Swaragini 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini pointing finger at Swara and tells Dadi that Swara had kidnapped her. Everyone looks at Swara with doubt. Swara cries and tells Sanskar that she is tired of proving her innocence. She says whenever Ragini points finger on her, everyone doubts her. Sanskar says she is acting. Swara says I have seen fear in her eyes and says she thought I have done bad with her. Sanskar says it is punishment for her. Swara says someone had really kidnapped Ragini and says I have to find out the person behind her kidnapping.

Durga Prasad talks to Police and says they are coming to take her statement. Sujata says people will take their family name wrongly. She reads the headlines which she made herself. Annapurna asks her to keep quiet and says we don’t have proof. Sujata says Ragini

said that Swara did her kidnapping. Durga Prasad says Ragini lied before also and says we couldn’t trust her until it is proved. He says Police thinks that it is done by someone insider. Sujata says Swara is the one who had hidden Ragini near sea where fishes are there. Someone spy on them.

Sanskar is going somewhere secretly. Laksh follows him. He opens his car and tries to clean clutch. Laksh comes and says Ragini pointed finger at Swara, but I know that she didn’t do kidnapping. He doubts on Sanskar. Sanskar says I don’t have long hairs and laughs. Laksh says you are good in changing your get up. Sanskar says may be you have kidnapped Ragini. Laksh says truth will be out soon and that red blanket girl’s face will be revealed soon. Someone enters Maheshwari house wearing same red blanket and mask on her face. She comes to Ragini’s room. Ragini wakes up, gets scared and asks who are you? She asks her to leave her alone and shouts for help. It is Ragini’s dream. Swara and Dadi are beside her. Ragini sees Swara beside her and tells Dadi that Swara will kill her. Dadi asks Swara to go. Ragini asks Dadi to tell Swara to go. Swara leaves.

Annapurna thinks about Ragini’s words that Swara had kidnapped her. She comes to Swara’s room and sees her nowhere. She thinks even almari and windows are open. She tries to close the almari and sees red shawl/blanket inside. She wonders if Ragini’s doubt is true. She doubts on Swara……..

Inspector comes to take Ragini’s statement and asks her to tell something about the kidnapper. Ragini says no. Annapurna asks her to tell Inspector that she has a doubt on Swara. Everyone is shocked. Sumi asks how can you say that without any proof. Durga Prasad says Ragini didn’t see Swara’s face and just doubted her. He says we don’t have any proofs. He tells Inspector that this info might be enough for investigation. Inspector agrees to ignore Annapurna’s doubt and says this is conspiracy of the insider only. He asks him to inform him if he gets any proofs. They leave. Durga Prasad asks Dadi and Sumi to take Ragini to her room and asks Utara to help them. Annapurna comes back and shows red shawl to Durga Prasad saying it is a proof which we saw in the video. Everyone is shocked.

Durga Prasad asks where did you get it? Ragini identifies that blanket and says it is that blanket. Durga Prasad asks where did you get it? Annapurna says I got it from Swara’s room. Swara says in my room……..Annapurna says you was not in your room yesterday night, and when I went there, I got this blanket. Durga Prasad says we can’t doubt on Swara because of this blanket. Annapurna says we have seen Ragini crying looking at Swara, and says that Swara had slapped her. Sujata says she is sure that swara is behind the kidnapping and tells that Swara was missing when Ragini was kidnapped.

Swara has taken Simar’s help to know the truth and a secret unfolds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    OMG. Again everyone… Swara have to prove her innocence again… I’m really eager to know who the kidnapper is??!!! I don’t think it’s sanlak.

  2. Saba

    I think anyone who kidnapped ragini, isn’t want to harm ragini, her/his purpose to kidnapped Ragini is to put blame on swara. As I think its not sanlak because both doesn’t want to harm swara! As per spoiler, its uttara but uttara hasn’t any purpose to do this. I also doubt on adrash! Because he has purpose to ruin swara’s reputation because she revealed him. But as per writer of Swaragini! They can do anything! Even they can reveal, dp or rp as kidnapper.
    Well lets see! What will happen ahead!

  3. Lee

    Again this drama yr….
    Sanskaar cleaning his clutch u dont undetstand the meaning ….
    Yr jo bhi ho sanskaar nai gona chahiye iske piche plzzzz writer dont do this….
    Swarawill dout on sanskaar…
    Then what will happen to swasan????… plzzz someone tell me ki rags ka kidnap sanskaar ne kiya hai ya ni guyzzzz plzzz reply karo koi info do….
    …luv u sans
    swasan rockssss.
    Swasan will happen ir not…
    Kuch din pahle news dukhay rhi ki swasan fan je liye gud new ki swasan cute n romantic scene dekhane milenge but abh kya ho raha…..
    Plzz koi writer ko request letter likho ki swasan s fans wants swsan scenes n muze precap koi explain karega ..????
    New spoiler aya hai kya????

  4. sanju

    i think after getting blame on swara she goes to same place with sanskaar and laksh and after swara got the proof wig and spray in car she shows them and inspector tells them that the kidnaper is men.. automatically the blame follows on swara from sanskaar … after that she figures out its real culprit…
    what the hell how laksh blame sanskaar.. i think he want to seperate swasan…. thats why he try to put blame on sanskaar.. but as per today metro masti article its confirmed that its uttara behind her kidnapped ragini.. she has to take revenge on ragini… but why is revealed later… (as she try to ruin swara’s image or she did some thing with family means bro).. but there is a strong reason that for utara take drastic step to kidnap ragini..

  5. danny

    i dont why they dragging so much and club with stupid serial like sasural simar ka where dayan
    ghost witch etc come and go……unite swasan or i will stop watching this non sense.

  6. bhuvi

    Wat is wrong with anapurna n sujatha??? Swara is rite… Y shud she prove herself overtime… But am happy for one thing …atleast dp believes swara…hope he always believe her n don’t get into ap n sujju words….

  7. joya

    laksh pagal ho gaya hai….he still belive dt ragini is trying to unite swalak……
    wht d hell…..
    writers grow up….
    track change nhi kar sakte to at least dialogues to change karo swara k…..

  8. s

    just as ragini saw hair and she thinks its swara and blames on her… but actually its not swara.. someone kidnaps her.. today also only sanskaar stands for her.. no one is there…. swasan scene super.. ap ne jaan buch kar swara ka naam diya.. dumb ap… dp also supported swara.. hope there is no mu between swasan and they will together at any circumtences..

  9. sabita

    Ridiculous…. They don’t know what do we want to watch…… This time it won’t stay in top 5…. I m sure…

  10. jo

    when ragini tried to kill swara and she did so many things but they want proof to swara innocent no also for at once ragini told it swara they are doubting her… how these people are.. ap is dumb.. but dp trusted and said ragini lied so many time.. till they didnt get proof they cant blame swara…

  11. Ur draging the story.. eruchal la iruku serial pakavey….. ipa edhuku ragini kidnap paneenga da??? Ap swara va culprit ah kamchu… apppapa…… cnt tolerate all the bluffing… that swara behid kidnap.. nw like a hero she will discover truth and tell the family and they ignore her.. nw ragini becoz good…. and fite btwn bros.. omg..

    • Tara

      Kumkum bhagya sasural simar ka va minja mudiyathu drag panrathu. Iluthu adichu kalutha arukrathula andha 2 shows ku than 1st place

  12. achu

    Stop this useless track & dragging. Plz make ragini a positive character…. I just love teju….plz writer’s change this track…unite raglak…u r just doing Justice to swaras character…if u just want to show swara as mahan then change the title….

    • Tara

      I thnk so she ll change positively aftr tis track. Coz n 1 interview she said, a big incident shud happen so tat she can realise her mistake nd turn gud. Tis kidnapping drama ll b tat thng she said

    • Why they want to change the title?….No need… If u want teju as a Mahan(positive)role then ask her to leave the show nd tell her to act other shows……. don’t blame serial name…

    • And achu u r wrong…… They are not show swara as a mahan they show ragini as a mahan even though ragini did so mmuch wrong things….. OK stil U need they want to change the name means then OK plz remove that psycho ragini…….

    • Ridz

      I knw shuva. M getting so irritated. They show oly one scene a day. But they jus drag it. One day she gets missing. Next day they search . next day she returns. But no matter wat happens story s same. Ragini s in trouble or creates trouble swara gets blamed. Then detective brain starts wrkin. Rubbish.

    • jhanvi

      Exactly…, I m also fed up with dis dragging ..

      Nd actually so many have left d site coz of d dragging both guest , both Kirti, Jenni, Nd archies…. ….

  13. pavithrakrishnan

    Ithellam oru serial ah??? Yen da iPadi serial ah ezhuthuttu poreenga? it’s very boring yar plz find the culprit soon dnt blame others…. Plz unite raglak nd swasan…. We wan a love trackkkk…. Yen uttara Ragini ya kidnap pannanum???? Avalukum ivalukum enna ???? Uffffff confusing,boring,little bit excited ?, nd litterly shocked…..

  14. K.praveena

    Hai achu. I really like ur comment. Bcoz i like ragini. begining of the seriel also she plays the +role but now maker spoil my ragini charector but one thing ragini negative charecter plays very well. Till now i did not comment swaragini. Bcoz every one hates ragini role. But i really love my ragini. And also her face. So cute.

  15. Oh god I’m really bored with this head screwing track and I don’t know how many times should this Swara prove her innocent..if this is gonna continue I’m sure to quit this disgusting serial

  16. Tara

    Atleast one wise person other than sanskar is ter n Maheshwari’s family. 2day durga prasad rocked. He didn’t blv ap nd suju evn aftr seeing red shawl.. good

  17. nik

    I think these iditic writers r planing to show sanskar as the kdnpr. I want these writers to go to hell.if they will show sanskar as the kdnpr , then what will hpn to swasan???? Do u all think coz of this reason they will separate????? Writers plzzzzzzz mk anyone the kdnpr evn swara bt not sanskar coz if swara has kdnpd ragini and then also sanskar will support hr bt if it is sanskar and swara will start gvng lectures n will support him.

  18. ishu

    utra is a kidnapper…maybe c think swara and ragini ruin their family…..s…this s the reason…i think.
    ragini betryal laksh to married him.then swara proof…..bt sanlak fight with eachother for swara…..ap and sujatha r upset…..dp is very sad….so the family members r very tensio for this 2sis……
    so uthra kipnap ragini and put the blame to swsra……then they r go away from the maheswari house c planned….
    and the guy’s hand maybe its uthra’s frnd r bf…..i also read the spoiler that new entry coming…so…..this like that…
    overall….again……swara super women find the truth…..again proof herself…..comeon yar…..stop this drama…..swara only the good others r fools…its

  19. ishu

    assume that:
    then swara proof herself…..first c doubt sanskar…(this will hapnd i want to kill her…….seriously)then ususal c realised sans not like that….then swasan find the culprit…..then im sure swara take discissio that c go away from their maheswari family bcz no one belive her….oh god again drama….conform this willbe hapnd….
    bt i want to see swasan love sceens….i dont knw when they cme???!!!!!!

  20. nik

    Hi Saba n Lee , I didn’t wtchd 2days episode yet , can u plzzzzzzz tell me that is there any clue regarding whether sanskar is the kdnpr or not?????

    • Saba

      Hey Nik! There’s only one clue that a man who brings food for Ragini, he has mouli thread on his hand and he also got scratch by ragini first I thought it maybe sanlak but after watching todays episode, his intention is clear that he put blame on swara so I doubted on adarsh! But spoiler says its uttara

  21. Shubhi Mishra

    I think it might be UTTARA as in these serials,None character enters without any reason. I think of Uttara

  22. Anam

    Mjhe to uttara pr b doubt ho rha h or adarsh pr b kuki uttara hi bahar se ayi thi sbse phle cylinder phatne ki khabar le kr Or phr Swara k kamre se red blanket milna mtlb koi ghr ka hi h jo swara ko phasana chahta h…no doubt Adarsh b ho skta h..

  23. Anam

    90% uttara lg rhi h..achanak se serial m aayi h itne dn bad…seedha to use bna k rakhenge nhi
    kuch to gadbad hai

  24. Payal

    Director u better to change the name of the serial as swara becoz U r showing ragini as buri all time .so name should be swara not swaragini ??

  25. LEHER

    i think sanskar has done it……..dono just a guess…becoz when ragini ask for foor some one giver her parroteh with mask nd red shalwa….but his hand is shown with the thread same like the one which swara tied to sanskar …red colour thread…..but sanskar cannot do anything tat hars swara…….shabba…waithing for the agniparictha

  26. Prasanna

    What’s this nonsense yaar .just stop draging again and again same old repeated kidnapping .now a days who is having interest this dramas .this is family serial so it should be like that way .but what’s this kindaps , blamings each others .it should be like impressive to see the auduance.hope give us good episodes

  27. Sandya

    Good news this scrap serial moved 8th position if they stil following samme track. Then it will be out of top 10 died low trp this. Serial will be replaced, please change the track stop blaming swara let ragini suffer for evil things swasan rocks

  28. tia

    whats the need of police? so sick of maheshwari family.did swara ever filed a case when ragini attempted to murder her,when ragini raised false accusations!! shame on cvs!!

  29. anu

    hello.swaragini once again same story dragging at least try something new love story in serial instead of hatred drama.why every time ragini will know every secret which is doing against her and very soon she change entire situation.story was good wen ragini relalized her mistakes,again she become same evil ragini.

  30. Shan

    As all said the story is not moving ahead swara is aways shown on fault and every time needs to prove her where as ragini is always doing wrong and every one is trusting her. You are trying to portray that evil works pls stop nonsense which is watched by millions of people. I would prefer to watch something else instead of this negativity

  31. samia

    I think it’s a planning of rp& uthara. And there is a chance that this links to kavitha’s murder too. Killer of kavitha and kidnapper of ragini may same

  32. archana

    swaragini: if not swara, who kidnaped ragini?
    even mom and badi ma held swara guilty, the rest in maheshwari house did not doubt swara.
    the police, how ever, was confident that a family member was certainly involved. but could swara be the culprit?
    if not swara, who have kidnapped ragini?
    Adarsh- swara had caught adarsh red handed with his girlfriend. he could have kidnapped ragini to put swara in trouble and thus avenge the insult.
    UTtARA- her sudden entry in the show raises a doubt over her involvement in ragini’s kidnapping. but her motive is unknown!
    sanskaar- ragini has always troubled swara. to teach her lesson, sanskaar could have kidnapped her. but why would be defame swara?
    lakshya- he is ragini duly wed husband and hates her for ruing his relationship with swara. he could have abducted her. but he too loves swara. why would he something that would malign swara’s image?

  33. archana

    how could laksh think like that after this much happened he thinks that ragini wants to unite swara and laksh.. and doubting sanskaar for her kidnapping… how could laksh think that..

  34. Ridz

    Guys u know what. After all this drama… If it turns out that ragini oly has planned all this… With somebody s help. It ll be very funny… Seriously…. She oly asked someone to sprinkle so tat it gets recorded in CCTV… Think…. M laughing thinking about it

  35. sandya

    swaragini: swara takes ssk’s simar help to prove her innocence..
    the ongoing track of the show is focused on kidnaping drama where ragini suspects swara to be her kidnaper.
    currently, the identity of the kidnaper is a big mystery and everyone is seen blaming each other.
    sanskaar thinks laksh is the kidnapper and laksh blames sanskaar for it.
    on the other hand, sujatha and ap are quiet certain that swara is the real kidnapper as ap finds the red shawl in her room that was seen on the kidnapper.
    the police man makes it clear that the culprit is someone from the house but no one gets arrested due to lack of evidence.
    swara is determined to find the kidnapper and also clear the name from the accusations.
    it will now be seen that swara will take help from simar of ssk in order to find the culprit and she will also come to know big secret.

  36. Sweta S

    Such an bull shit serial………… alwz swara will b blamed. And the funniest part is ladies at Maheshwari house alwaz trust so caled Ragini

  37. DreamGirl

    Please please do not mix swaragini and simar’s story. God, why do they have to?
    all those weird black magic and last life stuff and uhh…. just dont bring them together.. enuf of simar already with that meaningless sasural simar ka… writers – dont have a good way to take the serial forward? ? -_- -_-

  38. mana

    there is no mouli on sanskaar hand in this episode… even aadarsh having mouli on his hand……. where sanskaar mouli went… laksh is having mouli.

  39. Divya

    Even I have doubt on uttara! Her motive is cos of molesting blame on her bro sans (hatred-rags)! Next is both her bro love same gal(swara)! But she hurts both of them& her brothers are fighting with each other for her(swara) sake! Which leads to her family in sadness &Chao’s! To take revenge from both of them! But its just my guess! May be wrong too! I heard somewhere that uttara has tried pushing swara fro. Staircase n she escaped with some mild wounds! But its clear that someone is doing it purposely to make swara get trapped!

  40. Mithu

    Clubbing of SSK and Swaragini, SSK is the worst show with all stupid ghosts and naagin and crap..now Swaragini is also in that track.

  41. Mini

    Atleast unite Swasan.Swasan fans will be happy,writers,we are watching only for swasan and u r testing our patience since October, trp will fall and show will reach 10th position or droop further if u go at this rate.

  42. Grace

    Swaragini,but first ruined Ragini’s character,y r u ruining every character and kidnapping is a game in this show,one every week and such loyal kidnappers,Laksh can’t be blamed he s got AP’s brain,thank God Sanskar didn’t get Sujatha’s ,heard in IKRS Viplav will marry Dhaani,bye to Swaragini until proper scenes starts…crap.Shall enjoy IkrS for some time.

  43. nik

    Hi Shuva , Saba n all others , I just watched a promo showing simar n swara , n it is said in the promo that the new supernatural creature in sasural simar ka will make the dearest one of simar n swara their biggest enemy. What is it indicating guys?????? For swara hr dearest ones r hr mthr, fthr , n sanskar.I think sarmistha n shekher cnt do this, then is it sanskar?????? Is the promo indirectly pointing sanskar ???? Is sanskar going to trn negative ?????? Nooooooo…….it cnt hpn. If it’s going to b true I will dfntly stop watching this show.

    • Hi nik
      I hope that doesn’t Happen because I want swasan to unite. This drama is full of crap, I mean why the writers are linking sasural simar ka with swaragini. What is this nonsense. I’ve seen enough supernatural in sasural simar ka which is boring me to death. And now the writers are involving supernatural in swaragini. What next maybe alien Invasion, we might see ragini getting abducted by aliens. Sorry nik I know I’m going on and on but it’s just that I’m fuming ? ? ? ? right now.

      • And 1 more thing nik
        I’m really in to supernatural, I love USA supernatural dramas but the thing that sasural simar ka and swaragini started as normal and now the writers are involving supernatural in those 2 dramas.

    • Saba

      Nik! You forgot one thing. Ragini is also her dearest one and she lves her dadi too! And ill also stop serial if they do this! and how do you forget about laksh? Is it not clear that she still love him or not maybe he’s also includes in the category of dearest one!

    • Ridz

      Ragini.. Oly… She oly I think…. Not sanskaar… I ll not even read updates if sanskaar s involved… Stupid ppl… How can they screw up a serial before it completes a year.

  44. Thungyani

    So confusing now! Almost everyone is doubting on swara without any proof! I jst wantd to knw the secret reason behind Ragani kidnapped!

  45. Divya

    Yeah! This sasural simar ka is such a crap show! With full of dayan(black magic) yuckkk! And I guess simar is the only gal in this world facing all such sort of problem! She herself in a prob! What a comedy she is going to help swara in proving ! Lol siripu da! And ask matm than nan Pathurken ! Madyanama kula Elam prob uhm mudinju happy ah 2mins kuda irukaMatanga adhukula next prob varum! Ayooo ena koduma da idhu! Idhula indha black magic kum swara ku ena ya samandham! Yowwww !

  46. nik

    When nthng will b remaining in this serial it will also tk the track of ghosts , witches, nagin n ………..so funny , they think the audience r dmb.

  47. nik

    Hey Shuva n Saba , l know that rag, dadi n laksh r also swara’s dearest bt this tm I don’t think its ragini, n dadi can not b the one coz the kdnpr is male n about laksh I think he is no more dearest to swara n if he is then he should b the kdnpr n that will mk swara hate hm.

  48. nik

    Sanskar said to swara that whatever hpnd with ragini that’s good n she will never dare to torture swara agn, what it is indicating?????

  49. nik

    There is a ff ( swasan – for my love) that’s very good guys. Swasan fans should read it there they will find swasan together.

  50. peehu


    Dragging. Make it fast. And stop this crap. Where is Jhanvi..?? I m missing her comments I m also swasan fan. Want to see them together always.

  51. peehu

    I always read comments but never comment..I m also a big fan of SWARAGINI but nowadays they are dragging d show.

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