Swaragini 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar coming inside the house. Sujata hugs him. Sanskar tells that he is fine. Sujata says he was scared. Police leaves from there. Sujata asks Sanskar not to leave from there. Sanskar says I will return soon, but not now. Laksh tells Sujata that his friend will feel bad, and says let Sanskar go and inform his friend. Sanskar says I will return mum.. and goes. Sahil asks Sanskar to stop and asks if his friend stays in Baadi. He says Kissan and you are one person. Sanskar looks on. Sahil tells Swara that Sanskar has disguise to harm her. Sanskar says he is lying. Swara is shocked and asks them to stop it. She says I need proofs. Sahil says if Sanskar is here, then Kissan should be there. Swara asks him to come. Ragini says I will also come. Parineeta asks her not to go and stress

herself. Ragini says okay. They reach Baadi.

Swara comes to Kissan’s room and calls his name. She looks at Sanskar when nobody comes. Sahil says he will not come and asks Swara to come holding her hand. Swara asks him to leave her hand and says she will check by herself. She thinks about Sahil’s words that Sanskar is betraying her. Sahil smirks and asks if she found Kissan. Swara says no. They hear guitar’s sound. Shekhar asks from where it is coming. Sanskar, Sahil and Swara looks on. They go out and see Kissan playing guitar on the terrace. Sahil is shocked and asks Swara to believe him. Swara asks him why is he behaving aggressively and says you have changed your behavior and is rude to me. She says trust is needed in all relations. She says I know Kissan will not lie. I know that Kissan is not Sanskar and that’s why came here to prove you wrong. Sahil says he is saying right. Swara asks Sahil to leave.

Once they go inside. Sanskar and Sahil look at Kissan. Sahil goes there ad sees Laksh putting 3D image of Kissan which Swara saw. Sahil touches the image and says you betrayal. Sanskar thanks Laksh. Sahil says he will bring Swara and show them. Sanskar asks did you forget what she told you just now and asks him to stay away from her. Sahil is angry. Sanskar says you had promised to unite us, then why did you change your plan. Sahil says I have saved her life. Sanskar says I am grateful to you all my life and asks him to go away. Sahil says Swara is mine and I love her more than anyone else. He says she is my junoon and madness. Sanskar holds his collar. Laksh is shocked too. Sahil says I will bring your truth. Sanskar regrets for trusting him. Laksh says this means because of Sahil only, Swara couldn’t believe you. Sanskar says it was his plan to separate us.

Laksh asks Sanskar to tell his secret to Swara before Sahil does anything. Swara thinks Sahil was wrong and Sanskar is proved right. Ragini asks why did Sahil say that Sanskar is Kissan. Swara says I couldn’t understand. Sujata asks them to rest. Parineeta asks Ragini to rest and says she will make food. Swara sees Sahil’s many missed calls and calls him. Sahil talks to her rudely and asks where is she? Swara asks him to mind his tone and asks him not to call again. Sahil breaks the things in the room and says you are just mine…Swara…He looks angrily.

Sujata blesses Kissan and Swara and gives best wishes for IGT competition. She says it will be double happiness for her when Sanskar comes back. Kissan smiles. Swara looks on tensedly. While Sanskar is in the dressing room and practicing. Sahil comes there indisguise, and gives water to him. He does something. He thinks Sanskar’s truth will be out. Swara comes and asks Kissan to come. They go out and see the contestants performing. Sanskar/Kissan prays God to make them win. Sahil smirks. Sanskar prays to God that Swara shall accept him back again.

Swara and Kissan perform on the stage. Kissan’s wig falls down. Swara slaps him. She tells him that she will go to court and says she needs divorce. Sanskar is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I cant really tolerate this memory loss track please reunite swasan

  2. i must say in red dress swara looking like an angel . . . 🙂

  3. Sriranjani

    waiting for the memory loss ending episode…………….. Exited thrilled and enjoying each and every episode guys……….

  4. nice episode…there is no one like my lukky luv u namish u are the hero..very very happy for sanskar and sahil ko babaji ka thullu..lol

  5. what the hell. swara i really mean it dont make my sanky cry. and cvs reunite swasan. its to much. always they do this cant they let swasan be happy or what stupid fellow.

  6. hi iam new here but watching this serial from starting. just hate this sahil. through him out of this serial. he is a maniac

  7. hi iam new here but watching this serial from starting. just hate this sahil. . he is a maniac

  8. i am from odisha is there anyone odiya here

    1. yep hi aparna its bunu . im from keonjhar where are you from

    2. M from odisha too…I don’t comment regularly but I always read swaragini updates..

  9. o please tell na what about this plastic surgery track please yaar

    1. Manjula20

      Plastic surgery whose plastic surgery

  10. Nice episode…swasan both gave left n right to that idiot sahil….exicted for upcoming episodes

  11. Maddy_02

    Yesss finally after some episode’s SWASAN will be together. Finally man waiting for this from years. Phewwww?

  12. excited and nice episode swara looking so better. Sahil will expose soon its so mentle person. And yahh… Today lucky is done gud job keep it bro!

  13. Yes swara will get memory in jungle waiting for swasan track, she will have sahil n blast him when gets her memory back, eagerly waiting for the track

  14. Serena

    Yipeee swasan going to be reunite….year intense scenes me kitna bhi maza aaye…but real fun is when they both r united…coze we like swara n sanskaar but we love swasan..??????

    We love swara n sanskaar also.

  15. ystrdz epi ws superb….sahil vs sanky…i liked angrybird sanky….meri biwi he vo….sanky in actn upcmng epi………sanky expose swara ask for divorce…bt der is no mistake of swara….she trstd kissan bt he tell lie…waitng for upcmng episdz…swasan in jungle swara gain memory…her guilt etc….i m eagwrly waitng…….swara lukng sooo cute nd gorgeous in dat dress

  16. Mica

    ty for update mr. Hasan.
    i have an imagination that swara will try to hug sanskar unintentionally to knowing sanskar still alive, but the handcuffs traps her.
    huft, seem cvs forget that small detail or lil touch on swasan bonding (while swara still got amnesia) is needed to get viewer’s attention, neither on raglak. no wonder swaragini start to losing it’s charm.
    i don’t expect swara will recovery too fast if it is ruining cvs’s idea on the story, but really i dissapointed already bout swasan and raglak’s flat bonding…sorry cvs, but anyway ty soo much for hard work

  17. Kya bakwas hai ye

  18. Loved Swara sterday…..
    The way she talked to sahil was awesome (I got my old swara back )
    The dress that she wore sterday suited her very well (She was looking damn cute )
    Luv u swara??
    And lucky rocked the show sterday…
    He is the best bro?
    Loved swaragini aftr a long time.

  19. sahil ki baji….love swasan

  20. Plasticsurgery???????

  21. whoz plastic surgery?plz dnt chage anyone’s role.

  22. sahil and swara is made for each other . swara sahil ko hi milni chahiye .usne use pane ke liye bhot mahanet ki hai

  23. nice episode.. loved sanlak bonding…. haha.. pari ko swara ne thappad mara and her truth comes out….

  24. m loving the tashan between ragini and pari

    1. Rekha vaghela

      Pari should b afraid of ragini. She should not forget what ragini did. And she again turned bad what will she do to her!!!

  25. Devuda !! We serial ki,ah rashmi sharma ki pedda dhamdam pettalr…amma rashmi sharma Koncem manshulani brathkaniyy…saavagodthunnav nee musti shows tho…ah sasural simar ka,sns ne epud aipotaya ani janaalu wait chesthunte inko musti serial thayar chesnav le mamalni torture pettanike…okati ana sense unna serial theeshnava ne nuv asal!!

    Anyways ah swasan fans ni jara torture pettakunda ah daridrapu memory loss track apesi vaala idarni kalpu…ah swara nek enduke antha istam..antha importance ameke istav. Jara raglak ni kuda pattinchuko!! Doctors ee serial chuste sachipotar!! 6 yrs valu kastapadi chadukuni kuda itlanti pichi concept nerchukuni undar.. serials thiyyadam raakapote chusi nerchuko..baita vaalu theestar chudu..kiraakk untay…oka logic undi sastadi….better eh doctor ki kanpiyyak…nee pichi serials victims andar…thankgod nee pH serials chudude aapeshna!!

    Dhamdam thalli neku!!!

    1. Vyshu10

      serial antene logic lu takkuva. Anni serials saagadeestaru. Cheppalante e serial lo ne saagadeeyadam takkuva. oka track max 1 n half months ante. anni rs serials kante e serial better. Main problem entante chetta vaati pai ekkuva drushti pedataru. Leads paina takkuva. Memory track vastundi ani telisinappudu chaala happy aiyam swasan fans andaram kani vaalaki teeyadam raaledu. Nee badha nenu ardham cheskogalanu…naku telusu raglak paina concentration pettaru ani. No comments daani paina…endukante nenu swasan kosame chustuna.

  26. Madhu

    m loving the tashan between ragini and pari nd waiting for the memory loss ending episode…………….. Exited thrilled and enjoying each and every episode guys……….

  27. Rekha vaghela

    Ragini looks like some real girl who did some mistake in her life then corrected them. Loves her family. And is trying to do good for them, not going like a superwomen. Like in other serial they show. That the lead is bichari dukhiya and always crying. And not getting anything good. And always following her morals. And always ends up in a tragedy.. And definitely she never tried to become a devi

  28. I too love ragini aka teja.waiting for raglak track

  29. I think raginis plstr sergery bcz Tejo queting the show na.

  30. Omg swasan is back ?????????

  31. finally swara will get her memmory back….. and its such a cute episode


    I love u swara and sanskar.. And aim waitting for swara to get her memory back episode…. Come soon…

  33. i am not sure i saw a scene in which swara slapping pari hard…..

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