covers that by saying that payar aur dosthi ma no sorry no thank you…. remember that……may be both are equally responsible for their present situation…….and aaa I can see sanskar mistakes but I can see some where or other what ever swara do just for being mahannn…..may u feel I know u r swara fan….. sorry for that

      2. Mica

        may you see as i’m swara fans, but for me, doing good thing or maahan (sorry i dunno the exact meaning) is good, always good…and i’ll support it..
        but i can also bash her if she did wrong thing…
        for me they both did equal wrong, but there is something made me choose Swara over Sanskar.. SHE ADMITTED THAT SHE IS WRONG….no matter how big or how small the mistake, if you feel guilty, it’s most valuable feeling since feeling guilty mean that you know the mistake, that you can beat your ego….

      3. was this for me… n if yes then when did I say that Swara was at fault… I m saying that nobody is at fault…

    3. Sammykapoor

      i saw in upcoming scene…sanskar try to stop gayatri… but sujata stops him

      1. Mica

        Swaragini spoiller:
        Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) revolt Gayatri for insulting Swara (Helly Shah) amid guests as Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) get shocked in Swaragini:
        In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Swara and Sanskaar in the daily soap.Swara and Ragini dance upon the item number of a popular hindi song and this makes Sanskaar smile a little for Swara.But Gayatri could not bear this silence amid the function and insults Swara by putting notes garland in Swara’s neck to the astonishment of Swara and Ragini.Sanskaar could not hold back his anger for Gayatri insulting Swara and immediately takes Swara’s side and starts shouting at Gayatri for her act.Ragini happy eyeing as Sanskaar is moving towards SwaraIn the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Ragini and Sanskaar in the ongoing serial.Ragini is very happy with the fact that at last Sanskaar’s emotions rised eyeing Swara’s insult.It would be very interesting to watch to how would Ragini get success in uniting Swara-Sanskaar? Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line

      2. Mica

        uugghh.. it’s from serialgossip

    4. I am sorry for replying in this way i know everyone have their personal point of view and their opinion but i wanna tell you one thing plz dont mind ok….. swara is supporting her sister ok that’s fine.you really felt that sanky is reason behind for lakshya missing? I thought he felt guilty for his stupid things.ok we accept that sanky is reason for lakshya missing but says sorry to swara and begs her give one another chance she doesnt give to him. ok swara is supporting her sister that means you can do injustice to another one HE REALLY LOVES SAWARA MADLY WHA

      1. Mica

        it’s Ok vyshu…. why you said that Sanskar is the reason of Laksh missing ?
        well , if it’s not ego…
        what you will call when Sanskar threatened Swara about his life ?
        what you will call when Sanskar refuse to listen Swara (in phone) ?
        what you will call when Sanskar said that even if he saved, they will separated ?
        what will you call when Sanskar tried to kill his brother from behind ?
        what you will call when Sanskar said that he will punish Swara ?
        by word “punishment” mean Sanskar blaming Swara only, he didn’t even feel that he has mistake also.
        what will you call when Sanskar said that he don’t want unite their name ?
        for me,… it’s ego, i dunno what you call.. is that love ?

      2. Mica

        actually, for me both have ego problem….but i can’t control myself to see people blame Swara only but didn’t see Sanskar’s mistake

  13. Silent_writer

    I will kill gaytri how can she fp that with shona huhhh n yeah loved ragnik finalky ragu seems happy n she says crrct raglak are connected n awww sanky jealoud heheheh looking damn cute but drinking is not gud u should avoiddd???

  14. idon’t like the relation between the actors off-screen , bc of varun’s wife vahe didn’t give any interviwee since long , teju too bc of the rumours about her relation ship with namish ! it’s unfaire and read that they didn’t give impo to helly when she requested for a hot water wt* !! helly is the most lovely actress in ii even in moyen-orient ! she shud neglage her co-actors

  15. gayatri just one time meet me i m sure that I will kill u.. how dare u do that… n if now that Sujata spoke anything against Sara then she will also accompany her to nark..n sanskar at least now support Swara… that gayatri is a chepo crap… n I want ragini n sanskar to support swara…

    n coming to today’s episode….
    sanskar ‘s jealousy n swasan moments were just amazing… totally loved it….

  16. n CVS Diwali has came… will u again neglect all the festivals…
    I don’t understand why you neglect festivals…
    festivals brings happiness… n sooo many cute moments u can add in festivals…
    swaragini missing their husbands on karvachauth… remembering their moments… season sweet n cute plus Tashan moments n many more…
    please it’s a request don’t neglect festivals….

    n may u all… my friends n CVS n the cast of swaragini have a happy deepawali….

  17. Fairy

    Aweww!!!nikhil thnku thnku thnku sooo much for making my ragz smile 🙂 … swasan scene ws nyc 🙂 …stilll waitng for laksh …huff!!!dnt know wen i cn see raglak scenes ????….
    #n guyz nikhil is nt laksh…laksh”ll soon come back….love u tejasswi more den nythng 😉 😉

  18. Manoj chandila is the new entry for uttara..

  19. Thank u H.Hasan so much. This episode is like a bright star in the sky…
    I TOTALLY LOVE YOU….YET YOU STILL GOING TO MAKE US ANGRY…u always sacrifice for others…they don’t deserve it honey…I don’t know what will happen in engagement party…I don’t want to watch the episode because they all are going to humiliate you.
    SElfish sujata I think that u have a man whose happiness is as important as ur daughter.

  20. MICA I too love sanskar…i can’t ap him yaar…but just think that what he said was all crap… but don’t worry I m not gonna slap him….
    n MINI spying your wife is not at all cheap… he will do that because he is jealous… he is insecure… so what’s cheap in this… in fact it is soooooooo cuteeee…. jealous sanskar wowwwww…..

    1. Mica

      whaatttt ??? huh! i can’t use my hammer on you then… 🙁 🙁 😛 😛
      yeeahh,,, Sanskar loves Swara soo much, i love man’s jealousy.. he will do something funny when jealous..

      1. yes u can’t use ur hammer…
        n yes jealousy track will be best…sanskar being jealous sounds so good….
        so can we be friends…

    2. Mica

      whaattttt frieenddd ? we are family adity.. swasanians.. aaawww :3
      hmmm.. above ? it’s not for you…

      1. yuppp we r a family… n HAPPY DIWALI to all..
        I wish may god fulfil all of ur’s wishes n keep our swasan together forever so that we can be together forever like a family… love u all… happy deepawali…

  21. She falls in his arms and they both have eye lock has become favourites of all Indian drama’s. ?????? In Swaragini theyve had more eye locks then actual romance !

  22. Mica

    Thank you H. Hasan mam for update….love you…
    YIPPIIIEEEEE! Swara confess her love for her husband, no matter what she loves him, she loves him, she loves him…..and Sanskar came kinda ghost, silhouette hahahhahah…
    this jealous Sanskar, but didn’t waste time to save his lady love, to touch her waist,,,
    gooosshhh *butterfly in stomach
    Sujatha mom, i understand your pain to see your son in pain..but you give more pain to him.
    Nikhiiilll… go..go..goo….break this Shekar 😀 😀 😀
    Swaragini always be Swaragini, Ragini trust for Swara
    Swara tears of happiness only to see Ragini’s laugh…

  23. I think Nikhil will fall for Ragini, but Laksh will come back ?

    1. Sammykapoor

      i also thinks same

      1. Me too

  24. Happy Diwali to all swaragini fans

  25. Aasthu

    I was under the apprehension that after the leap this show will be positive………but it seems it won’t have…………..cv’s don’t make Swara as a common all-suffering-bahu……..let her retort back and show that stupid lady some modern day light………..

    why does she hate swara???? when’ll Laksh be found???????

  26. rekha vaghela

    Waiting for Sumi and Swara to turn negative. Its their turn now. All the characters have shown grey shades just this two r left. If they show this track then we will see the real acting Swara can do. Want to see Swara as sizzling hot vamp.(for some time)

    1. sorry to say have u gone ? mad….

  27. Yr CVs gone mad – how many lovers do swara have = laksh, sanskar, sahil and now nilhil
    God why are they doing this with ragini ragini have only one lover and that also found at March
    It is so unfair

  28. Will nikhil fall for swara?is the news confirmed??

  29. Any news confirmed regarding nikhil??can anyone plss tell me??

  30. Any news confirmed regarding nikil??can anyone plss tell me??!!!

    1. Nikil is the new villain in swaragini and he came for ragini and maybe he knows where is laksh

  31. Thank you sooo much.I was eager to know??✌✌❤

  32. Swara aur ragini ka koi comparison nhi h ragni kbhi Swara Jesse nhi ho skti Kyunki swara best hai and ragni bad and Jo Sara ne kiya hai vo ragni chahkar bhi nhi kr skti ragni ne sirf liya hai aur swara ne sbko khusiya Di h apna pyar diya hai us ragini ko I love and swara and her acting and I hate ragni

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