Swaragini 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dadi asks Ragini to go from there. Ragini nods her head and is leaving, but Swara holds her hand and brings her to do puja. Swaragini………………….plays………Swara holds her hand and starts walking. Everyone looks at surprisingly. Sanskar comes and takes elders’ blessings. Sujata tells that Laksh will not come as he don’t want to see inauspicious face of someone. Annapurna asks her to stop it. Dadi asks her to call Laksh, and says I will send Ragini inside. Swara says no, and says Ragini will not go anywhere. She says Ragini is part of family and have right to be with them. Dadi asks her not to argue and asks Ragini to go inside. Swara argues again and says I accept that everyone is angry with her. She says Ragini wants to rectify her mistake

and asks to forgive Ragini. She says Sanskar also came to take revenge, but he realized his mistake and got forgiveness, then why can’t Ragini. Durga Prasad says there is a huge difference. Swara says I know, but…..Laksh calls Parineeta.

Parineeta tells him that they are happy as Swara is supporting her sister, and is not divorcing Sanskar. Laksh gets irked. Swara tells that today is Durga Puja. She says Ragini wants to win from her wrong doings and says Ragini wants to become like old Ragini. She asks Annapurna to accept Ragini as their bahu. Everyone is shocked.

Laksh recalls his conversation with Sanskar, and Swara. He types something on his laptop. He thinks about Parineeta’s words. He thinks he don’t want to see Ragini’s face. Annapurna tells I don’t believe that I refused to accept you as my bahu as you are bengali, and says I am happy as you are becoming Sujata’s bahu. Sujata tells I don’t want to make her my bahu. Ram asks her not to call anything against Swara. Annapurna says we are really lucky as you are becoming our bahu. She says we can’t oversee Ragini’s mistakes, and says she has done everything for Laksh. You would have done same things to get Laksh, but you didn’t do anything like such. Durga Prasad says you have reason to do this, as Laksh also loves you, but you didn’t do like Ragini and chosen to fall in everyone’s eyes as you love your family. He says Ragini didn’t think about her own family, mum, sis, dad, how can we make selfish Ragini, our bahu.

Annapurna says even if we agree, but Laksh’s wont and he is right. Ragini cries and runs to her room. Swara follows her. Ragini sees the open electricity box. Ragini tells her that she don’t want to do any drama and apologizes saying she has to do this. She pushes Swara and touches open wire to get electrocuted. Swara looks on shockingly and shouts Ragini………………Everyone panics and run to room. They see Ragini getting electrocuted. Sanskar removes the wire from her hand. Sumi and Dadi ask her to open eyes. Shekhar calls Doctor. Durga Prasad calls someone. Shekhar lifts Ragini and takes her inside the room. Sujata tells this girl is an actor. Ram says she is drying. Sujata says you didn’t know about her. Swara asks Doctor about Ragini.

Doctor checks Ragini. Laksh calls Swara, but she rejects his call. He calls Sanskar. Sanskar picks the call and gives call to Swara. Swara asks what? Laksh tells her that he will die if she didn’t come on kali ghaat within 15 mins. Swara asks what is this joke? Laksh says it is not joke and asks her to come. Doctor tells that she is fine. Swara leaves. She meets Laksh at the ghat and asks why he gave her warning. Laksh says you came for me. Swara says I would have come for others too. She says my sister needs me and was electrocuted. Laksh says oh God, Ragini started a new acting today. Swara says when I used to say that Ragini was lying, you never believed me, and now when I am saying that she has changed, then you are not believing me. Sanskar calls Swara and asks her to come home fast. Laksh holds Swara’s hand and says I will show you Ragini’s truth today. They start walking towards home.

Ragini and Swara dances during the durga puja. Laksh saves Swara from getting her foot injured and holds her in his arms. Ragini asks what you are doing with Swara, and says she wants to widen gap between us. Doctor informs Shekhar that Ragini forgot last few days of her life. Annapurna tells Laksh that Ragini met with an accident.

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  1. Sayli

    Writerz plz end dis charater calld laksh..i jst hate him.does he think k swara is sme toy.jb man chaha acpt kiya jb mann chaha fek diya

  2. jhanvi

    Nice epi …… After so many days swaragini plays…. I jst hope that Ragini is really changed… Nd lakshya will not turn ngtv….

    Now he is also behaving like Ragini… He is forcing himself on swara nd blackmailing her…

  3. Arun

    Oh My God, same old storyline. I read the same incident in some other serial recently. Wow, same b******t writer.

  4. nik

    I think it is going to b swasan if swara sticks to her promise that she will not accept laksh at any cost. I don’t know why they r showing eyelock movements between swara n laksh , it doesn’t have any meaning n I didn’t liked today’s episode coz of this eyelock movement. I m waiting for swasan moments. Pls…………make swasan fast.

  5. Aparna

    What the hell? How cn any1 suffer from memory loss after being electrocuted. It’s disgusting. Writerji plz show some new twist. This memory loss drama is common in every serial. If u want 2 raise the trp try something different which will make the viewers eager 2 watch the show.

    • sarah

      ragini is just faking memory loss. she can never change. but I hope something better happens this time and swasan will unite

  6. ishu

    swara is such a drama queen….she support his sis…bt y c insulting sanskar also….she always do that to sans…i totally hate her….even he is one always support to her bt she???????disguesting…….
    i have one suggest to sanskar plz leave swara c is not crt for u….u deserve the best…..swara absolutely u deserve laksh only(same arrogant and disguting thought)

  7. Abi

    Oh gosh!!..so now..swara is gonna continue being gud to ragini bt rags is gonna b ryt??..coz she is faking memory loss..

  8. sathy

    laksh n swara is the best couple for me.if laksh back to ragini in his life then gain the evil people. so laksh should be set an example throw ragini in his life.

  9. sathy

    laksh n swara is best pair for me.if laksh back ragini in his life then gain evils.laksh should be set an example throw oust ragini in his life ……
    laksh love swara more then his life. misunderstanding create in every
    relation.swara should forgive him.then ragini teach a lesson that no ones can’t snatch pure love.

    • Archies

      Really!!!! You think forcing a girl to accept his love because they were lovers once is a mark of true love….. He is not trying to understand her or give her time to adjust to what all she went through….. he needs her so she has to accept him…

  10. sathy

    laksh n swara is best pair for me.if laksh back ragini in his life then gain evils.laksh should be set an example throw oust ragini in his life …… Episode 1424
    laksh love swara more then his life. misunderstanding create in every
    relation.swara should forgive him.then ragini teach a lesson that no ones can’t snatch pure love.

  11. Please unit swasan and hate the precap of swalak eyelock,show some swasan scenes and people are supporting laksh,laksh just knows to play with feeling of others first with ragini and then with swara.first laksh got enaged to ragini,then again when ragini had broke the engagement 4 her parent’s union,he again announced ragini as his financee 4 sanskaar there were other ways he could have got ragini to maheshwari house ,and then broke the engagement to marry swara,he never thought how could she is feeling to see her love with someone especially her own sister, i know ragini should have not taken such steps to win laksh as he does deserve anyone and whenever ragini did wrong she herself cried and was hurt for doing wrong with her loved ones,as they say everthing is fair in love and war,ragini was blinded by love and could not understand difference bwt wrong and right.

    • Archies

      now he will start behaving like Ragini once he comes to know that even Sanskar loves Swara…. then he might understand her and accept her….. hopefully then we can get to see old Ragini…

  12. Vikram

    The character of Swara is not possible in real life, No sister in this world forgive what Ragini did with Swara, She try to kill her, how can she forget it. This is only happen in fantacy not in real life. (Actualy Ragini is Criminal mind so instead of support her she send her in Jail for attempt of killing her which is very serious crime, there is no guarantee she is not repeating same thing again)

    • aru

      I tottaly agreed with you, vikram.
      Ragini aise kaam kiya hai ki vo kisi ke pyaar keliye laayak nahi hai. Vo kabhi bhi palatt karkke evil ban jaa sakthi hai. Swara abhi bhi kuch nahi seekha hai. Vo support karthi rahthi hai…like a stupid.

  13. aru

    Omg is Laksh kya soch kar is tharan ki harkath karthi hai. Usko tharam naam ki koi cheez hai ki nahi? He just act as a blind to the fact that swara is still his brother’ s wife. …how dare he to hold swara in his hands.? Ye. Sanskar kya karthi hai yaar? Why can’t he just avoid situations which Laksh have a chance to get closer to swara?
    Swara bhi na kamaal ki ladki hai. Koi bhi human aise nahi hai. She is like a “punyyalathi”…. Now we should call her ” St.Swara”……

  14. Laksh really don’t trust swara….. And will never be in the future… Nw he jus need to own her….and in dat hurry he’s s not seeing others feelings…the old laksh and old RAGINI was gud…but both cant bear Truth…… Laksh ahud understand and live in the present

  15. manisha

    if ragini is acting soo much… she shouldnt get laksh in her life…. her drama is tooo much to get laksh… this swara blindly beliving that evil ragini’s drama.. shit….. don unit laksh n ragini at any cost… if it happen evil can rule truth……..

  16. My heart?belongs to U ??Varun kapoor??(Jennifer)

    .sanskaar and his killer looks….
    Just love him yaar

    Time to get united SwSan….

    And This luxji is shameless i just hate him…psyco kahika…
    Blackmailing swara to get back to him????

    My hatred for this luxji????is increasing day by day..
    He neither deserves Swara nor Ragini…

  17. R

    Now this serial is really getting bored.
    I watched repeat telecasts also for swasan Bt now there are no cute moments btw them.
    stopped watching repeat
    but this serial is getting bored

  18. Honey

    Watching all this I think swara is in love with sanskar…. Ragini have not yet changed…. Laksh is over reacting… These are all my own conclusions that I understood on watching last week and today’s episode…

  19. Love ❤ u sanskaar and swara . U both look good with each other.
    And that Lakshya don’t deserve you at . I think Raginis memory drama is also a good track to win back laksh.
    Well both swasan and raglak look good together.

  20. The dhunki dance ? is also amazing.
    But the eye lock drama between Lakshya and swara was looking odd.
    I think it should show moments and eye lock between sanskaar and swara.

  21. assu

    Laksh one good idea u better kill ragini n go to jail .so that swara n sanskar can be happy.end this drama soon.

  22. Kajal patial

    Oh shut up swalak’s fan net m search maro or dekho ki swara or sanskaar k kitna fan h 80 percent ho gya h or swara or laksh k sirf 20 Per.

    isliya only swara and sanskaar hi best couple rahanga

  23. harshvardhan

    please unite swalak. they are the best. swara still loves lakshay but she is not confessing coz of her sister’s love but when she will know that ragini is again trapping all the family members it will be swalak.

    • Archies

      Swalak will never happen as (Swara doesn’t realise it yet but )she is already in love with Sanskar…

  24. Ridz

    Swalak vil never happen given the fact tat swara s self dependent self respecting girl. She ll not choose lakshya. Forgiving someone s different nd accepting them s different. She forgave but she ll not accept. Plus ragini s memory loss s her oly attempt to make place in lakshya s heart not to hurt anyone. But lakshya tries to separate swara nd sanskaar . let’s see how tat works now. Once tat truth s out swalak vil definitely not happen….

  25. Rachna

    Ragini is faking memory loss. Same story is repeating yaar. How boring. Now Laksh will try to prove Ragini and Swara won’t believe him. Bakwaas serial.

  26. sabita

    Are yr…. Plz start swara and sanskar track yr… My hatest character of this serial is swara yr… Drama ka v had hota h yr….

  27. Uffffff!!! What the hell!! Raginiiiiii you got an amazing sis who will always support you even if you kill smbdy for Laksh. Laksh , don’t be an idiot swara not gonna comeback to you. I will definitely miss Swalaksh pair . I thought people support Swasan bcs they think Sanskar supports swara !! I didn’t see Varun Kapoor factor there! I’m not a Namish Taneja fan. I like both of them. But I don’t know , somehow , whenever I see Swasan together ,for me, personally they look like brother & sister!!! ( sorryyy ) Ragini is good pair for him . Swara nd laksh , kya kahunnn…cute pair. Whatever!!I know Swasan gonna happen. Dear creatives as u r gonna pair up swara with sanskar why you are showing Swalaksh movements ? To break hearts of Swalaksh fans or to give them a little satisfaction? Old Swaragini was much much better…… Plzz unite SwaLaksh nd RagSan if it’s possible

  28. Ooopzz…sorry correction – SwaLaksh moments. Swaragini has become completely predictable. No twists and turns. At least for six months track will b Laksh’ s tries for revealing Ragini. Swara’s soft corner for Sanskar which will turn into love , Laksh forgiving Ragini nd accepting her as wife:-P

  29. Y all r u saying that sanskar believe in swara…
    U all ar stupid…sanskar believe in swara coz he know the truth that rags want to separate swalak………and planned to separate them…..ok…
    And he help swara coz he felt guilty….
    Lakhs love swara ..so he Dont accept..rags..he married to rags coz he felt that he was the reason of rags condition….
    Plz unite swalak…ther r so cute…they r bst

    • Archies

      Can’t agree my friend… Laksh ‘s love never had the element of love, even before the video on marriage day on their sangeet when Swara went to get her mobile from shop and was late he accused her for not informing anyone and also believed in the video sent by the police then when Swara asks him to trust her and that there was a man with beard he takes the phone from her and says all this is a figment of your imagination….. he says he trusts her but saying and trusting is different…. Sanskar on the other hand when his brother Adersh was seen with another girl didn’t need Swara to provide proof, she said and he believed thats called trust…. even when she was proved wrong by Ragini Sanskar said I trust you as i know you will never lie…. there they showed trust element.

      Moreover the guy went through alot more for Swara, Laksh always blame others for his shortcomings but Sanskar owns his flaws and tries to make amends… He understand Swara better than Laksh… When she said she needs time to think about her relationship with Sanskar , Laksh jumped into the conclusion that she is doing it to punish him and that her no is not a no but a yes….. Sanskar respects her decision and is not forcing his relation on Swara if he wants he can force her as they are married but he decided not to as her happiness matters…. not saying Sanskar is perfect but he is proving to be a better man

  30. U r right sanskar firstly separate swalak…now start loving swara….now surely he will try to get swara…..sameless sanskar….
    Pls unite swalak

    • Exactly! Double faced guy! If ppl gave sanskaar a chance then y can’t laksh who was manipulated! They forgot that main root is sankaar…coz of him ragini became lyk this he himself got back from wrong path pushing once upon a time innocent rags into it. !shameless sanskaar

      • Archies

        Shameless!!!! Really???? Then what would you call Laksh who is hell bent on marring his Bhabi…. he is forgetting that she is still Swara Sanskar Maheshwari….. Emotionally blackmailing her to accept him back….. Are all these the actions of a good guy….

        FYI Sanskar did ask Ragini to back out even before the night of Swalak marriage…. He told her that its his revenge story and she needn’t be a part of it but she wanted to get Laksh so she herself joined hands with him…. there were alot of scenes where he told Ragini to quit and let him do it alone but when she wants to help why would he stop her??? Loving Swara is after he saw how good she is….. She was still concerned about her sisters life who tried to kill her and she risked everything to join her parents that kind of goodness made him love her but he respects all her decisions and is not trying to win her….. he is there to just support her…. to hold your love back and let the person go is strength of his love….. pls respect that…. I know Laksh fans won’t agree but Sanskars love is selfless unlike Laksh and all he wants is her happiness….

  31. U r right sanskar firstly separate swalak…now start loving swara….now surely he will try to get swara…..sameless sanskar….
    Pls unite swalak

  32. nik

    I don’t know how much time we have to wait for swasan moments n when will swara developed feelings for sanskar. I am totally upset with the writers ,they r showing swara n laksh moments again n again .why?……..plz……….stop it,it is irritating.

  33. nik

    I hate this character laksh, earlier he said that he will not believe swara even if god will say, then why he is believing now,god has come what?

  34. nik

    It doesn’t matter that what sanskar has done earlier coz if we consider that than laksh also was not good in starting , he once kidnapped swara. In love first n second doesn’t have any imp coz trust is more imp in love , which is present in swasan case.

  35. Laksh believe in swara. Always but this sanskar and rags create drama to break his trust on swara…..plz unite swalak…they r best

  36. joya khan

    plz guys stop it.tum logon k kehnese kuch nhi badlne wala.
    shuru se dekha jaye to laksh koi dudh ka dhula nhi h.usne sadak par swara ki insult karne ki koshish ki thi..yaad h kisi ko…
    usne ek bar nhi do bar ragini ka apne matlb k liye istamal kiya yaha tak ki usne swara k ma baba ka video bhi banaya tha jiski wajah se kitna tamasha huva…agar wo swara se sach me pyar karta to ragini se shadi nhi karta…nhi swara k bare me itna ghatiya bolta…ab to wo apni hade par kar raha h..wo karta hoga pray pr kya laksh swara ko samjta hai.???
    nhi samjta wo swara ko…
    ab ragini k bare me jis ladki ko jindgi me kabhi kuch nhi mila…usne jis se pyar kiya usine uska istamal kiya.use kitna bura laga hoga..me manti hu ragini ne bahot galat kiya h aur use uski saja bhi milni chahiye.
    sanskar badla lene k liye aaya tha…par swara k samjhane par wo samj gaya usne laksh ya dp ko beksoor samjne k liye kisi gavah ki mang nhi ki…usne swara ka sath diya taki wo janta tha ki swara galat nhi thi…
    swara pyar ki murat bani firti h par sanskar k pyar k ijhar k bad usne use dhokebaj kaha…usko itni bhi akal nhi h ki pyar puchkar nhi hota wo ho jata h…
    kehna sirf itna h yeh charon ek hi thali k chatte batte h.
    swara aur sanskar k rishte me jo understanding h wo swara aur laksh k rishte me nhi h.sanskar to swara ki bina bole samjta h aur laksh ko bolkar bhi samj nhi pata..
    sanskar ne apna pyar swara par thopa nahi.aur laksh wahi kar raha jo ragini ne kiya tha bas tarike thode alag h..
    sanskar ne swara ka sirf sath nhi diya balki uske liye usne bahot kuch saha h aur badle me swara se kuch expect bhi nahi kiya….
    plz apna dimag kharch mat karo…
    yeh hindustan ki serial h aur inka standard hmesh low hi raha h

  37. Amu

    Exactly……. I agree laksh refused to marry swara bcoz he was manipulated ….BT y he took decision to marry Ragini….. He was manipulated for not marrying swara…., not for marrying Ragini…… Nobody forced him to marry Ragini ….it was ONLY ONLY his decision to marry Ragini….

      • Archies

        He could have left and started searching for Swara like Sanskar did…. When his dad, Shomi and dida were asking him to believe in Swara and let her come and give an explanation he didn’t wait…. he could have cancelled the marriage and left from there… there were options which he didn’t do….. so please don’t make him the victim here… Ragini’s manipulations worked only coz he was weak

      • Amu

        Look I m not arguing …but i m not talking about his decision to cancel his and swara mairrage.I know that time he was thinking that swara has cheated him and he decided to not marry swara but what was d need of marrying Ragini. There was no need of that. . if he really loves swara he nvr took that dicision.

        No offence to u or anyone else.it’s my pov.

  38. No one seems to be happy in “Swaragini” thanks to Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and her obsession with Lakshya (Nimish Taneja). She ruined Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskaar’s (Varun Kapoor) life with her tricks.

    While everyone now knows Ragini’s true colors, they are forced to welcome her back into the Maheshwari family. Swara agrees to not divorce Sanskaar and give her marriage a chance if they take back Ragini. The evil sister on the other hand, electrocutes herself and fakes a memory loss to gain the sympathy of her family and in-laws.

    Swara believes Ragini’s charades and tries to convince Lakshya to take her sister back. She also tells him that she no longer loves him and hence cannot come back to him. On the eve of Karva Chauth, Ragini keeps a fast for Lakshya, while Sanskaar fasts for Swara. It’s rather sweet of Sanskaar, and we are sure this will definitely win him some brownie points. How cute!

    It is then that Lakshya realizes that his brother is in love with Swara. To complicate matters, Sanskaar and Swara now try to get Ragini back together with Lakshya, who detests her with all his breath. Frankly, Swara seems quite stupid. Her life is screwed up anyway — if she doesn’t wish to go back to Lakshya, fine, but forcing him to love Ragini is unfair and quite mean.

    Ideally, Lakshya should just walk out on them and simply focus on his career rather than Swara or Ragini. Both sisters are truly not worth the trouble. While we agree that Swara is right to not go back to Lakshya, using Sanskaar like a play thing is also unfair, no? What do you think, guy?

  39. alku

    Current track is so disgusting….if the writers wants to unite swasan, then pls avoid swalak scenes….sometimes swalak,sometimes swasan…oscillating btw swasan and swalak…they r disappointing both swasan and swalak fans…

  40. But no one said nor ragini that he should marry rags…n to save rags life what was the need to marry rags.. Sumi doubted her n to rescue her he married her this is not any way to save any ones life

  41. Seriouslyyyyyy u people don’t know how to behave ???
    They r on sets and acting how can u insult a character like that maybe the writer is possible


  43. I agree with you strawberry. Yes Laksh has done so many mistakes so as Sanskar. Sanskar fell in love with Swara , not at all his mistake. Laksh didn’t trust swara when she needed him most , yes his mistake. Ragini tried to kill her own sister , not at all her mistake bcs everything is fair in war and love ( sarcasm), Laksh is now mad at Swara…awwww cheap how could he cross his limits(angry)Sanskar planned to separate Swara nd Laksh along with Ragini bcs he believed Laksh was the solid reason for Kavitha , his girl friend’s death – not at alllll his mistake. Ragini manipulated situations , emotionally blackmailed Laksh nd he married her – of course Laksh’ s fault he should have used his sixth sense to understand that video was created by Ragini giving some kind of drugs to Swara! Swara actually didn’t mean whatever she said in that video (ahh) Swara never said Laksh that She loved him – she has done right . Arreyyyyy Laksh again should have used his sixth sense to know that. Finally….Swara should accept Sanskar because he loves her , cares for her , trusts her blah blah and only he should be the one who ,what the hell ever do, to get a chance to regret, clear his mistakes nd make the situations right. I know this is just a seriel , a drama but as a viewer I have the right to express my feelings nd opinions . So , Laksh , you were everywhere in this story in the beginning..still you are everywhere but nobody wants to seeeee. Poor boy , whatever he does is wrong:-D:-D lolz

  44. One more thing makes me wonder , when Sanskar’s never shown girlfriend will come back will he try to unite Swara with Laksh ? After all he planned everything for her…Nop . At that time Ragini nd Laksh will try to sort out everything btw Sanskar-Swara -Kavitha. Goshhhh my imagination kills me . I’m so much irritated with this current track…sorry guys

  45. rosy

    swara i have never seen a selfish girl like you….you wana get rid off laksh(a disgusting guy) and using sanskar in the process and our poor sanskar he loves you a lot and to save you he will accept you…..and this laksh I have a word for him…totally a frustrated person with no sense of respect and despair….he is now a villain like rags….. rags and laksh jodi is perfect: two psychos made for each other…..actually laksh once told dat two dhokebaaj (swara n sanskar);; their relation being atached by the devil himself this dialogue is now fit for laksh n ragini’s jodi two psycho and villain’s jodi being created by devil and NOT SWARA AND SANSKAR’S JODI WHICH WAS ATTACHED DUE TO FRIENDSHIP AND TRUST….AND RESPECT AND WAS NOT FORCED….


  46. Anjaly

    Plzzz end this track and just hate seeing both swasan and swalak scene ,want to see only swasan ….. Plzzz make ragini’s character good

  47. annie

    Please make swalak unite
    You guys must think I’m mentel for thinking this but I’ve been a swalak fan since day one, they look so good together

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