Swaragini 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara looking at that woman’s photo and thinks who is this woman. She thinks there might be some secret which is leading Ragini to do all this. She calls Annapurna. Annapurna picks the call and says Swara……Sanskar asks Durga Prasad why he is silently bearing Ragini’s torture, and says he has understood that there is something which is not related to Laksh’s arrest. Annapurna informs her that Ragini hinted her about Durga Prasad’s secret. Swara is shocked. She says there is some secret which is related to this veiled woman and asks for her help. Annapurna says she will definitely help her and asks what she have to do. Swara asks her to find out bill/receipt or anything from Ragini’s room which belongs to party. She says she has convinced Durga prasad not to sign,

but something made him sign. Annapurna says she will find out and asks her not to worry. She turns and sees Dadi standing.

Durga Prasad looks surprisingly at Sanskar. Sanskar says don’t I have the right to know the truth or don’t you trust me that I can save family. He says I have done many mistakes in the past, but now I am changed. I can’t bear your insult. You don’t want to come with me and is ready to bear the insult. Once he goes, Durga Prasad says Sanskar…..my son….past has sealed my lips and tied my hands. Dadi asks Annapurna to make dinner. Annapurna says okay. She recalls Swara’s words and comes to Ragini’s room. She sees Laksh sleeping on the sofa while being drunk. She helps him sleep properly. Just then she hears Ragini coming and hides. Ragini comes inside the room and sleeps on the bed after switching off the lights. Annapurna comes out and opens the cupboard to find the proofs. She gets a bill and hides it. Just as she is about to go, Ragini switches on the lights and asks what you are doing here? Dadi, Sujata, and everyone come there. Sujata asks if you was doing black magic. Ragini says you don’t belief that Durga Prasad want to stay here with his wish, and asks what she was searching in her room. She asks what she wants, money, jewellery etc. Ragini says she will search her.

Sanskar asks her to stop it. Ragini says she will search and tells Durga Prasad threatening him. Dadi takes her inside to search her. They come out. Dadi tells Ragini that she didn’t get anything. Durga Prasad apologize to Annapurna. Annapurna asks him to sleep. Later she comes downstairs. Swara is ready there and asks why did she call her. Annapurna takes out receipt from her hairs. Swara checks the bill and says it is party equipments bill. She thanks her and asks if Ragini insulted her. Annapurna says she doesn’t care, and says she wants to solve this mystery. Swara says what happened? Annapurna says she is fearing big and feels Durga prasad has hidden something big. Swara hugs her and says she will solve the matter. She asks about Sanskar, just then Annapurna hears Ragini’s voice and asks Swara to go before she sees her.

Swara comes to the musical instruments shop and asks about the lady. The persons informs her that the lady will perform today somewhere. Swara thinks she can’t let Annapurna’s hardwork get wasted.

Annapurna faints being weak and the glass falls from her hand. Ragini asks Uttara to clean the floor, and asks everyone to do their work. Sujata asks her to see that Annapurna is not well, and says she will work on her behalf. Ragini says I don’t want her to work today, and says she will be punished today. She says yesterday Annapurna tried to search something in her room. She recalls seeing her with Swara and shows the pin asking if she met Swara.
Swara is somewhere in the market. The lady is seen singing bhajan in the temple. Swara comes to the same temple and sees the lady going. She runs calling her and is about to fall, but the lady holds her hand. Swara looks at her. Ragini says Swara couldn’t save her marriage, and says she can’t save you all. She says you will stay on my pity. She asks her to wear old clothes and says your face will be blackened today. Dadi asks what you are doing? Ragini says your husband like this punishment well. Everyone is shocked.

Ragini is about to paint Annapurna’s face black, but Swara comes and pushes her making her face black. Swara tells you have thrown me, but not my love. She says they are her family and whereever they need her, she will be with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Varsha Darshini

    Guys why so late, but it is waste till Ragini’s becomes +ve as all will like her as before. Don’t why but I am feeling satisfied in seeing Ragini like this.

  2. Rey

    shit…. day by day ragini gng worse i feel like killing that ragini 1000 tyms bcoz of her kavita s back to maheswari’s family plzzz writers dn’t separate swasan …

  3. Neha

    Only one word USELESS no need to watch its good to ignore this drama now I feel like quitting this show being a science student physics chemistry always eats my head and this crap show is gonna burst it only I can say will miss my swasan ?feel like crying for missing my handsome hunk varun love you baby

    • the

      Hi neha
      How are you? You know what when I heard that kavita will enter I even thought to my self that that’s it I won’t watch swaragini anymore. Then I thought that the only reason I’m watching this drama cause of Swasan. I know it will take them long time to unite cause the writers will dragg it to the core, but you know what as long as Swasan will unite then I will tolerate all the crap things happening in Swaragini.

  4. angel

    just kill ragini for my sake plz….I dnt believe it that she is punishing others for her own misdeeds.how can someone treat her elders like this???the lady will be KAVITA’S mom.i have heard that kavita will plzy the role of a cameo which means that she will unite swasan?.her role will be brief but strong one.the veiled lady is a negative character?,i hope kavita remains positive and soon unite swasan.❤❤

    moreover in the upcoming episodes sanskar will try to snatch pics from ragini’s hand to know what she is hiding but she will hit a vase on his head making him unconscious and then she will leave with the pics?.swara will follow the lady to the hospital who will accuse dp of killing an innocent girl.swara will bring kavita to maheshwari house oblivious that she is her husband’s ex girl and whole family will be shocked.??????….why is swara so extra good….I dnt like it…..??????????????????????

    how will swara react when she will know truth????I just wish she doesn’t sacrifice again otherwise I will……….(cant say anything to he as I love her?)……….tension taking days,episodes and plot???

  5. Neha

    And of course my dear friends gonna miss you all shuva, nik, rids, needhi and everyone actually I am really confused for stop watching or not but whenever I read these useless scenes I feel like throwing it in gutter yaar Mera dimag kharab ho raha h head is making rounds I think its absorbing my thinking abilities

    • Hi neha
      Just take a big breath in and relax. And please yaar don’t quit cause will miss reading your comments yaar. Please please please please please please don’t quit, pity please.

  6. nik

    Hiii…guys, agn d sm drama n dis tm ap trnd dtctv.wtng fr kavitas entry may b it ll mk d story intrstng. 2day I hv wchd sm interviews of helly n Varun on utube. N 1 of dm shown Varun acting as helly n helly as Varun. N it was so funnyyy….lol.offscreen helly n Varun share good bond coz de both r from ahmedabad I mn dr hmtwn is ahmedabad. Guys u should wch dat video m sure u all ll enjoy it. N SWASAN rks n SWASAN 4 ever n ever.

  7. Likhitha

    Arey kya yaar yeh sab…there will be limit for everything…but ragini….what r u doing…y r u punishing them when there is YOUR mistake….ragini plzz change yaar…I want old ragini back…ragini please become good again…I am unable to see u like this.. -_-

  8. Anu

    Okay. The writers will do everything you people want. Then te show will be over. Then what will you do?? For god sake guys stop this! The writers arent stupid! They are writers for a reason. If everything is merry and happy how will the serial go ahead? Common sense guys

  9. nik

    Guys no hope of ragini bcmng positive coz in a interview Teju…indrctly sd dat in 2015 cz of busy shedule she missed traveling bt now in 2016 she will travel as much as she can. Dat mns no shooting ,no busy schedule. Dat mns except fr January in 2016 she ll not b shooting fr swaragini.

  10. ruhi

    Waiting for kavita entry at least Ragini drama will end and kavita will play positive role.Hope she not turn negative.

  11. Tara

    Thankssssssssss a lottttttttt H Hasan for updating all minute details nd helping non-hindi people to understand. I thought u ll skip sujata diags in ragini’s room. I didn’t understand that while watching. Thanks for updating all scenes.

  12. Vinu

    I want tejaswi to quit the show…. It vl b the best thing for 2016…. pls tejaswi quit the show soon… leave this blo*dy and worst show….

  13. Swara is d only person who ruined laksh life.she is saving family wat faamily her over concren for her sis raagini made all dis trouble.i hated her d day she compelling laksh to love rangini

  14. nik

    Nooo…..I don’t want Teju 2 quit. Its ragini who is villain n not Teju. N actors should do all types of roles wdr positive or negative n dis enhances d acting skill of actors.In previous show she was positive n in dis negative n after sm tm may b in sm show or anyodr she ll play positv . There r very few who can do all types of roles n she is 1 of dm. Its hr tlnt dat she can do all types of roles. N if wrtrs had promised hr dat hr ngtv is fr short tm de should kp Dr promise n trn hr role positv as soon as possible.

  15. nik

    N guys those who wnt Teju 2 cntnue n watch hr playing ragini of swaragini .plzzz….rqst Teju on twitter n odr social media to stay bk wid swaragini.

  16. Hi nik hi shuva yeah nik even I watched their interview especially that part when varun said chocolate cake out of mud it was so funny???
    N yeah swasan forever and ever coz they rock # swasanian frvr

  17. pragna

    kavitha hugged sanskar infront of swara 🙁 🙁 🙁 ….and sanskar too hugged her back 🙁 🙁 🙁 …i cant watch it anymore…

    • angel

      u r right it was a heart striking scene…..they dont look gud together.sanskar plz bind rakhi on ur hand by kavita

  18. ani

    Plz dont unite swalak instead of swasan …As ragini is quiting the show there will be no pair for laksh and r u writers going to bring kavita back for sanskaar and to join swalak…no yaar plz dont do like this.we want swasan and not swalak. Now swara also started loving sanskaar .plz dont join kavitha and sanskaar.

    • Scarlet

      Calm down dear swasan will be together forever and kavita is having a cameo role and we all know very well without ragini there is no swaragini and coming to swasan, true love have to face many obstacles and just take a chill pill bcuz at the end of kavita track we will get our swasan together forever

  19. ani

    Me too.. cant see kavitha with sanskaar.. why always swara should lose her love..so sad first laksh now sanskaar .. cant see swara crying all the time ???

  20. pooja

    sanskars first gf come back…..please don’t separated swasan kavita you go back. truth is revealed kavitas memory loss.and she love sanskar.but now sanskar love to swara. this jodi will ROCK.

  21. bhuvi

    Oh… No… Kavitha back… But she don’t know that san has moved on his life after her separatio….I think Wen she come to know that he is married she questions san… That time swara will reveal the truth that we married under some compulsion n now got divorced too.. There is no any relation btw them .. Coz swara knows san loved Kavitha so much.. The same love which made him to take reverge to his own family…so swara ll think if he b with Kvitha he ll be happy…So swara ll decide to sacrifice her love n decide to leave him…this is only gonna happen in upcoming episode…

  22. Rajput

    Pls yr ragini ko Positive role m laayo

    kavita is so so so beautiful

    so awesome yr

    pls tejaswi ko positive role m la do

  23. Hiii…guys in a sgmnt I hv seen kaviri kpt knife on raginis nk n says dat she ll kill ragini n u know what laksh svs ragini from kaveri. I think soon raglak story ll b starting.

  24. swetha

    we can only hope rags turn posiive n also hope kavita doesnt turn negative n separate swasan……..if this is gonna happen then i’m done watching the show

  25. IS

    Can anyone tell me plz..where are others members of ragini & this foolish dadi’s family..i mean where r ragini’s so called dadji, dad and mum…where the hell they r?

    • Hi is yeah maybe they got abducted by aliens. I really wished that nagin dadi also got abducted. Because of her that ragini turned even worse.

  26. nik

    Hiiii…..Tara yr ff SWASAN single shot was awesm n in dat wat u sd about swaragini it is rt still dis show is fr btr dn odrs.I ll dfntly watch d upcmng episode coz I think its going 2 b intrstng .ya I know dat sm tms d trk gets irritating n as fans we hv d r8 2 cmpln n gt angry bt as fns we should watch n sort d show in its thick n thins of trps . I know many of u ll not agree wid me .

  27. chandani

    help needed!!
    doesn’t anyone in any of the indian soaps work!!!! they seems to be all dolled up and hang around the house, not real at all, please start watching english soaps then u know what i mean 🙂

    • Hi chandani
      Did you mean British soaps and if yes which one? I watch easternders and I also watch USA dramas such as supernatural, vampire diaries and many more.

      • chandani

        ahh yeah eastenders is my fav too, i watch indian ones when i visit my mum, i find it so funny that they wake up with full make up and saress on, and they seems to be in one house at all times, even the men, do they not go to work? or is it just the producers/directors making money with out a proper story lines? make up as they go along…lol. I visited my mum just before christmas and she told me to get the spoilers from the net so i found this place, but looks like everyone is fed up like my mum, she stopped watching few in the past month……

      • Oh so you watch easternders. Easternders is getting good day by day. Yeah and I know what you mean about the makeup thing. I mean who wears makeup when going to bed. Anyways nice knowing you and please do comment here.

      • chandani

        Yeah sure, i will check this website often 🙂 have a fantastic new year! hopefully indian soaps will change for better next year!! we can only wish i suppose.

        Lots of love
        Chandani- London.

  28. Pri

    hi guys.. can i
    join u all?? i m too huge fan of swasan.. nd reading updates nd ur comments from long tym.. i wud love to be one of u.. 🙂

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