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The Episode starts with Laksh trying to help Ragini. Ragini asks him not to try to help her. Laksh says you have always helped me, but I didn’t see your goodness. Ragini says I want to believe on your sayings, but my heart says that I shall not be moved in emotions. Yeh Moh Moh Dhaage plays……………She rests on floor and recalls Laksh’s words that he is marrying kavya as he wants to marry her and not with Ragini. Laksh looks at her and is equally sad. Dadi gets angry on Sumi. She tells her that she will get Ragini married very soon, and you can’t do anything. She says I will not let my Lado get trapped by Maheshwari family again. Sumi gets a call. Dadi thinks she is going to meet Ragini sure and thinks to follow.

Swara tells Sanskar that they have to do everything fast. Sanskar says

yes, else Ragini can get intro trouble. He asks how is everyone there? Swara says Annapurna went to meet them in jail. Sumi comes there and says she has brought food for Sanskar Maheshwari. They check her tiffin. Dadi follows her and wonders what is she doing here. Inspector asks Constable to make her meet Laksh and Sanskar. Once Sumi goes, Dadi asks Inspector that she wants to meet her damad Sanskar Maheshwari. Sumi meets Laksh and Ragini in jail. Dadi requests Inspector to let her meet. Karthik calls Inspector and says criminal is escaped from jail. Inspector thinks he is joking and asks him to cut the call. Karthik calls again and says Sanskar Maheshwari have escaped from the jail. Inspector asks Constable to check in the lock up if Laksh and Sanskar are there. Constable says okay. Sumi gives them food. Laksh thanks her.

Sumi keeps her motherly hand on Ragini’s face. Constable asks Laksh and Sanskar to hurry up. Laksh takes her blessings. Ragini also bends down to touch her feet, and her blanket moves and her wig falls. Dadi insists to meet Sanskar and Laksh. Ragini manages to get the wig and starts coughing. Sumi asks Constable to bring water for him. Dadi happens to see Ragini’s face and gets shocked. However she don’t say anything to Inspector and insists to meet Sanskar and Laksh. Inspector argues and doesn’t let her meet. Constable says Sanskar and Laksh are here and someone might be joking. Dadi says yes and says they are here.

Dadi comes to Maheshwari house and tells Swara that she kept quiet in the police station after seeing Ragini else she might land up in trouble. She scolds Annapurna and Swara. She says Swara have done a big mistake by trapping Ragini and scolds Sanskar for staying peacefully at home. Dadi says Ragini is in a big problem, and her parents haven’t stopped her even after knowing everything. She goes. Sanskar feels bad about Dadi’s sayings. Swara says Dadi didn’t mean to say that. Annapurna apologizes to Swara. Swara says it was Ragini’s decision and she have no repentance for this decision. Laksh tells Ragini that he knows that she don’t want him to do anything. He says but let me do a small thing for you. He thanks her and apologizes to her.

Karthik calls Inspector again. Inspector tells him that Sanskar is here and asks him to keep the phone down. Laksh and Ragini hears him. Ragini says Karthik is Kavya’s brother, and must have seen Sanskar. Kavya tells Karthik that Police must have not checked properly and says we will go tonight and check.

Swara comes to meet Laksh and asks him not to do anything to divert Inspector’s mind towards him. Laksh says okay and asks her to make some plan to take Ragini out from here. He says I am very worried for her and don’t want anything happen to her. He tells about Karthik. Swara says nothing will happen to Ragini. Laksh says I trust you Swara and will forever this time.

Inspector asks Laksh to stop else he will shoot him. Laksh tries to climb on to the wall and gets shot by the Inspector. He falls and gets unconscious. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my lucky ;-( what da hel he is facng bcz of churail kavya

  2. Loved raglak scenes

  3. whats wrong with dadi ? why she accusing sanskar and swara? is she forget what her ladoo did to swara and sanskar.. why she behave double dtrands for raagini.. she accepts rags only her grand daughter not swara.. whats wrong with dadi.. hating dadi please someone show dadi to mirror.. what she is what khand she did in past.. hating dadi…. and whats problem to dadi having with swasan? why she behaving with them like this.. its rags plan and her maa baba accepted she went to help them.. so dadi dont accuse them.. bichare what ever raaglak do or rags do the ultimate blame goes on swasan and all accuse them only… i hate dadi…. sorry to raglak fans but today what dadi is doing is not good…

    1. if Dadi z scolding swasan its dadis mistake nt raglak.. y r u scolding our raglak…watever happens to swasan …thier fans will alwys scold raglak itself….

    2. Hi s I totally agree with you. This stupid psyco Naagin dadi is so blo*dy annoying. She’s always having a go at swara and Today she was blo*dy blaming Swasan bcoz of her ladoo who always blo*dy got away with things with her blo*dy crocodile tears.

      1. Hi there Anjum.
        What’s up how are you? I also agree with you and s. You guys are right this annoying dadi is always blaming swara and Today she blamed Swasan. She is always favouring her ladoo.

      2. Hi there nafisa I’m all good thank you. What about you??

    3. I also agree with u s. This ragini’s character is really very unrealistic. Plus i really don’t like raglak.

      1. Oh really we don’t know that that’s why we love raglak

        you _____ add as ur wish 🙂 🙂

  4. raglak scenes were sweet

  5. Awwwww loved Raglak scenes ??? Laksh remembering his lovable moments with Ragini ? Ragini super dialogue ” my heart wants to believe u but my brain says Dnt “… Both of them acted perfectly… Laksh feeling guilty and Ragini heartbroken… Waiting for Laksh to go crazy on Ragini and fall in love with her like she was before on Laksh… Laksh proposing her Becoming one? But Dnt knw wen this will happ and wat and all twist and turns gonna cum…

  6. I don’t understand what’s the need of swapping of rags and sans…. After coming out what’s the big thing sanskar did that ragini couldn’t do… can anyone explain this? Seriously I dint understand. Is there any logic… anyways They made kolkata police as duffers….

    1. Dats wat…If Ragini would be in place of sanskaar she would revealed smthng…but sanskaar is doing nthg…

    2. exactly my point … swaragini hai na toh sath mai karne do swara r ragini ko… sanskar ne kya ukhad lia bhar aa kar

    3. Exactly…. Even I was wondering

    4. How by showing her crocodile tears ?

  7. What the makers of SR are doing???
    Dragging this booooring jail drama..please make an end soon . The precap – no connection with the next to be aired episodes. Tired with all these.Bearing only for swasan and raglak.

  8. toi spoiler week:
    28mar: kartik calls the p.s. to tell them that sanskar is not in jail. later, ragini’s wig falls down, which puts her at the risk of being noticed by dadi and constable. will swara and ragini’s plan work?
    29mar: ragini tries to escape but caught and beaten up by the police.later, the court passes a verdict, improsining the maheshwari boys and death sentence to laksh.
    30mar: at laksh’s funeral, tanya reaches the maheshwari house with a plan. swara and ragini feel that they have failed in their mission and tanya has got her revenge. but swara exposes tanya infront of all.
    31mar: the police chases kartik and kavya. while karthik gets arrested, kavya manages to escape. meanwhile,swara and ragini vow to get back tanya.

  9. Ye dadi mm ladies ko badi duna rai thi khud toh jaise dudh ki dhuli hai..mm ke saath kya kiya bhul gayi kya jb rags Malkin thi tb?lo Monkeyman Luxji is back..ye toh har jagah latakne ke liye hi bane hai ye..Kolkata police ki full izzat nikali cvs ne sb ke sb gadhe bhare pade hai sanky ki height nai samjhi..?drame ke liye jaanvar ko bhi insaan bana denge ye toh..jaise wo bohot bada ullu inspector khana smell kr raha tha pata nai kyu gharpe daavat pe jaa ek din pet bhrke khana aise dekh raha tha jaise log bomb dalke laate hai..mujhe toh lg raha cvs ka holi kharab krne ka full plan hai ye baby kuchh toh drama karegi kyuki koi chij seedhi tarah se nai hoti hai yaha..ek toh festival thik se dikhado cvs..trp ki vaat lagani hai kya..last epi kitna mast tha aur aaj ka?

  10. Starting scene was just awesome……and laksh is facing this cause of that stupid sanki kavya ……??

  11. @Huri: It is just a drama made by Swara n Laksh tu bring the real face of Tania (Kavya).. even before laksh had planned the same with Ragini..

    1. haa aaj lucky ne bola na I trust u swara n iss baar humesha waala …
      swara shud hve been like really .. huh…?

      1. Exactly peggy swara should really say that becoz laksh ne ye dialogue bahoot baar bola hai aur usne hamesha cheat hi kiya hai .In realty laksh ne kabhi swara se saacha pyaar kiya hi nahi .

  12. aaj ka episode was funny … dadi ki usual overacting… n most important ragini saying mera dimag keh raha hain…haassi aa gayi sachi

    1. Then laugh…

  13. What’s happening these days. Swaragini has gone boring now. All they showing is full of crap atter rubbish. Boring boring boring. I’m just blo*dy fuming right now bcoz of the storyline. ???????

  14. Hai friends…as you all said,i don’t think dadi did any sin…ragini was a motherless child and brought up by dadi…so dadi has much care on ragini and treat her as a child and protect her..So..seeing her lado in such a state..she overreacted..that’s it…

    1. Exactly peggy swara should really say that becoz laksh ne ye dialogue bahoot baar bola hai aur usne hamesha cheat hi kiya hai .In realty laksh ne kabhi swara se saacha pyaar kiya hi nahi .

    2. Anaka agar aesa hi tha toh vo blo*dy daadi ko boolo ki vo seede seede bolde ki mai sirf ragini ko apni poothi mainthi hun swara ko nahi

  15. Hi I jus luv raglak pair n a beautiful romantic night fr them guf pair I jus luv it I jus hat kkb pair (abhigya) I don’t even like to see it

    1. Kkb hs gd trp dnt understand hw yr it hs same gharwali baharwali drama..at least swaragini n in other shows vamps pkde jate toh hai bt here dey r using same tannu n aaliya as vamps..1000 times pragya tried to trap dem bt as always she failed..dey r doing dis since 5-6 months..nt even tried smthng new..even though kkb hs gd trps I feel SR is 100 times better dey r nt using same characters as vamps..at least I like d way SR cvs mke d drama to reveal d truth..ha smtimes illogical n high voltage drama bore hote hai,irritate bhi hojate hai..bt nt like kkb..

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        KKB is good at trp due to vamps only… kyu ki show me vamps lead role me hai… or yeh sb 5-6 months se nhi balki nearly 1 yr se chal raha h..

      2. aur ab tk tanu ka bacha nai hua .. 1 sal hua

  16. dadi always blames swara

  17. I think raglan are reunited
    I love raglan pair and sanskaar

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      No laksh and ragini will not unite balki ragini ki shadi kartik se hogi… tb hi to new twist aayega…

  18. I still love swalak and want swalak back.

    1. thoda mushkil nai lagata apko yeh..

  19. Shraddha Sharma

    I am little bit confused with precap and promo… as according to precap laksh will be shot by police and story will continue accordingly but promo dekh kr lgta hai ki laksh ko plot no. 211 me anarkali ki tarha chunnva degi tanya.. ab kun si baat ko sach maane????

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