Swaragini 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Parvati says get a doctor and get rid of this child. Sumi says Maa. Parvati says this child won’t come in this house. Shekhar says no maa this child will. I don’t care what anyone says. I won’t let anything happen to my child. parvati says this is my final decision. Shekhar says this is my final decision too and I will go against you too if I have to.
He says lets go Sumi you should rest.
Parvati says I will shekhar how you bring this child in world.

Rajat says can’t you see. The man says behave, I am of your dad’s age. They smile. Its his dad. The woman says where is our money? Rajat says I asked you not to come out with this stall. What if someone sees you. The says who will see us here.. Parineeta comes and says oh God Rajat utra told me

you were in Kanpur and I saw you here so I followed you here. And I got to know your real plan. You are poor and dont even deserve to be with our family. I don’t understand swara knew all this.. She recalls durga saying swara liked him. Rajat says bhabhi.. Parineeta these are not your real parents? Tell me truth only then I can help you. Rajat says no. Parineeta says you are doing this for money? You will get the money but promise me you wont forget your character. We have to get this wedding done. Rajat says so you wont tell anyone? Parineeta no. Once you marry then i will tell everyone how wrong swara was and I will become good one then. You can then leave with 50lac from here. Now see swara how you answer everyone.

Durga parsad gets a call and says yes what you pandit said? He says their kundli’s have matched. God has made this couple. He says on call that soon? Okay then. Congratulations. Sujata says what they said? Durga says their pandit has given date after one day. Sujata says how will we arrange everything? Parineeta says we will handle everything and we have swara and ragini. Durga says I was thinking of engagement tomorrow. Sujata says I am so happy. Durga says anupama remind me I have to bring her jewelry from locker. Sujata says jewelry for her? Anupama says we are her bady mummy papa.We have her responsibility. She says thank you bhai saa. Ram says you have done so much for us. Durga says you are my brother you own everything in this house. Sujata says I am very happy today.
Laksh hugs utara.

Rajat’s fake dad says he said wedding will happen soon. He says who thought we’d become millionaire.
Shekher gets s call from durga parsad. He says sure sure we will come such a good news. He tells sumi about the wedding. Sumi says that is why shona was asking about that girl. He says drink milk.

Next morning, Sujata is preparing for engagement. Durga decorates flowers. Swara says I have made sweets. Sanskaar says make me tea please. She says not right now please. I am busy. He says sweets.. She says no not now. He eats it.
Utara is getting ready. Ragini says you are lucky your husband is not like you brother. She says my brothers are world best. Now get me ready. Swaragini help her dress.
Sanskaar says you look like a joker. Laksh says no no don’t say that. joker was better.
Ragini says don’t tease her. Utara says your wives made me ready. Sanskaar says she knows nothing. you made my sister joker. She runs after him.
Adarash says stop teasing her. My sister looks so good. He puts a red nose on her nose and says now its perfect. They all laugh.
Ragini says swara everyone is so happy. utara says i wanna take your smiles with me. They hug her. Sanskarr says you wanna marry really? She nods. Laksh says no matter what anyone says. You will always be our sister. Sanskaar says if rajat teases you let us know. pareenta says go and let her get ready.
Uatara says my earring is broken. Rajat gave me this one. Swara says give me I will get it repaired. Utara says thank you.

A woman gives a packet to parvati and says make her drink this. The child will be aborted. Swara is in the same market. She sees parvati. She says dadi.. She goes after her but she leaves. Swara says must be in a hurry. I have to go.
Swara sees vegetable cart. She sees rajat’s parents. Swara says so this is your reality?

Precap-Swara is kidnapped by rajat’s fake dad.She runs, rajat takes the knife and attacks her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the crap is going on in this show
    Shekhar and sumi are thinking of their child .LOL
    And swasan and raglak scenes to hai hi nahi
    Not satisfied with the ep
    Than atiba di for quick update

  2. WoW people will do anything for money.

  3. Y there is no ff today… Is there any prob in updating the ff…

    1. I ws also thinking t same…no ff update today…

  4. Lmaooo they need to stop before they make fool out of themselves

  5. Waiting for nxt epi…. wanna see swara kidnap scene, dhn returning to mm, sanski care towards swara, finally engagement dance masti, rags trying to knw d truth frm swara, bt she denies it, dhn eagerly waiting for hr memory loss…
    dnt knw its anothr fake plan or is she gonna really loose her memories….
    finally hate sumi nd shekar for taking stupid desicions….

  6. Wow…can learn biology now from Swaragini ….why the crap…. Just disgusting..how can they have write such type…I just don’t know what
    they want to show viewers… And what they want to tell us by such crap….they r at age of playing with grandchildren… Not to ….hmmm…why ever….

  7. this cvs are gone mad making shekhar and sharmishta parents but what to do with all this shits we love swasan and raglak we see them only

  8. Guyz telly updates is not accepting any new submissions temporarily…They will start accepting again from 29th april…

    1. This means no ff till friday

  9. OMG shomi is preganant its her age to be a nani but she is going to be a mother!!!! coming to parineeta whats hr problem she is also getting importance then whats her problem!!!!! swara’s kidnap would be interesting as its fun seeing tom jerry running games and stupid rajat

  10. All the people against Shomi’s pregnancy, you do understand they are in their mid-to late 30’s. If you realize it, Shumi and Shekar are proably under under the age of 45. Just saying, it’s not the best ideal track, but like why is it such a bad thing????

  11. why there s no fanfriction

    1. Cz submissions are closed due to server maintenance…

      1. ooh meher ji .. I am missing u… n shree harini ji too.. and bushra jii..and bhanu ji… I hope this site maintainence happens soon..

  12. love raglak 😉 …yr ye swara ke sath tragedy to kabhi khatam hi ni hoti.

  13. episode ws nt intrestng…. sumi ko mani bnna chaiye wo maa bnne k spne dekh rhi h…. omg….
    I hv also gt to knw dt swara will frgt sanskars lv & will b thinking dt only laksh is her lv….. I dn knw if its true . omg … wht will hppn to swasan… cnt see any more trouble between dm…

  14. Now ragini and awards children will play with their grandparents children wowwww this is called modern generation ….????? hats off to u stupid writers feeling pity on u writerssssd

  15. Soory it’s Swara not awards

  16. Having a child at a age of shomi nd shekhar is.not a crime if dey can economically bring him up. In wich veda purana or constitution was it labelled a crime? Thats what the cvs want to show. To remove this feeling people get into that it is a crime. In shomi and shekhar had a bad start nd nw dat hngs r fine gof had given them a gift. Its upto them how dey take it. And im happy shekhar is standing by his child.☺

    1. Sorry to oppose you simmi and I respect your pov
      I totally agree with you that conceving a child at 45 is a crime but we do have some values and we follow that. We have some faiths and rules like never marry a person who is your cousin..let it be a very long relation and we do respect that and we are known for that. I even agree that in good olden days, women concieved at very late age but was opposed by few revolutionaries stating that it would be harmful for a women and finally it buried in the mind of the society that concevinibg a babay at late age would be an awkward and embarrassing event for the aocitet and the couple itself.
      My main point is that everyone here are feeling it crap because of the values we follow.
      I really didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  17. Best part was shekhar taking stand for sumi… atlast he took a correct stand…
    N ya itz a bit odd bt still it will enhance shekhar’s character…

  18. I really don’t understand wt u all going to say… If sumi becomes pregnant wt is problem in dat she is not dat much old… She may be now 38 or40… She got her family and love after so much year… Wt alll u want now she abort her unborn baby.. It’s also crime to kill a baby…. Only because of society’s y they afraid or feel shame.. No they r legally married it’s only their personal decision if they want or not…

    1. who told sumi is just 38????? She is not a balika vadhu ok……

      When ragini kidnapped by laksh in the news they told ragini is 22 swara is atleast 1 or 2 year older than ragini so by now swara is minimum 24 so sumi is atleast 45 by now …..

      1. Actually ragini is elder.

      2. No swara is elder bcoz before marriying raginis mom shekar and sumi was in love after that they break up but on that time sumi was pregnent with swara after that shekar married ragins mom so ragini is younger than swara

      3. Whatever is that any crime to become pregnant by her husband… Dn she is single since 22 years… In her life she sacrifice her happiness for happiness of her family.. Being a single mother she stayed alone… If she s physical fit for convincing. Dn y u all opposing… In swaras tym she beard everyone’s tunts … She may not feel D experience of being pregnant as shekar s rejected her.. And her marriage with stranger…and all…

        And ha there is only 3months b/w swara and ragini… Swara is eleder

        She don’t abort her first child (swara)… Which s by illigal relationship with shekar then y she abort now…??? Only becoz of fear of society…

    2. who told sumi is just 38????? She is not a balika vadhu ok……
      When ragini kidnapped by laksh in the news they told ragini is 22 swara is atleast 1 or 2 year older than ragini so by now swara is minimum 24 so sumi is atleast 45 by now …..

    3. Varu I definitely agree with you. This track is to send a message out there that even after menopause some women accidentally get pregnant. BUT THIS IS NOT A CRIME. Everyone upset about the incident should personally ask themselves if it ever happened to them what will they do. Will they succumb to society’s comments by committing a greater sin of ending the life of a poor innocent child? or Will they give birth to the child if they have the capacity to do so and raise the child with so much love?

      There is a girl who is in her twenties and her elder brothers are in their forties and married and living outside the country. She is currently the only taking care of their stroke stricken father. Now tell me if the parents had aborted her, what would have happened to the father in his old sick age.

      We must remember society is not static it is dynamic. So in as much as we see this as out of the ordinary, realistically it happens and we have to live with it.

      1. Agree with u since I’m from medical profession,though no opinion about swaragini CVS.They have ruined this serial.

  19. Again kidnapped drama the writers have no idea of story full of illogical things and twists shomi pregnant ……shit they have no new story this crap is irrating waste of time

  20. guys there is no ff as they aren’t going to accept new submissions till 29 due to sum technical problem

  21. Again kidnapped drama they are giving illogical things and twists now shomi pregnant….lol this crap is irrating total waste of time better to watch another show

  22. guys y telly update ff’s are nt posting..

    1. swaragini is no.1 serial in colors

  23. God is this shekhar and sumi want child it time for their daughters to give birth to child and not them….

  24. lol.. cute brothers sister scene.. and swasan nok jhok and swara chidaog sanskar by pagal kothakar. so nice… and
    tdy sbas posted helly off screen segment and one segment swasan in detective mode of pyari bahan… and both are in bengali attire and in rajat house .. detective modes for bahan.. and looks like swara told this things and about rajat.. and blackmailed by rajat for uttara photographs.. so hope both find evidence against rajat.. i thought swara didnt tell sanskar but by seeing pics may be she told swara told sanskar ..
    also thought by this news swara telling sanskar he gets angry first and bangs the door and which we see in yesterday episode bandage in his hand.. also article came he wounded in scene…

  25. i dont feel anythings wrong in the pregnancy track but i have problem wid swara’s memory loss part i will stop watching the show that day itself i hate it i love swasan and dont want any seperation.

  26. i hate it guys cant we do anything about it i dont want to see swara and sanskar’s seperation even ragini and laksh and then again these stupid writers will break hope of swalak fans also i dont know what they think of themselves

  27. marriage is a game or what for them they really need to learn a lot from the ff writers they are just amazing. i prefer reading ff rather than the real story now

  28. varun kapoor injured while shooting:
    varun kapoor injured himself while shooting for a sequence.
    injuries on the set are qute common. we reported about nupur alankaar recently and now we hear about varun kapoor, popularly known for his character as sanskar in colors swaragini.
    varun has injured himself while shooting for a sequence. there was a scene in which he had to bang the door in anger. he banged the door with such a force that the glass cut his hand. the shoot was stalled for the day and varun was rushed to the doctor for immidiate treatment.
    we contacted varun who told us,”yes, actually there was a scene in which i had to bang the door in anger. it was not coming out properly initially, then i used my full force and by mistake, banged the glass which was there on the door, and the glass piece went into my wrist. i was immideately rushed to the doctor and now it’s fine..”

  29. Hats off to the writers they have given a new definition of biology… Like seriously u guyz are supporting this track… huhhh… dont u find this track even 1% illogical… U think sharmishtha is under 45 really??? Did she gave birth to Swara at the age of 19… fine this is nice that shekhar is supportimg her… but this track is a full crap…
    Not only this Swara will be suffrng from memory loss and will create complications for raglak…

    This show was fine until now.. both raglak and swasan united… But cvs…
    And lastly we want some raglak and swasan scenes…

  30. I too want raglak scenes because rags is so cute with laksh.swasan also good.teja deserves more

  31. this baby twist is totally crap..it will be decreased trp..

  32. Why no ff

  33. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  34. OMG I pray swara sets everything on time b4 pari realises! Thanks a bunch atiba 4de update.

  35. Why there’s no ffs updated today?

  36. Oh god again swara will become detective with sanskar n I thk she will not share her plan wd rag the show name must be swara not Swaragini the show is only concentrating on swara evry thg first she will got to know then to others by y yaar plzz raglak pe bhi dhayan do aab to memory loss drama ohh god ths swara is getting on my nerves…mujhe usse koi prblm nhii prblm hai to writers se….

  37. Swaragini Fan

    Guys the numbre of comments are decreasing. so sad plzzzzzzzzzzzz comment for our swaragini swasan raglak swalak ragsan etc. I really feel bad yaar when the shows fans bash the show. I know many of u are oppose the sumi trek but we never ever watch this show for them we watch it for……:…………………. I think i dont need to tell it. For SWARAGINI yessssss for THEM so Do COMMENT dont leave d show a request from swaragini fan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Somewhere I agree with you ??

  38. waiting for memory loss…
    want some swalak moments…

    1. Same noori…

  39. swaragini is no.1 serial in colors

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