Swaragini 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara seeing Dadi taking money from someone. Dadi comes back and sees Swara looking at her. She asks why you are here at this time. Swara is silent. Dadi is going. Swara asks with whom you met just now and asks if everything is fine. Dadi says I will tell you truth as you saw. She tells that the man was a goldsmith. She tells that she got money to fulfill the mannat for Sumi’s recovery. She says she will send charity through Mr. Agarwal and says she will go. Swara thinks the matter is something else, and I will find out. Swara happens to meet Agarwal and asks when you are going to temple. Agarwal says he is not going and the plan is cancelled long back. Just then she collides with Dadi. Dadi asks why you are worried. Swara says I met Mr. Agarwal and he said that his plan is cancelled.

Dadi says I came to know just now and says that’s why I am going to return money to the goldsmith. Swara says I will also accompany you and goes to keep the stuff.

Dadi calls Nurse and asks her to come after 1 hour. Swara tells Sumi that she is going out and asks her to have medicine. Dadi takes out extra tablets and shouts Sharmistha. She calls Swara and tells her that Sumi is trying to eat extra tablets. Swara is shocked. Dadi tells Swara to keep medicines with her and says Sumi is unwell. She asks Sumi to rest and tells Swara to be at home with Sumi, as it is not right to leave her alone at home. She asks her to go to goldsmith and get my jewellery. Swara says I can’t leave mum and asks her to go and get her jewellery. Dadi says okay, turns and smirks.

Laksh comes to have breakfast. Sanskar asks about Ragini. Sujata says why she will come here and face us after a big betrayal. She badmouths about Ragini. Laksh asks her to stop it and goes without having food. Sanskar gets upset. Swara comes out for some work and sees Dadi giving money to Nurse. She wonders who is that woman and recalls that she is a nurse. A fb is shown, Swara insists to see the baby once. Nurse says you can’t see the baby. She wonders what she is talking to Nurse.

Dadi comes home. She sees Swara and asks why you are following me. Swara says you have done such a work that I am following you. She says I have seen you with nurse. Dadi is shocked and makes excuses to convince her.

Later Swara comes home. Sujata taunts Ragini while giving aarti. Laksh is upset. Sujata says you think me wrong. Swara gives aarti to everyone. Sujata says it is good that you came back. Sanskar makes Swara eat the Prasad and says it is truth that wish gets fulfilled with broken star. Swara comes to Ragini and says we are together now, and can overcome all the troubles. She asks her to have patience till now. Ragini asks why nobody understands me and says I have done this for my mum and baby, then why family members are seeing my past deeds. She says I don’t have any option left as Dadi tried to kill that baby. Swara hugs her and says she will make everything fine. Swaragini plays…………….

Parineeta calls Ragini and asks her to see video which she sent. Ragini shares with Swara that Parineeta wants to return home. Annapurna hears her and says I will kick her out. She holds Ragini’s track and drags her to door. Swara is shocked. Ragini shouts Maa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mica

    1,2,3…….and blaming swara maahan convo start…..

    btw, i wish parineetha will save that baby by luck, she rectify her mistake, ragini true pregnant, then sanlak-swaragini convince maheswary to accept parineetha.

    1. I agree that is probably exactly what will happen…. Just want to see what happens can’t wait to see what Ragini does to gain her trust back, Annapurna and Sujata will regret downloading ng this to Ragini….

      1. Mica

        i read in fb page that next week swaragini will try to convince maheswary to accept parineetha. wish those 3 bahus join hands to solve 2 problem, saving gadodia’s son (it will become good redemtion for parineetha), and gain trust of maheswary for ragini and parineetha.

    2. I agree that is probably exactly what will happen…. Just want to see what happens can’t wait to see what Ragini does to gain her trust back, Annapurna and Sujata will regret doing this to Ragini….

    3. Haha..mica…u r right…well said…already start blaming swara’s mahanatha…

  2. Please cvs show some swasan scenes
    Love you varun helly namish and teju

  3. oh god pls CVS make ragini strong y always ragini depending others I hate u CVS but I love u teju

    1. Mica

      seriously, why you people always say that ragini is weak ? you are ragini’s fan, but you always bashing her and saying that she is weak.. how could you ?
      thought i’m not ragini’s fan, but i can see how strong she is.
      1. when she decide to help her parent to save the baby in any cost, it’s kinda a strengteness.
      2. when everyone insulting her,even though she did a good thing, but she doesn’t replay them back and still trying to fullfill her duty as bahu, it’s kinda strengteness.
      somehow, tears are not about weakness, tears shown as how much we can bear the pain.. and people who can bear pains is STRONG…
      so please don’t underestimate ragini. she will pass this test for sure.

      1. Mica


      2. i thought all time crying is weakness only I don’t bash her u think I bash her sorry for that

  4. Hell boring episode.O god this drama is getting on my nerves. These crappy why can’t u understand people watch shows for their respective couples not for others. Why can’t u revolve drama around ur four leads. Do u have any problem with raglak.Swasan is a nice couple n I respect them. Nothing against them. Liked their scene today. But being a raglak fan I watch this show for them. Agar yeh show ki thori bahut trp aa rahi hai to in Charo cute actors ki wajah se.Can’t u so called CVs show my dearo Ragini as strong. That sujata how dare she to bash my princess. Why showing ragu as week. Please make her strong.That strong ragu is enough to shut the maheshwaries.Let her leave this zoo along with laksh or without laksh n please let her built her self identity. The only thing I liked was laksh telling that suju to stop taunting ragini n that swaragini was cute. Rest crap.Please revolve drama around these four cuties which will give u trp. Sanlak r too cute. Teju my princess luv u. Ur d best actress I have seen in TV. Helly is a superb n adorable girl all the best for jhalak. Varmish u guys rock..Please bring balance CVS I beg of u.

  5. oh god pls CVS make ragini strong y always ragini depending others I hate u CVS. I love u teju?

  6. Hi anyone remember swaragini promo in January…

    They have shown two persons funeral rights….

    7 months finished… but dnt knw y they showed to us…

  7. Yaar all r making ragini evil sorry from tomorrow Iam not going for this show until raglak give a proper track

    1. Mica

      ragini evil ? nowadays ? seem you did see swaragini properly nowadays until you didn’t see how kind she is now.
      -she helped family to solve rajat drama
      -she handled 2 families (gadodia&maheswary) during swara’s missing (eventhough she herself soo sad)
      -she supported swara during memory loss
      -she supported her parent problem on fake pregnancy and save her sibling
      -she even got fainting due to starving and weakness, ignoring her own health since she worried bout swara kidnapping.
      and still, you called ragini evil ?ckckckck.
      you have 2 feeling inside your heart : your love for ragini, your hate toward cvs and swara, but seem your hatred is stronger than your love, and u unable to see a kindheart ragini for sure.

  8. omg these swasan fans are to much i know u have got a huge fandom guise but i really think u people are over reacting on the iv she really dint even take swasan name but u are misunderstanding teja she just told that because many raglak fans had quited seeing sr so she said that if raglak scens also included they wouldnt have quit , but u people called her unprofassional u people no what despite having high fever she is shooting saw bashers it is like a tight slap and answer on ur face it shows her dedication towards her work swasan fans no need of doing showoff by quit seeing for a week that and this behave like a matured o gosh y i told this to u plp it wont enter ur dumb heads hmmmm
    teju hellu get well soon
    andwhat r u plp telling it is a raglak track no did u se todays epi even a second of raglak scen was not there swasanians should be happy that the show is based on swara swasan,and u people arent satisfied then about us

  9. teja didi hads ff jaan ill pray for u to get well soon idont want u to spoil ur health take care ur fans are always with u

  10. Pavani

    Its better that raglak goo away nd live happily .I know she lied but they should understand stupid people nd yaa they remembered about her wrong doing no one remembered wt she have done for their family when the needed .how srupid I just hate them nd y they compare her with others every one have their own personality that can’t be changed nd I don’t understand these cvs y always swara is shown the mahan when she did fake marriage no one have problem (iam not bashing helly I was talking about the charecter that cv showing) stupid people that’s y I stopped seeing this serial stupid people nd their narrow toughts

    1. Mica

      when swara did fake marriage, shekar/ dadi hate her, maheswary didn’t trust her and blaming everything on her, laksh insult her in every way, (swasan kicked out from the house) seem you didn’t remember that. hmmm… i wonder who has the narrow thought ?

      1. Pavani

        Ha ha ha iam may be I am narrow minded .I just told my view then also dp nd ap supported her may be u didn’t noticed it its ok its my opinion if u take it personally I can’t help in it

      2. Mica

        well we can count even ragini got support fom parent, and those trio, rite ?, they don’t leave her alone.

      3. Mica

        btw, ap just stand in the middle.

      4. He he.haha.I really don’t know why these people blaming swara for each and everything…..
        Ragini is not getting support from others ..yah this is swara’s fault… Ragini is negative this is bz of swara’s mahanata.
        Omg Ragini is positve this is also swara fault..
        I think Ragini got all opportunity to show her character in different shades..
        Few weeks before she is like a side character.. But now am happy that she is getting more space ..the fake pregnancy she did a courageous job…one day these mm people apologies their bad behaviour towards her…
        In swara’s case many time she is humiliated no one supported her except Sanskar.. after ragini’s truth revealed wen again enter into mm with fake memory loss…ap and sujatha only supported ragini not swara….Then again people bashed swara she is acting like mahan…

  11. Yaar they r making ragini evil sorry from tomorrow Iam not going to watch this show until raglak give proper track

  12. I saw ragini ke hatho koi hadsa hoga and swara pata lagayegi uska ghinauna sach seriously man i am done with this show


    Iss show ka naam swara rakh do

  13. Gawar swaragini

    Swara ek no. Ki gawar hai….. character less ladhki……mujhe toh yehh helly bhi nahi pasand shakal dekhi hai uski….itni gandi cheee dekh ke bhi ulti aati hai and acting kitni vahiyat hai uski….pure time nautanki kabhi isse pyar kabhi usse pyar

    And yehh ragini iski khud ki shakal gobar jaise hai pagal si cheee….acting ka A bhi nahi aata isse and iska character hi hata do

    Only watching this show because of namish and varun

    1. Anniya

      Very gud dear…..
      Both don’t know acting , neither have good looks. I have one suggestion go and try 4 acting . may u replaced one of them. We will able to see best actress in sr….
      Best of luck

    2. Jwala

      oh god gawar from which planet you are coming?

    3. Serena

      Are u guys dumb or what??like seriously…those who r working for just a mere entertainment of urs that too 18-19 hrs….u r bashing them only…I pity ur thinking…n ya I wish someday someone bash ur work also…then u will get to know..

  14. Vyshu10

    that cute swasan 20secs scene was so refreshing…..hope helly gets well soon

  15. You guys don’t you think Ragini looks more gorgeous without fake eyelashes.

  16. kissably cutie pie

    This site has become a FULL TIME BASHING SITE. People coming here,typing nasty comments and going away. Next day, the same story is repeated. Tired of all these especially the partiality of cvs. Why do u guys even watch the show? It is sucking our moods, playing with our feelings and making us depressed.giving a 2 sec or 5 min scene to console our “desperation” for romantic scenes. At least think that u have a life. Instead of wasting ur time in this bl**dy serial, utilize that time in sth useful. It will also help u in ur future. Just we need to be ardent fans of the Actors we loveand support them, not this crappy serial .

  17. Shivani Bongale

    Oh excuse me Mr or Mrs whatever u are…U don’t have any right to bash any actress….Andhin hai tu …tujhe nahi pata hamari Helly ki acting…shez a superb and marvellous actor as well as pretty and is now swinging between swaragini and jdj for her dear fans….Yes u r right I am a Helly as well as SwaSan/HeVa fan….I can also say U can’t even bash Tejaswi….bcoz even shez doing well…

    I watch Swaragini only for my Cute SwaSan!

  18. Manish madfan

    Is laksh there 🙁 Pls give importance to him too…

  19. Going good….

  20. This show is in desperate need of a revamp with a new cast, it feels stale… this show is such a fail……

  21. Stupid shit show…..bearing this crap only for TEJASWI.

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