Swaragini 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Durga Prasad says they will be lucky if Swara like daughter becomes his bahu. He says it is his right decision and asks them to answer. He asks Laksh to stay in the house with Shekhar’s family. Swara and Laksh look at each other…………….Ragini is in shock and walks off cryingly. She recalls Durga Prasad’s words and then Dadi’s words that Laksh doesn’t love her. She recalls Swara’s love acceptance and cries miserably. Dadi comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Ragini wipes her tears, hugs her and starts crying again. She asks her not to think about it again and cry again. She asks her to end this matter right here and move on. She says now as Durga Prasad accepted this alliance, leave Laksh and Swara for themselves. She says I will get a good alliance for you, better than Laksh. Ragini

says you are right, may be he was not in my destiny. She says she is going to temple now, and will reach home directly. Dadi agrees and asks her to have strength. Ragini calls Sanskar and says she needs to meet him.

Laksh brings tea for everyone in ths hospital. Dada ji refuse to take it and leave from there. Even Shekhar refuses. Laksh sits down and tells that this time is not right for whatever papa has said. He says Durga Prasad wanted to set everything fine as he realized his mistake. He tells Dida will be fine soon. Swara tells she is going to sit with Dida and goes in the ward. Sumi tells I didn’t think that happiness will come along with sadness. Swara says my dida is very strong and will be fine. Laksh brings tea for Swara and Sumi. He mimics like Dida and asks her to take care of Shona. Swara and Sumi take the tea. Sumi says visiting hours are over, and asks her to go home with Shekhar. Swara says she will stay with Dida, and asks her to let her stay. Sumi agrees. Laksh says he will stay with her, and asks Sumi to go home. Sumi leaves.

Sumi tells that as Durga Prasad agreed for Laksh and Swara’s alliance, Laksh and Swara should talk to each other once. Ragini is still in the hospital and asks on phone, where are you? Sanskar comes indisguise of a ward boy and take her to isolated room. Ragini shouts and asks you are here in this attire. Sanskar says why did you call me? I asked you not to call me again. Ragini tells I have decided to end this matter and is fed up of this lie. I can’t bear this burden anymore. I want to tell everyone about the truth, whatever I have done, kidnapping, mms and everything. I did so bad that I hate even my reflection. Laksh is going from there. Sanskar asks what nonsence? Ragini asks him to try to understand. She says she can’t live without her family’s respect and love. She says she lost Laksh for forever. She says I will tell him everything before he comes to know from others. Sanskar asks why you want to do this. Ragini says she can’t do this drama anymore, and have less strength than him. She says I will tell everyone about you and me. Laksh sees Ragini talking to someone, and thinks she is talking to whom. He opens the door and is about to enter inside the room, but is interrupted by the nurse.

The nurse asks him to get Shobha’s medicine. Sanskar stops Ragini and says she can’t tell his secret. Ragini says I don’t have strength to hide it longer. She asks why you are worried, when you said that you don’t care for your family. She says our love made us helpless to do wrong. We are good from heart, and might have done wrong. She tells she lied to him and will not tell anyone about the secret( Evil and mad Ragini, more evil than her grand mum). She says until she gets Laksh, she will not inform anyone. She fools Sanskar and asks him to tell his story. Sanskar tells that Laksh gave his life’s pain, and tells about his girlfriend’s death. Sanskar says he will never let Swara and Laksh unite, and make her away from Laksh. Ragini says Laksh will be broken and she will act to pacify his wounds with her love. She says she knows her plan.

Utara gets Swara ready in a marwadi attire. Ragini changes her attire to Swara’s modern style, and thinks to woo Laksh with Swara’s attire and make up.

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  1. sruthi

    Hey frnds …. i got 93 out f 100 in tamil
    So happy

    hi my dear pradi anu n sara

    @liya come correctly 9 to 10…

    @sara wow wat a remix song… wat to do yaar. I m in 10 class so full portions na… but its superb dear….

    @olive pls come regularly..take care n bye

    • ?pradishma?

      hi sis …..Congratulations vidya….. ?????? u scored really nice marks …. and keep it up…btw where is my treat…. ?

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  3. sruthi

    Naan dhaan sruthi..
    I m sruthi…

    Talk means pesu..
    Tell means sollu
    God kadavul
    Temple kovil

    If u want to know any word in tamil.. tell me in eng .. i ll tell in tamil..

  4. sruthi

    Shut up – vaaya moodu.. or pesadha

    Idiot we can use many word lusu

    As per the wish of pradi, today full scolding words to scold fakers

    Eruma – buffalo
    Panni – pig
    Pisasu pei -devil n demons
    The most important word for scolding is lusu n panni….

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