Swaragini 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

There is a combined episode of Swaragini and Krishna Dasi together even today. Please read and enjoy the combo update.


The Episode starts with Swara asking Ragini about Shekhar. Ragini says he is fine, don’t know how the accident happened as he drives safely. Dadi says I know why this had happened? Shekhar comes home. Dadi blames Swara for the accident and says she went to Maheshwari house breaking the promise. Ragini says Swara didn’t do anything, I asked her to go. Dadi asks Ragini to keep quiet, and says I asked her not to go. Maheshwaris are big family and would have managed, I have just one son, what would happen to me if he anything happens to Shekhar. Sumi asks what you are saying? Dadi says Swara have broken the promise given by Shekhar.

Swara says I didn’t step inside the house. It was important to go there as Police was arresting them. Dadi says but you went there naa. Shekhar recalls of his promise, and says let it be. She make us understand that she don’t value me or my promise. Swara says no. Dadi asks her to keep far from her son, and says when you don’t regard him as your father then what is the point to call him baba. She says you have step inside that house, and my son met with an accident.

Swara says she can’t think of hurting her father and haven’t step inside the house. She says I didn’t break the promise. Dadi says you have just helped them and this happened, if you would have step inside then what would have happen? Durga Prasad and Sanskar comes there. Durga Prasad says swara came to help them. Sanskar tells that Swara didn’t do anything wrong. Dadi asks them to leave and says they don’t want to have any relation with their family. She asks Swara to tell them to leave, and if they don’t agree then push them out of the house. Swara says they came here as they are worried about us. Dadi asks why they didn’t do anything when their new bahu was taunting her and Laksh married her. Annapurna says she can understand her. Dadi asks Swara if she really cares for Shekhar. Swara says he is my baba and I do care for him. Dadi asks her to break relations with them. Swara is shocked.

Krishna Dasi:

Shashwant is heavy drunk and falls down on the road. Aradhya is going from there and recalls Shashwant bailing her out. He asks where is your home? I will drop you. Shashwant says I don’t have any home. Pavitra tells Aryan that Shashwant have broken all relations with her and left. Aryan gets angry. Pavitra asks him to go and bring him back. Aryan asks her not to cry, and thinks he said much to Shashwant. Pavitra asks him to go and find Shashwant, and says if Aaba Saheb comes to know this, then what he will do. Aryan says he will go and bring him.


Sanskar asks what you are saying Dadi. Dadi says she is talking to her grand daughter and asks Swara to hold her hand if she agrees, then she will forget everything. Swara is in a fix and shocked. She holds Swara’s hand and takes her inside. Sumi says they are her sasural we can’t force her to take such a decision. Dadi says I am asking her to choose between her mayka and sasural. Swara is shocked and asks why Dadi. Why you are doing this, both are my family. Dadi asks her to decide. Swara says we have to choose between mayka or sasural, then we would not have expose Urvashi being daughters of Sumi. She tells she saved the family from kavya else they would have been in jail. Dadi asks her not to argue and tell her decision. Annapurna says we will leave. Dadi asks them to wait. Sumi tells Swara that you have fulfilled duties of mayka and sasural, and I am proud of you. She says a daughter have to do both the duties, but because of circumstances you have to make a choice. She says I can’t see you like this, and that’s why being your mum and your dad’s father, I give you mukti/freedom from your dad’s promise. Shekhar is shocked. Dadi says Sharmishtha. Shekhar goes from there. Swara says Baba.

Sumi says your inlaws home needs you. I will make Shekhar understand and he will agree. She asks her to support Maheshwari’s and fulfilled her duty as a bahu. She asks her to go and says I am telling you this. Ragini with a teary eyes, smiles. Swara tries to take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi says my son will not agree and Sumi have to give reason for her decision. Sumi says she will explain to Shekhar. Dadi tells Swara that you are no longer our daughter, but their bahu only. She asks her to leave with Maheshwaris. Ragini tells Swara…I am with you, go and fulfill bahu’s duty, and I will fulfill daughter’s duty. Swaragini plays………………Annapurna keeps hand on Ragini’s head and says I will never forget your favor. She promises to take Ragini back home. Ragini looks on. They leave. Sumi tells Dadi that she wants a last permission. She says she don’t know when she will see Swara, and that’s why want to do her vidaai with all the rituals. Dadi permits her unwillingly. Sumi comes out and stops Swara.

Krishna Dasi:

Aradhya brings Shashwant’s to her house and calls Tulsi and Kumudini. She makes Shashwant sit and says she will bring water for him.Shashwant coughs and gets dizzy. Aradhya gives him water and asks if he wants to eat something. Shashwant refuses to have anything. Aradhya says your family might be worried for you. Shashwant is sad and tells her that nobody is worried for him, as they hate him. Aradhya thinks she will get to know about his family tomorrow when he gains consciousness. She asks him to wake up, and takes him to room to make him sleep. She thinks Shashwant is looking very much hurt and thinks how can give pain to loved ones.

Aradhya calls Swara. Swara asks if everything is fine. Aradhya says she called by mistaken. Swara says you would have attended by marriage being my friend. Aradhya asks if she still keeps chocolates with her. Swara tells Aradhya that Shekhar have binded her with a promise and it gets difficult for her to decide. Aradhya asks her to throw the coin and decide upon getting head or tail. She says atleast you have your father. Swara says I got my father after 20 years and says may be you can get as well. She says I know your mum and she is not less than a father and mother. Aradhya says I know, and says she is happy to talk to her.


Sumi brings Swara. Swara looks good in a beautiful lehenga. Annapurna asks Sumi to do bengali rituals if she wants. Sumi says she wants to make her wear Shakapoka as it is a worn by married woman. Sumi does the rituals with Swara and Sanskar. Shekhar is seen sitting far and doesn’t attend the rituals. Sumi tells Swara that today is her real vidai as she doesn’t know when she will see her again. She tells Annapurna that now Swara is hers and she don’t have any right on her. Sanskar says Swara is yours too and very soon baba and dadi will agree. Swara hugs Sumi and Ragini. Ragini gives her God’s idol and says she will take care of their parents. She asks her to call her whenever needed and hugs her. She asks her to remember that she is not doing wrong, and hugs her. She asks Sanskar to take care of her sister. Sanskar holds her hand and starts walking. Beti Chali sasural song plays while Swara leaves. Swara cries looking at Shekhar. Sanskar wipes her tears and takes her from there.

Krishna Dasi:

Aryan asks someone if he saw Baba. He says someone said that Shashwant was drinking wine at the wine shop. Tulsi thinks where is Aradhya. Kumudini says she might be slept and asks her to go and sleep. Aryan went to bar. The waiter informs him that Shashwant’s condition was bad and he was very angry. Aryan thanks him. Banwari pushes love letter of Aryan in Aradhya’s room silently. Aradhya says who is here? She finds the letter and reads it. Aryan apologizes to her and says he wants to meet her. He writes your Aryan. Banwari thinks he wrote letter on Aryan’s name and never written from his name. Aradhya thinks what happened to Aryan. He has realized his mistake so fast. Banwari waits for Aradhya to come. Aradhya thinks Aryan wants happiness for both families and wants peace as well. She thinks Aryan isn’t bad at heart and might have got angry because of family. She thinks what to do, if she shall go or not. She thinks if she don’t go then Aryan will wait for her all night and thinks to inform Tulsi, but then thinks they will not let her go. She thinks if the enmity ends between the families then they both can leave peacefully and happily. She goes to meet him with the hope of meeting him. She comes to the temple and prays to God. Banwari says come fast.


Maheshwari family makes the arrangement for Swara’s grah pravesh. Kavya wonders what is happening. Swara enters home after the grah pravesh. Sujata says she is very much happy with her grah pravesh and will teach her all marwadi rituals. Kavya smiles looking at her, and says cheers for breaking your dad’s promise. Swara says no, and says she came here and shocked her. Kavya asks if she brought god’s idol to act. She warns her and asks her to be careful with her. Kavya warns her too.

Kavya gets angry and comes to her room. Laksh watches the news on TV, and asks Kavya what you have done. Kavya says she lied infront of media, and says they didn’t do anything. Laksh says I knew that my family can’t do this. Kavya says I thought I am your family. She says I have done this for you and thought they will leave. She says family members care for shameless Ragini. Laksh says they don’t have any objection with our marriage, but have problem with our way. Kavya acts and apologizes hugging him.

Krishna Dasi:

Banwari sees Aradhya coming and says Devdasi’s daughter is here. He gets happy and says she is coming. He talks to someone and says she is here. Aradhya thinks if she is doing wrong and stops. Banwari thinks why she stopped on the way. Aryan is seen there and talks to Pavitra that he couldn’t find Shashwant. Aradhya comes there and thinks she should take the next step towards Aryan. She calls Aryan. Aryan hears her voice and thinks who is calling me. He walks towards there, but Banwari and his man kidnap Aradhya. Aryan thinks he heard voice from here. Banwari asks the man to enjoy with Aradhya.


Ragini tells Shekhar that she asked Swara to go and help Maheshwaris. She says when they heard about my suicide attempt, they came and saw me. When they were in distress, how could Swara stops herself. Sumi comes and gives him medicine. Shekhar says you have stopped supporting me, I might forgive you, but I will never forgive Swara, never. He asks them not to take Swara’s name again in the house. Ragini and Sumi are shocked.

Sanskar comes to his room. Swara asks if he had dinner and tells that Uttara brought milk for him. Sanskar asks her to sit and says he understands her being her friend first. He makes a video call to Ragini and asks how is she? He gives call to Ragini. Swara asks about her and Shekhar. Ragini says they are fine, and says Shekhar will be fine. She asks her to keep quiet and goes to Shekhar’s room to show him on phone. Swara gets emotional seeing Shekhar. Ragini asks her to go and sleep now. Swara thanks her. Ragini asks her to thank Sanskar as he understands her pain. Swara hugs Sanskar and thanks him. Sanskar says your destiny is good because I am in it. Swara laughs. Sanskar asks her to give break to her teary eyes. He asks her to drink milk and makes sure that she drinks it.

He tells Swara that they got their share of happiness, and now have to bring happiness in their house. Swara agrees with him and says our marriage is not completed until we settle everything. Sanskar wishes her for happy married life. Swara wishes him same. Sanskar asks her to change her clothes and sleep.

Krishna Dasi:

Pavitra sees Aryan and asks if he didn’t sleep all night. Aryan says you also haven’t slept. He says I wanted to make you happy, but gave tears. Pavitra asks him not to burden his heart. Aryan says I said much to baba, and that’s why he left. He should have returned home, and says he is getting bad thoughts. He says where he would have been all night.

Shashwant wakes up hearing the puja and ring. Tulsi asks Kumudini if Aradhya woke up. Kumudini says she went to her room when I slept. Tulsi goes to Aradhya’s room and sees Shashwant. Shashwant asks what you are doing in my room. Tulsi says it is my daughter’s room and my house. Shashwant asks who brought me here and accuses her for bringing him here when he was unconscious. He blames her for all the happenings in his life and asks her not to act again. He says I am the same Shashwant who had pulled your hairs and kicked you out of the village 20 years back, and asks her not to forget. He comes out of room and sees Aryan.

Aryan goes angrily, while Shashwant says he can explain. Aryan says everything is happening infront of my eyes. He says your wife is always scared and thinks you might snatch right from her. Shashwant says it is her misunderstanding and says he don’t have any relation with any woman except his wife, and asks him to trust him. He says your mum have filled venom in you against me, and that’s what you are seeing. He says today a son is against her father because of his mum. Aryan says your crime doesn’t lower, and says my Aayi was crying all night. You was here at your fav place with fav people. Tulsi says it is wrong, what you are saying? Aryan asks her not to interfere between them and asks Shashwant to stay with Dev dasi happily. Tulsi tells Shashwant that he should have made him understand. Shashwant asks her not to take his son’s name with her tongue, and blames them for ruining his family, instigating his sister to elope and marry with her choice, and that is leading his mum to death. Kumudini thinks she would have given a good reply to Shashwant, but she kept quiet for big win. She asks Vishwa to search Aradhya.

Aryan comes home and recalls Shashwant coming out of Tulsi’s house. He thinks what I will tell my Aai. Shashwant comes. Aryan asks him not to tell Pavitra where was he last night, and says he will also not tell as he couldn’t see tears in his mum eyes. Shashwant says I didn’t know what wrong I have done. Aryan says he will behave normally with him. He picks his keys and gets Aradhya and his pic. Music plays……….He throws the pic.

Kumudini gts worried and thinks where is Aradhya. Tulsi comes crying and says she couldn’t find Aradhya. Kumudini says Aradhya might have went to Ketki’s house. Kaka says she is not there. Tulsi worries. Kumudini says it is done by Aaba, and he is taking revenge from us. Tulsi asks Kaka to come and they go to Police station. Kumudini says she knows how to talk with that egoistic.

Aradhya wakes up in the factory and thinks why I am brought here? Why did they kidnap and took me here. Just then two goons come. Aradhya pretends to sleep. They tell that old man is going to marry her, and says this factory is of Aaba saheb. They speak that Aaba or Aryan might have given these keys. Aradhya thinks she can’t let Aryan spoil her life and have to leave from here.

Swaragini: Kavya misbehaves with Annapurna and spoils her kitchen. Annapurna gets furious.

Krishna Dasi: Aradhya comes to Aryan and beats him with stick. Aryan asks what is wrong with her? Damini comes with her police team and asks him to hands up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. s

    swasan scene nice… haha lol our prediction came true.. they postponded sr of swasan…. for how much time they postpond we have to see.. definetely they will postpond it for long… in ssk also till they didnt showed rosid sr… now in swaragini we ave to wait for swasan sr.. lol ….

  2. bhagi

    ohhhhh god finally some one stood up swara’s happiness finally sharimstha ne apni mounvrath khol diya aur apni beti ki kushiyom ke baare me socha,…….wow i know aab bhi ye shekar nahi manega koi na koi tamashaa karega jab e dusaroom par ungli uthaane se pehle apni beti ke past deeds ke baare me kyom nahi sochthe……jab ragini ne maheswari’s ko maids ki tarah treat kiya tha thab tho isne kuch nahi bola apni beti ko kuch nahi kaha par aab tho bada suna raha hai maheswari’s ko…………i am really upset with shekar’s decision

  3. Sweety

    I hate dis Krishna dasi combining with swaragini… All da time krishna dasi is only showing… I’m missing swasanrag

  4. Hrithika

    I think dadi and shekhar have gone mad but happy for swasan they r finally together as now both r together plss add a lot of scenes between the two…..

  5. Ani

    Dnt knw wen this Kavya drama is gonna end.. Hate her to the core… Atlast Swara came to her sasural.. And we can see ragswasan bonding…

  6. manvi

    i luv u teju ……..u r my angel
    teju u r very preety ,cute,beautiful….i luv u dr ur acting skill is just superb dr just superb …..

    guys maine aaj tak itni talented actor nhi dhekhi jo -ve role ,trandtional girl role,modern and atitude wala role oh my gosh koi itna talented kaise ho sakta h …..or uske baad engineering oh god …….really dr u r and ur acting is outstanding …mein yeh show sirf apke liye dekhti hu sirf aapke liye my cutepie…
    mere paas teju har interview ki video h chahe or raglak ki ho ya ragsan ki …
    jab mein offscrene dekhti hu toh mujhe bahrosa hi nhi hota h ki tum kitna bolti ho serial me toh bahut kam bolti ho dr

    sab tumhe kitna mante h
    i luv u dr
    mere phone me 148 pics h meri teju ki

    • Honest opinion

      Omg the chemistry between Aryan & his mom is sooo weird.. And she looks way way way too young to be his mom.

  7. arohi

    hey hasan if possible please changethe display picture
    make it the new one afterall the story changed so the pic also shouldbe changed na
    pls put the one in which ragini is in yellow suit

  8. dimphy

    finally misti stood up for swara.. it’s great.. dadi and shekar are too much I don’t like their reactions.. it’s natural know if a girl gets married she has to go her sasural.. ofcourse what they feel for ragini is right.. its not necessary to separate swasan. .. but why are they reacting this much.. liked swasan scene very much.. always supportive and understanding with each other

  9. rosy

    God god god yeh na insaafi kab khatam hogi…wen rags misbehaved with laksh’s family shekhar was nt in scene n wen rags kidnappd sumi bt did that bulshit amnesia drama shekhar never said that rags ka naam nahi lenge….par wen it comes to swara she dnt value her dad…whereas shekhar hmself admittd that swara is the 1 who takes care of evry1 bt being a dad he nevr undrstood that there shd b atleast her parents to thnk abt her…wah kya baat hai…BAAP HO TOH AISA…

  10. rosy

    Aryan ur dad shashwat said that jo dikta hain woh har vakt sach nahi hota n the same is happening wid u…u didnt kdnapd aaro bt police saw u n u wl nevr try to relate it wid ur dad’s advice…neways bt i like kumudini’s chaal,,,fully logical,,tactfull,,intelligent nd patient…wow such a nice and the best way to take revenge…grt goin kumudini…hats off!!!!!

  11. Angel

    Nice epi..of swaragini..Swasan is so cute today as always.. N yes ragu too chooo cutie..
    kavya babyy tere bure din start ho gaye..tu toh gyi..n Lksh ko aaj kitni daya aa rahi thi apni fmly pr..ye khud us Kobra ko utha laya aur ab regret kr rha..srsly he is d most confusing character of swaragini..I wan new entry fr ragu or she shud bcme more successful dan nautanki..kavya den lksh will realise..
    Bt Guyz hv u voted fr CGPA?? Multiple voting is allowed..n in best Jodi category Swasan n Rivanya competition hai I think abt others I dnt know bt btn dis two competition hai..n Rivanya may hv huge fan following bcz naagin is so popular..I too like naagin bt I like helly,varun,teju,namish more dan dat..;-):-)

    • arohi

      did u notice something??
      when aradya called swara it was night at aradhyas place im definitely sure it was not night at swaras place..
      i really didnt know that thereis time difference of 12hours between kolkata and pune
      hahaha lol 🙂
      one more thing how did swara and aradhya study together when both didnt go out of kolkata and pune respectively????
      i m sure the cvs have really lost it!!!!!!
      wat is theneed to club these two serials together????

  12. Priya verma

    Hey iam new i just hope that this swaragini gets well soon as i think this is the worst plot…. My suggestions 1. Get someone better for our so called rani as she is in dire need of it 2. I think ragini should also get equal importance in the show as she is not playing any pivotal role 3. Plz 4 goodness sake throw away laksh and kavya as they play quite an irritating and annoying role…….. FINALLY MORE POWER TO SWASAN though iam not their die hard fan, i think that only they make sense out of all stupidity so thats all…………

  13. Angel

    Finally swara got makeover in precap she is shown wearing a saree. …..hope it continues and is not for some ritual. ….

  14. Honest opinion

    Abt krishnadasi… The chemistry between Aryan & his mom is so weird!!!!! And she looks way way way too young to be his mom anyway!

  15. What kind of father is shekhar,if swara breaks his promise he will give her punishment irrespective of the care she shows to the family.. But wen ragini do crime ,he will forgive her very easily…and this dadi she is so stupid..

  16. sarah

    I want to see laksh realising his mistake. He should feel ragini is better than kavya
    Let shekar and devil dadi end their relations with swara. They are selfish. A day comes when they will realise everything. No need to feel bad

  17. AKT

    Laksh is the most insensitive & confused character in the serial… Just want him out along with “MISS KAVYA” .. This letter “K” is very much inauspicious for the Maheshwaries..”Kaveri”, “Kabita”, “Kavya”….

  18. arohi

    hey guyz did u notice something??
    when aaradya called swara it was nightat aradyas place and it was definitely not nignt at swaras place!!!!!!
    i didnt know there will be time difference of 12hr inside india!!!!!!!
    and i more thing
    when did swara and aradhya study together swara never left kolkata and aradya never left pune?????
    the cvs have realy lost it!!!!

  19. s

    once i thought dadi against this by seeing this episode actually dadi is angry and at a time she caring even when shomi told about bidaii dadi agrees to it said do what you want.. literally she is crying also but she didnt showed it and goes from there..after swara took blessing from flooor and went shekar saw her.. he is also just narraz with her.. hope dadi shekar ki naarzi jaldi katam ho…

  20. s

    bidaii song from where cvs found it.. its old song…. haha lol.. cvs but i got laughwhen heard the song but its situation song..

  21. I love swalak ..I want swalak back….or pls bring a new twist of swara twin sister with same swara face who opposites laksh love… at least we swalak fans will be happy…

  22. Mariyam

    I just hate this year always only swara can change situations y not ragini she is more talented than her fed-up of seeing swara s mahaanta plzzzzzz show something good n in favor of laksh n ragini bcz even they are lead too CVS are always partial towards ragini and laksh

  23. Lee

    Guy abhi tk friday ka epi aya ni hai u tube plzzzZz …
    Kisi ki mila to link bhejo…
    N plzzz swara ki dressing style change ho gai oh my god plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz koi link bhejo i want to see…

  24. Angel

    Today is last day for voting pls vote..for CGPA
    Rivanya aage chal rahe hai..pls vote for swasan..
    N yes our teju is going to perform in CGPA..
    Aur wat abt rest babaji ka thullu..herun ka kya..I wan helly,varun to perform..in CGPA

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