Swaragini 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara telling Inspector that Nikhil is her childhood friend. Ragini says he is having Laksh’s phone. Swara says just now he came to India and that couldn’t be Laksh’s phone. Ragini says this is Laksh’s phone and asks Inspector to take him for interrogation. Sanskar holds Nikhil angrily. Swar says you can’t do this and says you are doing mistake again. Sanskar recalls Swara blaming him for Laksh’s disappearance 6 months back. Swara asks him to leave Nikhil. Sanskar pushes her. Swara says you can’t take Nikhil. Sanskar looks angrily.

Sujata and Annapurna see Gayatri washing her husband’s feet with water and wiping it with her pallu. Sujata is happy and says my daughter will be very happy here. Annapurna is shocked. Gayatri introduces her husband and says

he is Chiraag’s father. Sujata greets him. Gayatri’s husband leaves without greeting them. Gayatri says he is tired and asks them to go. She closes the door on their face. They are stunned. Swara asks Nikhil if this phone is yours. Nikhil says no. Swara says then I will prove you innocent. Sanskar says you have taken oath to prove me wrong. Swara says I will prove in 10 mins that this is not Nikhil’s phone.

Sanskar says if you couldn’t prove then? Swara says then I will do what you says. She tells that Laksh’s phone could be with Nikhil in two conditions. She says Nikhil had stayed in Canada since 15 years. Sanskar says he brought stolen phone the moment he came here. Nikhil shows his passport. Swara shows his passport to Inspector and says he has no connection with Laksh. Sanskar says may be he have purchased this phone. Nikhil asks what is your problem? He says someone might have kept phone in my bag. Sanskar says your friend is a thief. Nikhil asks who are you? Swara says my 10 mins is not over yet. Ragini says how we will know that Laksh’s phone came here. Swara tells that they will find out through CCTV camera. The real goon hears them and runs away. Swara asks Inspector to catch them.

Annapurna tells Ram and Sujata that Bhandari’s are different and will make Uttara wash her husband feet when he comes home. She says life partners are equal. Ram says I don’t think Chirag will make Uttara do these things. Sujata asks what is wrong in this? She says you are thinking much and says my heart said that this is good for Utara. Annapurna says you couldn’t understand what I am trying to say. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna to let Sujata and Ram do what they want and says Chirag is a good man. Inspector catches the goon. Swara asks Sanskar, if he believes now that her friend is innocent. Sanskar says my brother is missing since 6 months and I want him back. He calls her Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. Nikhil looks on shocked. Sanskar says I hate myself when your name is taken with my name. I will separate it soon.

Swara says they have to find out who had stolen the phone. Sanskar gets angry on her. Later they come to know about the woman who brings stolen phone. Ragini spots that woman and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. so many shocks
    don’t know where laksh has gone
    and if someone has kidnapped him then why no ransom call nothing
    i think chirag is somehow involved in this
    uttara’s inlaws are something like agnihotri family from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon 2
    and don’t know how can sujata marry uttara in such a place
    don’t want nikhil to be negative already everything is so negative here

  2. Awww.. Angry handsome young man sanskar maheshwari…hmmm.. Wats the need to address swara as mrs swara sanskar maheshwari in front of nikhil.. God ..he n his jealously… He is not angry for not finding laksh .. He jus angry for nikhil n swara closeness… Hahaha… Enjoyed so much watching jeolous sanskar….

  3. Fairy

    Ohooo sanky is in full on jealous mode 😉 …laksh yaar plz plz plzzzz come back sooon…i cnt see my rags upset 🙁 🙁 ..i hope cvs r planng somethng good for raglak 😉 *fingers crossed 🙂 …n i lyked dis new ntry aka nikhil 😉 …ragz u r lookng soooo beautifull …i mean how cn someone could look dat much gorgious in suits??i wonder!! 😉 ..swasan tashan-e-ishq ws gr8 to watch… 😉 😉 ..lets see wt wl happen nxt 😉

  4. Sreeharini

    I officially hate Swara now and CVS has succeeded in making me do so. I just don’t understand what this girl thinks of herself that she can stand against the judiciary.

    Its a duty of police to interrogate someone whom they find suspicious but no! She is much more clever than any other present there..ughh I am really hating her. She is posing as if sanskar was wrong all the time when she was right. Of course, she wouldn’t let any emotion of her out because she is goddess where as sanskar is not!

    Today’s episode has really got on my nerves. I know many here are split into Swasan and raglak but I guess sanskar and ragni are the only two characters which are close to reality. Laksh also to some extent but not Swara. Why do CVS want to ruin her?

    And I must also say they biased the cast in case of costumes. Swara always gets the best look while ragini never. At the initial episodes, both were equally good but once ragini turned negative, she was given horrible attires

    Today, out of boredom, I watched few videos of vk birthday and also visited fb pages of both couples. Guess what I found? Humiliation. Being a SWASAN fan, I am hating the fandom ( few particular people). I just don’t understand why most of the SWASAN fans are treating jelly shah as princess and vk as some road side beggar and also why teja fans are bashing helly and vice versa. I mean grow up!!

    And specifically I really hate few SWASAN fans who were responsible for vk not giving interview with jelly though everyone successfully bashed him on his birthday. Like, you people are unable to tolerate someone bashing your favorite and you are just a fan then how it would for him to listen everyone bashing his wife and humiliating her, the love of his life? How can he give interview with a girl for which everyone starts bashing him and his wife even though he was close with the girl?

    And acting mature has long away forgotten. I mean can’t you just stop yourself from bashing someone who bashed your favorite? And regarding friendship, vk and teja ate friends from ten years..ten years..open your eyes.

    Sorry for being impulsive but everything just ruined by mood today so I took it here and see this is my POV. I am mature and so I am swaraginian before being a swasanian or raglakian so don’t bash me. I like every actor behind the screen but not on the screen.

    Lastly, I really want sanskar to break swara’s heart because it was always him who stood for her, trusted her and loved her unconditionally but she always took him granted and I don’t understand, Swara was the same person who scolded sanskar for filling her maang during fake relationship and now when they were real, she didn’t even bother to wear the magal sutra..

    If I start, I cannot stop myself from being her so mahaan. CVS..I really hate you.

    And hello everyone..hmm..I can actually see familiar names so have a good night sleep.

    1. Sanji

      sreeharini,.,…I hope u r a sensible person….u have total right to express ur feeling…bt u have no right to humiliate an actress on the basis of her charecter in sirial…
      u complain that ragini didn’t get nice attire,…I would like to inform u it was ragini who always get the best attire and best makeup where as swara is always a simple….
      u said ragini nd sanskar charecter is close to the reality……which sister tried to kill her sister several times for a guy..??????which husband disowned his wife for helping his own familly…?????
      u said u r a swasan fan….don’t try to make us fool dear…..no swasan fan can utter such stupied words for swara…..u love ragini….its fine..bt that doesn’t mean that u call swara as jelly shah……she is our princess and always will be…….
      if I hurt u in anyway then I’m sorry dear…..bt next time please think before u wright….:-) 🙂

      1. Mica

        Sanji.. chill dear… her heart said that she is Rag….San.. didn’t you understand that ?
        that’s why she forgot everything that Swara always did for her husband and his family, she forgot that Sanskar ever ruin Swara’s life, she forgot that Sanskar stood beside Swara as repentance, love and his care to his wife…what soever….
        we know the story..if someone don’t want to see her goodness,….nothing to lose..
        but the sad is, she addressed herself as swasanian.. oh God!!

      2. Sreeharini

        Hey sanji dear..its was jelly shah only, that was typoo dear and I love gelly shah just like I love every week there charecter. I don’t have any hard feelings for everyone here. Actually I am feeling bad for ruining swara’s charecter. She was so good in starting then why are CVS trying to show her mahaan. That’s all dear. As I said I just got impulsive on her charecter.

        Even I write this type of msg on sanskar too when I was angry with him.

        I am really for for not making you understand. I am sorry.

      3. She is not not trying to fool u dear She know Swasan better than you go and read her ff u can notice ideal Swasan. An Ideal Swara and ideal Sanskar

    2. MAHIRA

      Waw… calm down, ji… i think this the most hateful message i read since i became member here ^^
      Just giving my opinion … i think that Swara has just been equal to herself by standing by Nikhil side… the “poor” guy is coming from Canada to her house, to see her, she knows him well, she knows his past and knows he just landed from the other side of the world… why should she stay quite when the inacapable police guys suspect every passing innocent but never the real bad guy (i can’t see that inspector anymore, he has until now arrested Swara, Lakshey, Mahesshwari family… for Kavita, Kavia, Adarsh crimes… come on, they are as trustful as Dadi maa lol
      So, after proving Laksh’ innocence after Ragini kindnapping, after Kavia fake murder, after proving Sanskar family after ragini’s fake attack, after proving Maheshwari ladies from Kavia bad treating… she now does whatever she has always done, standing by truth side.
      i’m ok with you, she hadn’t to accuse Sanskar for his suspecions, he doesn’t know the guy and evidences were against Nikhil… but kia karo…
      one stuborn hurted woman isn’t perfect :p
      For the sindoor, mangal sutra issue, both her and her stuborn hurted pathi are equal, she was wrong when she turned her back to him and walked away from their home when he asked her to not do it, but few houres before he was assuring her that if he comes back, she will be out for sure, just because she did what her bahu-patni duty asked her to do, saving and uniting the family… if she didn’t she wasn’t his Swara, she wasn’t the woman who muted what he did to break her and Laksh relationship to preserve his dignity in the family, she wouldn’t be the woman who has accepted all the bashing time in that family she kept preserving whatever happens… over and over, she had been accused by several horrible things, running from her mariage,, taking drugs, living with a man without mariage, making to brothers fall in love with her, for divorcing from Sanskar… all persons in that serie have hurted her at a moment, but she keeps forgiving everyone at the moment theyr asked her for.
      She is perferct, this is why she’s acting like that with Sanskar, may be because he’s the most important to her, the one whose hurting was inacceptable (as much we love, as much the wound will be deeper)

      For the other point, about fandom and bashing other camp’s star or fans… it’s classical, its like what has been for decenies between Shah Rukh and Salman fans. Depending to the kind of persons not of stars… i have been moderating a fan serial interactive website for years, i’ve seen the worst camp wars you can imagine, some threatens went on the real life even …. again it’s about human being and how poeple act in their real lives, the star is just the subject, sometimes he/she would be ashamed to read some of those poeple… finally theyr are victims of that kind of love (hum…Ragini’s love *hiding behind the sofa from her fans* :p)

      1. Mica

        Mahiraaaaaaa!!! calm down, no need to give explanation to people with hatred, since they motto” right or wrong, Swara is wrong” 😀
        what to say, 1 finger point others, 3 fingers point herself…

      2. I TOTALLY AGREE with u,Mahira….especially….the point that Swara is treating Sanskar like this because he is the most important person in the world….he is the closest to her heart…
        As u mentioned..she is a good,great.not only a wife but also a sister ..A daughter in law…A daughter..A person in general.
        She almost was going to commit a suicide to prove that he was innocent.and yet…he wants his name separated from her name.

      3. Mahira u r right Nikhil s her friend so she knows his each and everything about him coz she was brought up with him but can I ask you something???
        Kavita was Sanskar’s lover he also knows each and everything about Kavita then too Swara refused to accept the fact that she is the real culprit when Sanskar accused Kavita.
        They both have to stood together now. At least they had to respect their wedding vows

        And please don’t bash Sree Harini she loves Swasan alot. It was her anger towards CVS
        She is a ff writer . Not in the case of everyone but some of these writers gets the inspirations from the real track. We all are reading about the ideal Swasan in these ffs, U people are just reading it but writers are traveling with them. They are leaving their time their entertainments for this.They will solely think about Swasan in these 24 hrs. Swasan is living in their hearts. If they will separate for some unwanted reasons it will hurt their hearts may be they will start to hate them
        I know that pain coz once I am also used to write ffs in this page and I was fed up with that Sahil’s track aur main ne likhna chod diya.
        I am so sorry if I hurt u

    3. MAHIRA

      one more thing… if you think that Sanskar should break with Swara then you definitely don’t like him, dear… Sanskar can’t live without her… remember what he said to inspector when he asked hil to sign a paper saying she’s dead… “the proof that she’s alive is that i’m still here in front of you, alive”
      and by bashing Swara’s actress like you do just after reading what’s happening in her or other fandom, so you are just doing like them
      for me she’s just a fabulous actress like Varun, laksh and ragini actors too… they gave their characters so much life that fans consider Swara, Sanskar, Ragini, Lakshey real persons who need poeple to stand by their side over the other ones… cvs aren’t just manipulating characters , they are manipulating fans too ^^

      1. Can’t say anything u r swara fans…….but the so called hurting process is between both of them……both of them hurting each other one was right at some time and another was at other times better u don’t decide….let the director of the serial decide it???But I love SANSKAR…….. Situations made him imbalance but he will be back soon???

    4. Calm down mam..y this much hatred towards swara…
      You are telling swara got better clothes..wooww..joke of the year..
      She is the only one who never got better clothes before this leap..
      Pls check d comment b4 u post..u mentioned as jelly shah..
      Be sensible..
      Coming to swasan fans..ur problem is they r treating helly as princess..
      Bcz she deserves it..
      People love and respect her for being helly shah more than for acting as swara..

      How many off screen issues came..
      I hope u noticed the way she handle the situation…
      She is always stand for others not for herself..and response and respect she hve for her fans..
      This makes them to treat her as princess..she deserve it..

      Sree,u hve full right tell abt ur opinion..
      But not to hurt others..
      Pls don’t mention urself as swasan fan..if u r not..

      Plsss..spare atleast this site from this fandom and offscreen issues..
      Actors just doing their job..fandom fights are common..even super stars facing this..

      1. Sreeharini

        Hey ss, I am not against you all calling helly shah princess dear. Its just I felt bad seeing none anymore is same as before because I was here from day one of swragiji and I know how everyone loved all the actors equally and now, due to many misconceptions, we swaragiji fans are bashing each other. I just said it our of love towards the show but not hate.

        I know she deserves to be called that way but that doesn’t mean others getting bashed for that.

        And please never say I am not a SWASAN fan because I do. I was one of the fighter and got into many fights in case of SWASAN and swalk issue and please,..well I am sorry for hurting that’s all

        Well, I would have never wrote these many fictions on SWASAN where Swara was given high position if I am not one of them.

    5. Abeda sultana

      Sreeharini I really didn’t expect this that u can say this u said u didn’t bash anyone but u indirectly bashing our fandom and we called helly shah as princess because she is a princess and we don’t consider vk as road side begger sansker is jaan of our fandom.
      Coming to the point of vk birth day bashing u know I was also hurt for not getting any iv or pic buy I really didn’t expect this kind of behaviour from our fandom but u know what the reason for this we massage day and night for one iv ,pic or a word for his co star and swasan fandom but we didn’t get one . then one of reporter said that vk don’t want to give any iv helly and u know his wife also say that we r jealous this all happened in vk birth day some fan overact and most fan was quite and crying like me after that I see their many iv to feel better now coming to track both swasan r equally responsible for their separation so chill
      and swara help nikkil cause he is her friend now say me u will not help ur friend who is innocent
      Plz don’t joke with us ok but helly look princess in bad attires also I think thats why u said helly get best attires
      plz plz plz………. don’t blame helly for this she always stand for her co star in vk birth day she take stand for her co star

      1. oh no you took me wrong dear, i love helly a lot like really alot. you can see how much i adore in my stories too but i was impulsive and i said sorry for that too. nevermind, i will never repeat the same mistake

    6. I Agree with you to some extent. I find mahaan Swara nauseating. I wish Teju left the serial when she put down her papers last year, she could have got a much better role and this idiotic show Swaragini would fade away into the dust. They always have new men running after Swara – really? Swara brings misery wherever she goes as she doesn’t know how to mind her own business. I wish they would find a new entry for Ragini, Laksh is not as intense and committed as Ragini. They should get a new entry for Sanskaar as well, I don’t understand why they always make Sanskar suffer. As for all the Swara/ Helly fans you can all go jump in a hole and die with your icon. Helly is just as annoying as the character she portrays she proved it in Jhalak and she proved in when she got all whiny and threw temper tantrums when they tried to expand her limited acting skill and make her character negative. She knows she doesn’t have the acting capabilities or range that Teju, VK and that guy who plays Laksh have, yeah get angry and choke on it you miserable Swara/Helly fans. The truth hurts that’s why you all get so super hyped and super upset. Helly will never be the lead in any other serial because she is a typecast. Any producer will be lucky to have the other 3 actors in their shows as they have proven their metal and versatility. Your smelly SwElly has proven NOTHING.

      1. Enough kalika. Everything has a limit. Even I’m a ragini fan but that doesn’t mean that I will support bashing of other actors. Helly and teja both r equally talented. No one is more r less than other. Name calling is such a cheap act. Either it is swara fans r ragini fans they don’t have any right to insult real life actors. V r no one to judge them. They r only there for entertaining us. So just enjoy it rather than bashing. All the four r equally talented and swaragini is lucky to have the fantastic four. It’s just the CVS r not utilizing their talent properly. So stop all the bashing at least here. This page was free of bashing for sometime now. Now don’t start again. I’m sorry if I hurt you but please don’t insult anyone. It’s a request

    7. Sree Harini r u d same person who wrote a 7 shot of Swasan
      Oops I couldn’t remember It’s name but it was the only ff that I am remembering in this site
      Sanskar met Swara in the train then they turned friends then she eloped with her bf 2 USA,He cheated her something something………
      Ur writing skills r amazing
      I think Jelly is a typing mistake
      I am agreeing wid u but not completely
      Yeah I am agreeing that Swara sometimes did injustice to Sanskar
      First of all she refused to accept Kavita is the real culprit
      Then she heroically donated that bangles to that thieves, Is it Simar is more important than Sanskar. As we all knows that supernatural powers are not existing.But Mahan Swara is believing in it.Please tell me if you are in Sanskar’s place Will you buy that bangles again? No na??? But he did it
      Her suicide melodrama for finding chotu’s whereabouts. Bashers please tell me r u really thinking that Sanskar will forbid her to find her brother
      Definitely ur answer ll b No, then what was the use of that melodrama
      Aur ab baari Laksh ki samjhaya toh tha Laksh ko usne,aur kitne samjhaun.
      She had to stood up with him, she had to hold his hands coz Ragini had everyone to wipe her tears and Sanskar!!! what about him?????

      And I don’t know about what happened in his bday but I am just telling that these characters r not existing let the actors live their real life and not the reel. Helly is gorgeous and she achieved her goal in her twenties. And m solely telling that look them
      at different angles as none are same

      Dear don’t dare to tell about Ragini’s attire. Both are beautiful
      Wow It was a new information for me friendship of 10 years

      I am remembering something when he filled her forehead she gave him a speech about the importance of sindoor, she cried alot thinking about her Maa’s forehead was vacant in her childhood now how can she leave it so easily????
      I want to know about ur ff will u please give me the links of that ff

      1. Mica

        Gooooosh.. so you think someone live no more important than the bangle that given by your husband ? lucky Swara, his husband is not such cruel person..
        When sanskar didn’t listen to his wife for bangle, you think he was doing rite thing ?

  5. Scooby

    Oi sujatha i have doubt r u really a mother??? U spoiled sanskar life and putting uttar life in danger.. i hate gayatri and so called family.. chirag who is dat stupid.. bt i hv feeling nikil wil marry uttara..
    Aww wht is is this sanskar accusing swara and swara ur too good i knw… so helping for nikil and think bit abt sans also. Due to ur action he got so much anger and addressed u as swara sanskar maheswari to make nikil clear thy both r still one.. poor sans u cn nly separate ur name bt not ur heart…
    in btwn who is dat tatoo girl??
    Lucky did u gt any new opprtunity?? Wr hv u gone.. enough of hide nd seek. I dont knw with whom ur playing dat game bcz rags is waiting for u impatiently..
    ap is 100% right abt uttara would be in-laws…
    waiting for tmrw chapie btwn swara eyes reflected d pain in her heart and sans was looking handsome bt hair style is weirdo..

    1. Mica

      hahahhahah.. even to separate their name, it’s kinda impossible.. they both will die for sure…

      1. Manjula20

        Hiii Mica m so sorry meri matlab voh nahin tha agar voh log usse bangles zabardasti le jaane ki koshish ki toh okay but she donated that bangles
        I am so sorry Mica if I hurt you

  6. Neera

    Day by day am getting angry at sanskar….
    How dare he say tat he hates himself when taking her name with his name…. i really feel like crying wen sanskar s saying this….. how can a person who loved his wife like anything at some point of time speak like this to her in anger ??? His anger is blinding his love…. i really feel bad for swara !! Again n again everyone is humiliating her….. i really dont understand tat wen dis tashan btw swasan s over how will sanskar face swara ? How will he apologise for hurting her ???? Or is there something hidden between swasan ??????? Omg !! These peo are making me mad

    1. Sry but I think both r hurting each other TRERE IS NO NEED TO SAY SORRY TO SWARA the so called hurting process was started by swara…….I think sanskar in correct if swara us mahan or some what…..

      1. Neera

        Not really dear !! Swara jus left sanskar…. but sanskar is hurting her by worst ways possible !! N yeah if u dont remember lemme tell u this… it was sanskar who started this…. he broke his relation with swara for having relationship with maheshwari family ! It was he who started this… i accept tat swara should not have left him…. but how could sanskar break his mrg ?? It all started there… but d ultimate pain is he loves her a loooooottttt n hurts her as much as he loves !!! Am sorry dear if am hurting u…. pls dont take anything written by me seriously ! Jus expressing wt i feel…

    2. Mica

      don’t worry Dear! Swara can handle this, when she ignore his taunt (during passport scene) she know well that her Sanskar was upset, so, she kept mum. She ever faced the same situation (remember when SanLak fought, Swara addressed sanskar’s wound and scolding him not to fight against Laksh as Laksh was in jealous state ).
      Swara loves him so much that she able to admit her wrong doing, to understand him…

  7. I hate swara……..yarrrr sanskar thuu gussaa kamm kar……let swara live her life she will get know ur value and that nikhil is comedian don’t care about him…….I can’t see u in pain yar……….but I want a situation in current track where swara should cry for sanskar…….the most pain is suffered by sanskar in the whole drama right from starting to till know…….still u r in pain????first Nikita died than fell in love with swara she denied he was behind her then when both were ready to mingle kavitha came…..then their marriage then also swara didn’t trust sanskar……know laksh is missing and swara she said on his face to get lost…..and badimaa is not talking to u…..????hope everything will in favour of u …..

    1. Sry for grammar or spelling mistakes aa typing fast…….but I love u Sanskar…….

    2. Mica

      what to say dear! even Swara first pain happened because of Sanskar! someone got memory lost ? ahem ahem….

      1. MAHIRA

        i start believing that… who remember Swara waking in a stranger bed in a dirty motel ? anyone can imagine himself at her place?…
        hellooo poeple, Sanskar used on her “rapist drugs”… docile at the moment and amnesic after… imagine what could happen to her in that motel, in the night club…
        sadistic Sanskar… i really love his bad side too :p

  8. THANK u H.Hasan so much.ur great.
    Wow…Wow..great Sanskar…the pain ..the anger in ur eyes (u made my heart ach) .yet ur jealousy somehow ruined ur life …pushing Swara….not admiring that u have the last name.
    Ur a bearable man.
    Swara…ur gorgeous hot …princess…but tonight…I couldn’t stand ur cruelty…ur so mean….this is Sanskar…ur love…ur life…what’s is going on with u????

  9. Well sometimes (usually everytime) sujatha can b so stubborn to do something if she decides to do so,like she was against sanskar marrying swara but later in kavithas time she was d one who was desperate of their marriage while others didn’t show tat amount of interest.
    Seriously the present grooms family is a way too much orthodox .

    Well on the contrary I like sujathas character also. She‘s good in her own way.

    Nowadays, sanskar is being impulsive. He impulsively hurt his wife so much;by just saying about breaking their relation he made her doubt whether their love was that much weak for it to shatter n breakdown. So naturally,she hurt him (she’s also a human to get hurt); They just vent out all their anger n frustration on each other and are still doing the same thing.

    About today sanskar was possessive n jealous for some degree. Liked the way he addressed her just to make clear that she’s only his. But the what next he said was due to ego n anger.
    But still liked the way, it was said by them.

    1. Their ego turned their life into a disaster..mess.
      Sanskar always talks about..breaking….separating …leaving Swara…this caused her not to care..
      Pushing her….I don’t know.
      Yet I sympathize with Sanskar…he loves her so much….I don’t know…hoping to see them eventually reunited.

  10. I cannot watch any of these episodes at all, my heart just aches too much. I will wait until Swasan are back together and Raglak too. I love Swasan with all my heart and I cannot see them like this. Swara is being very cruel, why would she leave her husband to find Laksh? She should’ve stayed with Sanskar and Ragini could live there until they find her husband. It would’ve been so amazing….

  11. Mica

    Thank you H. Hasan mam… uuhhhhh *hug
    well, for everyone who complain about Swara’s detective nature, and asked to trust the police officer, …..you are too late…….
    why you didn’t complain when proved Laksh was right as he trapped by Rag——San,
    why didn’t you complain when proved Sanskar was right as he trapped by Ragini..
    why didn’t you complain when proved Laksh was right as he trapped by Kavya..
    why didn’t you complain when saved Ragini from Laksh’s trial of murder
    aahh you are late…late..late… such tube-light.

    Sujathaaa!!!!!!! *pull her ear and spank
    how could you do that for uttara!!! your sweet calm pampered daughter, ha!

    Nikhiiiill !! goosshhh, you touch swara’s hand ? uuugghh you were waking up the wounded lion ,Dud!

    Swara always being Swara, no matter what, she tried to stand in right side. She asked politely to Sanskar, gave him pleaded face also, retorted back as Sanskar push her, just ignoring him/stay silent as she know that he was upset.

    and now, turn to Sanskar… uugghhh, i got stabbed in my heart to see his jealous watching Nikhil touch Swara..*let’s us chop his hands.
    deep inside your heart you know that your wife is right, but you won’t admit that.
    but then you showed your power….. Swara Sanskar Maheswary !!! cooo cute jealousy.
    ups, then you remind that it’s hurt your ego, so, you calmly said that you hate it.. ahem ahem…
    <——— along with Ragini hit my forehead…

    about precap.. it seem soo funny, they come together in 1 mission but still fighting….
    (remind me Tom Jerry movie)

  12. Where is my cute lucky? Missing him very badly.Without raglak these episodes are very boring for me. What need has came to swara and nikhl to act like that? Is sanskar dreaming? Or nikhil trying to reunite swara and sanskar by jealous? Laksh plz come back yaar. Make your darling hope true, that you will come back for her?.

    1. Sammykapoor

      laksh will comback to shooting in on week….

  13. Sreeharini

    I am really sorry for giving that comment guys. What I actually wanted to say about swara was, she user to a strong, witty and independent girl with tinge of traditionality in it and she was the one who guided ragini to unite their parents. No matter what, she stood beside the truth and family was always first to her. Then why are CVS changing her?

    Why are they trying to show her as mahan?
    Its you know..I love her a lot, okay not in that way but I love Swara and I just cannot seeing her going this way. Its hate filled with love

    And regarding costumes, I just found ragini attractive at the first but not now and its a fact that I love both Swara and ragini equally for which I just felt bad. Maybe you people are correct. Swara never got best coustme but I must say she looked cute in every outfit.

    And finally I am really sorry for saying and hurting you all without my intention and I am asking for forgiveness because I don’t want our friendship to be spoiled for this.

    Sanji and mica ofc mahira too.. Its just that I love both SWASAN equally just like vahe and someone bashing them really didn’t go well to me.

    I hope you consider my request

    1. MAHIRA

      it’s ok… happy to see that you’ve reconsidered your ideas… and you know, you have all right to not like a character or an actor/actress… we surely do it all, but it’s bashing which wasn’t something i’m used to here.
      NB: Ragini is a woman worrying for her lost husband for over 6 months, if she was attrative then it would be irrespectful for her lover/spouse position , hai na?

      1. haha thankyou

    2. Sree I know I’m not involved in it but I want say something which u told that fans r calling helly as princess.. I know both fandom’s r equally responsible for bashing non is less and non is more.. But coming to real character u know all take stand for tejasswi ie, helly varun and namish and tejasswi herself but non for helly she too herself never take stand for her.. She handled everything maturily by ignoring them and never complained to anyone that is y we love her more and more than swara…. And always supporting her…

    3. AnuAnn

      And one more thing all raglak and rag San fans love or like varun namish and tejasswi (somewhat sanlakrag too )but only hate helly and swara but in case of swasan fans they only support swasan and heva .. So mainly hatred towards helly so we r supporting her more not sure abt everyone but some people like me.. I know all 4 become victim of bashing BT still …

    4. AnuAnn

      My first comment got deleted so writing again .. U know y we love helly more than beginning it is just becoz we all know both heltej are victim of bashing and in certain cases helly varun and namish and tejasswi herself take for teja.. But till now non among this 4 take stand for hellu .. She maturily nd positively handled them nd ignored all bashing.. That is y we started to love her more.. I know both fandoms r equally responsible for all bashing none is more and none is less

      1. my instinct was when swara is princess, varun must be the prince and being the swasan we must maintain it but sadly few are not that way. i was angry with that aspect

    5. Mica

      Sree,….sorry if i didn’t get your statement about Swara character, as for me she always same, still smart, selfless as usual, she still give the priority to problem which need the most to solve.
      regarding about her feeling to Sanskar, waiting his punishment (admit wrong) is the best what she can do for him, and this is her love for him.
      about attire, hmmm.. may i should take it on opposite meaning, that if they are both in same attire (simplicity) , you saw Swara more stunning, and i count it as compliment 🙂
      about bashing.. well, it’s past, complaining here and now , make it as wrong time and wrong place, but sorry, since somehow you blamed to Swara/helly fans only, so they react (we know that 4 fandoms bashing each others, no more or less)
      even we have issue regarding Swara and Sanskar character nowadays, your statement made it more EPIC 😀 😀 …

      1. exactly mica..my pain is that cvs are ruining the charm of the charecters especially swasan and also we all were vaHe once but now seeing swasan fans only bashing them made me sick. if you remember we got the best fandom then why did this happen?

        and my conquest about helly being called princess is that only she is getting called but varun is getting bashed horribly. being a hardcore HERUN i want varun to be the prince and helly to be the princess. thats it but guess i made a wrong move of actually commenting here

      2. Mica

        aahhh Sree….. you complained about the “princess’ name.. well, i dunno the exact reason, but may it’s about behavior, character and age :D,
        Helly, we can called her as teenager and childish, cute face, she still bound herself in fairy thingy, so, may they addressed her as princess, meanwhile she can handle everything maturity, such as demanded her fans to stop bashing her co actors/actress, respect elders and their relationship..
        meanwhile in Varun case, they addressed him as hero, or handsome hunk, hot, he is nomore Prince as he is too old to call as prince, and no matter what we want to deny.. we know that he is married man, rite ?
        if you want you can addressed them as prince and princess…
        seem you didn’t see properly in everything, even Helly got bashed…
        they accused her pregnant with the director or what soever, aborting, or that she tried to flirt to Varun and demand him to marry her, or they mocked her as she alone, no one in team like her just because they, TeVaMish always together…
        or as mentioned, when they stand for each other (even helly), she should faced the bashing herself..
        they forget that Helly is a teenager girl, engaged in phone, school, having fun with her gang or many project are her daily activity.

    6. Sreeee…I am sorry if I hurt u.. I reacted to ur comment..I know by seeing negativity everywhere ..it irritates us..

      But one thing I wish to say is people love and respect helly for her ownself more than for being swara..she is clever..she knows well ignorance is Bliss..

      All four leads are talented..they hve their own fan following..

      Again sorry yaar..

    7. Sree I know you are not bashing Swara u r bashing CVS coz Swasan r very close to ur heart and you are not desiring to let the CVS separate them without a strong reason coz u r a writer and it will hurt u

  14. In the precipice, the lady’s eyes look like Sharmista’s.

  15. *precap

  16. Want swasan n raglak to unite ,,helly u r as usual looking v.beautiful n cute . Love u!?

  17. Really guyz i cnt stopped myself for commenting today. U guyz are always busy in bashing the actors really swara fans bashing ragu and ragini fans bashing swara then u guyz never leaves a chance to bash helly teja varun namish really guyz plsss dnt act like childish be mature every persons has their own beauty and talent plsss appreciate them if u can but plss dnt bash them.
    I like theja most in this show then varun namish and helly but i never bash anyone but i like to praise my faveret really teja is very beautiful and talented and i knw helly also but unfortunately i like teja more than helly. Anyways all four leads are very good looking and talented

  18. i didn’t understand how sanskaar is responsible for swasan seperation ? and i liked cvs this track because hate to love . but sorry helly fans i am crazy fan of helly shah but this tym she choosed her sister over husband in mainting family relation she broke husband wife relation and this is second tym she is not trusting sanskaar and wen everyone was saying her to stay wid sanskaar she just showed her back and went out in one sec she forget everything right ? and about sanskaar i think his anger is obivious because swara is not trusting him for second tym and about nikhil he will marry uttara ….. i guess

    i am just predicting future story as news that sanky will taunt swara in nikhil name and she will throw him out and will cry lyk anything and swaragini will found uttara in laws ford and make uttara nikhil marrry and sanky anger will rised to the peak level and (its just my story don’t take serious ) and wen laksh will get found sanky will do something to himself for swara punishment ( note * i am not killing sanskaar not even in my dreams ) i think so he will suffer from severe acccident and will get into coma for 3_4 months and swara will be in damn guilty and sujatha will be blaming this for swara and after sanky woke up from coma he will just ignore swara lyk anything and sujatha anger will be slow down by that tym its a sstill mystry will sanky forgive swara or not ?

  19. MAHIRA

    Kalika ji.. I’m so sorry for you, it must be helly hell to watch a program where the actress i hate so much is a leading one.. You must suffer a lot to be sooo angry with swara, helly shah, producers and thousands of poeple who love all around the world
    Why a such insulting message can be diffused here? I mean it’s not that you can’t say that you hate her, that you don’t find her a good actress… But you can say it politely. Don’t you think that?
    Why do you think you have the right to judge other’s tastes?
    I would say it for any fan, of ragini, swara or even the guard at maheshwari house…
    So sad today… Hope this negativity will vanish soon

  20. It’s a thanking message to my sweet sissos mica maheera ss abeida ranasarma sanji and whoever

  21. And whoever unconditionally supports and defending our cute swasan love u dear sisso and please don’t remember me vk bday it’s really heartbroken to me really vk disappointed a lot of fans anyways Dont care about that he done a mistake by avoiding fans whatever it may be I love my princess a lot my snow white beauty God bless u hellu ummmmma

  22. Avishikta muhury

    I realllyyyyyyy want swalak and ragsan to be united.ddddd…….they look cuteyyyyyy.Ragini is much older than lakshhhji and swara is tooooo younger than sanskaaaarrrrrr.

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