Swaragini 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Swara comes to Rajat’s fake parents and says this is your reality? The man says we had to do this drama for Rajat. our son loves utara. Swara says you would have told us. I saw you two did. You are liars. My papa would never have said no. I will not this marriage happen. Swara says I won’t let her be your in your house. He says we will come with you. Swara says I will tell my family everything.
Pareneeti shows the video to Rajat.
Fake dad calls Rajat and tells him everything. Rajat says I asked you not to go to work.
Ragini calls Swara and asks where are you? Swara says I am coming. Listen carefully, this rajat. Fake dad kidnaps her.

Laksh asks Ragini why are you worried? Ragini says swara was so worried and her phone is off now, he says she will come

back don’t worry. Fix my collar please.
Swara hits the man and the woman and runs away. Rajat comes and says swara stop. He attacks her with a knife. Swara falls on a stone. Rajat says go and catch her. Swara’s foot is bleeding. She throws stone on the and stands up. Swara picks the knife and says I will kill you if you come near me. Rajat says are you mad? She says I am not kidding. Don’t come forward. She throws dust in their eyes.
She hides behind a tree and tries to call.
Sujata says swara is not home. Ragini says her phone is off too I hope she is fine.
Rajat follows blood. They look for swara.

Anupama asks sanskar about lights. Sujata says how about sweets. He says everything will be done. Ragini says I am really worried for swara. Swara comes home. Ragini says oh God what happened to you.swara says I am fine. It was an accident. Sujata says what happened to you? She says I was crossing the road. I am fine now. Sanskaar says how this happened. He takes her to room.Anumpama says should we postpone function? Swara says no no I am fine.

Ragini cleans the wound. Ragini says why wasw your phone off. I was so worried. Swara says you should go downstairs. Sanskaar is here. I am fine. Ragini says are you concealing something? Swara says no. She says in heart I can’t say anything. Its too risky.
Parvati comes home. Sumi says sorry maa. For yesterday. I apologize on behalf of shekhar. Parvati says this is your child I don’t wanna say anything. Should have thought before. It will affect life of your daughters. I will raise this child too. Sit I will bring you milk. parvati mixes the med in the milk.
Swara comes home. Sanskaar dresses her wound. He says how this happened? She says I was crossing road and fell. He says you should have asked me. You could call me.
Parvati says drink this milk. Sumi says I knew you would be convinced. She is about to drink. Parvati says I am going to rest. Really tired. Parvati says forgive me God. sumi says you said something? She says no drink the milk.
Swara says I am fine. He says no you are not. He kisses her forehead. Sanskaar says are you concealing something?

Precap-Everyone is dancing. Rajat says to Swara you have to keep your mouth quite.The person you wanna save will be back when I marry utara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awwww sanky kitni cutteee hhh yaaarrrr??????????????

  2. No no plzzz… Dnt make swara the best again.. I mean she is best we know very well. Clear one thing. Why onky swara to helo everyone? Why not anyone else? There are three more person playing important roles… Anyways I am being too much offensive ….

  3. i think he must have kidnapped shekhar. Cause all others r present

    1. He n pari are together n.. He said he has kidnapped pare n will kill her if she says truth to anyone…

  4. Now I seriously think the name of the serial should be changed to swara alone, seriously they are avoiding ragini….realy sad

  5. I think sanskar should fit Gps in swara ka SS locket ! ROFL.. n they again cut scene ..so sad..

  6. whats this thing Rajat has come up with the person you want to save……Swara should confide in Sanskar at least – someone should know and he is the coolest of the lot.

  7. Who’s d person? For whom swara is keeping it a secret

  8. Current rajat trk is good..bt iss rajat ne maara swara ko?aur ye pari bhabhi ka charac full villan..just to take revenge she is spoiling someones lyf?
    But helly ne kya amazing performance diya as always..saree me ped pr omg..she just doesnt nly play the role of swara but also she lives dat character..really i must say she deserves best actress award??swasan ws soo cute..n thank God ab Sanskar ko sab pata chalega rajat k baare me..
    Swaragini ki trp increase hogayi hai..baki sab shows ki almost down hai because of IPL but swaragini ki increase hui..n show slot leader again..☺?

  9. I just go awww??? when sanky came running n lift her in his arms… That was sooooo cute yr…

    N HeVa rocked today ???

    1. I hope u put this segment with meher tadka in ur ff..!!
      m sure u will rock it ..!

  10. Wanna see swara memory loss

  11. I think Swara will fall of from the cliff while saving Pari and then she will realise her mistake
    I also think that Rajat kidnapped Pari

  12. All of you guys shut up. Why the heck do y’all want to see swara’s memory loss. I’m sorry guys but I’m done with swalak. It will be super weird if she gets memory loss and she only remembers her love for laksh. She is basically in love with her devar. It’ll be really weird. I don’t understand why y’all are still stuck on swalak and ragsan. It’s not gonna happen.?

    1. Who said we want swalak phase memory loss

      I toh want full memory loss

      Any phase memory loss other than swalak
      Including childluke swara

    2. Dear aamal..koi bhi Swasan fan swalak nai chahta..n kisne bola ki memory loss hoga toh wo lux se pyaar karegi..just think agar full memory loss hua n usse nly dida n shomi yaad honge..I also dnt wan partial memory loss n swalak its over now….I wan Swasan..but if cvs wants to bring memory loss trk it shud b full memory loss trk..den we ll get new story..keep patience..lets see cvs kya krte h..n cvs vi achhi tarah se jaante h agr wo swalak wapas layenge dey ll loose majority of viewers trp will fall..because relations majak nai hota..n me too can’t bear swalak..but I wan full memory loss trk at least show story toh milegi..nai toh hamesha ka villains ka planning plotting kuchh naya nai ho raha h..agr full memory loss hua swara ka..show ko ek new trk n story milegi for sure..partial memory loss wud b the stupid decision by cvs..

  13. I think the memory loss is rumor.The upcoming episode will show that Swara has found about Rajat’s truth and also about his evil intentions.

    Swara wants to expose Rajat in front of whole family and to break his and Uttara’s marriage.

    Rajat blackmails Swara that he has some unsensored pictures and video’s of Uttara.

    Swara is stuck and could reveal Rajat’s evil truth before anyone.

    Swara reveals Rajat’s truth before Sanskaar and asks for his help to save Uttara.

    Swara-Sanskaar’s new mission

    Swara and Sanskaar both dons Bengali decorators avatar and enters Rajat’s house.

    Swara and Sanskaar now tries to find Uttara’s images in Rajat’s laptop and pendrive.

    Swara and Sanskaar tries hard but couldn’t find anything and are upset.

    Memory loss will solely happen if only Swara knows about Rajat’s evil intentions but here Sanskar and Swara are partners then what is the need of memory loss drama

    1. Heyy r u sure swara vl tell evrythn to sanky?? Cuz I think she won’t tell anythn

      1. Yeah I had seen their Bengali attire pics

      2. Yup she will tell everything to sanky n thy r together in this mission

  14. Pllllllllllssssssssssssss dnt gv dat memory loss

  15. wow… it ws so nyc to see swasan together… how he lftd swara… tooo cute…. bt pari is going so negative jst to prove hrslf ryt… hell & dn memory loss…. no ye ni hona chaiye

  16. It was show in SBS that swara n sankar both in Bengali avatar will visit rajat house n search for the pics even raglak will help in this

  17. Shit…..completely
    just came here to comment . don’t mind me people …

  18. vidhushi singh

    guyssss i m new here anyone pls tell me aaj ke epi me ek lady ne sky color ki saree pahn rakhi thi woh kon h meine uss sirf 10 sec se bhi kam dekha yeh show …main daily show nhi dekhti hu i dont know kaise meine colors me dekh liya do ladikiyon me main bahut confuse hu ki uska naam kya h swaragini h ya wo koi or plss tell me mein uss ladki ke piche pagal ho jaungi guysss mujhe nhi lagta telly world me usse jayda koi khusorat hoga she is amazing her voice is just amzing ….. plsss tell me uska real name kya h or woh real life me kis nature ki h

    1. Blue to ragini ne phna tha…. With a mang tika…. N straight hair ???

  19. writers pls consider rags too tejaswi is equally talented as helly

  20. swasan scene is super and as usual they nailed it… apart frm this ap said they will post pond sagai because she sthink swara got hurt when marge going to start she likes its not good.. and sujju cares for swara is also jenuine and rajat really kidnaps pari i think and now she is not there…. and he blackmails swara .. she tells sanskar whole truth and raglak also there.. swasan done bengali attire to save uttara to get clip frm rajat and raglak also there and tries to distract rajat…. swasan and raglak try to save ladli uttara.

  21. I hv read a tweet of a reporter saying that swara is not faking her memory loss she will remember her initial lyf… Ms dida n ragini… Along with one more twist…. Godd pta ni kya kr k manenge ye… ??

  22. Swara Swara Swara n swara…….
    Atleast swara shld tell d thgs to Ragini she her sis BT no Swara is Mahan in d serial gud but whr is our rag….usse bhi lead me Lao plzz n she is too hot too beautyfull n I like raglak jodi vry mch in real also n in reel toh thy r fab???Love u raglak….

  23. Wt is this ???????
    Always swara swara
    Ragini also is the main part of the show
    Thak chuki huun iss swara ka muh dhekhne
    Anddd also
    Noooooo raglak sences

  24. I haaaaaattttteeeee and hate ragini ….and I love helly…….this tejaswi should quit the show they should bring someone else to play the role of ragini ……swara is very much beautiful than this ugly ragini …..ragini looks like a ghost without makeup …..its good that they r not paying much attention to rag any more …..I want they should always show swara more …..and also this raglak jodi does not match

  25. Swaragini Fan

    This is writters decision so plzzzz dont badmouth about anyone else and writters too.
    Well I cant watch the show for some days as I shifted but after reading it I m confuse what is going to happen yaar and thanks to everyone who red my comment and answered it thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu LOVE YOU SWARAGINI

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