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The Episode starts with Swara looking at that woman’s photo and thinks who is this woman. She thinks there might be some secret which is leading Ragini to do all this. She calls Annapurna. Annapurna picks the call and says Swara……Sanskar asks Durga Prasad why he is silently bearing Ragini’s torture, and says he has understood that there is something which is not related to Laksh’s arrest. Annapurna informs her that Ragini hinted her about Durga Prasad’s secret. Swara is shocked. She says there is some secret which is related to this veiled woman and asks for her help. Annapurna says she will definitely help her and asks what she have to do. Swara asks her to find out bill/receipt or anything from Ragini’s room which belongs to party. She says she has convinced Durga prasad not to sign,

but something made him sign. Annapurna says she will find out and asks her not to worry. She turns and sees Dadi standing.

Durga Prasad looks surprisingly at Sanskar. Sanskar says don’t I have the right to know the truth or don’t you trust me that I can save family. He says I have done many mistakes in the past, but now I am changed. I can’t bear your insult. You don’t want to come with me and is ready to bear the insult. Once he goes, Durga Prasad says Sanskar…..my son….past has sealed my lips and tied my hands. Dadi asks Annapurna to make dinner. Annapurna says okay. She recalls Swara’s words and comes to Ragini’s room. She sees Laksh sleeping on the sofa while being drunk. She helps him sleep properly. Just then she hears Ragini coming and hides. Ragini comes inside the room and sleeps on the bed after switching off the lights. Annapurna comes out and opens the cupboard to find the proofs. She gets a bill and hides it. Just as she is about to go, Ragini switches on the lights and asks what you are doing here? Dadi, Sujata, and everyone come there. Sujata asks if you was doing black magic. Ragini says you don’t belief that Durga Prasad want to stay here with his wish, and asks what she was searching in her room. She asks what she wants, money, jewellery etc. Ragini says she will search her.

Sanskar asks her to stop it. Ragini says she will search and tells Durga Prasad threatening him. Dadi takes her inside to search her. They come out. Dadi tells Ragini that she didn’t get anything. Durga Prasad apologize to Annapurna. Annapurna asks him to sleep. Later she comes downstairs. Swara is ready there and asks why did she call her. Annapurna takes out receipt from her hairs. Swara checks the bill and says it is party equipments bill. She thanks her and asks if Ragini insulted her. Annapurna says she doesn’t care, and says she wants to solve this mystery. Swara says what happened? Annapurna says she is fearing big and feels Durga prasad has hidden something big. Swara hugs her and says she will solve the matter. She asks about Sanskar, just then Annapurna hears Ragini’s voice and asks Swara to go before she sees her.

Swara comes to the musical instruments shop and asks about the lady. The persons informs her that the lady will perform today somewhere. Swara thinks she can’t let Annapurna’s hardwork get wasted.

Annapurna faints being weak and the glass falls from her hand. Ragini asks Uttara to clean the floor, and asks everyone to do their work. Sujata asks her to see that Annapurna is not well, and says she will work on her behalf. Ragini says I don’t want her to work today, and says she will be punished today. She says yesterday Annapurna tried to search something in her room. She recalls seeing her with Swara and shows the pin asking if she met Swara.
Swara is somewhere in the market. The lady is seen singing bhajan in the temple. Swara comes to the same temple and sees the lady going. She runs calling her and is about to fall, but the lady holds her hand. Swara looks at her. Ragini says Swara couldn’t save her marriage, and says she can’t save you all. She says you will stay on my pity. She asks her to wear old clothes and says your face will be blackened today. Dadi asks what you are doing? Ragini says your husband like this punishment well. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini is about to paint Annapurna’s face black, but Swara comes and pushes her making her face black. Swara tells you have thrown me, but not my love. She says they are her family and whereever they need her, she will be with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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