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The Episode starts with Ragini pointing finger at Swara and tells Dadi that Swara had kidnapped her. Everyone looks at Swara with doubt. Swara cries and tells Sanskar that she is tired of proving her innocence. She says whenever Ragini points finger on her, everyone doubts her. Sanskar says she is acting. Swara says I have seen fear in her eyes and says she thought I have done bad with her. Sanskar says it is punishment for her. Swara says someone had really kidnapped Ragini and says I have to find out the person behind her kidnapping.

Durga Prasad talks to Police and says they are coming to take her statement. Sujata says people will take their family name wrongly. She reads the headlines which she made herself. Annapurna asks her to keep quiet and says we don’t have proof. Sujata says Ragini

said that Swara did her kidnapping. Durga Prasad says Ragini lied before also and says we couldn’t trust her until it is proved. He says Police thinks that it is done by someone insider. Sujata says Swara is the one who had hidden Ragini near sea where fishes are there. Someone spy on them.

Sanskar is going somewhere secretly. Laksh follows him. He opens his car and tries to clean clutch. Laksh comes and says Ragini pointed finger at Swara, but I know that she didn’t do kidnapping. He doubts on Sanskar. Sanskar says I don’t have long hairs and laughs. Laksh says you are good in changing your get up. Sanskar says may be you have kidnapped Ragini. Laksh says truth will be out soon and that red blanket girl’s face will be revealed soon. Someone enters Maheshwari house wearing same red blanket and mask on her face. She comes to Ragini’s room. Ragini wakes up, gets scared and asks who are you? She asks her to leave her alone and shouts for help. It is Ragini’s dream. Swara and Dadi are beside her. Ragini sees Swara beside her and tells Dadi that Swara will kill her. Dadi asks Swara to go. Ragini asks Dadi to tell Swara to go. Swara leaves.

Annapurna thinks about Ragini’s words that Swara had kidnapped her. She comes to Swara’s room and sees her nowhere. She thinks even almari and windows are open. She tries to close the almari and sees red shawl/blanket inside. She wonders if Ragini’s doubt is true. She doubts on Swara……..

Inspector comes to take Ragini’s statement and asks her to tell something about the kidnapper. Ragini says no. Annapurna asks her to tell Inspector that she has a doubt on Swara. Everyone is shocked. Sumi asks how can you say that without any proof. Durga Prasad says Ragini didn’t see Swara’s face and just doubted her. He says we don’t have any proofs. He tells Inspector that this info might be enough for investigation. Inspector agrees to ignore Annapurna’s doubt and says this is conspiracy of the insider only. He asks him to inform him if he gets any proofs. They leave. Durga Prasad asks Dadi and Sumi to take Ragini to her room and asks Utara to help them. Annapurna comes back and shows red shawl to Durga Prasad saying it is a proof which we saw in the video. Everyone is shocked.

Durga Prasad asks where did you get it? Ragini identifies that blanket and says it is that blanket. Durga Prasad asks where did you get it? Annapurna says I got it from Swara’s room. Swara says in my room……..Annapurna says you was not in your room yesterday night, and when I went there, I got this blanket. Durga Prasad says we can’t doubt on Swara because of this blanket. Annapurna says we have seen Ragini crying looking at Swara, and says that Swara had slapped her. Sujata says she is sure that swara is behind the kidnapping and tells that Swara was missing when Ragini was kidnapped.

Swara has taken Simar’s help to know the truth and a secret unfolds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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