Swaragini 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Durga Prasad says they will be lucky if Swara like daughter becomes his bahu. He says it is his right decision and asks them to answer. He asks Laksh to stay in the house with Shekhar’s family. Swara and Laksh look at each other…………….Ragini is in shock and walks off cryingly. She recalls Durga Prasad’s words and then Dadi’s words that Laksh doesn’t love her. She recalls Swara’s love acceptance and cries miserably. Dadi comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Ragini wipes her tears, hugs her and starts crying again. She asks her not to think about it again and cry again. She asks her to end this matter right here and move on. She says now as Durga Prasad accepted this alliance, leave Laksh and Swara for themselves. She says I will get a good alliance for you, better than Laksh. Ragini

says you are right, may be he was not in my destiny. She says she is going to temple now, and will reach home directly. Dadi agrees and asks her to have strength. Ragini calls Sanskar and says she needs to meet him.

Laksh brings tea for everyone in ths hospital. Dada ji refuse to take it and leave from there. Even Shekhar refuses. Laksh sits down and tells that this time is not right for whatever papa has said. He says Durga Prasad wanted to set everything fine as he realized his mistake. He tells Dida will be fine soon. Swara tells she is going to sit with Dida and goes in the ward. Sumi tells I didn’t think that happiness will come along with sadness. Swara says my dida is very strong and will be fine. Laksh brings tea for Swara and Sumi. He mimics like Dida and asks her to take care of Shona. Swara and Sumi take the tea. Sumi says visiting hours are over, and asks her to go home with Shekhar. Swara says she will stay with Dida, and asks her to let her stay. Sumi agrees. Laksh says he will stay with her, and asks Sumi to go home. Sumi leaves.

Sumi tells that as Durga Prasad agreed for Laksh and Swara’s alliance, Laksh and Swara should talk to each other once. Ragini is still in the hospital and asks on phone, where are you? Sanskar comes indisguise of a ward boy and take her to isolated room. Ragini shouts and asks you are here in this attire. Sanskar says why did you call me? I asked you not to call me again. Ragini tells I have decided to end this matter and is fed up of this lie. I can’t bear this burden anymore. I want to tell everyone about the truth, whatever I have done, kidnapping, mms and everything. I did so bad that I hate even my reflection. Laksh is going from there. Sanskar asks what nonsence? Ragini asks him to try to understand. She says she can’t live without her family’s respect and love. She says she lost Laksh for forever. She says I will tell him everything before he comes to know from others. Sanskar asks why you want to do this. Ragini says she can’t do this drama anymore, and have less strength than him. She says I will tell everyone about you and me. Laksh sees Ragini talking to someone, and thinks she is talking to whom. He opens the door and is about to enter inside the room, but is interrupted by the nurse.

The nurse asks him to get Shobha’s medicine. Sanskar stops Ragini and says she can’t tell his secret. Ragini says I don’t have strength to hide it longer. She asks why you are worried, when you said that you don’t care for your family. She says our love made us helpless to do wrong. We are good from heart, and might have done wrong. She tells she lied to him and will not tell anyone about the secret( Evil and mad Ragini, more evil than her grand mum). She says until she gets Laksh, she will not inform anyone. She fools Sanskar and asks him to tell his story. Sanskar tells that Laksh gave his life’s pain, and tells about his girlfriend’s death. Sanskar says he will never let Swara and Laksh unite, and make her away from Laksh. Ragini says Laksh will be broken and she will act to pacify his wounds with her love. She says she knows her plan.

Utara gets Swara ready in a marwadi attire. Ragini changes her attire to Swara’s modern style, and thinks to woo Laksh with Swara’s attire and make up.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. ByE everyone i am leaving this site somewhere for pradishma to have it as a better place my cousin Ananya will be here but so bye Varshini u were always my favorite ??

  2. Ahana

    swara can change a negative character into posetive(DP) but ragini changed herself to negative from positive….. here the difference between swara & ragini….. so ragini dont try, u can not make yourself like swara. u can only dressed like swara……
    l love u swara.. lakah your choice is very good …….

  3. Dreamer ?

    Thanks for the update MA ? I have a feeling that Ragini might be lying and acting to be negative in front of Sanskaar ? Maybe she really realised her mistake and is probably trying to trick Sanskaar and unite Swalak and end the enmity between Laksh and Sanskaar…? But the precap is slightly misleading ? I wonder if Ragini has really changed or if she is still caught up in her crazy grey mode ? But I really hope my intuition is right and Ragini is actually pretending to be negative in front of Sanskaar ? Fingers crossed ? On the bright side…DP accepted Swalak ✨? Yippee ?

    – Dreamer ?

  4. JM


    • Dreamer ?

      I am good Akka ? Yup it’s really good that DP accepted Swalak ?? I am now waiting for Ragini to reform back into the sweet ole’ Ragini ? Hopefully that will happen soon too ? Anyways…how are you Akka?

  5. AmudhaPonnan

    Ragini is innocent …swara and laksh used her innocence from first … Ragini will change ..and swara is always hyperactive … So I hate swara ..and laksh worst and selfish charcter ..he too used ragini for his brother health la…

  6. annah?(anu)

    I juz hateeee ragini…..wen rags was an innocent gal…….I thot how can she be so nyc wen most of her family members r cruel…..but now it is ryt ….her dadi is an evil her Dada is an evil n even her father did injustice b4! So this was to happen…………..I hate rags to d core!! Specially wen she bcums evil from innocent….
    I luv swara!!_ she is amazing!!!! Her smile, her dressing,her attitude… Everything! Even rags was gud b4 wen she was innocent….. She looked cute….but now I hate her!

    All d best swaraa

  7. Rajkumari Irina

    Ragini is really mad…whtz on her mind so stupid!!! i hate her so much….I dobt want to seprte swalaksh they r so cute couple! psycholar sanskaar n ragini..i dnt knw wht thy will do nxt still but abt ragini plan I knw some…n abt sanskaar m worried of his nxt plan…n today episode sanskaar luk strange he’s so worried abt somethng !!! n dat he hide dat secrt frm ragino too….m dying to knw wht dat will be!!!!! If by any chance sanskaar fall in love wit swara wt will do !! I dnt want dat hpn!

    • annah?(anu)

      Agrree wid u rajkumari Irina…if that happens then again more misunderstandings will take place

  8. sruthi

    To my tu frnz..

    Today(27 june) is my best frnd’s birthday….
    Happy birthday yaar

    I wished my frnd…
    I want u all to wish my frnd for happy n long life … thank u

  9. Isha Rawat

    Ragini is so stupid.I hate her…..I just want to see swara and laksh together…. I like SWALAK….and dida plz jaldi theek ho jao….I like u so much

  10. hi, pradishima ! r u fine baby. dat fake person did not trouble u so much. actualy i had read yr comments. feeling so bad for u. now everything is ok na!

  11. i think u r right. may be i didnt notice u. actualy i using internet after long time. by d way yr profile pic is nice. who is dis?

  12. okay , now i ve to go for complete my practical file. i have more enjoy wid u n i will more n more fun wid u. after sum time. plz w8 for me. u r a very nice person. my darling anu now byeee…e. have fun! sweetheart. i will back soon.

  13. Sunaina

    Why is ragini doing all dis!!!i liked her when she was gud!!!!plzzz make her gud ago coz her character does not suit when she is in a negative role!!!

  14. ✨pradishma✨

    Anu that aditi is such a cheap yaar before she said she is leaving and then again comes with fake name like ananya and aditi….. and telling everyone that she is leaving cuz of me…. such a loser fake and characterless yaar…. I will also include her name to relpy tu team…. they asked me what or thier names and which pg…. hope that rascal aditi goes from here to her small matunga road….

  15. Ragini u r also like ur dadi and Dada…u never attract laksh coz he luv swara’s heart not her dress …..
    Plz swara don’t change ur look……u look gud in modern dress…??
    I just hate ragini…

    • ✨pradishma✨

      anu U kno when she did not have any dp jus pink pattern that time only she made her fake account and said someone made my too but she only did it ….cuz she thinks that v r popular cuz people makes our fake account and she also thought that she will also be popular… that day only I saw her true colors…. and some one told also that she made her fake account…. she is nothing less than a MORON…..

  16. shabbu

    im [email protected]

  17. You Pradishma Nagvekar or whatever i am not going to plead for your frendship and all but i just want to fight with Moron

  18. sruthi

    Sry its 100 but my net is slow.. so ots late…
    Aditi stop talking against pradi u only said u want to be frnd with her…why u are talking like this aditi… pls stop it…

  19. sruthi

    U shut up aditi. U r not having rights to say anything abt me n pradi… who r u cheap?… u are a nonsense idiot….

    • ✨pradishma✨

      U don’t need to teach my frnds what to do dumbo can’t u see v don’t want to talk to u…

  20. Will u ppl just shit the f**k up now i am trying to be nice with pradishma and yo ppl are poking ur witch noses if i talk disrespectfully u have a problem if i be nice u have a problem stop poking ur noses

    • ✨pradishma✨

      ANd they r not poking in… up r cmg in
      In our chats and I don’t give a damm to haters cuz haters gonna hate hate and hate whatever v do haters will keep hating…. and u stop putting ur wicked low class nose between me and my frnds cuz I won’t bear anyone who insults or hurt my frnds… take it to ur grave understood loser…

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Y would she get jealous…. infact u r getting jealous of mine and vidya’s frndship our bond and our trust… she will never be jealous on her frnds cuz she knows that v will never forget her…. v have faith on each other…

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Stop it OK they or not strangers to me nor anu… they r my frnds and they will never ever do anything that will hurt me and I don’t want to be ur frnd cuz I don’t want a faker to be my frnd …vidya is my bff she has right on me….

    • ✨pradishma✨

      First U need to go to a sycatrist and don’t worry v will donate some money to u…. no need of begging in front of us…

  21. anonymous

    Will U stop it aditi… Can’t u see tat they are not willing to talk to u… !!! Then y u r uttering the same thing.!! Huh!!!

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Ya right v don’t want to talk to her than also she is pleading to talk with us btw thanks

  22. ✨pradishma✨

    STop aditi from matunga whatever… don’t ever say a word against my frnds…. until now u have only seen bad side of mine don’t force me to show my worst side.. cuz I have…. and u loser aditi don’t u kno what tu team does if u abuse people….. don’t cross ur small limits loser aditi who makes fake accounts of herself jus to get popular…. AND everyone knows that how much u pleaded to become my frnd….

  23. sruthi

    Yes pradi…… leave her….
    Aditi u r saying i got jealous… but u were jealous abt pradi …. bcuz she is popular…. u itself said
    to pradi that “”u are popular so i want to join wit u all””

  24. Olive

    By the way yesterday I had a chat with some riya.. Who was very sweet.. I think you were talking about her

    • ✨pradishma✨

      He had 102° fever but then also he shooted overnight and by morning he was fully sick even his throat is not well its 25000 something which should be 10000 his mom came to take care of him and he will need a complete bed rest for a week I read it on insta….hope he will be fine yaar and also our beloved niti is is also suffering from cold and even some people abused her…. for parth she is upset now….

  25. annah?(anu)

    @ Aditi…….u know wat….u showed how characterless cheap dumbo u r. N by fyting wid us more u will juz prove wat type of stupid donkey u r! I know u will comment on my this statement also……and I want u to do this….cuz I wanna prove it to all that such a cheap moron u r!

  26. annah?(anu)

    Hiii olive! N prads juz let that stupid donkey Aditi bark……..
    Hahahahahaaha!!! Prads…u know y I m laughing?

    Coz I first tym saw a donkey barking coz usually dogs bark!! He he he???????????????????

    • ?pradishma?

      Good one anu…. ????m also seeing a donkey barking for the first time….. Lol she is such a moron yaar me vidya and priti di were jus chatting she suddenly came and said to vidya that she should not put her nose in…. I mean she is putting her nose in and saying to vidya such a creep… anyways sis ssup…

    • annah(anu)

      Thanx prads…..u know its not my fault….I had warned her b4 to control her mouth….cuz once I open mine….

      Let it be……n say..wassup

      • ?pradishma?

        HEy anu and hi nishu…. I saw u fighting with arati for using abuse for no reason good one nishu…. and anu I kno u had warned…..and u said what she deserves

    • ?pradishma?

      Dunno yaar she was abusing a girl on manmarziyan without any reason…. so nishi helped rani…. to whom arati abused badly…. so I was happy that she supported right thing btw call or me prads di

      • ?pradishma?

        Fake olive if u hate sweets…. keep hating loser and get lost from here u creep v also kno to abuse and don’t force me to abuse u… take it to ur grave

    • annah(anu)

      Calm down dear…….v all know u r real…..u have a do of manan…..so chill n let her say whatever she wants…
      To real olive wid dp

    • ?pradishma?

      Keep hating fake olive…. v didn’t asked u to love it and if u hate it go to some other written update sites … don’t mess with us

    • why would i make anyone fool.. i wasa here just because i had nothing to do and found nice people here so stop this madness

    • ?pradishma?

      Don’t you get it u blo*dy loser…. v kno who is our real olive… here nobody is ur frnd u creep fake just get lost

  27. annah(anu)

    Fake olive…(wid no dp) I m telling u….stay away…..or else u will be badly hurt!

  28. Dreamer ?

    Please please please don’t comment under the name of another and hurt their feelings ???It’s really not a nice thing to do so please do stop doing this ? It’s my humble request ??

    • ?pradishma?

      Shut up asshole fake v kno who is real and our olive doesn’t abuses anyone… which u did and calling ur self real and u loser…. ???????u kno ANU y m I laughing cuz real olive doesn’t knows Hindi only…. lol…. u Fake… jus shut up

      • ?pradishma?

        U don’t tell me who is real u came jus now but she was before and v can make it who was real u fake jus get lost and f**k ur parents….

  29. annah(anu)

    FAKE OLIVE…….I understand…..u need sum mental treatment…. Sorry dear……..I understood it now……Donn worry ok? U go to a gud doctor u will be OK……….

    If u need I will give u some money also….????????

    blo*dy foollll

  30. annah(anu)

    Yes yes fake olive….I know….as u have mental problem, u donn understand anything n start laughing…..let it be a joke, a sad situation or anything…. Mad pplz who have lost their mental ability……r lyk this……
    .so chilll

  31. annah(anu)

    Hey prads n olive…..u noticed sumthing??

    That mad fake olive accepted herself that she is mad…..n mad pplz only do this……So;

    Fake olive= mad
    Hence proved!!

    How r my geometry skills olive n prads???

  32. Dreamer ?

    Just ignore her guys…the more we start replying to her and initiating a conversation with her, the more likely she is to insult and abuse us back. So let’s just ignore her and not let her spoil our happy mood ? We know who the real Olive is (She never abuses, is super kind and has a DP ?) and no one can trick us into believing that she is fake ? Stay happy guys ?

  33. annah(anu)

    Hey olive…. I heard bout this movie…please do tell me how is it….pleaseeeee!!!!

  34. sruthi

    Jurassic world is super flim. I watched it in 3d… so good…anu….

    Hi dreamer.. enna panreenga

    • sruthi

      U can Never be our frnd bcuz u faked my friend…but we know who is real… so get lost fake…

    • i pity you… seriously!!! who does like this.. if you wanted friends you could have just came and said hi.. that would be enough.. these guys are very nice to nice people and you just lost them with your craziness.. im sorry whatever name yours is.. i also cant be your friend!

    • ?pradishma?

      Yep she is…. I dunno whole thing but arati abused rani without any reason and bad mouthed about her parents so nishu supported her…. and that arati is using the same dialogue which v use for our enimes so was jus seeing how that loser arati will take that….

  35. annah(anu)

    @ fake olive juz get lost! U know I think u lack geometry skills…..all saying it is correct n u r saying it is wrong…..I donn talk wid losers who r poor in studies…….n after ur so called fun wid us…..no one is gonna be ur friend…Hugh get lost from here

    • someone just took my name and started inappropriate comments on everybody here.. so pradishma and anu were helping..
      such a sweethearts they are.. im so glad for what they did for me…
      and now the faker wants to be friends with everybody here..

    • i speak only english sruthi.. we are taught french and spanish in class..
      i kind of understand hindi now after my visit here

  36. sruthi

    @anu pradi
    Now i m tamil teacher for liya and arjuni of nauc… liya learnt four tamil words….

  37. sruthi

    Were r u residing olive

    Anu i want u to be a master ( master is for boys i think .wat is for girls i forgot ) in geometry…..hehehehe

  38. sruthi

    Sure olive…
    Class starts at swaragini page at 9 pm..
    Swaragini is on 9 30 … so i ll teach in yesterday episode…(if it is 30 june class i ll tell in 29 june page )

  39. Teach me [email protected]

  40. sruthi

    Sure sara… timing 9 ok. i told todays word for liya n arjuni
    Now for u both
    Seri – ok
    Illa – no..
    We ll start from the first .

    • yes she is very nice person sruthi.. but everybody are angry with my my cousin and now friends over here.. but i did not create a mess i just wanted to be friends 🙁 🙁

  41. hello guys.. i wanted to tell you guys something that olive wants me to tell as she feels so ashamed that she lied and you guys wont be her friends anymore..
    in fact olive is not 9th she is much more younger.. she thought you guys wont talk to her if you think she is a child.. so she lied.. after you guys proved that you care for her so much she feels very bad.. olive is beside me and crying.. can anyone tell her its ok and you can be her friend even after this?

    • ?pradishma?

      No sry…
      V can’t I think its u only fake olive…. v can never ever be frnds and m the smallest person here but I don’t do these kind of stupidity and she did it and u call it a fun or mistake…. stop it

      • ?pradishma?

        AnD don’t u see what mess she did…. anyways u r also cheap like her supporting others in thier wrong deeds and v don’t care if she lied about her age…. cuz she is not our frnd to whom v should be upset….

      • pradi.. please dont talk to her like that.. she is very elder than you also.. and i didnt do any mistake please trust me..

  42. please try to forgive her… it nothing for somebody grownup… but she is a kid and she takes it very serious.. anyway im leaving nice to meet you guys..

    • ?pradishma?

      Bye…. this melo drama doesn’t works here…. if she is a kid then don’t give her phones and these sites to use …let her cry or die

      • I thought you were my friend pradishma.. i didnt do any harm by saying im in 9th std.. did i use any harsh language against you or anybody else here.. that fake was not me.. it was somebody else.. if you dont trust me then how can you call me a friend?

      • ?pradishma?

        Wait a minute Olivia is that ur sis…..??
        If urs then m sry buddy I thought she was of fake olvie’s sis….. so I said that… and y she was apologizing

    • ?pradishma?

      ANd who the hell r u to say this u creep…. u r a staranger and a moron so better be in ur class

  43. why you trouble people innocent like Olive , Someone Aditi , prachi just forgive them and prove you are a good person

    • ?pradishma?

      Says u and by interfering in our matters u r showing what u r a typical woman who wants to put her wicked nose in others matter u aunty….??

      • ?pradishma?

        Olivia reply me above what happened I really don’t kno buddy and y sushma was apologizing and for whom….

    • ?pradishma?

      U learn manners and don’t interfere in our matters I dont have time to talk with beggers…. and I kno u will reply to my comment so my leaving…teach ur so called manners to ur children… and don’t teach me manner u need to learn it saying ur age openly on public site u shameless housewife…..????

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes I don’t have cuz this site is not for teaching manners u b*t*h jus get lost….. blo*dy loser…. putting ur wicked nose in our matter ….. shame on u ??????????????????????

    • but these people are nice.. i didnt told them my correct age.. and my cousin got very agry that i lied.. and pradishma talked to her like that.. i wanted to introduce them to my cousin but… 🙁

  44. Pradi… Sushma is my cousin.. she is working in CTS.. she just saw me on computer for so long and asked me what i was doing.. so i showed the chat we did… she was very happy first and then said hi to everybody…
    Then she saw my comments from few days before.. where i commented that im 9th Std.. but im not..
    she said i cant lie to anybody.. so she asked me tell you guys the truth.. i was afraid that i’ll lose you guys so she herself told everything..

      • ?pradishma?

        No buddy infact I didn’t knew only what happened when I gone….. and so what u lied a little u did it cuz u thought it would be better buddy no one is angry on u….. and please say sorry to ur cousin I abused her by misunderstanding her as fake s sis sry about that buddy

  45. Dont curse Aditi kids just be friends when you all will be an adult like me you remember all your friends and wish to comminucate with them

    • ?pradishma?

      V Don’t want to be her frnd got that…. and v remember our frnds and she was not our frnd…. she was jus a stranger to us…. and frndship is earned not said…..

  46. ?pradishma?

    @olivia No yaar…. I mean buddy I never be angry on my frnds whom I trust…. and nishi also once lied to me…. but jus she doesn’t want to lose my frndship and u also did the same thing…. and anu don’t be angry on frnds…. don’t worry buddy

  47. Dreamer ?

    I’m so sorry guys ? I was busy with something and that’s why I wasn’t able to comment here earlier ?
    Yup sure dear ? I would love to be your friend ?
    Vanakkam Sruthi ? Neenga Eppadi irukkinga?
    It’s really okay my dear ? I understand that you were just trying to fit in and make New friends and that’s why you lied about your age…it’s completely okay but just remember that we will always accept you as our friend just the way you are ? Stay happy and enjoy the movie ?

    • hey dream… thats very sweet.. im so happy i got you guys… 🙂 but the movie just got postponed 🙁 🙁 🙁 its raining heavily here..

      • mom says i should not go anywhere now… i may fall ill and wont be fit for the flight.. 🙁 i dont know when will i come back to india

  48. annah(anu)

    If u r her dad u wud not say that she is an idiot…….no father can ever tell her daughter an idiot….so stop this drama

  49. annah(anu)

    Its OK olive…. So what if u r in 6th….one day u will be in 10th……now be happy n enjoy ur lyf dear…..cuz I being in 9th miss my 5th 6th…….

  50. guys…. guess what.. my cousin is getting jurrasic world to home and we’ll watch it here…. im very happyyyy….
    good night every one.. im so glad you forgave me and accepted me as i am…
    Love you guys..

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh pls don’t u kno that I have a dp and u don’t…. and which emoji u r using now I used to use that before u loser

  51. annah(anu)

    Nope Sara….I donn know…….n even I donn wanna know_!! Sorry dear..

    Hii Richa!! M anu

    • annah(anu)

      Luk Aditi, even v donn wanna talk wid u…..n y do u always have to insult us?? U came here to talk to Sara…..OK, fine! But no need of insulting us

  52. I am not willing to insult u but u all have a biggggggg hobby of insulting me like yesterday naa just forgive me i dont want to fight with you every now and then

    • ?pradishma?

      SHut ur blo*dy mouth and no need of talking disrespectfully to my anu….. I will be the worst person u have ever seen then…..if u utter a single word about me or my sis u will surely have to pay for it.. take it to ur grave understood…..!!!

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes v hate u to the core….. but u first gave a taunt… not us ok… so she replied… and I don’t have hobby of talking to beggers….

  53. You are already the worst person i have seen i am talking to Sara and not u blo*dy badmouths have nuts in lunch dumb gal its my birthday and i know you are a spoiler of my day so get lost

  54. dida get well soon ur shona needs u….swara u r so awsome yaar lv u so much ummahhh…its really funny to see rags in modern look it doesnt suits her she is not look better than swara…rags typical indian dress suits u yaar u r so cute in dat dress…hope u just acting to expose sanskar….hope u two change soon and fall for wach other…bt i afraid dat sanskar marry swara.. noo i dont want swara-sanskar…i want swalak…nd want swaragini unite..want sisters bonding….anywayzzz lv swaragini . nd LV U SWARA..ummah

  55. annah(anu)

    Aditi I told u na no need of talking wid us!! Y r u after us yarrrr….. N for ur kind info…..it was u yesterday who started insulting……..wat do u think??? U will say anything n v will listen to u lyk Dumbos!! If u wud not have hurted ppl yesterday….or even b4 that then v wud have been frnz!

    U know wat, I didn’t want to fyt wid u today…..but today also u started…….

    Its ur b’day today na, so wish u a happy b’day……now plz stop hurting other ppl n go n enjoy ur b’day! Pleaseeee! U only came here to talk wid Sara na ….so juz talk wid her……


    • annah(anu)

      N yes! Stop replying prads! U know Aditi, she looked up to u lyk her sister only……it was u who broke her trust by making a fake of ur own self! N now I have a doubt that u were jealous cuz she had many frnz……. Let me tell u that frnz can only be made by understandingness, loyalty,trust n by helping n supporting him/her in difficult tyms……….

      But now forget it…………..u have lost us n v have lost u……

    • ?pradishma?

      V kno that u said hi to Sara but u indirectly gave us ur meaningless taunt also…. so v replied and don’t speak to anu in that tone….

    • ?pradishma?

      For ur kind info sara and varshi di r our frnds before u made…. they will speak bad about us ok….

  56. Guys plZ forgive me yaar i dont want to fight plzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • ?pradishma?

      Don’t call us ur yaar n all got that….. forgive u…. don’t think about first u say this then again u r back on what u r….. I don’t like talking to cheapster

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh really then thanks for the compliment I always wanted that compliment which u cheap gave….. u kno I go to acting classes also..so I love that compliment….

  57. These people are very nice and lovely but they dont like me yaar i like them however but they want me to not talk to them

  58. sruthi

    I m seeing anarkalis to buy online for my birthday pradi.. u

    Leave them.. i took a descicion that i ll only talk with my frnds and i ll not fight with this stupids until they talk abt me n my frnz…

    And pradi on that day aaaaa came know… aaaaaaa and abcedfg are same. I saw their symbol…

  59. shabbu

    when will ragini understand tat laksh loves swara not her.. its irritating to see ragini in the precap!

  60. Sherliya

    Pinky,2days class nee-u
    i studied

  61. sruthi

    Now oly i told liya in nauc …

    Nee – u
    Naan – i
    Ellorum – all
    Seri – ok.yes. rght
    Thappu – wrong
    Amma – mother
    appa – father…

  62. sruthi

    Thank u shabbu.. its my pleasure

    U have to reply nalla irukken..

    I love u meean
    Naan unna love panren..
    There are many words in one meaning…

    From tomorrow sentence…. need full attendence..

    • shabbu

      hmm seri liya… nalla vilayadu!!! apparam neenga kallurikku poringala illa pallikku poringala??

      how is this sruthi??

  63. shabbu

    no need of thanks liya.. i like to teach as well,,

    well i will give u a hint for the above question.. u guess it ok!!

    • shabbu

      illai naan tamil naattil irukken adaan tamil pesuren..

      im a muslim yaar.. n im urdu speaking!!

  64. sruthi

    Ok bye frnds.. … i ll not come for 1 week bcoz examm…c u next sunday.
    Miss u guys very much….if i get time i ll chat with u in fb…bubye love u…..
    Miss u…. bye… take care….

  65. ?pradishma?

    Vidya all the very best for ur exam dear….m sure u will score good marks. Tc study well….. ?

    • ?pradishma?

      Shut up don’t want talk with me I don’t talk with beggers OK i kno its ur drama to get back at us cuz until v hate u
      U won’t be popular got that loser

  66. 995?pradishma?

    So don’t even talk to me…. I have a class which u don’t have… and everyone here knows that u wanted to be popular by using me…. and when ur true face was revealed u showed exactly what u are

  67. See pradishma i dont want to be popular now at least if u ask why the answer is bcoz becoming popular means ppl just use u and be fakesters to curse you so that isnt nice !! But please at least forgive me

    • 995?pradishma?

      Shut up don’t u get that…. v forgive those ppl who r our frnd not strangers and no will forgive u…. cuz its ur melo drama to be friends with us… which will never happen at least not with me…..!!

  68. N

    Hmm sry to say bt the fact s, no use ragini u won’t get lucky’s luv by doing dis so btr stop all these

    • shabbu

      Were r u from Sara?? Coz here in India we just opened our fast n maghrib prayer is also over!!

  69. Olive

    I wonder how you do fasting whole day Sara.. It must be very hard.. I hope God gives you what ever you desire for..

  70. I have told the same thing to all these cursers here but there hobby of crusing me to death will not go away easily

    • Olive

      It’s ok aditi.. If it takes time let it be.. You talk normally and then everything will be sorted out and no one curses you for no reason.. They were hurt I guess.. Butt if you talk normally then there won’t be fights..

  71. SaRa u had told me n prads to be nice but she didnt listen to you and u should not said that to me without reading what i have said anyways gal whatsup

  72. annah(anu)

    Hiiii guuyyzz!! Aditi pleaseeeee leave pradss alone!!!! If she doesn’t wanna talk……donnn force her yarrr!!! U came to talk wid Sara n not prads….n wat u did cannot be forgiven…….

    • Olive

      No body if on no body’s side aditi.. Everybody thinks on their own… Like you do.. It’s your birthday right. Don’t be upset

  73. shabbu

    Guys I don’t wanna interfere in ur matters u may take it wrong tats y I don’t use to say anything on my behalf ..

    But I wish to say something tat if u r not interested to talk with someone just ignore them .. N don’t even reply yaar…

    If u take it wrong pls ignore my comment!!!

  74. annah(anu)

    Excuse me Aditi; v did not take her by our side! Its d power of friendship which u donn have…….. I have tried to explain u many tyms this but u neva wanted to believe….now u only face d consequences!