Swaragini 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumi saying that her ears are yearing to hear Shona’s voice. Just then Swara comes and says Maa, I came back….Sumi, Ragini, Dadi and Shekhar are happy seeing Swara back home alive. Swara smiles looking at them. Swara looks at Ragini and Sumi’s mangalsutras. Ragini runs to her and hugs her. Swaragini plays………..Ragini says Swara you have come back. I knew you will return. Sumi pats on her face and asks how can you leave your mum. Don’t you know I am incomplete without you. I will die without you. Swara says maa…She asks her to tell where is Dida? Sumi says she haven’t returned till now and is in banaras with Maashimaa. Dadi hugs Swara and says my grand daughter is back. Swara is surprised and happy. Sahil comes there. Shekhar says your mum got her life back and hugs

Swara. He says don’t know how to thank God for your well being. Swara says you should thank someone else also and calls Sahil. She asks him to come there. Sahil says I was waiting for you to call me. Swara says Sahil had saved her and took her out from river. Sahil and her mum have taken good care of me. Sumi thanks Sahil and says don’t know how to thank you. Sahil asks her to give tea. Swara asks her not to take him seriously. Sumi thanks him. Sahil asks who will make tea? Dadi asks Sahil to come inside and says she will make tea. Swara is going to Dida’s house. Ragini asks why you are going there? Swara says for dida. Ragini says Dida is not here, so come here. She asks if everyone is fine. Ragini says yes and looks happy.

She calls Laksh and informs him that Swara returned to baadi. Laksh is happy. Dadi makes Swara have sweets and asks her not to go anywhere. Laksh sees Sanskar lost in Swara’s thoughts, and informs him that Swara is alive. Sanskar thinks about her words and her love confession. He gets teary eyes with happiness. He says I knew it and says that girl was Swara. Laksh says yes, I didn’t believe you though. He asks him to take him there. Ragini calls home and informs Sujata that Swara is alive. Sujata gets happy and informs Annapurna, Durga Prasad and everyone. They all are happy. Ram says thank god she is alive. Parineeta gets tensed and thinks Swara knows her game plan with Rajat. Sujata hugs Annapurna and says she is very happy today. She says we will welcome her like a new bride. Annapurna says yes.

Sanskar tells someone that he will be reaching there in 10 mins and asks to get bouquets and flowers ready. He gets clothes and other stuff for her, and says he wants to make this day special for her, and wants to see her expression after seeing him, which he don’t want to forget. Sumi asks Sahil about his sugar intake. Swara takes Sumi to side and asks what is all this? She says you are in kitchen? If Dadi has no problem. Sumi says everything is alright. Swara asks what you are wearing and points at her mangalsutra. Sumi is shocked.

Ragini tells Shekhar that she told everyone that Swara is back and they are coming. Shekhar says good, and asks Sahil what he does? Sahil says he is a businessman. Swara says Singer also. Ragini asks if he is Sahil Sen gupta. Sahil says he left singing. Swara says he sings song even now, and says he is multi talented. She asks Ragini about her sitar practice, and tells about Dadi and Dida’s fight. Dadi says I will make tea for you and goes. Sumi says I will come and is about to go to kitchen. Swara says you will go to kitchen? Ragini comes and asks Swara what happened? Swara says you are also wearing this and asks them to come. Sahil asks about Swara. Ragini says she is talking to Maa. Sahil says I will just be back. Maheshwari family comes there. Sujata asks where is Swara? Sumi says she is coming? Sujata asks why you people are tensed? Annapurna says it is a moment of happiness. Ragini brings Swara out. Annapurna and Sujata calls her name. Sujata is clueless and doesn’t remember anything. Parineeta thinks Swara knows her plan.

Sanskar throws flower petals on her. Swara accuses him and tells Sumi that she is shot by him and fell in river.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    we have to wait till monday.. same precap…. are yaar why swara is saying that much about sahil….. hate it.. poora episode badi me hi karab karab kar diya.. if they show promo of swara accusing sanskar on friday then why they are showing it mnday…. only sanskar expressions and is eagerness is to see is good.. nthng else… hating total episode…

  2. Jyoti

    Oh god when swara accused him i felt like someone stabbed my heart..feeling very bad for sanky? and i really hope that swara won’t leave him..I know she’ll not but anyways

    • sudharshna udhayakumar

      I am also hurted soo much by swara s behaviour…..I hope sanskar does not go into coma…?

  3. Anvi

    now enough yrr…make swasan together… please…

    i don’t like swara talking about sahil…

  4. Sharanya

    WTH!!what this writer thinking upto?was he gone mad?I am loving swara from the beginning and wished for swalak,but its okey i started to love swasan when sanky started to feel for swara.but now what is the writer trying to prove?was she a characterless girl?how many time they make swara to feel for someone&relationship with someone?i hate the writer&today onwards i stopped swaragini!!

  5. pravee

    They have to make swasan together Because after their separation and sahils entry trp is falling drastically

  6. Sharanya

    and what they are doing with sanskar?they made him like a old lover,i remember a film character pareekutti&the song “manasa maine varu..” while watching sanky.i dont expect it from writer.i really loved swasan.i cant tolerate with these old drama!once i hated raglak like hell coz i was liked swalak.but frankly i watched that ang laga dheere more than 20 times.honestly it was nice.but on that helicopter scn,i was waited/imagined 4 such a romance with swasan.but they spoiled consummation.ok,then waited for swasan future.now this sahil…good bye swaragini

    • i think the song more suitable is ‘kaalam kettu poyi, koolam kettu poyi, bhagyarekha tenjhu manjhu pohoyi…….’. Anyway finally it will be swasan. Swasan forever.

    • nina

      Appo Sharanya Malayali analle
      Satym paranja njn chirich chathu avn bouquet edth matiathm aaha kili poi avl khooni khooni enn vlch tudangi njn appo avde chenn naalu chavitt avakkitt kodutirunnel avl sarikkum kooni ayene
      Enk aa paattalla oru pazam cholla orma varane
      Penbudhi pinbudhi.
      Avl shoot shoot enn vlchatonm avlk ormayilla savam avn pavm ath kett vedivachu lol

  7. ar

    Oh my god torture! Parineeta ko aek hi fb bar bar n writers are not good in writing this track this is not doing good
    Waiting for ths track to end
    N why always same precap for almost 2 -3 days

  8. juhi

    Please make swara and sasnkar together
    If they will not unite then i will stop watching this show

  9. Shagun

    Why swara is blubbering about sahil
    He is ye he wo …
    Why does sahil bought ring 4 swara ??
    Plz don’t tell he is going to propose her
    Bakeass ep

  10. Dhrashti

    Amazing episode ……..today ‘s episode was awesome.Swara has lost her partial memory & sahil saved her that’s why she was friendly with him .Swara sanskar maheshwari goes back to shona bose because of memory loss.Shona Bose was like this …..Don’t any 1 saw how she questioned her ma & Ragini about mangalsutra???Swara will never love Sahil cause swasan are soulmate …….so relax guys………..It’s going to be very intense & according to spoiler , Swara will show her marriage pic & will leave home …….

  11. Its like the rate of boys falling for Swara is increasing twist by twist.
    Lakhshya fell for Swara in 4 months.
    Sanskar fell for Swara in 4 weeks.
    Sahil fell for Swara in 4 days.
    Next guy if ever there will one, is sure to marry her in 4 hours.

  12. piya

    It will be nice to see swara with sahil and sanskar getting jealous! now ppl wl stop taking her for granted! she always had to prove her love but now sanskar will fight to get his love becoz of which he wl gv swara the love imp and value which she shud have got long back! n it wl be fun to see some light hearted scenes enough of dat rona dhona for swara! 🙂

  13. Again swasan oh my gosh!!! On May 26th 2016 I commented on the page and two ppl thought and said something so lemme clear it. First of all mugdha ur saying raglak are parallel leads. No they are also main lead like swasan!!! If they were parallel lead why would they name the show swaragini huh?? It has ragini and swara’s name in it meaning both are parallel leads!!! Now to nithi I agree ragini did all that to swara. Ragini tried killing swara but she NEVER tried SEPERATING swasan only swalak because she loved laksh. Now it was swara’s fault who didn’t stand up for her love and agreed to marry sanskar. If she wanted she could’ve tried many things to take laksh back but she didn’t. She kept mum and ragini kept getting wrong signals. NOW TELL ME WHO IS AT FAULT HUH??? SWARA FOR NOT TRYING TO WIN BACK LAKSH AND BEING MAHAN OR RAGINI WHO JUST WAS OVERPROTECTIVE AND WENT ON THE WRONG PATH BECAUSE OF DADI!!!! ALL IS SWARA AND EVERYWHERE IT IS HER MISTAKE!!!!!???

    • i thnk u didnt watch sr…dats why u saying like dis…ragini never tried to seperate swasan???????r u out of nuts…ragini is not dat good…dat bit h tried to seperate our swasan…she is dat much jealous of swara…so she cant accept any single happiness of swara…ragini d good for nthng blackmail her own sasur for swasan divorce…bcz of her once swalak seperated nd whn swra strtd to lv sanky she reach peak level of jealosy nd cheated her own sis…nd u r saying shenever tried to seperate swasan….wow..lol
      nd one more thng swara is nt cheap nd b*t*h like old ragini who snatch others love…it is ragini who tried to seperate evryone ns spread a lot of negetivity… .even she cheat her own babhi pari ki married life…..do u frgt she helpd adarsh in his gf matter….i thk for u guys dese all r nt not d fault of ragini its all r swara sanky laksh nd othrs fault…dnt too much blind in raginis love…whn we r try to accept new ragini u guys r again provoke us saying ragini is pure pavitr like ganga..huh…..

    • pranav

      i think u will watch rishtey…swaragini…beacause…now they are showed cheap track of ragini…ragini is the most vamb in the serial..

    • Well in my point of view swara was shone important from the beginning even though ragini’s name is in the name title swaragini. Who’s name comes first ragini’s or swara’s, it’s swara’s. I’ve been watching this drama from the beginning and I do remember that swara was shone important and she’s the one who would find out things first. And I do think that swara is the main lead because if she wasn’t then why is she the only one who is focused more then ragini. Just because the title is blo*dy called swaragini it doesn’t mean you guys always have to moan and say why swara this and swara that. The thing is that swara was the main lead from the beginning wether you guys like it or not. And how could you say that ragini didn’t try to separate swasan, I think you Missed out those episode that’s why you are saying this. And about swara not standing up for herself for laksh that’s a whole different story, I mean who would want to blo*dy stand up for a guy who had trust issues. He didn’t trust her, he could have waited for her but no he was too busy marrying ragini when she was a psyco. He even insulted her by calling her characterless. So you tell me if someone did that to you would take that person back or stand up for him. I wouldn’t. I’m blo*dy sick and tired of people moaning and blaming swara. Why don’t you guys just get over it and face the fact that swara and swasan are the main lead even though the name of the serial is called swaragini.

    • Sidharth rox

      Omg why r u guys fighting over such a wired topic it might be the main lead is Swara but the f in story is about both of them Swara and Ragini and now it is clearly Swara s fault n if u guys don’t remember let me remind u that sanskar was the one who fracked Ragini in the starting if he didn’t drag Ragini into all this drama then everything would be different. And it is because of Ragini s negativity that there is swasan u guys can stop blaming Ragini for everything and Laksh was Ragini s luv at the starting and kabab me haddi banke aai Swara so pls u guys better stop blaming ragini

      • Well ragini wasn’t a baby with a baby bottle in her hand back then she knew what she was doing. She could have said no to sunskar that she didn’t want to get involved in his plan but did she no she didn’t. Yes sunskar was bad at the beginning but he then realised his mistake and tried to mend things between swalak. He even tried to persuade ragini to move on and let swalak get married but did she listen no instead she turned a psyco and selfish for her one sided love. And about the kebab mai haddi thing it was ragini who persuade swara to go for laksh.

  14. First these writers gave importence to ragini by making her negative.then she turned positive, so kept her aside.bcoz if they gave importence to ragini then the focus will be equally shifted in both.they don’t like that.it’s OK then it’s better to remove ragini,like rashi in sns.first I loved both the pairs but I fed up with this drama .only hurting sanky again and again and no importence for raglak.

  15. prinu das

    i heared that helly and namish in relationship. i cant bear it… i want teju and namish in off screen too…but teju is older than namish…

  16. S priya

    I dono wen tis fans fight ill b stopped….guys if u like particular character r pair praise tem y u bashing other….tey r just fictional …I knw itz waste of telng…but by these fights u gng to put up a end to swaragini I’m sure abt tis…

  17. SriRanjani

    Swara (Helly Shah) who is currently suffering from a partial memory loss will be shocked to learn a major truth in the coming episodes in Swaragini (Colors)!
    Now you must be wondering what truth are we talking about!
    Well, Swara who is unaware about her marriage with Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and considers him to be a murderer will soon come to know about her marital status. She will witness a photograph of their marriage i.e. with Sanskar and will be shaken to know the fact that she is married.
    She will be more traumatised on learning the fact that the person, who she was presuming to be a murderer is actually her husband Sanskar. In a dazed state, she will leave the house.
    Now it would be a good watch to see whether she accepts Sanskar and leaves happily with him or refuses to go back to him.
    Are you guys excited to see some Swasan moments again on the show?

  18. Amna Ayub

    Guyz plz watch Kahaani Hamari…dil dosti dewaanapan ki on And TV.It is a good show.Must watch.

  19. Ana

    Swara doent deserve Sanskaar bcz Swara is soo beautiful and that Sanskaar is old aged man….i dnt understand what beautiful swara saw in that buddha Sanskaar….plz remove him….Swara deserve more handsome than buddha sanskaar…he is so overacting but beautiful swara always acting is best….Sanskaar overacting ka dukaan….We love Swasan only bcz of Swara…Her acting is awesome….She is the best….sanskar get lost from beautiful swaras life

    • I disagree with you yes swara is beautiful but sunskar is gorgeous and handsome. I think. You should go to speck savers and get glasses no offence.

    • Dear forget about looks.. Indeed varun n helly has some age gap of 6 yrs(may be I guess) or even more

      But the character of sanskar is a dream man.. The way he luv swara is inexpressible… Love is blind… Love doesn’t know age color caste… Love just know a heart which is filled by love… ????

      • Ana

        Swara deserve handsome man…She is very beautiful..dnt compare varun with Helly becz SHE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL..

      • Ok if itz 8 then also.. Itz kk he is just 28… Even priyanka Chopra is older than him…
        But he looks like 24 hardly…

        Helly n varun can’t be compared…
        Both are extremely beautiful… How can we compare a girl’s look with a guy’s…

        helly looks perfect with varun… ???

    • Well I don’t know why you are comparing varun and helly, I mean they are not the same gender. Yes helly is beautiful but varun is also a good looking chap. And about the age thing so what it’s just 6 or 7 years gap that’s all. And top of that varun doesn’t even look that old, he looks young for his age. And 27 isn’t that old. If he was 40 or over then that will be a different case. So you are die hard fan of helly so I’m I. I also like varun his acting is really good and in my point of view herun are good looking and good actors.

    • I definitely agree with u.. That helly is Damn beautiful.. But varun n helly aren’t real couple..

      They are swara n sanskar.. N itz ur personal choice whom u like.. No one can force u to like varun…

      In real life helly should get a guy with beautiful heart not with beautiful looks…

      • Vk is really good looking.Helly is beautiful ,i agree but u can’t insult vk like that.Varun is at peak of his acting career , even he won best actor award and i guess people r not so blind to vote for his overacting.I agree , now a days ,he looks little aged because of his beard but it’s just required to express his heart broken state.
        Just watch initials episode of Swaragini ,when Vk entered as mad .He looked really young ,not more than 22 years , nearly of Helly’s age.About acting , he is a fantabulous actor , having intense and scintillating eyes ,which ooze out flood of emotions every second.
        I am a Varunholic.
        I really like Helly ,even if i would not have liked Helly ,then alsoi would have never commented in a way u did.
        To be honest ,the kind of struggle ,passion ,love ,trust and sacrifice Sanskaar has shown is rare yet incredibly beautiful thing to watch and sorry to say but that passion i never saw in Swara.
        I am pin-pointing Helly ‘s acting skills rather i am talking about the character Swara ,so plz don’t take it otherwise.

      • Varun is a versatile actor… He is best among the new generation of actors…. The way he portray the emotions is commendable… No one can beat him… I use to follow him since his first show… The way he has grown up as an actor is remarkable

        I agree with you he is best no one can beat his acting skills… N his cute smile ?

        I forgot to mention m a die hard varunholic….. ????

        But still if she doesn’t like him itz upto her… But I luv him from the bottom of my heart ????

      • @needhi u got me wrong…

        M not insulting varun… M
        A varunholic m just point out that thing of being a couple… That in real life.. Helly should get a partner with beautiful heart…
        Outer beauty doesn’t matter…

        It doesn’t mean that m saying varun is not good looking or something like that…. I didn’t include that thing… I just say my view on that particular point

        Helly n varun are separate from swara n sanskar aren’t they….

        I can’t disrespect anyone’s struggle… He is at this height only cz of the hard work n struggle he did

      • Actually itz a misunderstanding when I said I agree with you..That was for anjum not for ana…

        I believe u thought that I agree with ana… But NO I DON’T AGREE WITH ANA

      • Meher ,that comment was for Ana only not for u dear.
        I have read all yuor ffs and i am a big fan of yours.
        I know you r a Varunholic and u can never insult him.
        Your each and every word about love is cent percent true ,so there is no point in disagreeing.
        I wrote about Varun’s looks because ana called him budha.
        If u read my comment carefully ,u will find a line with over acting ,which ana mentioned u didnot ,so basically it was a reply to ana.
        Meher ,i have not talked to u personally , from the comments on your ff and the way u write ,i can clearly u can never insult vk and swasan being a crazy fan obf both of them.
        Sorry dear ,if u felt bad but it was really not meant for u.

      • @needhi

        I thought u said that to me.. So I put my point… Itz kk.. But don’t u dare call urself my fan.?. WE both are fans of varun so basically we are friends… ?

        N plz don’t be sry… I thought u misunderstood my comment so I just clarify that… N why would I feel bad dear firstly that was cent percent true N secondly that was ur opinion (I also think same).. ???

  20. The story is slightly going interesting. Swaragini is going to be dubbed in tamil. the title is ganga
    yamuna anyway i don’t like the new title

  21. Annu

    Swasan forever that stupid sahil was not be long I hope swasan love was won the world ???????????

  22. juhi

    Ana sanskar and swara are the perfect couple theyare the best couple in Indian television and sanskar is so handsome

  23. sahil is doing so much overactinggg…………………….. on upcoming episode . no right to sahil to tease the swara only sanskar have the right on swara to tease her . sahil is only friend to swara and no more to do over…. if sahil do more overactinggg…………. hum unko nadi per daka dethe like sahil to save swara nobody to come for sahil to save him………… don,t forget sahillllllll…………………..[ chudellllllllllllll…………..].

    • Shagun

      Sahil is a damn witch
      In the upcoming epis sahil and his mother will try to separate SWASAN
      Ye cvs pagal ho gaye hai

  24. Swaragini fan

    Omg pehle swarag fie heltej aur ab swasan comparison sapne me bi nai socha tha and guys if u r talking about reei age difference so san is 3-4 Months elder than lak ans I think ( in reel) swalak r nearly same age. And in real life
    Swara: 19-20
    Raglak: 25

  25. Swaragini fan

    Guys pehle bhi bola tha and repeating again swasan ko kuch nai ho sakata agr hua to show band krne ki nobat aa skti hai. Aur pairs to pehle se hi decided the havnt u noticed raglak dikaya tha rishta aur aaj pair koun hai raglak hi na swara kavya kar blablabla pair wohi hoge. And i m fedup now kitni baar bolna padega stop it but it ko aap log comm samaj lete ho and stop commenting ab to dar lagta hai but rights r there.

  26. Elakk06

    Swan forever…..I hate that sahill. ……being overprotective over swara.how he fall in love with swara knowing nothing but name he is really stupid.how many did the writer separate and reunite swasan….sometimes lak n ragini n now sahil.pls unite swasan soon and poor sanskaar again feel with swara memories and accusing him as a murderer…..??

  27. Shona/Laado/Hitler

    I m really very angry after knowing this Sahil is really very c***p. In d upcoming epi I heard dat he will try to impress swara by dat c***p plans goons will com and beat him bla bla bla I hate Sahil alot more dan every villain we had seen till now.

  28. preethi

    ada ada ada. enna love. mudiyala. there two more person in this show. rag and lak. i don’t understand for what reason both r there. . if writer couldnot balence the show with two pair .then why he did this. and coming to swara( guys i am not telling abt helly just swara that character)how many person will love her . i dont understand this. uff anyways. plz after the memory lost drama. do something for raglak. even though i am ragsan fan i want to see raglak . i can see they r doing injustice for raglak.

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