Swaragini 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini talks to Annapurna and tells that she is sure that Swara and Sanskar’s marriage is fake. Annapurna tells that she was upset with her for her doings, and tells it doesn’t suit her upbringing. She says she has faith that she will not do anything against her family and shows faith on her. She then compliments her beauty and makes her wear bangles. Dadi comes and tells Ragini that she is showering love on her saas. She compliments Ragini as Annapurna covers her head with ghunghat. She asks Ragini to come with her. Sujata asks Ragini to come, as everyone is waiting. Dadi asks where is your bahu? Sujata says she is just my son’s wife and not my bahu. She will be in her room all day. Everyone see Ragini coming. One of the neighbor tells that Laksh’s old fiance was more beautiful and doubts if

she is beautiful or not. Annapurna asks them to do the muh dikhayi ritual. Parineeta is about to lift Ragini’s veil, just then Nani comes with her bengali clan and plays shank. She says this is not my grand daughter. The neighbors ask about Swara.

Dida tells Swara got married to other son of the house. She tells her grand daughter might be getting ready. Sanskar asks Swara to come as Dida have come. Swara gets ready and looks for her earrings. Sanskar gives her earrings. Swara feels bad as they are lying. Sanskar says our intentions are right. Swara prays to God and walks out with Sanskar. The neighbors ask when did Sanskar marry? Dadi says we also don’t know and tells they aren’t married. Dida gets angry. Sujata taunts Dida. Ragini sees Swara and Sanskar coming. Dida tells that her grand child is coming with other son Sanskar. Laksh gets angry, and Ragini acts to calm him down.

Annapurna asks Sujata to bring Swara. Sujata refuses to bring her. Sumi gives gifts to Annapurna for them. Dadi asks Sujata, why she said Swara’s muh dikhayi is not happening. Sujata says she didn’t know. The neighbors tell that they have not made the arrangements for Muh Dikhayi. Dida says they believe in simplicity. Dadi taunts her and says her grand daughter married grandly. She says just look at your grand daughter, she is not wearing even the veil. Annapurna asks Sujata to be with Swara. Dida tells one don’t get to see the qualities with veil. Dadi says lets have the competition. Dida says music competition. Sujata says my jiji will judge the competition. Swara asks servant to bring her guitar.

Ragini plays sitar and sings Saa Re………Swara recalls the past happenings and plays the guitar. She sings Saa Re…..Both of them recall their moments with Laksh. Everyone looks on. Swara recalls Ragini pushing her in the river and stops playing guitar, making Ragini win. Dadi claps saying my grand daughter has won. One of the neighbor praises Ragini and her values. Swara leaves from there. The neighbor compliment Ragini again and says you sings too. Swara goes near the inhouse temple and sings a bhajan. Annapurna gets mesmerised by her bhajan and blesses her. Dida says my shona is the best and have win. Annapurna makes her wear veil and says Swara and Ragini’s muh dikhayi will happen with all the rituals. She asks Sujata to make the arrangements. Dida asks Annapurna to start with the rituals being elder bahu. Annapurna makes Swara wear the bangles. Ragini gets jealous, teary eyed and insecure.

Swara asks Ragini if she is insecure with her win, and asks what will happen if the truth comes out. Ragini says if I tell my truth to everyone, then what you will do. Swara says then I will tell about my fake marriage with Sanskar (oblivious to her that it is Ragini’s plan to trap her lie). Ragini turns and tells Sumi that Swara is conspiring against her with this fake marriage. She picks up Swara’s stuff and throws her out of the house, shocking everyone. Swara looks on.

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  1. she

    stop making fun of shaadi . if u don’ t want to make main person to marry then stop brining marriage scene Its just a joke to society.

  2. Pratiksha

    Dida don’t even know Hw to behave she just entered with other ladies making some shit noise she don’t even knw wat is decency

    • rosy

      Hello pratiksha….plz dnt insult any ritual…the sound wich u r calling ‘shit’ is a very big part of bengali culture…
      We welcome MA DURGA wid dat sound or i call it our art of giving “uuloordhawni”
      it is done wen marriage happens or wen welcome any victorious person…it signifies anythng wich is good…and in our culture its decent enuf…….so plz dnt comment abt nethng wen u dnt knw its importance…we dnt insult oders’ culture…its nt in our taste..

    • sabita chakraborti

      pratiksha dadi don’t know how and what to teach her grand daughter so she tought ragini how to steal swara’s to be husband ..

  3. Cassandra

    well this is what I don’t get, all the conspiracies sanksar did to take revenge why can’t he do that to expose ragini?

  4. Pratiksha

    Sanskar lyks to take revenge I think so bcoz first wen he had joined hands wit ragini to seek revenge on DP n Laksh dat tym he tried to spoil swaraz behaviour in front of everyone wit raginiz help n whenever ragini felt guilty n thought it was wrong he told wat v r dng is right n wen he wanna seek revenge on ragini wit swaraz help tells d same thing to swara whenever she feel sad

    • sabita chakraborti

      pratiksha I think sanskar has got a lesson and now laksh deserves to take a punishment after he will know true color of ragini …. I know swara will win at last but till that time it will be too late for laksh to return back to swara ..

  5. stop blaming sanskaar as he is not d one who killed or made fake video n audio of swara and all the drama acting lying black magic ragini did and she not a child she is grown up even child knows dat not to take a candy from a stranger..

  6. Aahana

    Plz stop blaming sanskar i love swara and sanskar jodi
    Hope they both fall in love soon
    and rags truth also come out soon but before rags truth come out sanskar and swara should fell in love

  7. ar

    Story bohat ajeeb hoti ja rahi h…… This track is not good as much enjoyable…… So much ajeeb……. Aese sach samne laya jata h…..ye to bus dono j darmiyan competition h jo normally devrani and jethani ma dikhaya jata h….. Its all kitchen politics……. Full blanked

  8. sona

    Writers lagta hai above 80 hoga..islie itni old story fir se guma fira ke Dikha rahe hai.

    We want something new…

  9. Honest

    Swasan look cute together… Need to end up with each other!!!!!! Stop dragging this so much… Expose ragini already!!!!!

  10. Honest

    Also, yesterday’s episode… I agree with what swara said… True love prevails all, it can withstand any troubled time.. But lakshya abandoned her & broke her trust at the beginning of trouble… So guess it wasn’t true love…. REALLY hope swasan have true love for each other 🙂

  11. Xxx

    in the spoilers it says that swara will be dancing with joy and sanskar starts to stare at her and falls in luv wiv her

  12. Kat

    Oh god i really loved the way Sanskaar was starting at Swara when she was singing that bhajan!!!!!!! ?????

  13. Nw its dragging to much n my intersr in serial has declined n nw I hv decided nt to see this stupid serial n same iniishani n rvs story evil wins n truth fails wt all ds serials wana tl to the society n gving bad impression fr children also tt evil wins n truth fails n so I m nt in favour of all these immoral serials I hate the writers fr conveying the wrong msg to the society .I really nt appreciate them rather hate them ,evil ragini is winning again n again in her cruel plans n swara is nt planning to do nething only remains quiet n so everyone takes her as guilty ridiculous serial.

  14. Shona

    Stop dragging yaaar
    It’s really tooooooo much
    Now just expose her.
    Bahoooooot hogaya yr is s pahle k Is serial s sab k interest khatam hojaye expose her?

  15. ADELE( Anu)

    Nyc episode!!!! Swara’s always amazinggg!!!!! Hope that pshyco’s truth comes out soon!!!

  16. Siksha

    i dnt knw why u ppl like swara and lakshay’s jodi so much ………..true lv isof laksh and swara…….i jst want to see them together soon….:-)

  17. Siksha

    i dnt knwwhy u ppl like sanskaar and swara’s jodi…….true lv is of lakshya and swara …..i jst hope to see them together soon….:-)

  18. saz

    Swara us ghar me Ragini ki sachchai laney ke liye gai hai ki baar baar Ragini se haar khane ke liye aai hai . Swara is becoming so roondu. Ab bhi Ragini Swara pe vari padrahi hai. Kaha gai wo kavi haar namaanne wali strong Swara. Pls baad me vi swara ko Laksh ke pass mat vejna

  19. Swasan Luv u

    yaar… plz stop dragging ds rona dhona scenes… its tym to action n teach a lesson to d evil ragini… jst break d blind trusts of the family members on ragini… i cnt c swara cryng more… hate u lakshya n ragini frm core of my hrt… swara n sanskar’s jodi is fab… plz cntinu ds couple as d lead till end.. lakshya dsnt deserve swara.. plz expose dt b*t*h ragini soon… hate u rags… jst hate u lyk nythng…

  20. Swasan Luv u

    plz get a twist… swara haar nahi sakti.. wo ghar chod k nahi jaa sakti… plz.. do smthng new… jisse intrst double ho jae..

  21. Sarita Kunwar

    I like swara she is so cute like to see swara and sanskar pairing love scenes in future episode. Hope to see swara and sanskar falling in love

  22. shelo

    Laksh love may be true but he lost his faith on swara love is full of trust so sanskar can only keep swara happy 4ever

  23. Archies

    i saw a promo in which Sanskar and Laksh fight with each other(in the rain) and both Ragini and Swara are standing on the door and watching them. Both of them were wearing the same dress they were wearing today. I think they are again going to fight on Swara’s issue. And they show Sanskar with a bandage on his palm.I think Sanskar is already in love with Swara (by the way he looks at Swara!!)

    And Swara doesn’t want to harm Ragini like Ragini did that’s why she is accepting defeat. But hope this doesn’t drag much. But they are likely to drag till Swara and Sanskar fall in love. So that the promises made by Laksh and Sanskar are kept.

  24. Pratiksha

    Sorry Rosy I didn’t know abt it I m extremely sry foh using tat word actually I hate d way did a entered so I commented lyk tat other than tat it doesn’t mean I hate Bengali ppl I luv bengalans once again sry

    • sabita chakraborti

      pratiksha u hate Bengali that doesn’t mean u ll critisize the person …its always the truth win …don’t be wid wrong person , u will feel happy in the starting the full life its sad ending dear .. never be judgemental how u be on dida and swara ..


    Tired of watching!!it juat keeps dragging n dragging!when will Ragini be xposed?jeez!!and I want Sanskar n Swara to fall in love…Lucky doznt deserve Swara!he’s like a barber’s [email protected] barbing salon,rotates anyhow the barber wants it to!in this case Ragini is the barber and he is sitting on the chair!he’s a weal minded fellow!

  26. happy

    I think damn laksh should get a punishment for not believing in swara.
    I think the new jodi of swara and sanskar rocks

    • ?minnie?

      Huh u always change names n always comment offended to others….before ur name was sonam….. and I should say sry to ppl not only one person cuz many ppl here are bengali and they must have felt bad……. even those who are not bengali they must have felt bad cuz its was a disgusting comment!!! U Must say sry to everyone

    • ADELE( Anu)

      How can u speak lyk this to anyone???
      If itz ur mistake u shud accept it! N yes ur comment was really hurting……..I too m a Bengali but its not that I will taunt on dadi n her culture! N the thing u commented n now r even arguing; is a very religious thing for us………………..As said by rozy above……
      Plz …..its hurts us!

    • ADELE( Anu)

      @ veni, its her wish wid whatever name she wants she will comment! What is there to say ‘chee’ in this ha???
      May be she had a confusion wid sonam n pratiksha…….but she said it politely! N u??? U r juz widout any reason telling her ‘Chee’?????

      N who da hell u r to say lyk this her????? !?

  27. Ashi

    its all making me more curious too watch the show… hope .. to see in swaragini sasural.. someone take swara side..

  28. Antarima

    hate u ragini….. u think u have an innocent face! huh! nd writers plz plz plz stop change the story line .its worsening day by day…. we want swara to be as strong, charming as she was before…. plz…

  29. kriya

    I HATE ragini.god…… .she is impossible.. How mean.. She z heartless enough to even try to kill swara. Swara I know u are heartbroken by the fact how could your sister try to kill u….but u need to teach her that only truth and love wins and not her sick plans. She used to be a sweet one, but that sweet ragini is lost. This one is s vamp I hate… I think sanskar will be in love with swara soon. He has already lost his 1st love. Swara will not be ready soon

  30. Pratiksha

    Ok Sry to everyone I didn’t know it wud hurt u gys n ua religious beliefs I m sry I m pratiksha I don’t know who is sonam .

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