Swaragini 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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At bhardwaj house everyone is worried for prem…roli calls simar and simar tells her about their progres…

Swara is shocked to see prem surrounded tantrik stuff…she doubts mohini and hence herself search for evidences…she found prem’s phone in his pocket which was switched off…on switching it on she found numerous missed calls and messages of simar…she called her and simar then revealed her everything…swara gives her the badi address and asks her to come soon…

mohini and sunanda(her mother) are searching for swara…they ask ragini sujata and then only swara appears…swara is pulled by laksh behind a pillar…he asks about her fast and declares that he will too join her in fasting imagining how wonderful feeling

it would be when they will break ther fast after their marriage Cry…ragini is watching all this…someone calls laksh breaking the moment…

mohini and sunanda goes to their room and found prem missing…they were about to rush out when swaa locked them in room and revealing that she now knows everything, have hid prem and simar will reach there anytime…mohini is angered and swara left…mohini called sujata to open the door…sujata opens the door…mohini is very angry with both simar and swara and ready to defeat them..

simar and company are heading towards badii…a black cat(cat of mohini) crossed their way and the brakes of their car fails…after that a lady comes in their way covered with shawl and they seemingly hit her…

everyone is doing pooja at badi…sujata informs ragini that swara knows everything now…swara prays for simar-prem and her and laksh…just then simar arrives with cops…everyone is surprised…simar swara reveals everything to everyone…meanwhile ragini and sujata have slipped to inform mohini…mohini is very angry saying now both simar and swara will suffer and even their mataji cannot protect them…


Swara brings our prem whom she had hid behind durga ma’s statue…he is unconscious…simar starts pleading to him and durga ma to get him up…swara seeing this grips laksh’s hands…mohini ragini watching from balcony…mohini is assured simar will not succeed but simar succeeds in bringing prem back to senses…laksh says to swara that hs faith too on her will never break…they thank swara…cops come again saying they searched around but couldn’t find the ladies and now will search in badi…sanskar hearing this goes to protect ragini and mohini…

ragini was taking mohini somewhere and sanskar pulled her…he asks mohini to leave…mohini objects saying she don’t fear anyone…sanskar says then he will go and tell everything to all and than mohini will have chance to prove her powers…mohini threatens him but he says he have nothing to lose hence nothing to fear…mohini’s mother suggested mohini to leave and she agreed warning sangini that tonight she will take her revenge from swara…

sangini were going back to other where swara spooted them..ragini made some excuse..

cops inform everyone that they couldn’t find those ladies anywhere…they ask swara to come to police station the next day to help them in making the sketches…shomi sujata reluctance was overshadowed by laksh’s approvement…dpm too supports and extnds his gratitude on having swara as his DIL…before leaving simar thanks swara again praying for her happiness…

swara is standing in balcony…its 12 am…mohini comes to stab her…but is stopped by sanskar…a taceoff goes on between sanskar and mohini…both threatening each other for revealing their secret…the end deal was sanskar will not tell anyone that she was mohini and will stop swara too and in return she will not harm swara and go away…mohini finally leaves…

Swara blames sanskar for doing all that to her life and sanskar accepts…he said that the father-son duo stole everything from him…ragini says either she will get her life back today or will sacrifice her life…

Update Credit to: Roopal

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  1. from todays episode i doubt dat swara wud herself agree to marry sanskar in order to save ragini…. it was really nyc seeing sanskar changing and inclining towards swara but den rags shudnt get lakshya…. dat wud b worst decision by makers….

  2. whatever dis dayanz drama ended

  3. ya ragini don’t deserve laksh she deserve sumone better

  4. Nice episode.

  5. If Laksh’s gonna marry Ragini then I am not gonna watch this serial anymore….It will became the worst serial for me..She doesn’t deserve Laksh after she’s doing all this drama.A lot of hate from me to Ragini for ruining own sister’s life and congratulation for your marriage with Laksh.Hope you will get lot of hurdles like you gave to swara in her life.When Laksh will know your true colour he will kick you out your house and life.He will never give the place in heart to you which is only of Swara.So,PLEASE LEAVE LAKSH AND GO AWAY….DON’T!!!!!Show your beautiful face with ugly intention again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Same here Priya. I’m also gonna stop watching this serial if Laksh marris that jerk Ragini. That freak does not deserve Laksh after all the horrible and cheap things she did to Swara. Not only us Priya but lots of other people also will stop watching Swaragini. PLS UNITE SWARA AND LAKSH. If Ragini marries Laksh, then, May all the trouble in the world follow u Ragini!!!!

      1. And Laksh u better commit suicide than living with that dirty psyco Ragini!!!

  6. This was my last epi frm now on wards I am not going to see this serial again actually I have aa doubt if they are not going to get marriage to swalak then why are they showing the bonding between them are they playing wt the feelings of the fans I am getting cry whenever I see them together thinking that they will not be together anymore

  7. Rags do not deserve laksh.agar rags laksh se shadi karogito its will like uttaran

  8. it is better if laksh runs away then marrying ragin
    ragini should get punishment for her crimes

  9. I leaving this site if ragini get married with laksh??

  10. I think san marry rags

  11. I m little bit confused. I think sanskar marry to rags.

  12. kaustabh mohanty


  13. sanskaar should marry ragini not swara and swara should marry laksh ,if they have to show that swara will be marrying sanskaar then they haven’t showed all the romances between them ,I don’t think at all that laksh and sanskaar would interchange the girls ,Ragini was such a nice girl how can she be so selfish and her swara look is so gaudy

  14. I thnk sanskaar is more handsme than laksh….sans is too handsme…luv him…laksh is also gud but not lyk my sanskaar…if i could b in rags place i would chose sans…

  15. I love the episode but never understand what kind of message the show really want to convey to audience.
    I thought it was unique story of two sister but different from each other
    and its about music struggle etc.
    but didn’t had single idea the story would be like this.

  16. I never even imagined in my wildest dream tat ragini would stoop so low for her so called love… She doesnt deserve both e brothers(laksh or sanskar) both brothers r too good by heart… but this cheapo girl is so wicked..

  17. Evil Ragini cant u think n4 doing all that stuff.Till using black magic to ure own sister; seriosly=-Oo_O stupid girl

  18. shifa(shakira)

    i hate swaragini serial.bcoz story like uttaran

  19. Nice epi

  20. I jst dnt undrstnd d story. In d begining its supposed 2 b d stry of 2 sistrs. It shd hv bn smthng lyk whr watevr hapns bt still d sistrs nvr fall apart. Hence d name swaragini. Bt dumb writrs jst md ass out of d shw. Sch beautiful n gd ragini turnd into psycho n evil. Y????? N all bcoz of dat laksh. Hu neithr hs mch gd luks nt awsm actng skills. N if yet dey hd 2 shw ragini n laksh 2gthr y turn hr evil!!!!! C is so beautiful n hr role suitd hr sooo mch. Y did d stpd writrs put a scar on hr role. Cnt we hv 1 prpr serial? Y do we need 2 hv evry daily soap turnd in2 a piece of shit.. Its really sad. In MATSH dey r nw gng 2 turn Shikhar a villain. O may d devils tk u.?

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