Swaragini 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sumi saying that her ears are yearing to hear Shona’s voice. Just then Swara comes and says Maa, I came back….Sumi, Ragini, Dadi and Shekhar are happy seeing Swara back home alive. Swara smiles looking at them. Swara looks at Ragini and Sumi’s mangalsutras. Ragini runs to her and hugs her. Swaragini plays………..Ragini says Swara you have come back. I knew you will return. Sumi pats on her face and asks how can you leave your mum. Don’t you know I am incomplete without you. I will die without you. Swara says maa…She asks her to tell where is Dida? Sumi says she haven’t returned till now and is in banaras with Maashimaa. Dadi hugs Swara and says my grand daughter is back. Swara is surprised and happy. Sahil comes there. Shekhar says your mum got her life back and hugs

Swara. He says don’t know how to thank God for your well being. Swara says you should thank someone else also and calls Sahil. She asks him to come there. Sahil says I was waiting for you to call me. Swara says Sahil had saved her and took her out from river. Sahil and her mum have taken good care of me. Sumi thanks Sahil and says don’t know how to thank you. Sahil asks her to give tea. Swara asks her not to take him seriously. Sumi thanks him. Sahil asks who will make tea? Dadi asks Sahil to come inside and says she will make tea. Swara is going to Dida’s house. Ragini asks why you are going there? Swara says for dida. Ragini says Dida is not here, so come here. She asks if everyone is fine. Ragini says yes and looks happy.

She calls Laksh and informs him that Swara returned to baadi. Laksh is happy. Dadi makes Swara have sweets and asks her not to go anywhere. Laksh sees Sanskar lost in Swara’s thoughts, and informs him that Swara is alive. Sanskar thinks about her words and her love confession. He gets teary eyes with happiness. He says I knew it and says that girl was Swara. Laksh says yes, I didn’t believe you though. He asks him to take him there. Ragini calls home and informs Sujata that Swara is alive. Sujata gets happy and informs Annapurna, Durga Prasad and everyone. They all are happy. Ram says thank god she is alive. Parineeta gets tensed and thinks Swara knows her game plan with Rajat. Sujata hugs Annapurna and says she is very happy today. She says we will welcome her like a new bride. Annapurna says yes.

Sanskar tells someone that he will be reaching there in 10 mins and asks to get bouquets and flowers ready. He gets clothes and other stuff for her, and says he wants to make this day special for her, and wants to see her expression after seeing him, which he don’t want to forget. Sumi asks Sahil about his sugar intake. Swara takes Sumi to side and asks what is all this? She says you are in kitchen? If Dadi has no problem. Sumi says everything is alright. Swara asks what you are wearing and points at her mangalsutra. Sumi is shocked.

Ragini tells Shekhar that she told everyone that Swara is back and they are coming. Shekhar says good, and asks Sahil what he does? Sahil says he is a businessman. Swara says Singer also. Ragini asks if he is Sahil Sen gupta. Sahil says he left singing. Swara says he sings song even now, and says he is multi talented. She asks Ragini about her sitar practice, and tells about Dadi and Dida’s fight. Dadi says I will make tea for you and goes. Sumi says I will come and is about to go to kitchen. Swara says you will go to kitchen? Ragini comes and asks Swara what happened? Swara says you are also wearing this and asks them to come. Sahil asks about Swara. Ragini says she is talking to Maa. Sahil says I will just be back. Maheshwari family comes there. Sujata asks where is Swara? Sumi says she is coming? Sujata asks why you people are tensed? Annapurna says it is a moment of happiness. Ragini brings Swara out. Annapurna and Sujata calls her name. Sujata is clueless and doesn’t remember anything. Parineeta thinks Swara knows her plan.

Sanskar throws flower petals on her. Swara accuses him and tells Sumi that she is shot by him and fell in river.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Swara ‘ sang that song was hamari adhuri kahani film ki hasi ban gaye

  2. Shona/Laado/Hitler

    I m really very angry after knowing this Sahil is really very c***p. In d upcoming epi I heard dat he will try to impress swara by dat c***p plans goons will com and beat him bla bla bla I hate Sahil alot more dan every villain we had seen till now.

  3. His rockstar roll?????

  4. ada ada ada. enna love. mudiyala. there two more person in this show. rag and lak. i don’t understand for what reason both r there. . if writer couldnot balence the show with two pair .then why he did this. and coming to swara( guys i am not telling abt helly just swara that character)how many person will love her . i dont understand this. uff anyways. plz after the memory lost drama. do something for raglak. even though i am ragsan fan i want to see raglak . i can see they r doing injustice for raglak.

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