Swaragini 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini sings while making food. Swara comes to Dadi maa and asks what are you doing? I saw you signing Dada ji to hug me. Dadi maa closes the door and tells your eyes are sharp just like your Dida. Swara says you didn’t agree to this relation even now. Dadi maa says it is 100 percent true. Swara asks if you haven’t accepted the relation then why you are acting. Dadi maa laughs and says she is acting. She says when you people are planning to unite me and Shobha, I was there and thought of a plan. Swara is shocked. Dadi maa asks her not to be surprised. She says I played a trick. She asks her to say which color suits her best? Swara asks what you will do next? Dadi maa says she is doing something because of which, you will not ever take name of this relation. Swara says I will inform everyone. Dadi

maa says no one will believe you. She opens the door and asks her to go. Swara leaves. Shekhar comes home. Ragini asks whether maa likes anklet? Shekhar smiles. He comes inside and gives gift to Ragini.

Ragini thanks and hugs him. Swara is leaving. Shekhar sees her and gives gift to her as well. Ragini asks what happened? She asks her to call Nani and Maa. Laksh comes to Durga Prasad home and tells the watchman that he will go from the back door. If anyone asks you, then tell that you was in the bathroom. The watchman says okay. Dida takes evil eye off from Sumi. Swara comes and says evil eye is placed on us. Dadi is just acting to be accepting this alliance. She says she told me that she is acting. Dida says she brought this alliance. Dadimaa comes and says Swara is saying truth. She then starts acting and says Swara hugged Dada ji. He was feeling odd, so she signed him to hug her. Swara says she is lying. I am not lying. Swara says, Dadi said that she won’t let this relation happen. Dadi says I was just joking. Dadi maa says if I didn’t agree then why would I gave you bangles.

She says Swara got scared. Dida says you said right. Dadi holds her ears and apologizes. She brought the saree and says it is for Sumi. Swara looks on shocked. Dadi maa says it is given by her mum. Sumi says she will wear the saree. Dadimaa says she wants to see Sumi in the saree now itself and makes her cover her head with the saree. She then praises her. Dida asks Swara not to worry and asks her to chill. Dadi maa says she is getting late and asks them to come on time. Sumi says okay. She shows the saree to Dida. Dadimaa turns and smirks. Swara looks on angrily. She thinks you can’t convince me with your lie. She thinks to bring out truth.

Sumi, Dida and Swara come to Dadi’s house. Dadi maa opens the door and does Sumi’s aarti. She asks them to come in. Sumi takes Dada ji’s blessings and looks at Shekhar. Shekhar smiles. Dadimaa asks Ragini to serve the food. Sumi says she will accompany her. Everyone sit for having dinner. Dadi maa brings kheer bowl and asks Sumi to sit. Swara looks at Dadi maa. Dadi maa asks her to eat food. She warns her not to interfere in her planning. She asks her to watch silently. Shekhar asks where is Laksh? Ragini says he went to his house to talk to his father. Shekhar asks Swara to call Laksh. Dada ji asks where is water? Swara goes to bring water and calls Laksh. She sees bowl kept beside the fridge. She opens it and checks the bowl. Dadi brings the kheer and serves to Sumi. Sumi says she will eat later. Dadi maa says she will make her eat with her hands. Swara shouts maa and runs outside the kitchen. Sumi eats the kheer.

Swara asks Sumi, did you eat kheer? Sumi says yes. Swara tells that kheer has poison in it as she saw dead lizard in it. Everyone is shocked.

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  1. PLEASE do not show the character RAGINI like a fool and show HER sweet, innocent and intelligent also.

  2. oh my gosh that dadi ma is such a ***** and a hal also a cow

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