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Swara comes outside and tells Sumi that the kheer was poisonous as she saw dead lizard in it. She asks her to come to the hospital. Ragini asks are you fine? Dadimaa eats the kheer to prove that it is not poisonous. She tells that she made new kheer when Lizard fell in it. Sumi says Kheer was good and says Kaki loves her like before. Dida says you make us worry. Dadi maa asks her to have food. Swara looks clueless. Dadi maa tells that she will serve her food. She makes her eat the kheer with her hands and says my grand child.

Laksh meets Annapurna and asks how can Papa do this. Utara told me everything. Why he is feeling bad if you talks to me. Annapurna says your Papa feels that I am his wife only. She says women have to compromise always. She says your Papa will not bend neither you will bend.

I can’t choose between you both. Laksh asks her not to think much. Annapurna wipes her tears and asks him to go now as she doesn’t want his Papa to see him. She gives him money for his expenses. Laksh looks at Durga Prasad’s photo and keeps back money in Annapurna’s hand. He says he didn’t want money. He says I wants to become a good human being. He hugs her and gets emotional. He says I love you maa. Annapurna asks him to go. Laksh goes through the window.

Shekhar says where is Laksh? Laksh comes just then. Dadi maa asks him about his home. Laksh is silent. Durga Prasad talks to his brother. He tells about the tender. Durga Prasad comes to the room. His brother goes. Durga Prasad thinks about Dadi maa’s threat and gets restless. Annapurna asks when did you come? Durga Prasad says just now I came. He sees sand in the room and asks who has come here. Annapurna says actually she went to the garden.

Dida asks Laksh to eat pan. Laksh says he doesn’t eat it. Dadi maa asks her to give pan to her. Dida agrees and sits to make pan. Sumi tries to help Ragini. Ragini says she will do along with Swara. Ragini asks Swara, why you are worried. Swara thinks she can’t tell anything to Ragini right now about Dadi. Swara asks Ragini, why Laksh is upset? Ragini says he went to talk about our alliance and that’s why he might be sad. She says what did I do? I gave promise to Dadi maa and broke it now. She apologizes to God for breaking the promise. Swara says God will not punish you. Ragini asks Swara not to inform anyone else Dadi will feel bad. Swara asks her not to take tension. Ragini thanks her.

Dadi maa tells Dida to give her Sumi’s Kundli in the morning. Dida asks what is the need? Laksh says marriage is fixed, why do you want to see the kundli. Dadi maa says just for my satisfaction. Swara asks what if the kundli’s don’t match. Dadi maa asks her not to talk bad. She says she wants to do puja if Kundli have any problem. Everyone like the idea.

Sujata tells Durga Prasad that Laksh is repenting for his mistake and came home, but was sent without meeting. She says you are doing right. Annapurna says he came to meet me and went. Durga Prasad gets angry. Annapurna serves him food, but he stops her. He asks why you let him go. Annapurna says I didn’t want to upset you. Durga Prasad says if Laksh is repenting and promises not to repeat his mistake then he can stay here. This house is incomplete without him. Utara gets happy. Sujata gets angry.

Laksh tells shekhar that he can’t stay in his father’s house. Shekhar says your papa wants you to stay following his values. Laksh says nobody can change him. Shekhar explains to him that he feels that you can do anything. Laksh asks really? Shekhar says I have full faith on you.

Ragini comes to Laksh and says she has understood. She says your happiness matters to me a lot and asks him to keep his family happy. Laksh thanks her. Dadi maa hears them. Ragini says no need of thanks. Dadi maa calls Ragini and asks her to sleep. She asks Laksh to sleep as well. Laksh says good night. He thinks Ragini is really a nice girl. She is thinking about my betterment even now. Ragini tells Dadi maa that Laksh cares for her even now and is worried about her. Dadi maa asks her not to lose hope. Dadi maa goes to Sumi’s room in the night and puts kerosene oil on the floor. Sumi wakes up and asks do you have any work. Dadi maa says she is preparing for marriage arrangements. Sumi smells kerosene and asks what is all this. Dadi maa says she is preparing for havan kund for marriage and lights the match stick. Sumi gets shocked seeing match stick.

Swara tells Laksh that she have to expose Dadi. Laksh asks do you have any plan. She says yes. Laksh says we will expose her truth infront of everyone. Dadimaa lights the room on fire. Sumi shouts.

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