Swaragini 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar telling Swara that he hates to take her name with his name and will soon separate their names. Ragini tells Swara that she will come with them to the shop. Thief tells them that he had purchased phone from that shop. Sanskar says he will handle the shop keeper. Swara says we shall handle it patiently. Sanskar asks her to talk to him directly. Swara says we shall do with proper planning. Sanskar asks if you are a God and says I can’t take risk. Ragini tells Sanskar that they shall hear her plan once. Inspector says that shop keeper will not say when we ask him, and says we shall implement Swara’s plan. Swara tells inspector that she will talk to shopkeeper first and will sign Ragini, then you all can come.

Sumi tells Nikhil that Swara is married to Sanskar,

but they are separated now. He says I can’t believe that Ragini is also married. Shekhar comes there. Sumi introduces Nikhil to Shekhar. Nikhil falls down. Shekhar thinks he is bending to take his blessings, but Nikhil stands up and holds his hand. Shekhar excuses himself and goes.

Swara comes to the shop and tells that she got this phone on the road and asks if he will buy it. Shop keeper refuses to buy missing or stolen phone. Shop keeper refuses to buy. Sanskar tells Ragini that Swara’s plan is flopped, and says now he will handle the shop keeper. Ragini stops him. Swara is returning. Shop keeper calls her and says I have to be alert. Just then her phone rings. Shop keeper says it have sim in it and says you came to trap me. Ragini tells Sanskar that they shall help Swara. Sanskar says let her handle the situation. Shop keeper asks his goons to see if she works for Police. Goons twist her hand.

Swara shouts for help. Ragini tells Sanskar that Swara needs help. Sanskar couldn’t see goons twisting her hand and runs to save her. He beats the goons. Swara looks on. Ragini thinks to call Police. Sanskar continues to beat the goons. Ragini comes there with Police. She asks Swara if she is fine. Swara is stunned to see Sanskar’s love for her even now, as he beats the goons angrily for hurting her. Inspector asks thief if this shop keeper sold this phone to him. He says yes. Shop keeper tells them that he brought phones from a veiled woman who has butterly tattoo on her hand. Inspector says he will begin searching for that woman. Swara asks him to find Laksh as soon as possible. She looks at Sanskar.

Shekhar tells Sumi and says don’t know why Swara and Ragini’s phones are not connecting. Just then they come home. Sumi gets shocked seeing her and asks Ragini to bring first aid kit. Sanskar recalls goons hurting Swara and gets angry while being in car. Swara tells Sumi and Ragini that she will apply ointment. Nikhil says he will apply ointment on her hand and says once you gets well, we will search Laksh. Ragini gets emotional and teary eyes. She goes from there. Nikhil says I was just trying to give you strength. Shekhar asks him to think before saying. Nikhil tells Swara that his timing with Ragini is not good. He tells that he will help her find Laksh. Swara says you have become matured when stayed in Canada for 15 years. Nikhil says I love you so much. Sanskar hears them and is angry.

Swara asks Sanskar why he is drinking? Sanskar says she shouldn’t be affected if he drinks and says it is his life. He asks her to go and marry Nikhil, says Swara weds Nikhil and says he will make the arrangements. Swara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. stop this yaar. this is too much. i want swasan

  2. Sammykapoor

    superb epi…thanks hasan mam

  3. We want swasan nly plzz

  4. Fairy

    Oho now nikhil wl help in findng laksh!!!dats gr8 ….n wowww i loved d way sanky beats d goon ,dis proves dat how much he loves swara now also 🙂 oye hoye!!nikhil u made my ragz upset,dats nt fair.. 🙁 …loved d episode..waitng for d precap…bt cvs plz brng laksh soon.. missng raglak scenes lyk hell!!! N mera baccha tejaswi got lill injured during shootng…hope she”ll get f9 soon.love u my priencess lotz vala 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Mahjabeen

    Thanks H.hasan mam fr da fast updates..culdmt c da epi..i missed it??

  6. I love dis track so much but swara not loving our sanskar only….but where is laksh still no clue

  7. Sanskar is hurted…
    Feeling sad for him…
    Precap is interesting…

  8. Sanskar is hurted…
    Feeling sad for him…
    Precap is interesting… Thinking if this will bring a swasan scene…

  9. omg my angry sanskar and my jelousy sanskar!
    lv him!
    he cdnt even see dat swaras pain! hey dr then hw cn u hurt her?
    i cn hear their hearts r shouting that thy cnt live without eo evn a scnd.

    thank u hasan mam!

  10. Jalke rakh ho gava sanky babu. God. Itna pyar koi mujhse v karlo.

  11. Wow soo many drama???? …..
    Now its going to be interesting..??????….precap was worth watching…?????….always love doesnt suit…?????.sometime arguments fights also need for a relationship.?????..then it will became more stronger than anything….??????..it will help to increase their love…..??????
    Soo lets enjoy…..????????

  12. now really sanskar needs a slap… really…how can he say that…
    leave all this…
    guys u know what…. now sanskar will spy Swara because he is insecure… he will be insecure about nikhil’s closeness to Swara….really he will be jealous…. jealous…. guys this is something really very interesting…. loving it… ????????????????????

    1. Mica

      wanna slap Sanskar ???? huh! face me first! *hammer in hand

    2. Dat article s a fake one he s not dat cheap 2 spy hz own wife

      1. Mica

        spy to his own wife is normal dear, and cheap.., i mean come on, it’s not about distrust, but a jealousy feeling.

      2. No mini sanky is really gonna do that but it is not cheap I think it is cute in love?

    3. MICA I too love sanskar…i can’t ap him yaar…but just think that what he saidwas all crap… but don’t worry I m not gonna slap him….n MINI spying your wife is not at all cheap… he will do that because he is jealous… he is insecure… so what’s cheap in this… in fact it is soooooooo cuteeee…. jealous sanskar wowwwww…..

  13. Manasvi

    Feeling bad for sanky…
    Preview seems intersting… Hope we get some swasan scenes too…

  14. If Sanskar is spying that means sanskars feeling on swara are dead in past and now for regenerating those feelings nikhil will be used I also read that swara will be intentionally will be close to nikhil so as to make Sanskar fell jealous…….so that means swara still loves him but it’s sanskar who has to make alive his feelings……so sanskar I love u always……??? Hope swara will realise ur pian even u too……but be like a broooo for sometime

    1. Mica

      she unintentionally will be close to Nikhil as Nikhil helping her in business, it’s Ragini’s plan to make sanskar jealous to Swara.
      sanskar’s feeling never dead for Swara, he will spy her as his jealousy feeling.
      Swara always love him, don’t worry, no matter how much boyz behind her, her heart beats for Sanskar only.

      1. Hope that but can’t see that swara is avoiding sanskar……..but it’s gud both of them showing hidden feelings when ever they are hurting each other???

    2. Mica

      Swara avoiding sanskar ? NO way!!…. she just act strong and stubborn in front of him…
      they both same…
      Swara is heartless queen, i mean in her appearance , she loves lo to hide her feeling for everyone betterment. when she avoid to take the uttara wedding contract, she think about her Sanskar family happiness, it’s her love for Sanskar.
      didn’t you notice this episode ? when goons twisted her hand ? she was crying, she was kinda begging to Sanskar, and only Sanskar to be her hero….sooo sweetttttt (she faced many goons but never weak as today)

    3. vaah kya line hai….
      “her heart beats for only sanskar ”
      I totally love it….

  15. I felt crying seeing my Hellu in such state…Uff…Jealous Sanskar and how can you call my Swara Mahaan…Please unite Swasan soon..My Ragu trusts her sister very much…Good to see that…
    Laksh!!!!Hey Bhagwan Kaha Mar gaya yeh chora…Pata nahi kab apne darshan karayega…I loved that scene when Nikhil fell down and Shekhar thought that He is going to take his blessings…ROFL..
    I can’t see my Hellu like this…CVS I hate you..

  16. Neera

    Am very upset…. trp of SR is reduced ! N the way this tashan is going s making me mad ! But d good part is sanskar beating goons for misbehaving with swara…. arre laksh come soon na…. swasan dont fight like this…. its breaking my heart ! Anyway hoping for d best..

  17. NOO SWASAN NEEDS TO BE TOGETHER SOON! WHY? Please sanskar don’t say that please you need to get with swara and swara you NEED TO STOP MAKING SANSKAR FEEL LIKE YOU HATE HIM!

  18. It is a heartache to watch this episode.
    THANK U H.HASAN so much.
    Oh ….Sanskar’s eye look….Swara’s charming look….producer’s u killed us.
    We are so much with them.Really as if I am standing right next to Sanskar .

  19. Mica

    Thank you H.Hasan mam for fast update…
    So emotional episode, that too listened Seiko Matsuda’s song Anata ni Aitakute…
    stubborn smart Swara versus caring arrogant Sanskar… gooosshhh
    their fight just EPIC.. i couldn’t stop laughing.
    really, they are in 1 mission now, but didn’t waste time to fighting
    wait.. did i hear that Sanskar call her Jansi Ki Rani ? 😀 😀
    i saw a broken heart Jansi Ki Rani ,….made her didn’t focus at all.
    and their eyelock.. my swasan,,huhuhuhu
    that’s all coincident which created misunderstanding.
    when Sanskar addressed ex-wife to Swara in front of Uttara’s mil , he didn’t know Swara’s presence, vice versa, when Nikhil said i love you to Swara, she didn’t know Sanskar was there…it’s killing me…
    please swara, back to him! he is in pain…
    Anata ni aitakute aitakute nemureru yoru wa
    Anata no nukumori wo sono nukumori wo omoidashi
    Sotto hito mitojite miru

  20. Omg, there are no clues about laksh today . Just these writers are using laksh missing and ragini ‘s pain for swasan love story .These writers know that there are fans for raglak, but don’t like them.Udaan is much better than this.atlest some sukor scenes were there. This nikhil really came to solve problems or to increase.
    Dear writer ,
    It is my request to allow my ragini to solve her problem by herself.The people who are involved to solve they getting problems so plz make them to concentrate on their own life.

  21. where is laksh?? The name of the show is swaragini …..and the show and its story is only about swara..disguisting

    1. Agreed!! Trp has reduced and I am really happy. I don’t have anything against swara buy it they are going to focus only on swasan, this is the result: Trp reduction

  22. today was a blast epi loved it , gud epi! but wanna know if Nikhil will be paired with swara or ragini…

    1. Shrinjal

      Dii what r u saying?? Nikhil will be paired by Swara/Ragini???? that can never happen!
      The pairs are SwaSan and RagLak❤

  23. today’s episode rocked sanskar is soooooooo jealous

  24. to hell wth u cvs.Never seen a biased show like swaRagini in indian television.like seriously!!!no respect twrds raglak fans..good tat trp z decreasing.i jz wish trp falls to zero n show ends as soon as possible.ruining evry other character to unneseraily make swara victim.fed up to see tat…raglak r in the show so tat ty can make mistakes swasan can be shown as mahan n great.hilarious!!!!though the current track started as raglak track,out of nowhere it was made swasan track n evry upcoming scene z related to swasan oly.laksh z missing so its a grt chance to not giv screen space to him n abt ragini,wt to say.shez jz lyk a helper f mahan swara.ugggghhhhh!!!!hate tz biased show…

  25. actually RS evry show z lyk tz where the heroin will be mahan n ty will always be victim.n evry other characters wil be ruined to show the hroin as grt.Gopi,Simar and Swara.even their husband will fail to understand tm at some point of time.n tez heroin’s r far from reality.ty will always be right,ty will never make mistakes,ty’l always take right decision,ty’l never misunderstand anyone,ty’l always be on detective mode.i mean come’on in which world will ppl lyk tez exist who’l never commit ny mistake??nt evn once in a lifetme???n tn tr z Rashi,Roli and Ragini who get least importance in the show…RS evry serial z same.no wonder raglak z getting least importance cz its RS show

  26. Lakshya please come back yaar. I miss you a lot

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