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Swara tells Laksh that nothing’s greater than her sister to her. Laksh says he will show Ragini’s truth to her and they leave.

They come to Dadi’s house and get surprised seeing Ragini. Ragini asks Laksh where he was. She’s waiting for him since so long. Laksh asks why she would wait for him. She says she came to Dadi’s house after so long and everyone’s there. She was missing him being with her. She holds his hands and asks to come inside. She sees aid on her hand and says she doesn’t remember how she got injured. She then sees Swara and asks Laksh what she’s doing with him. He knows she’s trying to create differences between them. Laksh was about to take his hands back in anger, but Durga Prasad gestures him not to. Swara asks Ragini if

she’s okay. Sharmishtha comes in front and says she’s fine. They all head for Durga Puja. All couples go one by one. Seeing Shekhar and Sharmishtha together, Ragini says when did that happen, but she’s happy they are finally together. Swara is confused. She asks Sanskar what happened to her, but he doesn’t say anything. At the end when all couples finish arti, Ragini tells Dadi that her and Laksh never did arti. She takes arti from Dadi and tells Laksh let’s do arti. Laksh doesn’t move. She asks why he’s looking her like that. He’s angry, but his mother controls him. He goes and does arti with Ragini. Swara tells Sanksar that she’s so confused. He says doctor said Ragini has memory loss. She has forgotten all that happened lately. Swara is shocked. Sanskar says another possibility is that Ragini could be lying. Swara says she can’t say such a big lie.

Ragini and Laksh finish arti. Ragini comes to Swara and says she can think whatever wrong she wants about her, but for her, she’s always her sister. She will always think good for her. She’s married to Sanskar, so she has right to do this puja too. Before Swara says anything, Sharmishtha tells Swara to go and talk later. Now Swara and Sanskar do the arti. Laksh is upset watching them and then leaves from there. His mother follows him. He asks what new drama Ragini is doing now. She says it’s not drama, she really had an accident. She tells him how Ragini reacted oddly after she got conscious and then doctor told them that Ragini has forgotten what happened in past few days. As time goes, she will remember everything, but till then even a small shock can be life threatening for her. Laksh laughs and asks his mother doesn’t she know her? This must be a new move by her. She knew she won’t be forgiven this time. His mother says but what about what doctor said? Even a small shock can be life threatening for her. Laksh says is it so? He goes inside.

He comes to Ragini and turns her to him. She asks where he went? Laksh asks what happened yesterday? She asks what? Laksh says something that turned their lives. She says Swara and Sanskar got married. Then they did puja and he gave them his farm house so they can have a new beginning and he promised her that they will also start their lives fresh from tomorrow. Laksh asks then? Some people come there with drums and instruments and start making noise. Durga Prasad takes Laksh on a side and says he won’t talk about anything with Ragini till puja is over.

Music plays..Swara and Ragini dance in front of Maa Durga holding diyas. Laksh is feeling helpless. Hot wax falls down from Swara’s diya. Both Laksh and Sanksar notice that. Laksh runs first to save Swara from stepping on it. He puts his hand on the hot wax. Swara falls in his arms. Ragini is shocked. Sanskar comes and picks Swara up and asks if she’s ok. She nods yes. Sanskar thanks Laksh for saving Swara. He holds Swara’s shoulders and asks her to go and rest. Laksh gets angry. Ragini sees wound in his hand and runs to him. She asks what he did..he burned his hand. It must be hurting a lot. Laksh takes his hand back and asks her to stop her drama. Has she lost it? She thinks they all are fool to believe her again? Ragini asks why Laksh is behaving like that. What she did. Swara folds her hands in front of Laksh and he finally gets shut. Ragini asks everyone why no one is telling her what she did. She feels dizzy and falls on the floor. All are worried including Laksh.

Precap: Durga Prasad tells Laksh that Ragini’s condition is critical. If something happens, then who will be responsible? Laksh says but he knows she’s acting and they all are getting trapped again. Durga Prasad says it’s not like that.
Other hand, Dadi says when Ragini regains consciousness, she will want to go to her sasural. Laksh’s mum says they will take her to their house.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Why al r expecting swara and sanskar? Saskar and ragini aim to pluck the love from swalak…if sanskar get the love genuinly from swara its k..but not like that..pls dont praise sanskar…now he can change but for al reasons he only..he his helping swara for wht he done wrong for swara…that’s al nothing iove just friendship..marriage is happend by blackmailing..from first itsself swara was not strong in her love because of ragini….so laksh confused and not beleived her..but his love is true..he married ragini but he dindnt accept her…so pls think of sanskar and ragini past and make the serial in right track…..not by looking dont accept swasan pair realise the pas….if ragini and sanskar get sucess whts meaning of love between swara and laksh……pls give some moral to story…negative characters r getting sucess..good charecters r getting punishment…

    1. I agree

  2. Guys see the positive side. U ppl hv been waiting for swasan. Now tat ragini goes back as lakshya s wife. Swara vil also go… So swasan vil get more time to fall in LOVE… tat way we might actually get swasan together …. Isn’t tat great …

  3. I want swasan to unite… But I feel pity on laksh.. Pls kill tat ragini… Giving same expression for everything… Indha serial la eppo thaan nalladhu nadakumo…


  4. Swara still loves lakshya guys. I saw a you tube update. She doesn’t deny it. He asks her if she has moved forward. These ppl vil not let us even guess wat s going to happen
    T can be swalak tooo….

  5. Ya, I agree with you. N if this is going 2 hpn we can see cute swasan moments again.writers don’t brk our hope plz…….

  6. And guess wat swara gets kidnapped now…. Ha ha….. I think it’s ragini s plan …

  7. Colors I beg u pls end tat sasural simar ka. Oh god tat track s so boring nd irritating..

  8. Swara has already rjtd laksh n it is expected that to gt swara back laksh will turn -ve if this hpn nd this will increase the chance of swara accepting sanskar.

  9. What! Swara will gt kidnapped. BT when , ,where n how?

    1. Ragini calls swara nd says she snatched lakshya from her nd all… At tat time swara vil be wth lakshya nd he ll be blackmailing her. But swara goes in search of ragini nd gets kidnapped in front of lakshya

    2. Lakshya asks swara to promise tat if he proves ragini is faking memory loss then she ll stop forcing him to accept ragini. Nd she ll cm back to him. Swara says ragini s not faking anything. She ll promise tat she ll not force him to accept ragini but she ll never go back to him

    3. Watch the link you will see


      Written update is

      First few minutes: Lakshya and Swara are at a park… lakshya is complaining to Swara (beautiful yellow dress) that Ragini is lying about her memory loss. Swara says that Ragini isn’t lying… Swara wants to leave but Lakshya is still holding her AngryAngry and Swara says that actually Ragini has lost her memory. Lakshya says fine what if I prove to you that Ragini is lying… Couldnt hear what Swara said after that. But, Swara’s next line was please stop playing with my sisters life. Then Swara yells LETS GO. Lakshya is like nothing will happen to ragini because in relations im like a husband to her… and if anything happens to her ill take the responsibility, so just relax. I will not let anything happen to Ragini. But, if i prove that Ragini is lying and you have to kick Ragini out of my life and you have to help me Dead And after that you have to come back into my life.

      Lakshya is like promise me and after a while Swara takes a promise from Lakshya (i dont think its about Swara going back to Swara’s life, but to kick Ragini out of his life). Lakshya says i dont care how many years it takes to get you back in my life… i wont back down Dead Dead Once i kick Ragini out of my life, you have to come into my life. Note: Swara accepted Lakshya’s first condition, swara also says she can even promise but coming back into your life i dont accept. Lakshya it is impossible and yes for Ragini i can make a promise but you know what all of the stuff your saying it all your childness. But yes i dont want to do this, no i dont want to do any promises with you.

      OK… next section.
      Swara is crying on the phone talking to Ragini and asking her where is she… director talking as ragini says how does it feel when your husband loves your sister, keeps lying about HAQ, why did he marry me if he still loved you, oh god i got a splitting headache. Swara yells out Ragini please tell me where are you and what if something happens to you. Director (ragini) i will tell you by one condition and swra says what? Director (ragini) says you wont tell lakshya where i am and you wont come here as well. Swara says I agree, i won’t tell lakshya where you are. Please tell me where you are. Director (ragini) im at greenview park and after that im going home. Swara rans to lakshya and says lets go and lakshya just stands there. Swara says why are you standing here lets go, what if something bad happens to ragini and lakshya says nothing will happen to Ragini, she is alright… again she is making a fool out of everyone. Swara says please lets you… how can you keep repeating the same thing, haven’t you learned about moving on in life. Swara is leaving and Lakshya pulls (manhandles) her towards him they have an eye lock (more or less she stares at him) and Lakshya says have you moved on?? He says no you haven’t moved on, so how can you expect me to move on?? (still eyelock). Lakshya says your and sanskaar marriage a second chance and this karva chauth vrat you have done for Ragini’s life. Eye lock breaks and Lakshya says Swara how can you be a fool, what if I got a current and loss my memory… i could go back in time to where i want it and i can forgot all the bad days. Does that happen?? Ragini doesn’t remember the day when we bought her truth out and that her truth is out. (so many retakes for this scene as Namish keeps forgetting his lines). Swara says what proof do you have that Ragini is lying and lakshya says what are your proofs that she has actually lost her memory and saying the truth. Swara says her tears, whatever happened at the farmhouse, i have seen Ragini’s fear, all her tears were true. Lakshya says Oh come on Swara, Ragini’s fake tears can fool anyone. Especially Ragini’s tears are her weapon when she can use them in any situation, in which Ragini uses them all the time. Swara says no lakshya, this time Ragini’s tears are true. Laksya says, Ok fine what if i prove that Ragini is lying then… Swara says you cant do this (meaning hes dumb) because my sister isnt lying and she is saying the truth. Swara says please lets go, what if something happens to Ragini and Lakshya manhandles swara again and swara takes her arms away from lakshya. Swara says please stop playing with my sisters life.

  10. I only watch this show coz of swasan , if they brk this pair I will definitely stop watching this show.

    1. But I knw amidst all the dramas swasan vil happen… Nd I still believe ragini s doing all these for good reason.. Oly time vil tel

      1. I too wish for that SWASAN

  11. Swara how can you force lak to accept rag as you cant accept him ples make swasan or swalak but dont mAkE rag & laky unite

  12. dont mAkE rag & laky unite

  13. Well done rag… Whatever u r doing.. Becoz of this. Swara and sanskar is being so closed.. I really like the character portrayed on sanskar.. How sensible, understanding n intelligent…… The scene in which he pulls swara and thanks lucky to save her is fantastic…. Well written…

  14. Ya sanskar character is worthy to be praised . sanskar rocks.

  15. I don’t bother whether rag n laksh will b united or not , I only wish that swara n sanskar to unite.

    1. Yeah me too. After swasan if at some point raglak happens I don’t care. Swasan should happen… His eyes . oh god. He loves her.

  16. I think swaragini writer will continue to confuse the fans , BT they should now b alert as nthr show on the same time slot has started on $tv which will show great kmitry BT the lead pairs, so at least swaragini should clear it’s lead pairs that will b good for it’s trip.

  17. oh pls guy ragini jo bhi kar rahi h apni galti ko sahi karne ‘ke liye and ragni is always right and I like her so much. her smile her face is so preety but I hate lakshay jo ho raha huskies wajah h Asaraph or lakshay sory sorry puri family .Quki agar ki ke feelings ke Santhu koi baar baar khelega toh koi kya karega batao guys just tell me.

  18. agar tum uski jagah hote toh kya karte mana ki swara bahut great h use bhi toh pata tha ki ragini lakshay ko like karti h phir o lakshay se milne Q jati thi huskies bachakar kya proof she is better than ragni agar lakshay swara ek dushre ko like karte hai toh bolte Q nahi ragini or sanskar ki life Q barbad lar rahe h I luv u sanskaar so much and ragini also. swara I love u too but hate lakshay.

  19. I am so about this serial abhi tak clear nahi hua kiska pair writer banana chahta h.I think writter is also confused.

  20. Yeah I knw . major confusion amongst the pairs. Well whatever t s till there r chances of swasan happening I ll assume t to be swasan…

  21. I think comming game is completely ragsan s to unite swalak. Because they did play with their love, life and emotions. This is the right time to rectify all the problems they create. Laksh is the only person to never change their originality from the beginning. Please dont spoil the chracter. Please viewers dont ask swasan. They are good to see. But completely unfair.Ragsan is the creater of all the problems. Please ask the writer to unite ragsan .If it happens, they zre the fair couple

  22. Swara keeps saying laksh ragini ka pati hai pati hai.aur tumhare pati ka kya?rishte majak nhi hote to vo shadi kya majak thi jo tumne sanskar ke sath ki thi?agar tumhare baba tumhari maa par trust na kare to vo thik hai par agar laksh tumpar trust na kare to tum use maf nhi kar sakti.tumhari behan one sides love kare to vo pya

  23. Tumhari behan one sided pyar kare to sacha pyar aur sanskar kare to vo dhoka.tumhari behen kisi ka khun bhi karde to tum use maf karogi par dusra koi jara bhi galti kare to pap.& u said ragini itna bada jhut nhi bolegi…lol ragini to sachai ki murat hai na.vo jhut kaise bolegi.in 1 min u break all relations with sanskar in another min u give a chance to ur relation for the sake of ‘ur’ sister. sanskar laksh kisiki tumhe koi parva nhi u just care abt ur family.

  24. Swara’s kidnapping ???? Writers plz don’t make so many confusions……

  25. telly updates plz note a suggestion don’t put the fan fiction And actual serial update together its a bit difficult make 2 sections under swaragini named one fan fiction and one for the serial update!!!!!!

    Msg from Team: You can click on “Written Updates Only” on Swaragini page.

  26. Writer uncle plz unite swalak I can’t c them separately plzzzzzzzz

  27. S ash… I completely agree with you.. Swara and laksh wanna feel their true luv..

  28. It assumes that there is tradition in swaragini to make every one fool,rag is befooling hr family , swara is be… Sanskar n lak ,n last BT not the least the serial is be…… The viewer’s esp…. Swasan fans coz I feel that its going to b swalak which l don’t want. I’m so disp……. I have wasted a lot of time watching this show only for swasan , I feel like quiting this show.

  29. Guys if u r with swasan n watch this show coz of them only then very soon u will feel like quiting this show coz they r making it swalak.

  30. I also feel that it is either rag or both ragsan plan to unite swalak to correct their mistake. BT yr l m swasan fan plzzzzzzzz… Don’t do that.

  31. what d hell the writers are trying to show some time swalak sometime swasan I can’t bear it any more I really didn’t watched swaragini before but when sanskar entered it became interesting and now I really hope that swasan should unite varun is just fabulous in his actings whether it be grey shade or positive one
    sanskar thinking ability and his calmness is just awesome he doesn’t get into other words he only does things what he feels is correct
    hats off to him

  32. friends… am riya… I started a facebook page named ‘ mohabath – a simple lovestory.. wanna wish to start a story there.. am not a story writer and all.. but have an interesting plot .. a kerala style lovestory. .. actually malayales didn’t support that kind of stuffs in fb page and all… I think u people were interesting …. so please support me… and follow that page… please

    1. Malayaliyano

      1. athe. athira. am from cochin..

    2. Oo ATHIRA
      I will follow yaar…will be fun

      1. Oo riya
        I will follow yaar…will be fun

      2. Sorry mistake I meant riya

  33. @my heart belongs to u varun kapoor(don’t know is it correct or nt…..u use a big name),anyway I just wanted to express my views abt this character….I also like varun but I can’t be partial abt his expression.his face always remains either sad or neutral….that’s why i said it…
    anyhow,if it hurts u so much,then I m sorry.u need not to be so much furious…I m really feeling strange watching ur comment.

  34. Common yar its the world of move on
    .marriage is not a jock
    So story should base on how a person over come from her problems not to wait when her love will be realised and she will again go back to him.
    I just need there should be some moral on the story not a simarala type story
    So tha there will be some new things to watch

  35. My dear makersss plzzzz unite Ragini nd Sanskar. They will look greattt. I don’t understand one thing , why Mr Kapoor fans don’t want Sanskar to pair with Ragini!?! Yeh let me guess bcs Sanskar loves Swara not Ragini ? Then what about Swara and Laksh ? They love each other na ?

    Writers , I know you just don’t care about emotions of Swaragini fans. I would like to tell you that there are soo many fans who watch Swaragini from the beginning . Almost Swalaksh fans. If you are uniting Swasan it will be completely unfair . Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ? Season 1 was the only seriel I watched with interest. Now Swaragini. But you guys have almost ruined the story……dull…disappointing.
    Swasan fans nothing personal. Forgive me if I hurt anyone’s emotions.

  36. it is first time am here for commntng. can anyone tell me is it swasan or swalak????????? i really wanna see swasan. swara n sanskar shares awsm chemistry.

  37. Hi writers please unite swara and sanskar I will stop watching if lakswara are unite today sbs it was shown laksh will take promise from swara to get back to his, this very bad the show will loose it’s trp if it lakswara

  38. Its swasan right now

  39. I don’t care what people are saying above but I know it’s gonna be swasan, it’s obvious that they are going to be together. Swasan rocks and they are forever.

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