Swaragini 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar getting Swara’s ring in one of the diya and shouts Swara. Swara hears his voice and feels like someone have called her. Sanskar takes the ring. Laksh says it is wrong to pick someone diya. Sanskar shouts Swara and says she is here…..They come inside the temple and pray…Swara is seen inside the temple just infront of Sanskar, but they couldn’t see each other. Natkhat Bansi Wale plays…………….Sanskar opens his eyes and sees Swara right infront of him taking aarti. Before he could stop her, Swara goes. He shouts Swara. Laksh says it might be your thinking. Sanskar says I have seen her here. Swara asks Sahil to be there and goes inside again. Sanskar says I will bring her and prove that she is alive. Laksh prays to God to prove Sanskar right. Sanskar comes out

and collides with Sahil, says sorry. He checks his lamp and tells Laksh that he prayed that he shall get his Swara and he found her. He spots Swara again and shows to Laksh. He runs after the car. Laksh asks are you sure? Sanskar says yes. Laksh says we should follow the car and Swara might be coming home.

Ragini comes home and asks Dadi if she took Sumi for aborting her child. Dadi asks her to get inside and asks her not to get involved in the matters. Ragini says Sumi is my mum and the baby is my brother or sister. Dadi says that baby is inauspicious, I made Sumi understand and she agreed. Ragini calls Shekhar and Sumi. They come out. Ragini asks Sumi if she agreed for abortion. Shekhar is shocked. Dadi says this baby is inauspicious and have eaten Swara. Shekhar asks until when she will hurt them. Dadi says can’t you see my pain. Shekhar says we have lost our daughter too, and says he will not let Sumi abort her child. Sumi shouts and asks them to stop it. She cries badly and says she just needs her Shona, and says she can’t live without her. Laksh calls Ragini and asks where is she? Ragini says she came to baadi. Laksh tells her that Sanskar saw Swara there, and says don’t know if he really saw her, or it was just his perception. Ragini gets happy and informs everyone that they have found Swara. She says Laksh and Sanskar have seen Swara in hooghly temple. Sumi sits down happily. Ragini says she might be our Swara, and says this baby is not inauspicious and may be we will get our Swara because of this baby.

Sahil and Swara are in the car. Swara looks at her hand and wonders where is her ring. Sanskar tells Laksh that he saw her Swara and found her ring. He says I made this design for Swara and I am 100 percent sure. Laksh says I hope it is not your perception. Sahil asks Swara to relax else her memory will go. Swara says you are laughing on me. Sahil gets a call. He tells his mom that he is going to Kolkata to drop Swara. Maya asks him to drop her safely. He asks her to ask Kaka to make his favorite dish. Swara says even I like it. Sahil says shall I take a U turn. Maya tells Keshtu that Sahil is looking happy because of Swara and says she will bring her in Sahil’s life. Ragini calls Durga Prasad and says Swara’s car is coming towards Kolkata. Durga Prasad looks hopeful and says come soon Swara……Sahil and Swara are on the way…..Sahil sings Hasi Bangaye…..and looks at Swara….Swara looks at him and smiles.

Ragini lights the agarbatti and tells Sumi that they shall keep a small puja as Swara is returning. Sumi says she will talk to Dadi. Shakti show mum and daughter come there and asks Sumi to give some sugar. Other neighbor asks why did you tied her hands. Ragini asks what is your name? Nimmi says Soumya. Nimmi says she is very mischievious. Ragini asks in which class is she studying? Soumya says she don’t go to school, but her younger sister goes to school. They leave. Neighbors discuss about her. Sumi says may be she is helpless. Ragini says you are saying right and says only a mum thinks of her child’s betterment. Sumi tells Ragini that they shall light diya. Soumya tells that she wants to go to school. Nimmi says you are my intelligent daughter, and don’t need to go to school. Soumya says I want to make friends. Nimmi says I am your friend.

Sujata tells Durga Prasad that they shall show Sanskar to doctor and he is seeing Swara everywhere. Annapurna asks her to calm down and asks don’t you want Swara to come back. Sujata says I hope Swara is fine and return home soon. Just then Parineeta hears them and tray falls from her hand in shock. She asks what you said about Swara. Annapurna says it seems Swara is alive and will return home. Parineeta is shocked and thinks Swara knew about her secret and truth. She says I have to do something to save myself else….Sujata asks what you are saying? Parineeta says how can she be Swara? If she is Swara then I am very happy. I couldn’t believe that she is alive and returning home. Adarsh says it is a good news. Ragini prays to God to bring Swara back. Sumi says I am hopeful that she will return. Swara comes to Baadi…while Sumi and Ragini are praying.

Sumi says I was about to take a wrong step, but I will not do anything as such and will not cry. She says my Shona will return and tells God that she yearns to hear Shona’s voice. Just then Swara comes and calls Maa….Ragini and Sumi turn to look at her. Swara smiles happily.

Sanskar throws flower petals on Swara and shows his face as he moves the bouquet. Swara tells Sumi that he is the person who shot her and made her fall in river. Sanskar and everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Awesome
    Finally we see swasan confrontation and love story ????

  2. Omg !!!!!!! I just cant believe swara has returned …… We all know that swara would definitely return and it is also shown in precap …. But still i had a doubt that these all would be some one’s dream ; as nothing would happen so easily in serials…… Anyways im very happy but also sad that sanky is gonna be depressed by swara’s saying tomorrow

  3. pooor sanky but nice episode

  4. horrible precap… sanskar sees ring and takes it and shoves sahil diya.. sanlak bond super… atlast sanky saw swara.. awesome episode,..

  5. Just hope ragini will get equal sreen space as swara

  6. devakhi&swasan

    thanks for the update fantastic update


    1. Ragini got importance from the first..arrh…usiki badolat swasan and raglak huye hai…first whole year was about her nautanki and planning plotting…Raglak huye hai iss baat ka shukar manao..kyuki aur koi serial Hota toh waha ese crazy love ko kabhi success nehi milta…can u tell me one perfect reason for anyone to like Ragini? Every guy wants a wife and not a perfect housewife..Ragini was like this only..no one would like a girl who has no personality and Rags…she is like dadima bole toh ha aur na bole toh na…..and swasan r the main leads…Raglak..parallel leads…toh yeh toh honahi tha..

      1. Oh my dear Jo b ho tum apna pass hi rukho apna dimag q ke dadi na Jo bole woh krna h to ye achi BT hoti h bark ki izat krti h woh and she is a perfect wife and housewife this time q ke abi wohi ghr ko sambal rai h and swasan and raglak dono apni jaga main lead h nh to aj tk jitni b poll have hain woha pr only swasan vote na ke unke sath raglak or aj hi ki bt h colour TV ne hi kha h raglak is magical couple main lead na hote to colour TV walo se ASA reply b na milta to islye apna dimag thora use kia kro to kuch sumj aye

      2. Oyeeee……don’t u try to mess with Mugu di…u keep your dimag jo hahi nehi with yourself…Raglak aur swasan dono lead hai….par Raglak parallel hai…Ragini has no personality…Aamal…telling about swara swara and swasan..now let me tell u….it was Ragini is was jealous of Swara,it was ragini who tried to kill her,it was Ragini who tried to copy swara,it was Ragini who tried to separate swasan…now if Swara matters so much in Ragini’s life then what can we do?And magical couple?The biggest joke of the world….aactually kaha jasaktahai…magic seh hi toh bana hai yeh couple…koi pyar nehi…just because biwi pagal thi isiliye pati ko useh accpet karna pada….this relationship was based on dhoka..lie….aur chut ki kitni umar hoti hai yeh sab jante hai…

  8. Initially ragini’s memory loss drama & now swara in real she is staying in past where sanskar is nowhere in her life…#utter#stupidity# Started hating this drama to de core…& I really think that few months down the lane this serial is gonna be sasural simar ka part 2 #maybe(phir se sasural swara ka) Coz makers r upbringing d track in d same way as dey showd in #ssk# Naagin, cheel, bhoot praith, black magic types..! 🙁

    1. Dnt wry swasan is the end game anyways.

  9. I am loving it, seriously after long time some sensible track, but little disappointed that this entire there is no raglak scenes.But happy that ragini is not show piece anymore.

  10. Pls yar phir ek bhar sanky ko depressed math dikao pls kitna handsome dikne wala sanky aaj kitna dul aur boring lag raha tha aur jald she jald in dono ko mila do sahil ko swara ki just fend hi rahane do ya phir uska uttara me sath mila do swasan kp Kuch math karo

  11. I mostly watch all raglak interviews and i think Namish has a crush on teju i just think so. Anyways the makers should so some lovely scenes of raglak they are just busy doing other works.I like swasan too but raglak are my favourite specially teju.

    1. Crush? Teju is a tomboy…If u r saying this on the basis of interviews and their behaviour with each other then just look at Varun and Teju..they share a better bond..

  12. I am angry with Swara..love ek fell hota hei kya use sanskar ke sath kuch mehcush nehi hota hea..murder karne ki koshis ki..jisne kia tha use toh vul gai bebakuf ladki..agar oha sebi bathe yadh hei to jiske bajashe pani me kudhi use vul gai..mann toh karta hea phirce pani me fekdhu sahed isbar kuch yadh a jai..I feel bad for sanskar..ur muje ye laksh ka behaviour ajeeb lagta hea swara kho gai but esa lagta hea ki use farak hi nehi parta ajeeb insan lagta…

  13. I’m watching this show only for Ragini…I know many people here hate her like hell because of her cheap tricks, trust me even I too don’t support her crazy obsession..but I definitely can’t hate her as I truly adore Tejaswi a lot courtesy her previous shows and her one hell of a work portraying the grey shaded character effortlessly.

    And I have no problem if there are less RagLak scenes because I can’t tolerate Laksh…So as long as Ragini gets a 2 minute appearance even, I ll watch the show?

    Hope SwaSan gets united soon because can’t watch VK in tears…too painful and after Ragini if I truly like anyone on the show it is one and only Sanskar?

    But I pray this show doesn’t turn into crap like SSK and before it becomes anymore weird the CVs should wrap it up keeping the essence of the story intact.

  14. Hi friends, im silent reader of this page but I loved today’s episode as I will get to see my fav tv couple ?????? #TeamSWasan ???

  15. Sahil can get lost tho ??? he was only good at sabki ladli bebo ???

  16. kuch bhi yaar. swara pahele laksh se pyar karti he fir sanskar se. use k sath sadhi bhi karti he or aub memory loss ho gaya or apne husband ko bhool gai to uski maa sharmishta ne use sach batana chaiye. lekin vo to pote poti k sath khelne k badle ye umer me baccha pada karne ne busy he. n what rubbish indian culture kuch he hi nai. lead actress ko har ladke se pyar ho jata he. writer or producer trp k liye apne culture ki vaat lagane betha he

  17. i am watching this show for swara & swasan ………..Like today’s episode ……….now-a-days i am liking lakshya too.

  18. Swara calls sanskar as a murderer
    That scene for so paining full of swasan lovers any ways arey new hero ko thanks bolke bhejdo uske gaon ko please unite swasan ko raglak ko aise hi kush rakhe

  19. Why dear friends argue with eachother comments iss serial age chalne keliye swaragini ke bahoot jaroori hain sirf swara se nahi serial chalega waise hamari hero’s be chahiye isliye comment karna hain tho plz swaragini ka khijiye ilove($wasan)love u to(raglak)

  20. I love raglak more then swasan….b/ c ragini is my one of the favorite actress.love. u ragini…

  21. swara to come acroos the biggest truth of her life in swaragini.!.
    swara who is currently suffering from partial memory loss will be shocked to learn a major truth in the upcoming days in swaragini.
    now you must be wondering what truth are we talking about.!
    well, swara is unaware about her marriage with sanskar and considers him to be a murderer will soon come to know about her martial status. she will witness a photograph of their marriage i.e. with sanskar and will be shaken to know the fact that she is married.
    she will be more traumatised on learning the fact the person, who she was presuming to be a murderer is actually her husband sanskar. in dazed state, she will leave the house.
    now it would be a good watch to see whether she accepts sanskar and leaves happily with him or refuses to go back to him.
    are you guys excited to see some swasan moments again on the show? do comment below.

  22. may be pari will join hands with sahil and try to seperate swasan and dont want swara to mm as she may reveal her truth to family.. are she may instigate sujju and ap against swaragini as both support shomi in her pregency…. using this situation pari will instigate sujju and ap against them.. hope sujju dont come in her or else its bad… definetly sujju comes in her trap. dont want she to come in her trap and want sujju comes to know about pari being involved with rajat game…

  23. I am worry about swasan. Sahil’s mother will take sahil and swara ‘s story.Today’s episode will cover a huge drama.

  24. What is the song whose music is played whenever swara is with sahil?

  25. Now i hate this serial because they show like girl love more boys firstly swalak , then swasan, now they want show swara and sahil
    If swara and sahil is friend is ok but if they show love means then its useless why i am say this

    In this serial most like husband and wife trust on eo but they will something i know whether it is right or wrong

  26. omg swara was return but swara memory loss is so bad swasan was suffering please we want swasan don’t do like that ……..

  27. This show was started as Swaragini and it is still Swaragini so guys its all about two sisters and their families where we use to see fights of Marwaran and Bangaalan. Now many new characters are there which is good to keep show going but i think both Swara and Ragini are amazing and there charaters are very Idol. I would request director to give this show an another level where we see more of Swaragini as a duo instead of Swasan or Raglak( whatever names people gave them in a repeated fashion of names)
    After all this is meant to be Swaragini . Keep the track and for the haters i would say stop hating the person . You may hate the character for sometime but i think they all are actors and doing their amazing Job.
    Rest this new story is bit off role but lets see whats next.

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