Swaragini 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Parineeta telling Adarsh that entire house is all theirs now. Sulekha comes and says sure. Durga Prasad thanks to Shekhar. Shekhar says we are one family and asks him to come. Sumi tells Annapurna that they will fight together and asks her to come. Dadi sees Maheshwari family coming there with Shekhar, Sumi and their baby. She gets shocked seeing Chotu in Sumi’s hands. Neighbor asks Shekhar about the baby. Shekhar says Doctor couldn’t save him, and says it was a lie. He says my mum used to hurt me everytime and I being stupid think that my mum will not play with me again.

He tells Dadi that he can’t stay with her anymore. Sumi says Shekhar….Shekhar says enough. He tells that she is equally responsible along with Adarsh and Parineeta. He says if you wouldn’t have

lied then Adarsh and Parineeta wouldn’t have done this. He says you are the reason for their doings. He says didn’t you feel any love for your grand child and says he is my son, my own blood. Dadi says whatever I have done is for your betterment. Shekhar asks her to go. Sulekha asks Parineeta to be careful with Maheshwaris, specially Swara. She says Swara will fight back. Parineeta says if she is a naagin then I am the snake charmer. Adarsh looks at family members pic and asks why strangers pics are hanged, and asks her to throw it out. Shekhar tells Maheshwari family that they will shift to Dida’s house. Annapurna says we will stay together here. Shekhar blesses Ragini and Swara and tells Chotu that family is together is because of his sisters. Ragini says one family is broken. Swara says we will unite again and says Swaragini will solve everything.

Sumi apologizes to Annapurna and says we don’t know about everyone’s preference, and says she made food for all. Annapurna says you have done so much for us. Shekhar asks Durga Prasad to come and have food. Ragini and Swara bring tables for Laksh and Sanskar. They sit to have food. Shekhar says lets start food. Just then they hear somebody knocking on the door. Shekhar opens it and finds women organization there. A woman says mahila samithi woman came with her. Shekhar says I didn’t understand. Woman informs him that Parvati Gadodia has filed FIR against him. She calls Parvati. Parvati comes there and looks angrily at Shekhar, not repenting for her actions even for a bit. Woman says this is her house and you can’t kick her out of her house from her own house. She says she will decide who will stay in this house. Dadi cries and acts. She tells Inspector that she is unsafe in the house with her son and says they will burn me. Shekhar asks why she is acting. Inspector asks her to call them if she is in any trouble. Dadi says okay. Inspector leaves with women organization.

Shekhar apologizes to Durga Prasad for Dadi’s doings and says we will not stay here. We will go to Dida’s house. Dadi asks Shekhar to listen to her carefully, and says if you step out of the house then you will have no relation with anyone or any stuff in this house. Shekhar says I have relation with my family and have no connection with anything in the house. They leave the house without having food…Dadi holds Ragini’s hand and says you can stay here. Ragini asks whatever you have done, what about that. She says my real family is that and I will stay wherever they stay. Dadi says lado. Swara and Ragini leave from there with their husbands. Dadi says Lado you are my ansh, I have brought you up, and says one day you will come back to me.

Parineeta comes to Baadi to taunts Swara. Dadi says they have come to insult their respect. Durga Prasad gets an attack and faints. Ragini shouts Papa ji…..Annapurna looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. swaragini rocksss

  2. plz give us some good scenes yaar… we can’t take it any more…. if the story goes like this swaragini will lose its charm….

  3. Heltej

    Thank you @H Hasan! Dadi is all time evil of the show!

  4. Mica

    ty f0or update H. Hasan mam

  5. Swara and Ragini are responsible for all the bad things which happened with Maheshwaris…
    I wish Dp never went to Gadodia house to ask Ragini”s hand and didn’t trust Swara blindly…
    They broke a happy family…
    Shame on these idiot sisters….

    1. Then maheswari family will not shown in swaragini serial….serial is about them not about mm family???

    2. Absolutely correct monica,, Swara & Ragini are really stupid sisters

    3. Mica

      what swara did ? she get more misery because of maheswary’s family..
      don’t blame gadodia’s upbringing… tried to look those maheswary’s sons
      first, a boy used swara to win a bet, he was Laksh..the son of Dp
      first kidnapper of Swara was laksh maheswary.. the son of Dp
      (she was almost get r*ped by goons)
      second kidnapper of swara was Sanskar maheswary…. the son of maheswary
      swara consumed drug because of Sanskar maheswary
      sujata maheswary ever tried to kill swara..
      now, another son’s of maheswary drowned on greediness, and you blame gadodia’s sisters….

    4. Mica

      btw, happy family ? my foot…
      you didn’t notice how tensed the member of maheswary was, DP had ever been rule maheswary in strict way..sujata/ram had hatred to DP, anadpura had have no respect from DP, the spoil brat Laksh, Sanskar in full revenge, or aadarsh the cheater…soo happy family

      1. u r rght mice nd swara was the one who brought life in mms lifeless manshion……..
        so monica darling…….think before speak

  6. In tamil it is going awesome now only ragini met with accident and laksh is blaming himself for the accidwnt i love in tamil today episode was nice i loved it

    1. Hey in tamil is it a different storyline? Or is the tamil version ahead? Becuase I do not remember Ragini and her accident…

      1. Mica

        once Ragini com to know that laksh canceled the engagement, ragini run away and got hit by car… Ragini in hospital, laksh tried to repent the mistake by beat himself in front of temple

    2. plz tell me the tamil channel and timings of the show telecast bcz its better to watch those episodes rather than this crap

      1. Mica

        angel if you want to rerun the earlier episode, you can just googling, many sites have the video, or even youtube..
        i always do that if i missed swasan track..hehehe

      2. Angel it comes in Raj TV swaragini Tamil version

      3. Angel it comes in Raj TV in Tamil

  7. That Dadi is really a bi**h

  8. Soundarya I missed some episodes in Tamil. Does ragini tried suicide attempt?? Because everyone were blaming laksh for ragini’s critical condition. Please somebody clear my doubt

    1. Mica

      ragini got hit by car in street

  9. Til wen dis track wil go yarr..fed up now..wamlnt swasan scenes..gtng bore by dis family drama..only swaragini bonding is gng good..hope thy find a gud solution nd cm back to thier home maheswari mansion… Pls cvs give some happy moments between da family…nd some romantic parts between da leads…nd thanks h.hasan mam fr fast update…

  10. Swara is responsible for all this! She idiotic idea by giving away d property paper to sign!! She love to play to over smart! N look where it take her n her family! Dumb swara!

    1. Mica

      she tried to stop the paper over and over, did you watch swaragini properly ? didn’t you remember that ragini ever give it to aadarsh before ? and swara throwing water in it ?
      and aadarsh blackmailed the sisters that he will kill their brother ?
      it’s about their brother’s life…
      swara was so smart by a plan of magic pen, it better than just crying over and over..
      who knows it will be flop ?
      it better to fight back than just crying and obeying the blackmailer’s task, like a dumbo

  11. Swara is responsible for all this! Her idiotic idea by giving away d property paper to sign!! She love to play to over smart! N look where it take her n her family! Dumb swara!

    1. actually ragini is the soul teason..who told her to go alone to bring chottu..she seek help from swalak…but noo she wants to bcm mahan..so paridh got a chance to kidnap baby and blackmail that dumbo..sooo she is the base of these mess..dnt blame my swara..

  12. At last dadi said Ragini that one day u will cm back to me
    It means after Adarsh Pari, rags will turn negative again…..

    1. I have also same doubt hifi

  13. soundariya plz tell me the tamil series name? ye kia same kahani par adharit hea? and konse channel par ata hea?

  14. soundariya plz tell me the tamil series and channel name?

    1. ‘Ganga Yamuna’ on Raj Tv. Mon – Sat @ 7.00pm

  15. swara my love…love you sooo much jaan..you are still looking cute in crying face..ohhh i cant take my eye off to u..my eye is searching only for u..bt less screen space..i m jealose of sanskar..love you swara..love you helly

  16. bearing this crap show only for swara and swasan…

    i love 2 baby cuties in SR..
    1st one is chottu and anothr one is my chocopie swara….
    who is more cute???

  17. Hopeing for d day wen i”ll praise cvs ….till den love u my rupunzel(tejaswi)!!! N m really horrified by dadi’s lst sentense for rags,dat “she”ll come back to me”…(wish dat cvs r nt planning to make her charecter negative again….
    N swaragini’s charmers ragini laksh sanskaaar n swara stay blessed guyssss… ??? n tejaswi i m a damnnnn huge fan of urs…love u to d core???? ….

    1. Mica

      nooo…..please don’t let ragini turn to negative.. i think it’s ragini’s time to get a rid of dadi’s bad influence in her life, it’s time for ragini to bring dadi to the rite path by her love.

      1. Yap mica u r absolutely r8!!!!! ? fingers crossed…hope for d bstt!!!???

  18. ragini is the facking cause of this mess coz she went illegally to get baby so she can look great…she is a criminal just like Adarsh and Parenita who needs to be punished

  19. I think that parineeta should have been given a chance because ragini has done worse than her it was not fair on pari

    1. Mica

      ragini done crime to her sister swara… and she forgave ragini already, so there wasn’t any problem for maheswary, since it was gadodia’s matter.
      ragini insulted maheswary family, but at least she didn’t try to kill maheswary member. Ragini rectified her mistake by helping maheswary in kavvya’s case.
      let’s see parineeta problem
      parineetha tried to harm uttara’s life by marrying her to rajat (uttara is maheswary’s family member)
      parineetha tried to shot uttara/anandpura in uttara’s wedding day.
      for maheswarys and swara, it’s not about who has the worst crime, but it’s about maheswary’s family

      1. Mica rajat was the one who shot uttu otherwise agree to u hate pari ragz is better than her

      2. Mica

        no ghulsara, there were 2 shots, ragini found parineetha’s gun in storage room

  20. How easily property is transfered from the owners name to someone else just like that ????? I mean this is like the third time that this house is being signed off to someone else hehehehe

  21. Iamsofianeak

    If trp won’t increase the show will go off-air ! this track is good but how they forget that sanskar had his own property ? swara had her own foundation ( of music ) ? they show theem as poor peoplee –‘ but pari shd have been given a chance , ragini has done big crimes ( kill her sister , torture MF ) ….. sulekha want swara’s help and now taunts herr offff givee us good traack , keep watchbig swaragini guyyss

  22. Again blame game started???swaragini r not responsible for this….some r blaming swara n some r blaming ragini…..they did it for chotu…i think adarsh pari r mm family they kidnapped n tried to kill chotu….some r saying swaragini r responsible for these mm family….then mm family will be not shown in serial????more than property a life is important….so swaragini tried to save both chotu n property….but unexpectedly property plan is backfired….i think this track will be interesting…n my swasan???no single dialogue to sanky???he is not my sanky???pls cvs give good clothes to swasan….n in upcoming episode swara will sell her bangles for dp hospital bill???seriously ap,sujata,ragini all r wearing heavy jewelry but y swara should only help???n sanky u r looking too cute???swara looking so gorgeous….n mm family members r wearing costliest clothes after they become poor….in precap all r looking like they r going to some function except swasan….asalways they will not get gud clothes…but they r looking still cute???n dadi y so much negative???n ragini i liked her answer for dadi…

  23. Heltej

    Ohh again! Guys its just fictional stories! U guys fighting for fictional character! Oh god! For your own sake stop it… Stop fighting for fictional character! Its depends upon cvs how they making the story! Dont take it seriously! If u still wants to fight… Fight for those ‘real victims’ of society! Definitely govt will take action… Seeing ur fight!

  24. See now get ready for the bashes weekend has come n in the weekends there is maximum bashes on SR page .Well loved my beautiful hellu angel as usual she rocked it!!!!my beautiiiiiiful baby LOVE U???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  25. oh again bashing for fictional character….anyway love u Teju my angel ???????

  26. Ragu…my doll…..love u always…plz stop blaming ragini..yes..ragini turn negative..only bcz of sanskar…don’t forget that….now 4 main leads are positive characters. ..don’t blame ragini & swara…..both are main characters. ..

    1. Mica

      don’t blame my sanskar.. he didn’t forced her or blackmailed her to be crime of partner
      ragini had taken that decision in her sense.
      once sanskar had known that ragini tried to harm herself to concealed their secret, (electric shock scene) sanskar asked her to stop, sanskar didn’t want to harm anyone’s life…

  27. O my god varun you are too cute love you so much

  28. All rashmi Sharma r total waste all the serial common thing is property n sasural. It is better give up this serial I love helly n varum they both r very good pair. Why can’t these CVS give some romance like ekta kapoor serials, which r better dating, dinner romance family caring

  29. what happens in upcoming episodes?

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