Swaragini 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ragini asking Laksh what is this? Laksh says it is divorce papers and everything will end. He says I think Urvashi is right. I should have taken your side. He says these papers have Swara and Sanskar’s sign and says it is their divorce papers. He asks her to sign on the papers as witness, and says their divorce case will start. Ragini gets thinking. Laksh asks her to sign. He thinks sign on the papers Ragini so that I can file for our divorce and not of Swara and Sanskar. He asks what you are thinking? Ragini refuses and says she can’t sign. She says I think this is wrong, as Swara and Sanskar love each other. Laksh recalls Annapurna’s words, asking him to make Ragini right with his love. Laksh asks her to think till morning and decide, else they can’t

submit the papers till month. He thinks Maa is wrong, you can’t change. If you don’t sign on the papers then I will be convinced that you are changed, and if you signed on these papers then it will be proved that you are still same cunning girl who can’t see anyone’s happiness.

Swara plays the guitar and hurts her hand with the broken string. Urvashi taunts her. Swara replies her back. Dadi asks her not to fight with Urvashi and asks her to stay silently. She asks them not to do any new drama. Swara says you had accepted me and maa. Dadi says I was unaware of Janki’s unhappiness, else I would not have let Sumi inside the house. Swara is shocked. Urvashi smirks victoriously. She again acts as if she is talking to Janki. She asks her not to cry and says she will make everything fine. She tells Dadi that her jiji will not get peace and she will not let Swara and Sanskar marry. She says we will not let tears come in Ragini’s eyes.

Swara comes to Maheshwari house with her family for the grah shanti puja. Shekhar greets them. Swara asks Sanskar if the arrangements is done. Sanskar says yes. He says something will happen today and I will catch that person. He asks Sujata if she has kept that necklace in his room. Sujata says yes. Durga Prasad asks them to come forward for puja. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Everyone sit for the puja with closed eyes. Urvashi gets up on the pretext of cough. Swara and Sanskar looks on. Pandit ji says puja is completed. He blesses Swara and Sanskar. Dadi sees big utensils. Sumi says the food will be distributed in the temple. Sanskar asks about the necklace. Sumi asks servant to bring necklace from his almira. Sanskar sees a woman wearing waiter’s dress going inside. Sujata brings the necklace box. Sanskar tells Swara that it is his dad’s ancestral necklace which her mum had given her. He opens the box and couldn’t find the necklace. Sujata says when Shyam gave me necklace box, it was there. Sanskar says we shall search everyone. Sujata says what you are saying? Durga says everyone is family here. Urvashi gets angry and says what you are saying? Swara says we will not search. Sanskar apologizes and searches in everyone’s belongings. Sujata says something inauspicious thing has happened. Urvashi says ancestral necklace vanished before it was given to swara.

Sanskar asks Laksh to call the staff members. He says I am not doubting on you, but we need to find the necklace. Swara says it is not right. Sanskar asks her to keep quiet and let him do. Sujata asks Mohan to take prasad to temple, and asks Uttara to go with them. Sanskar asks Mohan about the 4th waiter/servant. Mohan says we were just 3. Sanskar says I will see who is that. He apologizes to everyone. Sujata says my necklace is stolen. Sanskar asks her to relax and real necklace is with me. Durga Prasad asks why you have done this? Sanskar says we feel that someone don’t want us to marry, and that’s why I have hidden fake necklace in it. He says real necklace is with me. Urvashi says it is aatma’s work. Shekhar asks Urvashi to leave. Dadi says fake necklace is stolen. Uttara comes and says she found fake necklace on the stairs. Ram asks Sanskar to make Swara wear the necklace. Sujata asks him to make Swara wear it. Sanskar makes her wear the ancestral necklace. Uttara asks her to forget and compliments her beauty. She asks her to smile and take their photo together. Just then Swara feels suffocation as the necklace tightens her neck. Everyone get worried. Sanskar tries to take out the necklace.

The person supporting Urvashi in her evil place is Kavita. She reveals her face as she comes to Maheshwari house as waitress. Urvashi says their last attack will finished everything and says she is concerned for Ragini’s happiness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Urvashi is irritating…. Her eyes, her over action… Wat to do??? Please any one throw her away from show…

    1. I wish we can…

  2. Really feeling disgusting with this serial..they cant maintain anyone positive.. Person changes to extreme negative level.. Y this kavitha, urvashi and al needed??

    Where did this urvashi live when ragini get married?? Suddenly she appeared and started creating problem.. Her motive s not to save ragini..her oly motive is to send sharmista out and marry shekar ..tats it.

    Suddenly kavita took rebirth just to have another negative girl..

    1. I hate kavita I want her to die and that stupid stupid uvrashi I can’t say spell her name that’s how much I hate I wish they both die ????????

    2. Honest opinion

      This is beginning to get boring.. They need to sort out probs between ragini & swara.. SWASAN & raglak should be happy together… & they can show other probs on the show that swaragini overcome together…. This show needs a solid dose of positivity dude!

  3. when tomorrow precap will come… how these are attempting their last attempts tonight how far and who will expose kavita and urvashi?

  4. Finally revealed idout kavita and urvashi

  5. Yaruda sonathu ragini swara life distrub panra ragini not seeing swaras happiness and he saprat swara and sanskar … Hello guys ragini is said that they love each other so we don’t saprt it.. Eni yaravuthu ragini pathi thapa soninga ava onu aduthavangaloda happiness ah paka mydiyathava Ella ragini just want his love for laksh that’s it… Ok

  6. swaragini is becoming lil boring nowadays man but i like it tooo

  7. Fingers crossed ragini must not sign on papers

    1. Yeah she must not sign…I want swaragini back…swasan to get married and raglak to stay happy after all this bullshit that has happened so far….please kill that kavitha…please….

  8. This is serial is going day by day as crap, decided to quite watching how many vamps against swara and sanskar and decided me we to watch rashmi Sharma serial only negativity no positive thoughts always wrong doing, let the trp go down and this rubbish serial end

  9. precap is expected .. i know only kavitha n urvashi can do this

  10. This urvashi, ragini, kavita n dadi all 4 should die
    Dadi is only responsible for turning ragini into a negative person.
    N urvashi so shameless n homeless!!

    1. u r 100000percent correct….she is shameless n homeless that’s why living in another person house n creating problem in their daughter’s life…..n they all should die n I promise if that happen then I will thank god n yes never feel bad for them…..

  11. Hey ma mata ji…marriage will happen or not…..i can’t believe…. writers can do anything

  12. I guess swasan gets seperated.

  13. Stupid serial all swasan romance got a full stop and the stupid stuff got started god this urvashi is so irritating and this kavita also started her conspiracy against swasan well I was having a feeling that kavita and urvashi are together and it proved in precap I hope swasan don’t get separated again due to some foolish misunderstandings laksh is right if ragini signed on those papers then she can never change and if she doesn’t then this time I think lucky will accept her if this time swasan got separated or their marriage stopped then its my promise to myself that I will surely separate myself from this crap show SR

  14. Interesting.

  15. Leapsandbpund

    To all the Ragini fans, Ragini will turn positive, but will take time. She has been oppressed, sheltered and had an unreasonably strict upbringing by her Dadi. girls like her tend to be insecure in such environment and are very single minded.

    The character seems to be a little like her Massi, obsessive.

    They needed another villian than Ragini so you have Kavita and Masssi.
    The writers had to quickly change the storyline as Tejaswani decided to stay if they made Ragini positive.

    Also Laksh and Ragini never built chemistry like Swasan did. Plus swasan very good actors Their chemistry is awesome.

    Enjoy the ride fans, just don’t get too personal.

    1. u r right their chemistry is awesome not like real chemistry boring…just kidding….but u r right hope we will get r old swaragini n swasan united soon….
      but guys do u have any idea who is going to die if anyone know then plzzz let me know I’ll be waiting…..

  16. Maybe Urvashi killed her own sister. Ragini will sign the papers to make Laksh happy. I would prefer Ragini to be a grey character. .. We can’t have another mahaan like Swara. I think Sumi will get killed.

  17. oh god urvasi kavita urvasi kavita urvasi kavita….I m just fed up of them…I just want to kill them….I just hate them from the core of my heart…..why can’t these writers let swasan n raglak happy?????what problems did they have with them????? n its a big big big big big request plzzzzzzzz ragini dont sign the papers let lucky realise that he is wrong…..whatever ragini have done is not right but she had done because of love because she loves him n now what laksh is doing is wrong he is cheating her n its not at all right……n at last but not the least plzzzzz give us r old swaragini back n unite swasan forever n ever…….

  18. u r rite…how can kavita come back to life from death….it was shwn that whenever sanskar remembers kavita’s death he had took kavitha in his arms wen she was dying…dat meanz kavita was really dead at that tym…den how kavita came on street and DP came there and den as per plan kaveri comes dere….is sanskar a fool dat he left kavita’s body and ran from dere….
    or the markers are thinking us a bigger fool….how can dey they shw kavita alive if sanskar had seen her dying in front of his eyes…

  19. NEHA why r u not updating ur ff I m eagerly waiting for it…

  20. The show will take afour year leap……swasan ko ek beti hogi…..ragini sab ki nazroon mein mar jaegi per voh zinda hogi……uake do bacche honge…..ek ladka aur ek ladki.

  21. Did u listen wat laksh said .. if she does not sign means she has changed. … so now its ragini s choice what she wants…. I likd that. …

    1. Happy Birthday rids wanted to wish you on fb but its not supporting nevertheless many many returns of the day dear may your dreams come true

    2. Rids…yor birthday today?? Many many many more happy returns of the day…dear…

    3. Thank neha nd bhuvi…. :* :*

  22. Leapsandbpund

    Ragini will sign, they will separate and she will try to commit suicide. Laksh needs a reason to hate her. Then only can he fall in love with her after she comes back with memory loss. Have to build chemistry.

  23. so our prediction is true its maasi and kavita who is doing. all this together.. masi wants only ragini’s happiness … they are attempting there last chances on tonight means it yesterday precap.. is it correct what you thinks?.

  24. swaragini latest spoiler: urvashi and kavita’s deadly plan to kill swara..
    swaragini will now show that the evil urvashi maasi will play out tricks to create trouble for swara. urvashi will say that her jiji is not happy with swara as well as sharmishta.
    urvashi will also try to ruin swara and sanskaar relationship saying that swara is not lucky for sanskar.
    however, sanskar’s love for swara is strong and he believes that there is someone creating trouble to defame swara.
    the story takes another twist as pallavi meets up with kavita and the two of them conspire against swara together.
    while urvashi dislike swara, kavita wants her out of sanskar’s life as she loves him deeply and wants to marry him.
    in the uppcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that these two evil ladies will conspire together to kill swara and it will be intresting to see whether sanskaar can save swara from this deadly plan.

  25. ragini is good at heart

  26. what is this stupid yr.ye serial hain ya negativvity ka dukan. ab kala jadu vi a gy.same s. s. s.k.masi ka character stop karo yr.bht iritate krte hain .or ye serial dekhne main vi faltu lg rahi hain.

  27. Dear RS team…after these stupid twists swasan Marriage ll happen or not??

  28. Guys…Trp low hoogayi—Last week 2.9 And This Week 2.5
    Last week it was in 5 position and this week 9 position…
    Keep watching swaragini and increase its Trp 🙁

    1. Sana dea i m soooooo hpy tht trp is going low nd it should continuosly go down untill cvs team dont make swara nd ragini agn swaragini nd unite our cutest jodi swasan untill there is urvasi masi nd kavita lyk idiots in the show trp will go lowww

  29. Bull shit why can’t they unite swasan

  30. So it seems day both swara and sanskar were correct abt Kavita nd urvashi

    1. Guys please don’t watch this crap serial let the trp go very low untill stupid kavitha n uravish r thrown out, cvs if u don’t unite swararagini and swasan trp will go down.

  31. What is happening in this serial, no morals and no ethics everyone will do whatever they want, please turn this serial in to good one or else nobody will watch after few days…make swara and sanskar couples and change raginis attitude give importance to elder people… Please be practical and stop showing off the unreality … They are only two couples and you al always breaking engagement, marrying and divoecing, totally unreal…. Ragini tells that swara stles the love of kavitha then what ragini did first did she not steal swara and laksh love… Matain logic

  32. Plz dont trn kavitha b -ve.She ws d only 1 rspncbl fr ur cute cupl swasan unyt.I hd lykd hr chrctr at dat tym.Nw she bcming d crap.Ragini dnt sign on d pprs na.Plz kill dat masi and kavitha.I lyk teju’s nd sanskar’s actng so much.swasan rockz.swasan frvr.

  33. End this drama and unite swasan

  34. Call me Shirley

    Man, if all this happened where I’m from, Ragini and Dadi would be either in jail, ousted from the family after a thorough beating, or simply killed. One does not tolerate betraying and backstabbing in the family. And the Maheshwari’s are a bunch of idiots!!! How can they tolerate Ragini, the person that attempted of murder swara and enslave them all? I don’t know anything about Indian culture, but this is just disgusting. Family’s have no self respect. Otherwise they’d get rid of all the bad weeds from the garden.

  35. show something which is easy to digest.. waiting to see Swara Sanskar’s love story.. show some problem free love story.. life of a happily married couple.. Ragini Laksh together.. normal peoples life..

  36. Its a big torture to search original episodes among these stupid fanfiction… why the site owners didnt make a separate page for them. If they are such a good writers pls go to film.industry dont torture us. Didnt get 28jan episode from such a big list of bewakoof writers

    1. But atleast their ff has some positive approach u write in Google search engine about complete episode ull get it when site doesn’t have any problem who are we to call someone bevakoof

    2. Agree that you have your opinion,but there are very talented writers among the fan fiction writers, I read every single thing,if you have a heart to appreciate you will understand their effort and you will understand the quality of their writing,yes,a few deserves to be approached for films,though you said to make fun of them,it is true,then ,telly site has given an option to write fan fiction,so they are making use of it,before calling them bewakoof writers and their work stupid fan fiction,just open your eyes,go to the page,right above, telly team has created a green coloured filter only for written updates months back itself,kindly click on that and read your written updates,then,ff readers like me dont find it as torture,may be those who dont read are feeling so,you may use the filter and read only written updates,I wont call them bewakoof because only if we try writing,we will understand the difficulty behind that,as an ff reader I felt bad reading your comment and that is why I responded,did not mean any offense,just told my opinion.

  37. If one having problems finding written update can use filter ……there is a option. ” written epi only “…

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