Swaragini 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Urvashi telling Ragini that your mum is crying and blood is coming from her eyes. She says jiji is not happy and that’s why shedding blood tears. She says Swara and Sanskar’s marriage is not right. Shekhar asks her to stop her nonsence. Urvashi says jiji isn’t happy since Sumi have taken her place in Shekhar’s life and says Swara might take Ragini’s place in Laksh’s life. Swara says it is not tears, but a chemical. She shows it in mobile. She says there is a lamp beneath the photo which was set off just now. There was a chemical on the photo and that’s why it melted and red color flowed from it. She tries to demonstrate, but Ragini stops her. She says my mum is not with me, and you want to take her last thing from me. She says my mum might not be happy and might

be thinking that my heart will break. She tells Sumi that she is not blaming her, and says Shekhar never loved janki like he loves her. She says Janki might be tensed and thought that Swara would snatched her love. She blames Swara for snatching Kavita’s first love. Swara says did I snatched Kavita’s first love?

Ragini says yes. Sanskar says Swara haven’t snatched me from kavita. He says it was my decision to spend my life with Swara and Kavita united us. He says Swara didn’t do anything wrong with you. She asks her to apologize to Swara. Ragini asks why? Sanskar insists. Ragini refuses and says I know I am right. She says Janki Maa isn’t happy and she fears that Swara will snatch my family again. Sanskar asks why Janki let Shekhar and Sumi marry? Ragini says she doesn’t have any problem with Sumi? Sanskar asks her to think and say. He says it seems there is nothing left in your life except Swara, and you tries to upset her again and again. He says why don’t we see any signs before? Dadi says may be we couldn’t figure out then. Laksh says Sanskar is right. Ragini goes crying. Swara goes to her room and cries.

Sanskar comes to her room. Swara asks did I snatched you from Kavita? She says may be Ragini is right? I am really bad and cries. Sanskar asks her not to trust on Ragini’s talk. Swara says I thought Ragini is happy with Laksh, and we will be happy together. I didn’t know that my sister hates me even now. What wrong did I do that she hates me even now. Laksh comes there, and says I came to see if Swara is fine or not? He says you have taken a right decision and there is nothing wrong in it. Sanskar is also leaving, but Laksh asks him to stay with Swara as she needs him. Ragini cries. Urvashi comes to her and wipes her tears. She says Sanskar supports Swara, but your husband doesn’t stand for you.

She says Dadi told me everything. She says Swara had snatched your love first and then have done bad with you. She says if she becomes your jethani then she will snatch your happiness. Ragini falls in her trap and says you are saying right. Urvashi acts as talking to Janki. Ragini asks do you really talk to Janki Maa? Urvashi says jiji is happy as you have fought for me and you. Janki wants to hug you. She hugs her. Ragini cries and says Maa……She thanks Urvashi.Urvashi looks evilly.

Sanskar tells Swara that blood didn’t come out again. Swara says it was a trick. She asks do you think that Janki is not happy with our marriage. Sanskar says it might be natural chemical. Swara says she is sure that Urvashi brought chemical/roots from the jungle. Sanskar says I am sure that Kavita is behind this and tells about the red kite which was found in the jungle. Swara asks why he is obsessed with Kavita. Sanskar says we are again fighting. He asks her to believe him. He says we will keep grah shanti puja at home tomorrow. He says we will catch that person and I have a plan.

Laksh talks to the lawyer and says I know that I have just one day to take her sign. He asks Mr. Das why he didn’t tell him about it. He says he can’t wait to take back his properties and will do something. Ragini hears him. Laksh is shocked. Ragini asks how can you do this with me? She says I have trusted you, and don’t hope this from you. She asks why did you do this? She says you didn’t say anything when Swara and Sanskar insulted me. Laksh is relieved and thinks Ragini didn’t hear my conversation with Mr. Das. He says I thought that you was unfair with Swara. She asks do you think that your mum is not happy. Ragini says I am happy that you have accepted me from your heart and this all has happened since Swara left from here. Laksh asks her to leave the matter and says we will go far. Ragini says she will not go anywhere until Sanskar and Swara get separated. She asks him to help her separate them. Shekhar gets durga prasad’s call and he informs family that they have kept grah shanti puja, and then Sanskar will make Swara wear ancestral necklace. Swara asks Urvashi if she will come. Urvashi says yes, and says there is no guarantee that everything will be fine with puja. Ragini happens to see some papers. Laksh says these are divorce papers.

Later in night Sanskar feels someone’s presence and sees a doll with Swara’s pic stick on its face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Minu

    Once it was the blockbuster of tv but now it is dragging I am not saying I am bored with it bit just make this a little faster…… please cvs u r doing a great job but dont turn this into a crap…I love this so much even now I watch the previous episodes in YouTube dont ruin it….

  2. Fatarajo

    Now here they started these useless supernatural stuff totally not needed I m only watching it for swasan and raglak n Laksh why he don’t become positive again, now only Swara is left to be negative , and this urvashi is too much annoying she is ragini’s aunt what problem she has with Swara where Ragini herself is slowing bonding with Swara, really ragini’s aunt seriously?

  3. Saj

    What d hell is hpng in d show!!!! Y u writers are always trying to punish the innocent one’s.. Unite swasan.. Or else ur trp will fall for sure..

  4. Sree harini

    After many days infact months, I am getting my old ragini back but now this maasi is ruining everything. Sorry to say this but I do agree with ragini’s words that swara snatched ragini’s first love( not SANSKAR’S okay) . in my pov, inspire if knowing that ragini loves laksh, swara accepted his proposal. I am sorry once again but just this is my view and I said it being ragini fan.

  5. Lee

    Guyzzz aj ka epi awesum.tha due to swasan scene…
    Yr ek baat to hai ragini ka mu koi ni band kar sakta except our hero sanky….
    Kya sumaya usne m jo bhi keh raha that was 100% corrrct…
    That ragini evil yr really hate her i meam abhi itna….
    Sankaar was right wo bohot jyada swara par concentrate kar ri hai …
    Yr swasan ke piche kyu padi hai phirse seperate karna chahti hai unhe…
    Sb unke piche ku pade hai…
    Pschyo Ragini dayan maasi n now that blo*dy kavita i just hate sb ka el hi mission hai
    seperate swasan….
    Welll swasan scene is awesm
    ….writer plzzzz show more na
    ..more concern sanky towards swara…..
    N precap
    (mera perception i dont know sai hai ya galat.)
    jb sanky ne doll dekho with swara face on it…
    N that to wo face kharab hua tha…
    N wo waisehi bahar dundne gaya…
    The expression when he saw his swara ‘ face which is completely distroyed he was like some will snatch his swara or some will harm his swara …
    Uska tensed look n uska dar
    ….ussse clear dikha ra tha ki wo apani swara kucj hofe hua ni dekh sakta …
    Awesum precap…
    Plzzzzzzzzz swasan intense love scene plzzzz

  6. Lee

    Srry one mistake samazaya ni sunaya ussse literally …
    N yeh swasan rocked…
    Swasan forever…..
    Loved swasan

  7. sandy

    OMG…agn ragini wants to seperate swasan…soo stupid and selfish girl….never change…..i hate u soooooooooooooooo much idiot…..but i was eagerly waiting for next episode because tomorrow laksh takes ragini’s signatures on divorce papers….yipeeeeeee iam soooo happy…that selfish psyco deserves it…..she thinks that it was swasan’s divorce papers and signs..she wants to seperate swasan…but she was seperated from laksh…

  8. sandy

    i was listened that first sanskars made a negative role in swaragini….guys please anyone tell me how sanskar turns as positive…. PLEASE TELL ME guys…..PLEASE

    • rids

      Hi sandy.. I ll brief u… sansjaar enters faking to be mentally challenged. Everyone wu hv thought he s dead. So wen they see him they r all very happy… he enters inside ragini s house… nd only person he listens to is ragini..they ll convince sanskaar nd bring him to maheshwari house but he ll black mail to cut his wrist if ragini doesnt cm wth him.. so tat time ragini s dadi vil do drama tat laksh rejected ragini so she ll not send her. In tat tension laksh vil say he ll marry ragini nd take her to take care of sanskaar. ..

    • rids

      Later ragini vil cm to knw tat laksh loves swara.. nd she ll meet with accident. . Tat time in hospital sanskaar vil tel ragini to get back her love. He wanted to take revenge from laksh nd durga prasad for killing kavitha. So he decides to separate swalak… laksh s first love… so ragini vil make everyone believe swara s bad grl… by then sanskaar vil start feelin bad for swara… he ll see her crying for laksh.. he ll see her helplessness… swara vil cm to knw his truth one day wen he tries to save her from a witch hired by ragini…

    • rids

      Tat time she ll ask him hw s he so sure tat laksh nd durga prasad did this… nd sanskaar vil realise his mistake.. he ll tel ragini to stop the drama nd move on.. but ragini vil almost be succeeding in getting back laksh so she ll attempt to kill swara on her wedding day.. sanskaar vil be about to tel his family full truth before tat ragini vil tel sanskaar s faking mental loss … I heard him talking on phone. So everyone vil throw him out without listening to him… he ll go in search of swara… nd meet her in hospital nd help swara get back her true self nd reveal ragini s real face … tat s hw he turns positive. …

      • sandy

        really thanq soooooo much rids?…i was started watching this serial after swasan’s marrige…i dont know how raglak marriage happend also…but now iam addicted to this serial…once again thanq sooo much yaar..??

      • rids

        Ragini wu hv pished swara inside water… so swara vil be in hospital on wedding day. Sanskaar after being thrown out vil search for swara here swaras dida vil come out of coma nd tel the truth tat ragini s behind eerything. No one vil believe nd everyone vil think swara s wrong. Ragini vil do suicide drama. . So laksh vil marry her in anger… by the time swara cms back it ll be too late .. so later sanskaar swara fake marry to bring out her truth. But there also ragini vil keep doing natak nd trouble these two…

  9. meghs

    wants new drama i thought ragini will be positive now but she against this marriage…
    writers think something new not again ghost track…

  10. radz

    How do writers of come up with such dumb characters like ragini…
    She definitely has some mental disease…double personality disorder!
    That ragini has lost d ability to distinguish between right n wrong.
    M soooo glad noone like ragini exists n will never exist in real life!!!!!

  11. needhi

    Guys dont u think urvashi maasi has overtaken tapasvi from movie p.k., even she doesnot need the line prabhu path pradarsit kare.she closes the eye and directly contacts to jaanki as if shr has some communication system installed in her eyes. Sick of the drama.fingers crossed i hope our sanky ( heart of swaragini) does not start believing in such things.

    • meesha

      plss understand jiji khush nahi hai
      its funny that she repeats this line every time which is creating humour
      her wireless communication with her jiji
      worst part is now rags have started maa khush nahi hai
      literally I watch this show for swasan love them I never got attracted to an onscreen couple so much but they r amazing

      • needhi

        Hi meesha , same case is with me. U can sense out my craziness towards swasan by this fact only that my boards r going to start and i am worried for swasan

  12. Aditi Singh

    again a new drama writer what problem do u have plzzzz get out this jiiji ki bhaina ko n turn rags …..n ofcoarse plzzzz give us some more romantic scenes of swasan n unite them…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………..

  13. Stupid ragini again thinking to seperate swasan that’s why laksh was betraying u he was doing 100% right u deserve this go to hell

  14. Eva

    Hay…yeh masi khud toh pagal hayi.sath mein bakiyo Ko aur hameh pagal kar degi..ek hii dialogue hai ish aurat ka.jiji khush nehi gain…areh pagal aurat…teri jiji khush nehi hai keh chakkar mein bakiyo ki khushi kyu chin rahihai..

    • Neha

      Hey Eva I think she has run away from mental asylum she is a gone case I wish sanky or Shekhar or dadaji throw her out asap and swasan pls don’t fight among urselves that’s what ur enemies want and swara and sanskar pls understand that kavita and urvashi have joined their hands

    • rids

      I know bin bulaya mehmaan.. she is .. psycho…. I can understand ragini falling in her trap because its related to her mother…. but y s swara getting punished nd sumi…

  15. Maansee

    No dont want this drama again yaar

    Why every time swara

    Massi ko bhagooo yaha se asap

    That creap ragoni …. Hate her yaar bas ek vo hi sahi hai baki sab galat ….
    Cv kuch to karo uska plz ….usney laksh ka phela pyaar swara …. Or swara ka phala pyaar laksh ko juda kiya ….sirf apney ek tarfa pyaar ke liye …..

    Itna drama kiya puri family ko punish kiya …..mis behve kiya….. property li…. muh kala kiya …. Vo sab teek tha …. Kyo ki madam ne phala pyaar wapis pana tha …..

    Or ab swara ko bol rahi hai …. Use apni galti nazar nai aati ….ki itna bura kar kar bhi vo laksh se pyaar expect kar raho hai

    Cv plz aap kuch karo varna hum sab serial dekhna chor denge …..

    Rigini ko khushi dekar aap society mai galat msg de rahe ho

  16. Neha

    Hello everyone here how are you all didn’t watch today’s epi due to tiredness but reading updates I feel swasan scenes are best actually it is always the best one this maasi seriously she has ruined my swasan life what problem does she have with swara and this dumb ragini can’t she get one thing in her mind that she is the one who has spoiled everyone life and yes if her mum is unsatisfied na then the reason is she herself and her deeds oh you dumb head brainless creature understand just this simple thing yaar and Lee u r absolutely correct dear only sanky has the guts to stop her idiotic nonsense she is out of words only in front of him and laksh pls don’t help your dumb and good for nothing wife in separating swasan don’t do it and rids I read ur comments in yesterday’s epi and I don’t wanna say it but seriously ragini deserves punishment yaar the crimes she has done are not worth accepting and yeah now coming to a girl’s dignity then I would say just one thing if a girl will play with her own self respect then how can she expect that others will respect her I’m not saying that what laksh has done is right I’m just telling one thing that she has only used her respect for her selfish nature she accused sanskar for molesting her inspite of thinking about the relationship she had with him so in that case how will laksh respect her and one more thing ragini didn’t did bad with him only but she harassed his family and parents and being a child I also can’t forgive someone who will hurt my parents and still she has not changed and is planning to separate swasan but I hope lucky doesn’t support her why everyone is behind swasan let them live in peace devils

    • rids

      Exactly I din say laksh s right. I said ragini deserves it. . But neha nw m just hoping swasan get married peacefully… fr me this serial s only about swasan….. everyone else hv shown true colours at one point except sumi nd durga prasad..

      • rids

        Or else simply make ragini positive like before… swaragini when swara nd ragini united their parents….. tat was the best….. simple nonsense they r showing…

    • rids

      M tired of ragini.. I really hoped her character exits… nd tejaswi comes in sm other serial…. hw can u forgive someone who has done so many mistakes…. she deserves bigger punishment. ..like may be evrryone sending her off with dadi nd maasi to live on their own nd leave us alone….

  17. gowri

    Y in this ragini goes to negative .. Y the writer’s not give negative roll to swara. And swara not a mahan she is also human and who said ragini is wrong laksh also doing wrong with ragini. If any one said a boy r girl act with u like she/he love urs and finally they leaves u it just only for u properties and some wants to him this all the girl r boy going to negative so pls don’t said ragini is psycho r drama queen ragini as doing its was a normal humans doing… I m always saport only ragini and I hateeeeeeeee u swara character less girl..

      • sandy

        hello gowri..how can u support that psyco ???…did u forgot what she did to swalak…she snatched their love and she dont have any guilt for that…but swara moved ahead in her life…but now she again trying to seperate swasan…how silly…u r supporting her..

  18. shreya

    Swasan shouldn’t separate. I literally want to kick dat stupid ragini.whats her problem???has she lost her nut???someone tell her dat swara is her sis and loves her a lot. Ragini sudhar jao. I feel lakshya should Carry on with his drama and teach that stupid villain ragini a lesson

  19. Sofy

    By mistake i saw the episode today… I hate this serial completely. Writers r stupid no doubt.. No sense at all.. Worst serial like sasural simar ka..

  20. charlene

    Ragini is really irritating… please somebody help her to remember her deeds…
    How can they even ignored her mistakes….. so unfair.. i hate her character to death.

  21. Bola

    I’m tired of watching all these soap movies- first Meri ashique full of nonsense now, now swaragini that was going on well is now another diff thing. It’s only na aana is des laado that I’m enjoying now- no dulling at all

  22. sasha

    I don’t understand ragini’s problem with swara.Swara never snatched her first love.Laksh never wanted to marry ragini from beginning episodes and had liked swara.Swara rejects him but it was ragini who forced them to unite and separate them with her dirty tricks.She even pushed her in the river to die so on what basis is she always blaming swara.Swara always said that she and lakhs will never unite but still ragini is behind swara .Ragini definitely has a mental problem.Laksh has become negative bcz of ragini constant conspiracies and envious nature.As Ragini so is her dadi and massi…living in their own drama and conclusion of things created by them.

  23. Jiji khush nh hn will now bcm the most popular dialogue of the serial everytym chanting the jiji khush nh hn n apshagun jaap….I seriously laugh madly whenever she starts chanting it n skype with her beloved dead sister..

  24. sonam

    I want my sweet swaragini back
    Their bond was very strong
    I started watching the serial because of this only but now what they are doing
    They are not even talking to each other
    Please I want my swaragini back

  25. bhagi

    ohhhh god how funny ye jhanki ko jindha logom se ache se baath karna aathi nahi par mare huye logom se baath karthi hai……aur ragini ise tho khud ki ghalathiya nazar nahi aathi jab dheko thab dhusaroom par ungli uthane chali aathi ye theenom dadi,ragini,chudail maasi ko line me laga kar goli maar deni chahiye esa logom ko jeene ki koi hakh nahi hai jo khud kush rehna aathi nahi aur doosarom ka kushi bhi cheen lethe hai…..i hope they dnt drag this track much

  26. Sanskar

    Who says laksh is being negative?

    He is not trying to seperate swasan he will get ragini’s sign on divorce papers saying it as swasan’s divorce papers and asking ragini to become witness for this.

  27. monica

    i don’t think laksh is negative..laksh will fool ragini saying its swasan divorcepaper but actually its their divorce paper. laksh loves swara truely so he will always want swara to be happy

  28. radz

    I will be more dan happy if ragini dies….who cares if d serial ‘ s name is swaragini…dey can change it to swasan or nything else…idc
    But dis ragini shud jst go die..
    Such characters r a vry bad example for ppl.
    n evn dat psycho masi…m both ragini n her masi shud go where ‘jiji’ is.

  29. Jeetender Kaur

    Massi ko jitni jaldi ho sake bhagao kyunki uska dialogue Jiji khush nahi hai is very irritating as the jiji is no more in this world. Aur isse koi fark nahi parta ki jiji khush hai ya nahi.

  30. jo

    kavita and urvashi maasi join hands to seperate swara sanskar.
    whooooaaaa what happend to that kavita who united sanskar and swara?
    if sources are to believed the upcoming episodes of swaragini is all ready to witness a new set of drama with sanskar blaming kavita for the attacks on swara. viewers will soon see another attempt on swara’s life by unknown person attacker and this will not go down well with sanskar. this will lead to sanskar pointing fingers at ex-lover kavita.
    but is the attacked kavita?
    no!! unknown to the family it will be ragini’s urvashi maasi , who will be trying to harm swara. sources also hint at a possible teaming up of kavita and urvashi after the former learns about the sameso that she can get sanskaar back in her life.
    we tried calling nikita but she remained unavailable.
    keep reading space for the more updates.

  31. jo

    they showed in sbas and sbs segment that they revealed the culprit behind swasan marriage who wants to seperate them.. maasi and kavita both joined hands together to destroy swasan.. hope swasan they findout soon… they both suspects are correct… they showed maasi and kavita scene fb seen i think.. hope swasan findout soon..

  32. jo

    maasi is in grahashanti puja attire and kavita is in white shirt nd black point think its look like waiters dress which is in their engagement both kavita and urvashi joined hands together to work and swasan marriageto be cancelled…. so i think hope this week we get see masi and kavita doing this.. swasan are both correct hope they find out ulprit soon..

  33. bhuvi

    Haaan…plz…SR team.. Don’t repeat same thing… Like ragini got married Laksh by tried killing her sister..v want Swasan to get married..we don’t want replacing bride last min… Praying that they ll catch both dramaqueen n kavitha n red handed…let them marry this time abr*ast…

  34. bhuvi

    Guys…someone tell me… Is Laksh happy for Swasan marriage?? Or he want to get back Swara in his life…?? Am really confused about his character…n will take 3 rd position villian list??

  35. gowri

    Sandy I m ragini fan in the serial swaragini start I m just watch the show only for my ragini u no what in starting of in this serial ragini is so cute and very good character but the writer was change the story the swaragini is not both sis the only go with swaras life I think the writers is only consanrate with swara not interest to write the raginis life in swaragini soooo I hate swara…

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