Swaragini 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar and Kissan going on the IGT stage. Malaika asks if Swara is his partner. Kissan says yes. Karan asks them to give nice performance. Kissan says yes. Swara and Kissan perform on the stage on medley songs. They sing and dance. Judges get impressed with them. Sanskar’s wig falls down while dancing. Swara sees it and recalls their meeting. She recalls Sahil saying that Sanskar and Kissan is one person. She slaps Sanskar shocking the judges. Sahil looks on. Swara goes from stage. Sanskar apologizes to judges. He goes behind Swara and says I was about to tell you after the performance. Swara asks him to keep quiet, says I know that you are a cheap man, but didn’t know that you will fall so low. Sanskar says I will make you understand everything. Swara says I don’t want to

hear you. She says I didn’t trust Sahil, but Kissan. She says how can I do a mistake. Sanskar asks for a chance. Swara asks what is your motive. She asks him not to take her name from his dirty tongue and says she will take legal action. Sanskar asks what? Swara says she will go to court and meet lawyer for divorce. Sanskar is shocked. Swara says I need divorce from you…Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Sanskar says you can’t do this. Swara says I will do this only as I can’t handle this anymore. She says I am leaving you. Sanskar is in shock as Swara’s words echoes in his ears.

Laksh tells Durga Prasad and everyone that Swara came to know the truth and she went from audition. Ragini asks where did she go? Laksh says I don’t know. Durga Prasad asks him to go and bring them home. Sanskar searches for Swara. Sahil says you will get find her. Sanskar says I will not leave you. Sahil says Swara is mine, you can’t win her heart. He says he is the one who had cut his wig. Sanskar asks why you are ruining our lives. Sahil says I play for win and I will win Swara’s heart. Sanskar says you can’t win as what is love is beyond your understanding. He says you will never get her. Swara is on road and thinks about Kissan, Sahil and Sanskar. She thinks I trusted you so much Kissan, but now you have ruined everything. She cries and calls Sahil. Sahil picks the call. Swara apologizes to him. Sahil says it is okay and asks where are you? Swara says I need to be alone for sometime. Sahil asks her to call him whenever she want. Sanskar finds Swara walking on road and asks her to give him a chance. Swara says I don’t want to listen. Sanskar makes her sit in his car forcibly. Swara cries. Laksh sees Swara calling for help while being in Sanskar’s car. He follows Sanskar’s call and thinks where he is taking her.

Swara is in some isolated place with Sanskar. Sanskar says this is the only way to tell about my truth. He says I have just one chance to make you realize my love, and says I am your husband and I love you. He says you have to listen to me Mrs. Swara Maheshwari. He says I will open your hands, but promise me that you will hear me fully. He opens her hand. Swara pushes him and runs from there. Sanskar runs behind her and brings her back to place. Swara asks him to leave her hand. Sanskar says never. Swara says you are a liar and will harm me. She says I will not trust you if you are last man on the earth. Sanskar says you are telling this to a person whom you love and trust the most. He says did you know that I have become Kissan from Sanskar, and says if I want, I can harm you right now. He says how can I take your life, whom I love the most, more than myself. He says I am not a murderer. He says I have shot bullet, but not at you. He says you was dead for everyone, but I was sure that you are alive and searched for you everywhere. He says our hearts beat together and will stop together. Swara looks on. Sanskar says when you returned, you don’t trust me and think that I am your murderer. I am Sanskar, how can I think bad about you. Swara asks if you are done, then let me go. She hears thunder storm and hugs Sanskar. She looks at him.

Sahil asks Swara to stop. He asks Sanskar and Laksh to move back and says Swara is mine. Sanskar shouts Swara as the bullet is shot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode.. swasan performance super … episodes itna jatke me kyo katam horaha hai.. speed is super high…when any drama it will be slow motion like snail..they drag drama.. with out drama jet speed episodes… tmrw swara will get her memory and thursday pari drama think.. where swara slaps pari.. ..
    waise friday swaragini is there or not only ashoka maha episode.. is there?? plz any one tel me…

  2. Sriranjani

    hmmm……………same precap is going 2 be shown for 4 days………….. 😛

    1. literally!!!

    2. Nashita(nina)

      Wow u spoken my heart. I was also going to write it. They will drag it and somehow manage to show it in next Monday.

  3. Complete swasan episode.. At last ml track going to end.. But next week ?

  4. Sahil why dont u die. Stop flirting with other’s wife. Else i wil flirt with yours

  5. i dont tink so,,,,,,,,, they will drag
    after this slap drama what next i heard even teja is doing jalak is this real

  6. Really today is rocking episode especially swasan both are deserved best actor nd actress.. Last sequence its really hurt my heart sanky u man really a good hubby nd hug scene

  7. nice episode. Finally swasan love stoy will come back on track. hi bunu i am frm berhampur. what are u doing

  8. Rashmi sharma…isko tho The best paagal ki award milni chaahiye…issue serials produce karna aati nahi hai kya…she comes up With all idiotic things…itna drag karti itna drag karti shows ko..bezaar aata…this Lady…ek bhaar bhi nahi sochti kya content jya hai..Jo WO dhika rahi gain usme sense hai ya nahi…aur tho aur hamesha ek hi concept…hothe hai do behne…kahaani shuru..all stupid twists and turns!!! Yakkk chii!!! Agar mere bad chalta tho mein sns,ask,swaragini iske sabhi shows ko bandha karwaata!

    I thout swaragini would make some sense…isko bhi mazaakk banaya rashmi sharma ne…pehli baat koyi content nahi hai show me…dhika sakti gain na swara aur ragini singers bane so and so..aisi nahi karti…has isko tho bakwass ki drama chaahiye!! Dhoosri baat kya ek hi lead pair hai is show mein?? Raglak supporting role ka hai kya?? Ye pehle hi clear karti..him serial dhekte hi nahi!!

    And lastly….colors mein abhi ek hi show hai jisme kuch logic ya sense hai..WO gain krishnadasi..WO bhi Tamil remake hai isliye dhkene ki laayak hai!!
    7.30 ke slot ask ke jagah kd ko de dhete!!
    Humm iss rashmi sharma ke torture Se bachthe!!

    Starplus aur like OK ko dheko yaar…atleast ek useful concept rehti…thoda tho useful things dhikaate WO log..sahi gain soch nahi…life OK mein bhi naagarajun,bahu hamari etc jitne new concepts ka shows gain bina makki ke,bina daayans ke!!

    Kaash iss rashmi sharma aur colors waalo ko akhal as jaati!! Fed up WD dese idiotic dramas!!

  9. Lovely episode. Superb acting by Swara and Sanskar.

  10. i hope Teja is doing Jhalak and her partner is Deepak or Salman…
    this precap will drag where tomorrow Lakshya will meet them near the end of tomorrow’s episode then on thursday sahil will arrive and on friday the bullet will shoot… and no-one knows who’s go hit untill monday….

  11. Swasan completely rocked in this episode…n frnds this drama will complete before friday….bcs friday ashoka maha episode is there itseems…they r not dragging the track also….
    N varun n helly no doubt to say they r best actors…
    Love swasan

  12. Take a bow…..helly n varun are such incredible actors. They made me cry….and their chemistry??? Wish d ep was at a slower pace.

  13. Ye serial itna bakwas q hoa he pata nhi…pehle mera favourite tha bt now a days i hate diz serial..pani pe ghirke hi agar yaade chala jata to ye donia nhi chalta…kuch dino k liye yaade chala jata he ye sirf serial me hi dekhti ho real me nhi…kitna accha luv story tha swara nd sanskar ka sala bakwas ho gaya ab indono ki luv strory…opar se swara ki maa pregnant ragini uski maa banne k liye preparation le rehe ho huh bullshitt…i think stop diz serial…bahat ho gaya ab aur nhi…

  14. Lightsabre

    Hey guys. Im new to ur comment section… infact i started watchin swaragini only recently and i rushed thru some of the old episodes on utube. I didnt see the shootin episode wr swara falls into the river (thse ppl keep fallin into the river a lot… dnt they?.. laksh had. I thnk swara hs fallen 2 or 3 tyms too ryt???) My doubt:
    ?i didnt see the episode wr sanskar shoots at swaras kidnapper.i keep seein tht flash bak. I read hre onz tht swara thinks of sanskar as a threat coz he tried to shoot her.. as per swaras memory . But if she recalls tht sanskar shot n blood fell on her face… then wr dos she think the bullet went? She was nevr admitted by sahil to ny hosp on rescuing. So no bullet ws in her body . So the blood haddd to b of her kidnapper ryt? ! Did she lose common sense along with her memory?!

    ? also isnt it odd tht sooo many ppl r telln her tht sanskar is gud. Yet she prefers to judge him on the basis of jus one memory! Ironically… in real life ppl tend to lose memory of the accidnt followin a traumatic head injury. Hre she forgets evrythn except tht.

    ?swara thinks tht sanskar is tryin to kill her. Hes had so many opportunities while he faked as kisan. Isnt it obvious tht he wantd to b arnd her andremind her of his luv? I mean the only othr motiv cud b winin the talent contest???. Coz he cud hv killed her a hundred tyms by now!

    Sinz im new here…. i dont knw much abt evrybdy hre. I hope my comment on the illogical aspect of the show dosnt offend anyone. I jus cudnt help share this coz i ws hopin for smethin bettr… but it turns out tht all thts happenin is
    1) poor sanskar gettin slappd n humiliated
    2) demand for divorce
    3) sahil turnin into sharukh khan from movie Darr for the sake of a girl he meta few days ago
    4) at the end of all this twists n turns…we turn 360 degrees to return to original scene wr sanskar shoots at swaras kidnappr . N this recollextn is gona come filmy style while sahil holds swara at gun point.
    Hmm so at the end of the day… this track hasnt taken thestory anywr.
    Ok guys…. hav a gud day.????

    1. Mica

      yeesssss…… swara loses her memories along with her sherlock ‘s talent 😀
      for slap, i think sanskar deserved it, he lied to swara as swara always said that a relationship based on trust.

  15. All swasan haters or swaragini haters if u don’t want to see yesterday epic stay away.. I saw some of comments against dis serial nd swasan really pity on u guys ??hihihihihihihi yesterday epic all swasan haters watched nd jealous hogaya nd doing hating comments.. Raglak track will coming soon #rashmi ma’am doing a great job its not a typical type of #ekta ma’am story so am proud of as am a #swaragini fan.. Ragini vs sharmishta waiting for dis track

    1. Vyshu10

      Yes…yesterday’s ep was epic. Anyone’s comment can’t change that fact

  16. Lol….kisine kisiko serial math dekhne ko nahi kaha…everyone can express their point of view…dhekna ya nahi dhekna unki marzi hain…ekta ya rashmi sharma koyi faraq nahi padta…faraq padta hai tho bas serial ke content ka…aap karo rashmi sharma ki pooja…aisi serials Jo produce karti!!! Ekta ka typical serials hai…agreed…lekin wo supernatural series hai pehle hi baatathi wo jaise naagin ya kavach… koyi baat nahi…har ek ka ek opinion hota hain…no offences!!

    Ha aur hum koyi rashmi sharma ke haters nahi hai..kaam hai hamare paas…padna hai.humko…colg se aane ke baad tv dekhne ko rakhti tho bas ye bakwaas hi dikaayi dheta…wo kya hai ghar mein daadi nani log bhi hte hai Na….unko dekhna hai…kyunki life mein sab kuch attain karliya unlogo ne…isiliye pata hain..

    Anyways no offence!! Everyone have their views!!

  17. swasan rocked as usual…the expressions were auperb by varun sir and helly ma’am…hats off..

    want raglak hot scenes..

    fed up of sahil…

    pari should just surrender..

    rest of cast doing good job as well..

  18. So who will shoot @ Swara?

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