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The Episode starts with Annapurna blaming on Swara and shows the blanket. Sumi says her daughter can’t do anything wrong. Sujata says if Ragini can do mistake then why can’t Swara. Durga Prasad says we can’t point finger on Swara without any proofs and shows trust on her. He tells Swara that she has to bear their doubt until she is proved innocent. Swara looks on tensedly. Sanskar comes to room and looks on. Ragini is in her room and drinks water. She sees Swara standing beside her and the glass falls from her hand. She shouts for Sumi and Dadi. Swara tells her that she didn’t do anything and says someone is behind the kidnapping. Ragini says I know your truth. She says you have sprayed same medicine on my face which you gave me before also. Swara says you means to say that

the same medicine which you gave to me to break my marriage. Ragini says yes and asks her to go. She says only we know about that medicine. Dadi asks Swara not to talk to Ragini and says she will get more tensed.

Durga Prasad tells that the Police got the car in which the kidnapper had kidnapped Ragini. Laksh and Sanskar tell that they also want to come. Laksh and Sanskar taunt each other. Durga Prasad asks Swara to come and says she shall be given chance to prove her innocence. Swara asks Laksh why he is blaming Sanskar. Laksh tells that he found Sanskar going late in night and tells that Sanskar panicked when Annapurna showed the blanket. Sanskar talks to Inspector and says may be Ragini was kidnapped in this car. They check the car. Swara gets the same medicine in the car and tells Inspector that it is given to Ragini to numb her mind. Police checks again and finds long hairs inside. Inspector says it means kidnapper is a man and wants us to doubt on a woman. Laksh asks why do you want to make us go from here as you said that there is nothing here. He says it is the same drug which Ragini and you had given to Swara to make her unconscious.

Swara couldn’t sleep in night and recalls everyone’s doubtful words and Inspector’s words that the kidnapper is a man. She hears some noise and sees red blanket person running from her room. She asks who is that and follows him. She collides with someone and electricity comes back. She sees Laksh standing infront of her. Swara asks what you are doing here? Laksh says I came to drink water and asks why she is scared? Did you see ghost? Laksh says I have seen someone wearing mask in my room. Durga Prasad and Annapurna ask what happened? Swara says I have seen someone in my room wearing mask. Annapurna says why he want to scare you. Swara says I don’t know. Ragini comes downstairs. Swara asks did you see anything. Ragini says she heard some noise. Swara says glass was broken from Laksh’s hand and asks did you see masked man. Ragini says no and says that person might be you only. Laksh says there is no one inside. Ragini asks Swara if this is her conspiracy. Annapurna says you might want to prove that there is third person, but there is no such third person.

Swara says I haven’t kidnapped Ragini and says if ever I want to harm her, then I would not have let Ragini go. Durga Prasad asks everyone to go and sleep. Swara asks if you doubts me as well. Durga Prasad says I want to believe you and says Laksh checked and there is no one outside. Ragini asks Annapurna to sleep in her room. Annapurna agrees and asks her not to be scared from anyone. She asks Durga Prasad to call Police and end the drama. She asks Ragini to come. They go inside.

Laksh says it is so funny. So much have happened, but Sanskar doesn’t step out of room. If he is hiding himself or something. Swara thinks what is happening and wonders where is Sanskar? She thinks she is feeing alone.

Agni Pariksha for Swara and Simar on 30th Nov and 1st Dec when their loved ones will go against them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Full of waste of time! Shukar main ne nahi daikha kal! But what happened to swara? Swara should clear her mind regarding sanskar first then do anything! I’ve doubt on adarsh and laksh! But im not sure because this Dumbo writer can do anything…. Just I’m waiting to watch that who’s the kidnapper at end! But im also sure, if it will sanskar he must have reason! I’ve no care about kidnapper just unite swasan!! Otherwise ill stop to watch this drama

  2. in sbb segment they showed that ragini goes to show room some body try to kill her… ragini comes and tells that swara is trying to kill her.. swara pleads them all family members there.. sanskaar is also there.. police comes to take custody.. in iv teju said jo kuch bhi swara usne kiya uske baad swara ragini se nafrad karte hai.. shayad vo swara hi thi usne kidnap kiya and they give statement to police they will come and investigate her…. we have to police take swara with them?? what she will do and how she proves her innocent… sanskaar trust swara and brings her out.. and proves her innocence hope swasan will together prove her innoces.. hope sanskaar brings her back and supports her…..
    when they come to know who is real kidnapper what will the family do now…. i think this is about the merger episode.. where they gave swara and simar ki agni pariksha.. that promo regarding to this i think..

  3. if police take her with them sanskaar ill find out real culprit or he will take blame on himself because he dont want to hurt her he cant see her in pain.. ab sirf ek hi hope hai vo hai sanskaar.. ab dekna ye hai ki how swasan come out of this… if utara wants to take revenge on ragini why she blames swara ?? some time i am getting doubt that its raglak plan to seperate them.. as in yesterday episode laksh tells him that ragini wants to unite swara and laksh which sankar does not want so he is doing kidnapping of ragini… while going she sees all of them once return her face.. actual kidnaper is someone but the blame going onswara.. and sometimes on sanskaar.. now sanskaar or dp hi kuch karna chahiye.. hope dp didnt suspect her..

  4. Everyone knows about ragini still all trust on her n not on swara…so this is call indian society who always decides whatever dey see in present..all were promised to trust Swara but again dey r doing d same. I dont understand the character of sujata…..she is really funny character…n no one tell about her doing to support sanskar n ragini..this drama shows half reality to lenghen story…

  5. I was rt swaragini is now out of top ten , it is on 11th position (14nov-20nov) , last week it was on 9th position day by day its trp is decreasing.

  6. Don’t make sanskar aganist swara.

    They r best jodi.

  7. Plz anyone tell me wat happens
    I can’t understand a thing about ssk
    Y is dat simar comin in swaragini firstly???????????????

  8. Hi nik and everyone
    The kidnaper Could be either laksh, Adarsh or uttara but then again it could be anyone because the writers can do anything. I just hope it’s not sanskar and even if it’s him then I’m sure there’s a reason behind it. And Yeh nik you have become a detective, a good 1 Infact everyone has.

    1. And Yeh
      Swasan forever
      Swasan rocks.?

  9. May Laksh or Sanskar are not the kidnapper.May Sans know the real culprit or try to find. But Laksh may use the situation to separate sw & sans.

  10. ”Swasan fanfiction”(veena di)@nik

  11. i am fed up with this daily soap. i will not watch this serial not anymore. bye bye swaragini:).:)’:)’:)

  12. I am a malayali. I thought malayalm serials are not good enough to watch but the entire crew of swragini shows, swaragini is more worst than malayalm serials. i just waste my 9 months(from march to november) by watching this stupid serial. but i like swasan( SWASAN ROCKS) very much more than any other on screen couple. good bye to swasan also.

    1. Then you should watch Turkish serials! I swear those are best serial of world except Hollywood

  13. Frnds we can confirm that it’s not sanskar. And frnds I am sure that this story line going to joining of swasan

  14. Thnx rupsikha.

  15. No ,Saba I didn’t hv any idea about latest spoiler.

  16. N guys from 2day onwards I can assure u that its swasan n not swalak. Helly n Varun hv cnfrmd this in a interview given to telesoap.

    1. Really
      Thanks nik. I’m glad to hear that it’s going to be swasan not swalak. Anyways I knew it’s going to be swasan. Swasan forever, swasan rocks.?

  17. Hey saranya I think yr guess is rt. May b sanskar is svng his sis utara coz there is a strong buzz that utara is the real culpit n lak… Of course this blo*dy will not miss a single chance to defame sanskar so as to separate swasan.

  18. guys i think this is laksh plan now laksh will blame sanskar for ragini kidnapping and will pollute swara mind and crate misunderstanding between swasan ….and`according to latest spoiler ragini will go to storeroom and then again this mass man will appear and try to kill her due to which she will get unconsious and will lay on the floor when she will open her eyes the she will find swara standing behind her and then all blame will go to swara and then every family member will belive ragini and swara will go to jail then laksh wil prove swara innocence and will try to back to her if this happens then writers i will kill you guys

  19. i wish it is someone else and not sanskar and laksh but i know it is in between boot of then bcoz in promo they said someone near and dearone will go against swara

  20. Ya Shuva, swasan rocks , swasan forever.

  21. It is laksh because he wants ragini out of his path!!
    Swasan rocks!!

  22. Plzz create another column for fan fiction it’s really vry disheartening…

  23. friends, the kidnapper is uthara. sanskar’s sister

  24. Who ever the kidnapper is . I don’t care. I jus hate this serial. It’s become one senseless show. It was supposed to be family show. Now it has become probably how a small kid would write a story. Kids are innocent they don’t worry about how one thing is related to other. They jus write whatever comes to their mind. Exactly like tat these writers are writing. It’s like flying in a air plane for the first time. Direction less….

  25. why i feel that laksh is behind this conspiracy as he is trying to blame sanskar for everything and all factors and ways through which rags was kidnapped be it the drug or the mask or the props used goes the way sanskar ‘s early actions…..so he is trying to taint sanskar in swara’s eyes and swara will never accept sanskar if sanskar tries to hurt her beloved family….so laksh is simply trying to take advantage of this concern and blame sanky…..but SWASAN IS ALL I AND MOST FANS WANT NOW…. SO AS I SAID MANY DAYS AGO THAT IF WRITERS CONTINUE EVERYTHING EXCEPT SWASAN LOVE TRACK THEY WILL LOSE TRP……

  26. Yeh Sab kuch bakwass hai

  27. The kidnapper may be Laksh

  28. In SBB sgmnt they hv shown that police tks swara with them coz ragini has blamed that swara hd kdnpd hr n also md n atmpt to kill hr, all family mmbrs r agnst swara,rt now only sanskar is supporting hr n simr has specially cm to Kolkata to prove swara innocence.

  29. Hey rosy I agree with u , I also think the sm actually not only me bt many other swasan fans also think the sm.

  30. Hey guys I think the word swara’s lvd ones used in the promo refers to all fmly mmbrs except sanskar coz in the mrgr episode of swaragini n ssk he is seen supporting hr.

  31. But where is sans..????
    Luv that line jb swara ne admit kiya that aj mai sans ke bina akeli hu…..
    Ab samaz aya tumhe …
    (according to u swara) tum to usse pyaar ni karti phir bhi agar wo tumhare sath ni hai tumhare pain me ni hai ..kuch time pe to tumhe pain hua…..
    N hamara sans wo to phir bhi tumse pyaar kr ta hai..n tum use bol ri thi usne friendship me chit kiya hai n tum to usse hamesha ke liye chod ke jaari thi n ek time tha pahle jb tumne uuse kaha tha ki ye sb tumhare wajah se ho raha tha…. That time wo apani galti sudhar raha tha….. .(kitna hurt hua tha wo hate u for that swara)
    N ab to realize karo ki agar wo tumhe sath ni hoga to tum kya karogiiiiiii………guy did u notice one thing when ap asked swara n swara told that usne kisi ko rum me dekha to laksh ke face pe kuch ni tha n usne jyada ni but bahot thodi si smile di….muze aisa laga….so guyzz jisebhi laksh pe dout mai bhi tum logo se agreee hu…
    but san ……
    N lucky ne swara ko sans ke bareme galat kaha to usse tabhi san ko defend karna tha…jaise san karta haiiiii…first time kaha n second time kuch ni…..swara tumhe a sachme.san pe barosa hai na ki tum bhi punk lakshke bato me n uske taraha sans pe dout kr ri ho………..
    Sanki where r u…baba……???
    I hope san na ho
    kiddnapper ……..
    N swsan mil ke inoscent prove kare khud ko….
    Luv u sanky…….
    Swasan always rock …..
    Swasan forever…… .

  32. I am fed up with this serial,.. Fan fictions are better than this..

  33. Swasan forever
    Swasan rocks.?

    1. Shuva. I know u r trying to ignore all the bakwaas going in this serial nd oly get excited about the fact tat swasan vil unite… Swasan s oly good thing in this serial

      1. Hi rids,
        You’re apsutlutly right.
        Fed up with this dragging track.
        Swasan forever
        Swasan rocks.

  34. swasan forever

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