Swaragini 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara suffocating and coughing as the necklace tightens. Sanskar tries to take the necklace out, but can’t. Everyone panics. Urvashi tells Ragini that Janki is unhappy and that’s why all this is happening. She asks her to hear her mum’s voice. Later Ragini sleeps in her room and gets a dream. She gets a dream and hears a voice that janki asking her not to let Swara ruin her life like her mum ruined hers. Ragini wakes up and looks for Laksh. Laksh comes to room. Ragini says where are those papers. I want to sign on it. I can’t let Swara and Sanskar marry and unite? She signs on the papers. Laksh thinks I know that you can never change. You have kept happiness far from you by signing on these papers. He asks her to sleep. Laksh looks at the papers and switches off the lights.

Urvashi is seen in the temple late in night. She sees cloth over big utensil moving and lifts it. She sees a hand coming out from the utensil. A lady comes out wearing the waiter’s dress. She reveals her face. She is none other than Kavita. Urvashi smirks seeing her and says work is going on. Kavita says Ragini has started this story. She made me understand that Sanskar is my first love and I should stay with him. She says Sanskar have done so much for me and got me out of that life. I am alive just for him. She says she will separate Swara and Sanskar. Urvashi says Swara will suffer and will be punished for her mum’s doings. Urvashi says Ragini have heard her mum’s voice today. Kavita asks how did you do this? You went to Ragini’s house and have spoken in her mum’s tone. Urvashi says watchman is with her and says Ragini will separate them.

Swara asks why you have done this? Sanskar says I have seen Kavita there. Kavita tells about her conspiracies. Swara says Sanskar. Sanskar says I have seen Kavita among that waiters. Swara says I would have believed you if the necklace was stolen. She says Urvashi is doing all this. Sanskar says Kavita has a solid reason to break our marriage. Swara asks if you are having problem in forgetting Kavita. Sanskar asks are you serious? Swara says I can understand that she is your first love and it is difficult to forget first love. Sanskar asks really and says same question fits on her. He reminds of her promise that she will never doubt on him. Swara makes an excuse and goes from there. Urvashi says our plan is working, bat, flying plate, burnt kundlis, necklace attack, etc. She says our last attack will be tonight. Kavita says she will only marry Sanskar and will go to that house. She says she will take care of Ragini as she made her realize that Sanskar is hers.

Ragini calls Laksh. She thinks why did laksh go in night to give papers to lawyers. She says she is scared to stay alone in room. Swara comes home. Sumi says it is late night and asks her to sleep. Swara sees photo on Sumi’s photo and shouts calling for Urvashi. They switch on the light. Urvashi asks what you are calling me? Swara shows the garland on photo. Urvashi says janki has given sign that she is unhappy. Swara says everything is done by you. She says I think you should go from here. Dadi shouts Swara and says Urvashi is our guest. Swara says she can go in the morning. Urvashi asks Sumi, if she doubts on her. She says I will pack my bags. Swara buys train tickets on her laptop and gives her ticket. She says I will come to drop you. Urvashi acts to talk to Janki. Swara asks her to stop it else she will throw her right now. Sumi asks Swara if this is done by Urvashi? Swara says who can do this cheap conspiracy. Sumi says don’t know. Again later in night, Sanskar sees Kavita outside his room and follows her. Kavita smirks. Urvashi puts light on Sumi’s face. Sumi gets up and goes out. She hears someone humming the song. Swara wakes up and thinks where did Sumi go in night?

Sanskar happens to see something which is related to kavita and is shocked. Sumi sees Janki. Janki says I am back to take revenge on you for ruining my happy life. Sumi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Sree harini

    Oh God! What is this now. Swara is again doubting on sanskar. I cannot see him tears and really feeling bad for ragini. Bechari maasi or kavitha ke chekkar me khud ki zindagi barbad karri.

    • Aashi

      Hii sree..really missed uhh yrr..how are uhh?? Missing your ff alot..n yaa swara is doing same mistake totally agree with you….

    • Neha

      Hi sree harini u r correct dear how can swara doubt sanskar how can she ask such stupid questions to sanskar she very well know how deeply he loves her but still being so foolish really I was irritated with her today u know what jiji khush nahi h se jyada irritation mujhe sanskar kavita se Tum itna obsessed kyun ho se ho raha h sorry swasan fans but truely today I felt like that the mahan swara don’t deserve our sanky he literally cried bcoz of her stupid question today I felt like kavita deserves sanky atleast she will regard him on top of everything her spark in eyes and statements proved it this time its an exam for swara whether she can trust her love or not

      • Aditi Singh

        I also agree with u guys swara is wrong n this writers I don’t know what problems do they have from us why can’t they let us be happy for some time why can’t they give us our swasan raglak n most important our swaragini to us???? this serial is incomplete if any of the two died or be negative….. n this jiiji ki maahan bhaini ko koi bata do ki hum sub 21st century ke hai na ki 4-6 ke Jo uski bewakofiya dekha agar ye show asse hi chalta raha to I m giving up……ff r more interesting….

      • amee

        I want to kill the writer nd to ff writers u all write wonderfull ff of swaragini can u plzzz give their writer a little of ur brain so tht he to write lyk u all write they r jst making us fool nd nthng else i dont know frm where they got this story theres nthng lyk swaragini itz only swara nd no ragini ufff fed up of this show

  2. s

    swasan misunderstandings increasing… both are correct suspecting on both.. its correct.. but dont want swasan seperation.. and please both swasan will fight for there love… both together make them catch culprit… no more seperations and want swasan together….

  3. manu

    The dead body will be of sumi I think…im soo gonna stop watching this crap….curse u writers…u can make some twists nd turns to make the show interesting…but not like this one…….hate you

  4. Tara

    Sanskar shud ask some more questions to swara ??????????? today’s epi I hate swara like anything. Sanskar ??????

  5. Sandya

    Oh god when will this crap drama will end fed up of this urvashi n kavitha, please cvs don’t separate swara n sanskar

  6. bhuvi

    Bas… Bahut hogaya..ab aur nahi… Pl stop this kavitha n dramaqueen evil plans… Coz of them Swasan fought today… I can’t tolerate anymore…plz unfold truth of kavi n dramaqueen infront of Swasan soon… Atleast by next week…otherwise it ll affect trp … N plz don’t create any misunderstanding btw Swasan… Its really hurting us…

  7. manvi

    sree harini. di hiiii how r u …….I miss u so much …..and yeah I m feeling very bad for ragini ….I just hate this urvasi ….and kavita ….

  8. jo

    what is this kavita telling rags made realize her that sanskar is hers. but yaar swasan misunderstandings increases…. please cvs patch them soon… dont want any misunderstands between them.. and watchmen with urvashi… and how she tels ragini in janaki voice… precap… please all go well soon..

  9. Anna

    Uff..laksh will divorce ragini….omg..I won’t watch that serial anymore?…hey manu wot dead body u r talking about?

  10. abhi

    Ghost in swaragini,black magic in meri aashiqi tumse hi,patal lok in sasural simar ka

    Each serial should get nobel prize for infinite thinking

  11. sonu

    again swara doubtung on sanskar.when sanskar can believe on swara that masi has doing this why can’t swara.
    & this time ragini is not at fault. kavita and masi are manupulating him on his mother’s name.hope swasan will find ral culprit soon.&this drama will close

  12. ub

    In promo, they showed swasan marriage will happen in this January…

    But January is completed… Did show makers think that viewers are idiots that whatever they show, we will believe them…

    I hate this show now totally…

    This urvashi mental and kavitha psycho…

    How can any person will be this much low to grab anything from others…

    Chi… Chi…chi…

  13. Swaragini hater

    It’s disgusting what the hell?? Janki ghost..like srsly…they didn’t get any other idiotic stuff other than this just a bull shit..really pissed off from this boring monotonous dull track…pakka sumi will die due to that tantrum queen Urvashi masi…..n yaa I feel like swasan won’t be united…how contradictory is kavitha really disgusting..n how did ragini realised her that sanskaar is her??? Wow dragging our innocent rags in this too….n what yrr…separating raglak also….how can lakshya do that….n why is ragini feeling that swara will destroy her life…at times I feel like spitting on this same track.. Why can’t we see something new?? Always villian.. N all that stuff..srsly gonna kill this writer…n how stupid is this that a necklace cam itself throttle the neck. N how can massi Kavita so that.. Srsly illogical…. Damm this show….phewwwww. .yaksss…n getting over this now…only ff are nice…they don’t drag story like this…are much more amusing that this dumb show…

  14. sree

    Hey….anyone see the new promo of colors….inteha pyaar Ki…they r showing dhaani,thapki,swara love….will our swasan unite?

  15. neha

    i think urvasi will do this as wearing mask of janki,,,,n try to threaten sumi….but still i am very worried…dont want swasan separation…hopefully writer will not do that

  16. Sunshine

    Oh god.
    There’s absolutely no improvement in this stupid serial. I’m so so disappointed. Cannot afford to have so much negatively in a serial. Affects viewers mentally. I quit watching this serial. Even the clothes and the pretty jewellery and beautiful women and the grand sets are not able to save the story and keep audience hooked. I’m so done.

  17. thilo

    Sathiyama solren.. Urvashi aprm kavitha rendu perum thani lorry la illa koppa lorry adi pattu sagaporanga.. Illa na nane poi kola panna poren..irritating idiots…

  18. khusubu

    No there is no janki’s ghost. in today’s SBS segment they told that she is massi who ware janki’s mask

  19. now i am sure all 4 lives will be ruined because of these two ladies plotting.
    i am feeling bad for ragini, because of maasi plotting, her relation is going end with laksh.

    if not ragini, i would have felt happy that her so called bhanji life got ruined because of her.

    i know as there leads they are not going die, so i hope swara and ragini will together slove their issue.

  20. amee

    Wooowwwwww hats off to the cvs team oh god if kavita have so many problms fr uniting swasan thn y she left sanky she was getting married to him watever was the conditions but she is comming btwn thm just repeating the same story but only difference is tht tym it was ragini 4 laksg nd now itz kavita 4 sanky plssssssssssssss if u dont have anything story thn plzzzzz unite swaragini, swasan, raglak nd their family nd give us a happy ending but plzzzzz dont spoil our mood fot ur illogical story nd i think this show is going to be closed coz every swaragini fan has got better stories of swasan nd raglak or ragsan nd swalak thn ur real swaragini i was diehard fan of swaragini bt u made sooooo gud tht 1st i used to watch daily show thn i stopped watching nd started reading only written update nd see the videos wenever i like nd thn i stopped watching videos nd only read it nd now i m thinking of not reading it even missed 2 episodes all thnx to cvs team

  21. neel

    Today s episode ws disheartening. Hiw can swara doubt sanky wn ge always trusted her. Cvs contradictory. At one stage they show how true swasan lv s then shatter everything by such stupidsstuff. Iaksh s not negative. He wanted to give a chance to rags but thanks to her stupidity she came in her evil aunts words. I feel that that Urvashi crap s not doing all these for ragini rather some other intention. Probably marry shekhar. I feel like going n throw her out of the house as swara ll unable to do it

  22. Niharika

    I hate Swara after today episode….I mean how can she hurt Sanky like this…..she must trust her love….because for this she will again lose her love…and the serial writers….hats off to u all…accha buddhu banaya….shadi ke promos I guess dcember seh dikharahe hai,,,shadi aptak nehi huyi…..And this Kavita……issh chudail keh baal nochneh ka maan karta hai….What kind of love is this? She is the second Ragini……The writers have gone mad,they are repeating the history, difference is now Kavita is in Ragini’s place and Sanskar is in Laksh’s place….Swara toh wahi ki wahi hi hai….who itni abhagan kyu hai? This is a hopeless serial….abb meri umid serf fan fictions hii hai…..Pehele din she janti thi ki Kavita kuch toh gharpar karke jayengi……And that jiji khush nehi hai lady…….pagal aurat….ja apni jiji ke pas yaha sabko pareshan mat kar….

    • Neha

      Yeah niharika even I too hated her today how can she ask such questions yaar how badly he was hurt today yaar and when he asked the same question to her I didn’t liked the way she ignored him and went away I thought that she will turn and console him but she just moved how did she bcoz sanskar always consoled her supported her whatever be the situation but she always hurts him I didn’t like her today in fact I liked kavita the way she was telling about sanskar the spark in her eyes were something remarkable she really praised him and is bound to love him actually she understands him she was so confident about him that she knew he will surely do something to catch them I liked her confidence for sanskar which I never found or felt in swara for him today I’m disappointed with swara sanskar pls if she doesn’t trust you leave her u deserve someone better who will regard u as the most precious in her life

  23. priya

    really swara doing same mistake……as previous n also ignoring wt sansker saying…i think dz vil make seperate them…..y swara dnt trust on sansker…….wr is her love towards him…….every bad situation she must understand the sansker dat is nt showing………we knw they love each other….

  24. Rachna

    Ha ha ha hilarious. How can necklace strangle on its own. Writers hav lost their minds. Foolishness to the T. I hav started watching new show KrishnaDasi. It’s very nice so far. Better than following this crap.Anybody else following tat serial??

  25. Neha

    Hey guys today I’m very much dissapointed with swara and yeah I really pity for ragini today and for the first time ever I don’t want swasan guys I know I have hurted many even myself also as I just loved them but today swara’s doubt forced me to say this I can’t see sanskar breaking he was really hurt by her question how can she doubt his love yaar she trust kavita who only did one favor and doubting sanskar who always trusted her stood by her side in every situation supported her if I would have been in her place I would have doubted my image but not him

  26. Angel

    Swaragini jodein rishto ke sur..wat a name..
    Bt story aur nam..dur dur tak match nhi krte..ek rishta strong nahi hai yr..swaragini To kbse lad rahe hai..swara aur sanskar ka bonding achhi tha pr ab woh bhi………..
    Viewers ko twist pasand hai bt itna bhi nahi..aur ye ghost track..ab top shows like yhm me wo trp ke work kiya bcz uske liye logic tha..lead pairs ki bonding strong thi..bt yaha toh wo problem hai..dono ek doosre ko galat sabit kr rahe hai…ego..
    Aur swara uske bare me kuchh nai bol skte..usko kavita pr trust hai bt sanskar pr nai..woww..yr..kuchh toh alag karo yr..ragini itni educated home illiterate person ki tarah behave krti hai..
    1 St time comment kiya..
    Aaj ka epi dekhke..irritate hua..

  27. Saranya

    Again Swara doing the same mistake. But this will lead their seperation surely. B’cos she don’t get sanky’s love anymore if this is continue.

    Oh oh ! Come on writers! The same story repeated again again!!! Don’t show too much negativity yar!!! It is getting irritated. And please unite Swasan, Raglak & Swaragini asap. And don’t show Kavi as negative pls. Try to introduce a new hero for her.

  28. Angel

    Writers ko kuchh alag sochna chahiye..swara aur sanskar ka pair itna popular hai..toh ragini aur laksh bhi lead hai..uske liye ragini ke present character ko puri tarah se khatam krna hoga aur ek..new start krna hoga..usi khrab character ko leke unki story aage bdh bhi gai..toh kuchh maza nai aayega..
    Aur ek toh relation strong dikhao..I hope history repeat na ho..

  29. Bola

    Pls this drama of janki ghost should stop- this movie was so interesting before, but now I can’t even watch but just read the update

  30. nik

    Last week episodes were full of SWASAN scenes but dn also trp of last week is low – 2.5. And widout trp channel ll not allow d serial to continue. That’s why cvs r not focusing much on SWASAN scenes coz de know dat it ll not work to score good trp. Now a days Indian people sitting in front of television prefer shows having supernatural creatures lyk ssk , nagin -saas bahu drama lyk saathiya, ye he mohabatein . All dat is viewers want twists no matter however bitter it is. N in case of SWASAN , I think dr fans r more active online as compared to TV that’s why CVS r not focusing much on dm. Last week SWASAN chopper ride, picnic, romance, movie date but all failed coz Indian viewers don’t want sweet , enjoyable n soothing scenes de want twists dat too bitter one. All I can say SWASAN hv huge fan following but still de can’t mk dr fav couple to increase d shows trp coz most of DM follow d show online which cnt increase dr trp. SWASAN hv fans not viewers.

  31. saran mehra

    Actually swara herself is responsible for running her relations with laksh and sanskar. She doesn’t trust anyone which gives others a chance to plot against her. She will trust ragini but not laksh. She will trust kavitha but not sanskar.

  32. unknown

    janki’s ghost to haunt sharmishtha in color’s swaragini.
    gear up readers , as another family drama will spring in a supernatural element in its track. after ssk, colors drama swaragini(rashmi sharma telefilms) is also about to witness a ghost track.
    a source shares “all the while urvashi and kavita have been planning to create trouble for swara and sanskar. now, things will go out of hand. when urvashi will put a garland on sharmishtha photo suggesting that the lady is dead. this action will irk swara to the core and losing her temper she will end u shouting on urvashi. but the cunning aunt will blame her sister’s ghost stating that her dead sister, janki must be trying to send some message to stop swara and sanskar marriage.”
    quite a clever act we say..
    but, the entire drama we hear, will not end here, sharmistha in the upcoming episodes will see janki’s spirit trying to connect with her.though swara will suggest that her mother is hallucinating, neverthless, janki’s ghost will be bothering sharmistha for some reason.
    aren’t you amazed readers by the way the series is shaping up? no doubt supernatural themes are rulingour small screen.
    when we got in touch with parineetha, she said “i recently shot with daljith, almost after a year. i remember we had shot together in kolkatta. it was so much fun to work with her again. she is such a nice person to have around.”
    yes, dear lady,we hope you guys have some more fun time while shooting.

  33. What da hell is this? Swara is doing same mistake again, cant tolerate anymore this crap,too much disappointing,cant they show positivity?i m fed up of this ragini masi n kavitha its better to read ffs.

  34. bhuvi

    Did anyone see recently shouted mandhir wali scene?? Again Mu btw Swasan… I lost hope for their union..I feeling strongly that their marriage won’t happen… Its better psycho kavitha n drama queen urvashi can kill Swara… Its far better than breaking swa’s heart n her marriage dreams again n again…

  35. jo

    guys i found this in telly guru i am posting here.. hope swasan will solve there problems soon.. its look likes kavita is succesfull in creating mu between them..

    misunderstang to seperate swara and sanskar..
    colors top rated show swaragini is already ruling the trp charts since few weeks now and the elevation some intense drama in the episode to come, promises to keep audience glued to the show!!
    as we have seen urvashi and kavita have been planning to create trouble for swara and sanskaar.
    now this will go out of hand,when urvashi will put a garland on sharmishtha’s picture suggesting the lady dead. this action will irk swara to the core and losing her temper she will endup shouting on maasi.
    but the cunning aunt will escape easily putting blame on her dead sister.
    in the upcoming episodes, shomi will see janki’s spirit saying that she is back to destroy her. the spirit will try to strangle shomi’s neck and she faints. though swara will suggest that her mother is hallucinating, janaki’s ghost will bothering shomi for some reason.
    kavita will be on another plan to create misunderstandings between the couple swara and sanskaar.
    according to a source, “sanskar goes to a temple and kavita follows himhiding between a group of bhajan people.there she touches him from back side and hides.he gets an instinct that kavita is between the group of people and starts searching for her but suddenly she/someone says shouting saap(snake) and grooup despers from there in that she also goes frm there.
    sanskar doesnot able to find kavita . but when swara comes to the place and holds him, he refers her as kavita.”
    this will irk swara and feels that he is not able to forget kavita. seems like kavita getting successful in her mission to seperate swara and sanskar.
    stay tuned for more updates of swaragini.

  36. Delphine D'Mello

    Some ridiculous episodes that are spoiling the Serial – it is boring and not worth any more viewing? A sheer waste of valuable time!!

  37. Dhara

    Swaragni FF’s are far better tahn original serail. atleast we are uniting couples after twist and turns.

  38. Sandy

    Why is Swara again doubting Sanskaar?
    I don’t want Kavita to come back to Sanskaar’s life, I want Swara and Ragini to come back together as swaragini!!!!!

  39. Rajput

    Mujha gUssa aa rha h

    hm.ragini ko kb positive role m dekhanga

    ragini pls positive role.m

    pls hm.swara or ragini ki bonding dekhna chahtan hain pls

    swaragini ko.mila do

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