Swaragini 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Laksh and Ragini do the shradh puja of Sanskar and Swara. Shekhar wipes Sumi’s sindoor and asks her to sign on divorce papers. Sumi cries. Shekhar asks Sumi that he needs her mangalsutra as a proof of divorce, and snatches it from her neck. Sumi is shocked and cries badly. Lawyer comes back and declares that their divorce is completed now. Pandit ji declares that shradh is completed. Sanskar and Swara cries. Ragini and Laksh touch Dadi’s feet and take her blessings. Dadi blesses them. Shekhar takes the divorce papers and leaves, while Sumi is sitting still in the office. Annapurna comes there and calls Laksh and Ragini. Laksh gets emotional and hugs her. Annapurna looks at his condition, and says you have suffered a lot, but not now. Swara touches her feet to take her blessings,

but Annapurna looks at them with hatred in her eyes. She tells Laksh to come home and says your family and home are waiting for you. She says I came to know with time that only blood relations are ours, and others are just namesake. She says everything is changed and Adarsh have apologized to us, and called you home.

Ragini says Adarsh have done so much with you and us. Annapurna says Adarsh said that there was a reason behind his doings, and he will tell you. She says atleast he has betrayed on your face, and not like someone who have backstabbed us. Swara thinks Adarsh is playing a big conspiracy, and Annapurna have forgiven him easily. She tries to speak to Annapurna, but she asks her not to call her badi maa, says she can’t be betrayed more now. She asks Ragini to come. Dadi sends Laksh and Ragini with Annapurna. sad version of swaragini plays……………

Dadi asks Pandit ji about his dakshina. Pandit ji says 2-3 thousand. Dadi gives him money and says you didn’t know what you have done for me today. Shekhar comes there calling Dadi. Dadi says you have come and thanks God. (don’t know why she is happy after ruining his life). She says my son have come back and now I can live peacefully. He shows her Sumi’s mangalsutra. Swara and Sanskar are shocked. Shekhar shows their divorce papers. Swara is shocked. She asks Baba….Just then she sees Sumi coming and fainting. Swara and Sanskar rush to her and hold her. Sumi couldn’t walk being in shock and shattered. Swara says why maa’s mangalsutra is with you. Dadi says your maa was inauspicious and wound in my son’s life and I have cut it off. She says I am not your Dadi and my son is not your father. She says their relation is broken you. She calls her fatherless girl, and asks her to ask her mum to bring third father for her. Swara and Sanskar are shocked. Dadi warns Sumi not to look at Shekhar again, else she will pick her eyes and make crow and hawk eat. Sumi is shattered and silent.

Shekhar goes to Dadi’s house, turns and looks at Sumi. Dadi comes in between them so that they can’t see each other. Shekhar becomes spineless again and goes to his mum’s house like a small boy obeying to her illegal demands. Sanskar and Swara take Sumi to Dida’s house. Sumi recalls Shekhar telling her about his deal with Dadi. A fb is shown of the same. Sumi falls down shattered. Swara holds her and cries. Sumi says everything is over now. Swara says no.

She recalls Ragini telling that she did a deal with Dadi, just as Sanskar did deal with Adarsh. Maula Mere song plays………….Swara cries and tries to comfort her mum. Shekhar is crying in his house. Swara then comes to Sanskar and cries hugging him. She recalls Ragini telling that Swaragini’s tune and relation are broken.

Swara comes to Maheshwari house and asks Durga Prasad to tell what did Adarsh and Parineeta do with them to make them lie. Durga Prasad tells her that he will tell everything to Ragini, but not anything of Adarsh and Parineeta. He says I will tell Sanskar and yours wrong deeds. Swara is shocked and puts guard’s revolver on her head. She says she will prove her innocence and is about to pull the trigger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This one is getting interesting… Nice… Even I want to know such a game plan!!…

  2. Abirsha

    The one character which i hate in swaragini is shekar…. He doesnt deserve anyone…. He is really a spineless man….. I will accept if swara forgives ragini but cvs shouldn’t make Sharmistha forgive shekar….. I hate him totally

    1. why must swara forgive that biatch rags and not shekar.rags is worse than shekhar

  3. nice episode..feeling bad for swasan…but I love this track every body getting equal iimpt in show…at last truth will win….I think ragini and shekar r bounded with dad is deal..

  4. Silent_writer

    Loved it but dnt knw think that swaragini will b back with a bang just loved swasan bondddd hope raglak realized their mistake

  5. Fairy

    Cant say nythng now.fingers crossed…praying to god!!hope everythng gets well soon…
    I hve read dat ragz wl doubt on adarsh (as he”ll behave really nicely to dem).well lets see wt wl happen.n wt a move swara hahahaha wah u r really bold bt dear i prefer if u kill adarsh n pari instead of pointing gun towards urself!!
    N #dadi ji plz yaar sudhar jao…
    N i really dont understand d behaviour of ap dp ,how could dey so easily believe adarsh n pari..n ragini i ddnt expect dis from u dat u”ll nt belueve ur siss..plz sweetheart do smthng n prove dat swasan r innocent n believe dem.love u raglak 😉
    N congrates swasan fans ,u got a hug today 😉 😉 😉

    1. well said sis…one more thing dadi shouldn’t have spoken very rudely to swara abt sumi…that is so cheap….the characters of dadi nd Sekhar has no consistency in their love towards swara and sumi…I just want r RAGINI to sort out everything and no one should misunderstand raglak

      Love RAGLAK…..

      1. Fairy

        Yap dear i too want d same from raglak side!!
        N wt to say about dadi shez jst impossible…
        Love u sis…love ragini..;) 😉

      2. @anonymous no one is misunderstanding raglak only they r misunderstanding swasan

  6. Ooooh this is getting too messy yikes … Thank God I havent been watching it since all this mess started

  7. ??????????
    Love last part song with emotion
    I just wish Jo hona hai ho per aakhiri me swasan ko todha sukun ka vaqt miljaye
    In SBS sanskaar and Laksh is fighting and somehow sanskaar ka per Kisi chij me atak.jata hai and from front tractor come but Laksh save him…..
    Getting interest I hope trp will increase

  8. ohhh god…finslly today got to see swasan hug in this track..yippeeeeee…sooo happy today…atleast smthng good to see today..

    dnt wanna to talj abt othet character like shekar dadi ap lucky and ragini..bcz i m in good mood..dont wanna spoil it..

    swsan..love u love u love u alot..the way they dupportng each other is a bliss to watch..my swasan..love u..and hellu love u sooo much

  9. today my mamma laughing while seeing ragini..she says that in these much emotional talks and scenes are happend..soo my crying scenes ragini run from jail to save laksh..after sooo much of tiring scenes ragini still have heavy makeup on her face..itz really weird to see..atleast she cld reduce that bright lipstick and eyelinear..itz really weird to see her like that..putting heavy makeup is not bad but an actress should aware abt the situation..if she is a main lead also…
    my poor sis she stopped watvhing sr aftet hearing my mammaz cmmnt..bcz she is a great fan of ragini..hahàhaha

  10. Guys interesting to hai…I hope now we will get some swasan scenes…n shekher wow handoff to u …what type of person u r…if u want to divorce her then give her…why did u questioned on her character… Hell with u n ur mom…n dp n ap wowww seriously dumpness over loaded… N finally raglak what type of sis n bro u r how can u doubt ur own siblings… Don’t know what CVS want to do but it seems interesting… Let’s see guys what happens….

    Love u swasan…

  11. I want swasan n sumi take revenge from dadi Shekhar ap dp Ragini parish and I want all of them ill treated under parish such that they will be never able to misunderstand swasan n sumi? …love u swasan

  12. Sryy will not be never able to….and that Shekhar maa ka chamcha…????

  13. God sake why nobody even answer this mum of Shekar she is so mean no ethics no nothing and Shekhar is like a spoiled baby…doesnt deserve Sumi…or Annapurna what an egoist person she forgived Adarsh really but cant tolerate Swara well she deserves to be used by Parinita…no manners no nothing…i hope swara will forgive noone cz they dont deserve any forgiveness they forget love easily…

  14. This dadi should be killed brutally

  15. Heltej

    Shekhar is worst brutally murdered character in this show!
    First he didnt choose sumi over dadi in the past!
    Second even after marrying he didnt support sumi…. Two times he broked sumi in worst manner!
    Cvs are interested in defaming girls character… Be swara, ragini n sumi… Cvs are ready to defame girls!
    Shekar is the main culprit of ol chaos happening!
    Ty H Hasan

    1. Mica

      Galz power babe!!!!

      1. Heltej

        Galz power?? Mica… I will kill u!

  16. guys actually i am a silent reader …………i never comment ……………but today i wanted to comment………………….. dont know why…………and come to the precap ……nothing is gonna happen to swara……………
    at the nick of the moment dp will come and pull the gun upwards……..
    sorry if u guys already know it……………….
    but to be frank it is getting interesting day by day…………………
    and i hate shekar ………how can he break his relation so easily every time ………….whenever he want want he breaks his relation…………………………

  17. Seriously why are there so many misunderstandings if they really are family they’d understand they can’t stoop so low. Feel sorry for Swasan as all the blame is on them ?

  18. Dadi????u stupid…how can u say that sumi is wound shekar’s life???not sumi…u r big cancer in all others life…bcs of u all r suffering???shekar is useless husband n father…
    Feeling very bad for shomi????
    N my swasan????u guys always nail with ur expressions…swasan consoling hug is awesome????swasan shomi scene is also very gud…all acted very well..specially my swasan shomi(+ve)dadi n shekar acted well(-ve)n swasan pls dont beg those family who doesnt deserve u….

  19. how else to request cvs to give good track of raglak???fed up with tz partiality of cvs.glad tat im not watching this biased show in tv,only reading the updates.i will definitely keep reading to see how much cvs will make swasan as mahan and butcher raglak character

  20. Mica

    Thank you H.Hasan mam for update.. love you..stay blessed.
    OMG….OMG….OMG……3 angle Swasan hug!!!!!!!!
    1. motherly hug.. sanskar was kinda a sad child , and Swara tried to pacify him
    2. lover hug.,,.aww they hug each others, swara burst out her cry and her pain, Sanskar tried to pacify her…
    3. Support hug…. i love it most… they leaned on their head to each others, depend to each others as support for their misery and pain……
    aaahhh…. this hug is oases in my dessert…*jumping

    i love Swara when try to strong in front of Sanskar and Sumi..
    i love Sanskar being a good son in law, he just stand numb while watch ap drama, but when he saw Sumi, he immediately run to help her..aawww
    i hate Dadi..
    i hate AP, how can she blame Sanskar for his mother done…stupid bademom
    i feel pity for Raglak, even though the separation is their decision, they even didn’t happy because they know that they love Swasan and Sumi, they love each others .
    even Raglak feel sad and pain.
    and pathetic Shekar.. we knew you were forced, but you hurt Sumi with your harsh words and harsh behavior to Sumi in hospital instead of telling Sumi to compromise with the situation to reduce Sumi pain…
    moreover, shekar always give a hatred gaze to sumi in hospital, the place when Dadi even didn’t exist….wonder his hatred was just an acting or real…

    Swasan, Sumi,Raglak,Shekar—->Cried and Sad
    AP,Dadi—–> hatred gaze…..

    1. Heltej

      Hahaj… Mica hahah

  21. Kakali

    It’s all just a lie ,, its all just acting ,,
    God m going mad… i can’t see my SWASAN broken n shattered … but i have a strong hope dat they all r just acting to trap Adarsh n Pari …. Brain says not to believe , but my heart always says like that…. don’t know what is rit n what’s wrong…
    Cv s have some mercy on ur viewers … we cant see them like that , plzzz end this track soon… waiting for happy moments n cuteee romance ….. *God ji plzzz deliver my msg to CVs…i will give 2 laddos..plzzzz…

  22. i hate shekhar he is so spinelee waiting for the precap

  23. *spineless

  24. upcoming new twist its gonna be interesting

  25. Please change the serial name as hate love story of Shekhar sumi. All fans want swasan raglak scenes, their marital problems, their misunderstanding, their nokjhok, their HONEYMOON (Only God knows whether the Cv’s r even aware of this word) but what I see most of the time is break up and patch up of Shekhar sumi. Way to go writers… Y did you leave the honeymoon sequence for Shekhar sumi? Give that too. After all that is what is left for us to watch… Hats off… Nothing more to say ?

    1. Heltej

      Hahah…. Serial name changed into shemish… Even they went yo honeymoon…! Remember dadi send them to someplace! Poor fans! Still waiting

      1. Mica

        huuh! shameless fans…but Shekar is the best among the grooms..
        He could make Sumi pregnant 😀 😀
        meanwhile Shanskar too busy to play run and chase with Swara in their room..
        or Laksh too busy to staring his Ragini..OMG!!!!!

      2. Well said heltej. Thank God they didn’t show what happened there

    2. Mica

      i want to watch their HONEYMOON too!!!!! *in first line

  26. den borgohain

    Jst nonsense nly….serial is shwing the relatins r so much weak dat it cn b broken at ny tme..dere is nthng like belief strng bondings….all r fake nly.jst nonsence.

  27. Mica u want honeymoon of Shekhar sumi. Don’t worry request Cv’s once. They r more than willing to give it ???

    1. Mica

      NOOOOOO!!!1 thank you soo much !! ???
      without any evidence, Shekar-sumi have the proof already–>cute chotu
      but, i still have a doubt to Swasan and raglak… did they have honeymoon already ?
      No evidence, No witness… and obviously.. NO result and NO proof… 😀 😀

      1. NOOOOOOOOOO dear Cv’s can do anything they will even go for testube baby but definitely no evidence, no WITNESSES ????

  28. I really pity raglak ! They are always given the wrong side . Why always raglak’s mistake…. I wish one fine day the director will also shows that the mahaans too did wrong decision b4 Swaragini ends…pls….
    Please give equal rights to both raglak n swasan….

  29. it just goes to shows that ppl believe a lie before the truth. Shekar needs to grow a spine and Dadi is willing to do anything to have her way.How can you have so much poison in you and yet done die??

  30. who is intrested in shekhar sumi just want swasan hope they give swasan scenes in this track cant c swasan broken like that OVERALL HATE PARISH SOOOOOOOOO MUCH EVEN SHEKHAR DADI n cvs ap dp were so solved characters u made them 2 negative ? HAD HAI !

  31. today’s scenes were so emotional i literally had tears in my eyes loved swasan hug
    dadi should never ever be forgiven but our dear cvs will surely do the opposite
    hey does anyone know where ayush is now or he is alone in the hospital

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