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The Episode starts with Parineeta giving tea to Durga Prasad and calling him Papa ji. Adarsh holds his hand and they act sweet with him. Annapurna brings Laksh and Ragini and asks them to come. Laksh looks at Durga prasad. Adarsh goes to Laksh, holds his hand and says my brother……Laksh brushes off his hand. Annapurna nods him no. Parineeta acts and makes Durga Prasad stand up. Durga Prasad tells Laksh that Adarsh is his real elder brother and asks why you are doing this. Laksh says why you are supporting him. Adarsh says I have done this act to make you see Swara and Sanskar’s real faces. Parineeta says yes…Laksh. Adarsh is right, we have done all this as part of our plan to defeat evil. Durga Prasad says we have done a mistake by trusting Sanskar, and paid a big price. It is good that he

left from our life now. Ragini is doubtful. Annapurna says we will stay again like a family. She hugs her sons. Laksh is still skeptical about Adarsh and thinks about Sanskar and Inspector’s words. However he hugs Adarsh, because of the hatred for Sanskar. He thanks him for opening his eyes. Adarsh says you are my younger brother. He asks if you are fine? Parineeta asks Ragini, did you forgive me? She says if you ask me, then I can touch your feet. Ragini stops her. Parineeta hugs her and looks evilly. Even Adarsh smirks after fooling them. Parineeta signs Adarsh.

Dadi gives gangajal to Shekhar and says all inauspicious things should go after shradh. She says now we will make a new start. We are here in our house, and Laksh and Ragini are in their house. Shekhar tells her that Ayush is still in the ICU, and says I will go, as Sumi is unwell. Dadi stops him and asks him not to think about Sumi’s babies, else she will die and he will be responsible for her death. Shekhar becomes spineless, silent torture bearer again. Dadi shows her evilness and asks him to go and take bath with gangajal.

Swara tells Sanskar that she gave medicine to Sumi. Just then Sujata and Utara come running there and tell that Adarsh have done fraud and betrayed them. She says Adarsh gave fake notes to us, and asks Sanskar to come with her to Maheshwari house. She says once we get the money we will stay together. Sanskar says nobody wants to see us because of you. He says you didn’t think once why he will give you money. Sujata asks why you are scolding me. Sanskar tells how Annapurna scolded him. Sujata says Adarsh haven’t told me anything and just told me about his deal with you for 10 crores Rs. She swears and says I got greedy, and agreed without thinking. She says I thought to get Utara married, freed Laksh, Durga Prasad and Annapurna, and also wanted to give money to Sumi and Shekhar. She says I didn’t know that our family will break because of my mistake. Utara says you didn’t do any mistake. Swara asks her not to cry. She says Laksh and Ragini couldn’t see the truth because of the circumstances. She asks Sanskar to try and understand. She asks Sujata and Utara to go inside, and rest. Sanskar goes angrily.

Sujata cries hugging Swara. Swara says I will talk to Sanskar and asks them to go. Swara is praying near Tulsi plant. She sees Sumi coming there and asks her to rest. Sumi says I have to fulfill responsibility of both parents again. She is about to faint, but Swara holds her. Sumi asks Swara to unite them again, and says we need your support. Swara looks on and wipes her tears. She says I don’t know how much time will it take to unite us, but I promise that I will unite all relations. Later in the night, she wakes up and couldn’t see Sanskar beside her. She calls him and asks where are you? Sanskar says thunderstorm have come and have taken our family. Swara asks why he is accepting defeat. Sanskar says he went to make everything fine and assures her that he won’t do anything wrong.

Ragini gets Swara’s call, but she disconnects it. Swara calls again. Ragini picks her call and says she don’t want to talk to her. She says I don’t want to talk to you. Swara says just for once. Ragini says I gave promise to Dadimaa. Swara says just for once, then you won’t have to see my face. Ragini says we will meet for last time. Swaragini plays……………….

Laksh comes to meet Sanskar in car. At the other side, Ragini comes to meet Swara. They look at each other.

Swara asks Durga Prasad to tell what made him lie to Ragini, and asks him to tell about Adarsh and Parineeta’s threat. Durga Prasad says I will tell about your and Sanskar’s wrong deeds. Swara keeps gun on her head and says she will commit suicide inorder to prove their innocence.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. really that shekhar is so spineless he is just a namesake father first he left swara and now ayush dadi is a real witch feeling sorry for raglak and swasan
    and this is the link for the upcoming new twists
    swasanraglak will stay together but i don’t want that dadi and shekhar to come back

    1. Myna r u frm Kerala????

      I agree with you
      Iss ko toh Soumya ki Kinnar society mein rakhna chahiya. A man with a rubber backbone. Arey yeh to Aadmi kehne ki layak hi nahin bacha

  2. in the precap they show laksh beat sanskar , sanskar falls down and his foot was under a rock , a car comes from the other side !
    how can raglak forgive adri so easily omg it’s illogical !

  3. Swara…. She doesn’t have self respect at all…. I hate this serial….

  4. Heltej

    I didnt watch todays episode

    1. Heltej

      Hhaaa…. Evil wins… Everytime…ty H hasan

    2. Mica

      waaa… it’s your loose… you miss a chance to watch a comedy show…. *frustrated

  5. debangana sarkar

    I am least intersted now in this show whre relationships have no value

  6. Why do they never trust Swara and Sanskar they then find out that they r innocent and regretways happens but they instantly trust and forgive laksh,Ragini,Parineeta and Adarsh…..erghhh

  7. Laksh never be so smart ……but how can raginis forget that it’s Pari Bec of whom swara loss mamary ,his fake pregnancy revealed and ayush kidnapped and his life in danger……
    Well may be in all of that only swara any ayush life is in danger ragini is safe thats why she so easily forget and forgive Pari

    Read spoiler swara try to unite family by going against sanskaar …….

  8. Mica

    Hahahhaha.. OMG…. i can’t control myself but laughing to see sanskar’s face 😀 😀 😀
    how annoying and irritating he was to see his beloved mother coming in crying and blabbering.. omg,,, just too hilarious.
    It seem he kinda speechless to see how stupid and innocent his mom was to trusted Aadarsh’s words.
    Somehow i wonder, maybe Sanskar is adopted son 😀 :D,
    it is very huge differences between them both except their stupidity in front of their lover.
    and Swara 😀 😀 , she was so confuse to see her MIL and her husband fight..
    her effort to calmed her husband and consoled her MIL who cried as a kid just EPIC…
    what a cute family……
    (i kinda want to bang my head to the wall to see Sujata mom antic)

    1. Mica!! Pls tell me what’s happening in Swaragini now a days..As I missed the episodes n have my exam…hope u will tell

      1. Mica

        sent u message.. just open your account…

  9. Kakali

    Uffff !!! i missed yesterday’s episode…

    1. Heltej

      Same kakali

  10. no i’m not from Kerela Manjula20 i’m from West Bengal but lived 12 years in Karnataka really love the South India
    aur wo shekhar to baap ke naam par he kalank hai pata nahi uske paas dimag hai ya nahi

  11. I hate shekhar..again he is repeating da same wch he did earlier..huh…nd raglak how cn thy forgive parish..thy soon frgt their crimes..nd onc sanskar done fr his revenge thy cnt frgt dat..all r dumb..nd dp y he is nt trusting swara atlst he always stand by her side..nd really i just want thy all shuldnt b frgvn by swasan..no ome is trusting them..ap always stand wth raglak..
    Swara stay ur life wth sanskar dnt need to go against him nd nt needed to unite da family wch didnt trust u nd leaves u in ir difficult times…

  12. Nd thanks H.hasan for da update..

  13. Mica

    For stupid Shekar!!!!!!
    Stop your Rona Dona moroon! your problem just about 3 laksh rupee amount..
    just 3 laksh rupee amount!!!
    better you go out, searching job, earning 3 laksh amount and throw it to your mom!
    and those stupid promise, your daughter , Swara (if you even consider), ever gave you lesson to broke silly promise to choose right path (as you given her those stupid promise)
    but NOTHING happen to you, rite ???
    so, just try to learn from Swara, don’t think about your mom threaten about her life…
    hereafter, if something happen to your monster mom, just think…..
    MAYBE IT’S HER TIME TO DIE *whisper and wink

  14. Mica

    For stupid Anandpura ad Durga Prasad Family…
    instead to showing Swasan true color, it’s your family yourselves who showing us your true color…
    Anandpura, sometime i wonder why you have such error sons, but i got the answer now..
    yeah you deserve 2 beautiful bahus who love to torture their sasural…..
    and you deserve to have such selfish sons….
    a son who prefer became puppet and another one became drunkard and spent his nite with girls when your 1 bahu tortured and humiliated you and your family while Sanskar busy to stood up beside you or Swara who busy to solve the problem.
    you deserve a son and a bahu who love to let their papa dying for heart attack than pay the hospital bill while Swara sold her precious bangle and Sanskar busy to get job and credit..
    so, enjoy it…

  15. Mica

    last nite, i heard a DISGUSTING SORRY word ever…
    though they are sad with the separation.. but the scene made me shock…
    how happy Ragini to managed her lavish room, wore expensive dress with beautiful bangle meanwhile Laksh with his arrogance stepped out from the car, forget to remember that
    a half of their property is belong to Sanskar…. OMG!!!!

    1. Heltej

      Frustrated mica… This much frustration… Baby calm down

      1. Mica

        hahhah. Heltej! how can i calm Babe ?
        CVS kinda ruined my expectation…
        since this few days i tried my best to understand their pain, Swasan, Raglak, Sumi, Shekar.. but then….aarrgghhh…huhuhuhu

    2. Heltej

      Mica baby… Drink some cold water… New segment came… Swaragini became one ??

      1. Mica

        huh! i drank fermented grape juice already ! 😛
        weee.. tonite it’s time to thank to Laksh for saving Swara’s Sanskar !
        let me prepare my speech! 😀

    3. Heltej

      So.. Today i will change into MICAholics ??? waiting waiting

      1. Mica

        Damn!! so better i drooling over hot handsome boyz fighting than writing rubbish! 😛 😛

  16. really the maheswari family is mad except swasan

  17. Bakwasss serial.y they only showing swasan pain.raglak are not enjoying their life.they also inpain&not showing their pain in serial.CVS if u don’t want to
    give imp to raglak then end their characters.don’t give faltu expectations to raglak fans.who are bashing raglak first think raglak point of view and talk .if u don’t have that much time to think shut ur mouth and praise ur fav characters.

    1. Mica

      Haa…. u should bash CVS why they gave a good dress and jewelry to Ragini after she back to MM, why Ragini gave us casual expression while manage her room…or why Laksh gave arrogant look instead of pain look.. bash CVS!!!
      but as viewer, i can comment about it because i watch it.. i saw it….

  18. Uhhhh… Really??.. this time I really want raglak to solve problems n not swara… Common yaar..!!! In the upcoming epi… They’ll show swara at gun point n Ragini is speechless when swara asks her questions… Fine… But after that no more… Swara should not run after d people who don’t care for her!! But the problem with her is that SHE SWIMS OCEANS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DONT EVN CROSS A BRIDGE FOR HER?

  19. Ur absolutely right VT.Raglak are fabulous actors.whatever their role is they r nailed it.Even (+)ve or (-)ve.I love them very much .

  20. In other serials, some one from outside will come to the protagonist’s house and they turn out to be villains. In this serial, the family members themselves are evil. I don’t know how can that happen

    May be after this track is completed, they will make Sanskar’s father as villain. Later Sumi and so on.

  21. Today my swasan nailed again…swasan phone convo is painful n awesome???sanky shirt n swara pony tail remind me old days…love u so much my babies????

  22. OMG really i hate Annapurna she is easily manipulated and now she is playing with adarsh against sanskar…she deserves everything bas at leat Parvati is well known as bad but Annapurna is thr badest one i hate her….Shekar u are a puppy and never drserve to be a husband or a father u are too weak…as for Ragini really u forgived Parinita when she put he and adarsh a bomb around Ayush neck was it to show anything???when she worked with Rajat was it too to show sanskaar???when she blackmailed u???and u Laksh when the put ur father in a storeroom and made swara and ragini beg for injection was it too to show Sanskar???are u all mad?Reallyy ur family made me sick like hell….Annapurna dont stop crying and she is silly easily manipulated Dirga even easier and Laksh and Ragini are stupid also…i guess its genetical in ur family…
    Swara and Sanskaar should never forgive them and should live alone….

  23. Mica: swara and sanskar also wearing nice dress only na it means they also happy.if any person every nice dress and jewellery means they are happiest person. its not like that.I didn’t bash any couple.even sanskar has no job how can wear good dress.sujatha also done mistake unknowingly.how she can trust adarash.mica if I say anything wrong sorry for that.

    1. Mica

      oh please, don’t you see the difference of their attire before come to MM and after ?
      and look the difference between those couple attire ?
      sometime, it’s not about bashing couple.. it’s about story line
      if i want to bash raglak,.. i will did it along ago…but i prefer put my POV on story line.
      that why i support you if you want to bash CVS, since those scene and raglak expression far away from misery, and those SORRY word from Laksh to aadarsh just unbelievable..
      no sorry, we just sharing our POV here…

  24. aaargh same precap but waiting

  25. few romantic scenes between raglak.add more

  26. only few romantic scenes between raglak.add more

  27. only few romantic scenes between raglak.add more

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