Swaragini 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Adarsh tells his family that he got tensed hearing the noise and hid his ex girl friend in the box. The woman threatens Adarsh and asks him to give money else she will show their intimacy pics to his family. Durga Prasad says giving threat is against the law and a crime. The woman warns Durga Prasad and says she will show the photos to media. Swara asks her not to misbehave with Bade Papa, and talks about his respect. She says although Adarsh did a mistake, but we will support Adarsh in this tough time. She says I have proof against you and can send you to jail. She shows the chain. Durga Prasad says you might have understood, and my son will give answer to me. He warns her not to show her face to Adarsh or him. The woman leaves. Adarsh apologizes to Durga Prasad. Parineeta says I felt Swara is liar.

She says I will never forgive you for such a big betrayal. Durga Prasad feels bad as his son had an affair forgetting his values. He apologizes to Dadi. Dadi tells she will not this news go out from this house. Durga Prasad asks her to inform Shekhar that Sanskar is innocent.

Durga Prasad says I have fallen down in my eyes, and my values, ego, upbringing on which I was proud proved wrong. He says my eldest son Adarsh made me feel low and insulted. He says God shall not let even enemy see this day. He tells Swara that his own family has hurt him, but you proved that relations are not meant by words. He says you have fulfilled the duty of a daughter in law today and apologizes to her. He blesses her for happiness by keeping hand on her head. Ragini gets upset. Swara asks him not to apologize. Everyone looks on.
Sanskar tries speaking with Swara. Swara asks what happened? Sanskar says finally you have spoken. Swara says I don’t want to talk. Sanskar says I want to thank you, and says your doings has affected me. Swara says you should not be affected.

Sanskar asks her to answer else he will not let her go. He asks why you are behaving indifferently with me. Swara says as you betrayed me. She says we were friend, then from where did love come between us. Sanskar says he loves her. Swara says you became my best friend, but you have snatched my friend from me by saying that nonsense talk. She says we will concentrate on our mission only, and will be not friends or any relation. The moment our mission is done, we will go separate ways. Sanskar says okay. He says I will not apologize for loving you as it was best moment of my life. He goes out of room. Swara comes out of room and sees Ragini standing. Sanskar looks at them.

Ragini asks you have saved Sanskar very cleverly? Did he thanked you. Swara says yes, and says you should have thanked me also. She says I would have expose you in 2 mins, but I don’t want to hurt family by revealing your truth. She says how can you stoop so low being my sister? How can you play with emotions of family members by trapping Sanskar. Ragini says you tells that you don’t care for Sanskar, but did so much for him. Swara says I always support truth. Ragini asks her to start loving Sanskar then. She says atleast Sanskar loves you and says he might accept you. Sanskar gets angry. Swara says I am surprised to see your avatar. Ragini says I love Laksh very much, and knows that you can’t back off. She says I will also not back off and says if you continue with your efforts then I will not let Maa and Baba unite. Swara says Ragini….She says you loves Laksh very much and can do anything for him. Swara says you can’t imagine what I can do to ruin your life, and asks her to be in her limits. She asks her to let their fight between the two and goes. Sanskar asks Ragini to apply balm on her wound. Ragini says this fight will be between us, and I will take your fake relation meet its logical end.

Laksh tells that he has a meeting to attend and that’s why he has to attend pooja. He says Sanskar will do the puja being married. Sanskar says he has also meeting to attend. Laksh says why is he lying as his fake marriage truth will come out. He asks them to marry before puja. Later Ragini asks Annapurna to get her sister married as per the rituals. Annapurna declares Sanskar and Swara’s marriage before Kul Devi’s pooja. Sanskar looks on shockingly.

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  1. rosy

    Oh swara i cn undrstand you…bt love is not a betrayal to you from sanskar…..
    Sanskar u cud jst say” i dont want anythng from you swara….i wl never hold u forcefully….if u wana go aftr u finish ur aim i wud nt stop u…”

  2. Jas

    I recent read on telly updates that raglak wil make a plan to make swasan marry and will make the family agree and he himself will leave the house saying that he is going to attend a meeting but truth is that he cannot see swara marrying to sanskar on the other hand swasan will kidnap lakshya as a last attempt to save themselves from being married and send rags the video of laksh being kidnaped and ask her to tell the truth to everyone in order to save laksh

  3. manu

    Ur behaving as a fool swara..can’t u understand the love of sanskaar ?? ..when d hell will Ragini get exposed?? After everything bad happened to swara and sanskar??

  4. i support u swara bt i also support sanskar coz lv dont happen intentionaly,so u decide ur life’s decision if u wnt 2 go back 2 lak dn u shd go back i will support u dt time also

  5. z

    swaragini: ragini says she convinced the family for swara and sanskar’s marriage to expose them, now they are going against her. she has laid many plans to fail swara. sanskaar has kidnaped laksh after seeing his ragini’s truth did not come out in laksh’s eyes. he wants to trouble ragini now to see whether her so called love is actually love or not. he is doing this to target ragini. laksh is in bad state and ragini sees the video where laksh is tied to the chair. sanskar did not ask swara to exposeragini by doing wrong. swara also gets worried seeing the video. swara will fight with sanskar for doing wrong with laksh.

  6. Pri

    Feeling very bad for sanskaar
    If swara goes against sanskaar I can’t watch this serial
    Read some update dt sanskaar kidnaps laksh and asks ragini to tell truth Bt swara opposes sanskaar after seeing laksh condition
    I can’t see sanskaar sad so will give break watching this serial
    Serial makers show some love btw them y do u always show tragedies?

  7. rosy

    I thnk da marriage of swara and sanskar wud take place in dat case rags wud again lose…as her aim to xpose swara’s fake wedding wud fail….
    Howevr in dat situatn swara u better nt blame sanskar as he is nt at fault to love u n u better nt say dat nw u wl hav to live a marriage wich is against ur will….
    only in this fake marriage drama swara wud b trappd in her own ploting….bt i beg of u swara fall for sanskar cz he loves u widout expecting dat u wud reciprocate it…

  8. Archies

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Ragini manipulates Lakshya for getting Swara and Sanskaar marriage in front everyone again.
    Lakshya makes family members agrees for the same but he cannot see Swara getting married to other one.
    Lakshya decides to avoid marriage and goes on business tour.
    Swara and Sanskaar want to expose Ragini as Ragini has played a big game to get them married in real.
    Swara and Sanskaar now kidnap Lakshya with help of goons and make a video to blackmail Ragini.
    Ragini gets shocked knowing about Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) kidnapping

    They want that Ragini confess her crime seeing Lakshya’s kidnapping video.
    Meanwhile, Laksya gets beaten by goons in the process of trying to run away from their clutch.
    Will Swara get successful to expose Ragini?
    Will Swara get trapped in her plan?

  9. jyo

    spoiler alert: sanskar to kidnap lakshya in swaragini!!
    with the current track of the show,swara has proved sanskaar innocent and along with that she has also exposed aadarsh extra martial affair.
    well indeed,lot of drama has come up this week, isn’t it!!
    but then it’s not enough for our viewers so the makers is all set to introduce new twist in the coming week. let’s take a look on the high voltage drama expected to be seen in the upcoming episodes.
    our source informs”sanskar who has confessed his love for swara is worried for her and to end her troubles, he will take a very big step. he will kidnap laksya to bring ragini’s truth out infront of the entire family… after kidnapping lakshya, sanskar will confront ragini that if she wants him back safe then she has to tell the truth in front of the entire family. as the man for whom she did all the crime is in danger and he will die if she doen’t confess the truth. ”
    omg! did sanskar really do this? yes., swara who has unaware about his planwill get angry after knowing this and she will fight with him for doing the things wrong way.
    but the question is will ragini accept his warning? or she will continue playing games.?
    keep reading this space for more updates!

  10. rosy

    If da marriage doesnt happen and swara wl go against sanskar den i wl nt watch da serial anymore….sanskar y r u actng lyk this again hurtng laksh….i mean dat way u r ruining ur image infront of swara n again becuming dat old sanskar,,,i really dnt get it y writers r so negative…till nw no positive things r shown…plz plz plz dont let a girl’s respect go down to hell by showing her goin to a person who called her characterless….

  11. gaya

    I like this serial….i hate ragini…swaragini is better than MATSH…. ippa naan swaragini thaan romba interest a pakuren…

  12. R

    I think swasans Mrg will not happen
    And moreover swara will fight against sanskaar for laksh
    No happiness for sanskaar
    but y dnt swara understand dt sanskaar is nt asking love in return
    Wt can he do?
    Love hpns any time with anyone
    Y she dnt understand I dnt knw
    In today’s episode swara told that she can expose ragini in two minutes only
    I was literally laughing at that time bcz her only two min is abt 4-5days for us

  13. diya

    enough of drama yaar …want ragini’s evil fave to come out n wanna c her suffer …..the way swara is suffering n also laksh should suffer for not trusting swara…

  14. anu

    extra martial affair, seperation, legal trouble for swaragini couples..

    it seems that trouble some days are not yet over for swaragini couples on color’ swaragini.
    unfortunately, we have some bad news for all the fans of the daily.
    cute pairs in the drama series are all set to witness some tough times in the conjugal life soon.
    a source shaared, “after finding out about adarsh’s*xtra marial affair, swara will confront him about in front of other family members. unable to answer swara’s queires properly, he will finally confess his mistakes. during the entire questioning swara will also prove that sanskar was not the one , who tried to abuse ragini.”
    on the other hand, threatened about the truth getting revealed, ragini will blackmail swara to leave her alone with laksya , or else she will not let sharmista and shekar reunite. and in order to strengthen her point ragini and dadi will frame sharmistha for trying to physicaly harm her mother-in-law. and this will in turn lead sharmistha’s arrest and her seperation with her husband.
    though it is a bad phasefor both the couples, it will be an intresting watch for the viewers we guess to find out how swara will stop her parents seperation.
    unfortunately helly remained busy for shooting.
    and if you really want to find out about swara’s next atttempt to stop her evil sister, then do come back here for next update..

  15. xoxo

    Dear director and producer,
    I think you are misinterpreting the high trps… You do not have any high trps because of ragini n her evil plans but because of swasan n some because of swalak… So please show us some cute swasan moments instead of focusing on ragini, laksh and adarsh. They dont deserve our time.
    PS: I think swasan deserves a grand wedding so please add other marriage functions like mehndi and sangeet too… It would be great to see them dance together…

  16. rosy

    Swara nd sanskar plz unite….we love swasan plz writers let them b together….howevr y sumwhere i feel sanskar wud kidnap laksh only to let all thngs end n sacrifice his love…swara plz i hpe u wud undrstnd dat sanskar can harm himself by making himself guilty infront of evry1’s eyes to let u unite ur parents…then how cudnt u love sanskar for his zero expectations frm u….

  17. sanju

    i think rashmi sharma is intrsted in separating couples, lovers jodies only we can see the couple sepeating in all her 3 famous show saath nibhana saathiya, sasural simar ka, swaragini.. in all couples will be seperated…
    in saathiya gopi ahem sepertaed 2 times, in sasural simar ka prem-simar or roli-siddanth seperates always and now in swaragini sharmistha and shekar separting .. rift between swara- sanskar.. adarsh-parineeta,laksya-ragini..

    guys who are swasan fans “please dont ask cvs to give proper scenes of swasan love, or romance track.. if you all ask them to give there proper scenes they will try to seperate them like now example how the track is going..today episode… in ssk also all rosid fans will ask cvs to give proper rosid track then we get there seperation and we didnt get proper track… so please dont ask cvs to give proper swasan scences they will not give…..”
    sorry by my post if i hurt any one.. but this is the fact what rosid fans getting and same like swasan fans also getting…..but plese dont ask them to give swasan scences…sorry if i hurt anyone…

  18. Kat

    Today’s epi was soooo gud. Specially the Swasan moments!!!!!!! Sanskaar looked like a lost puppy when Swara told that they would go in seperate wayswhen their mission is completed. Felt so bad for him!!!!!!!! I felt so happy when Shona hurted that drama queen Ragini’s hand. She deserves few tight slaps rather than a twisted hand for her dirty acts!!!!!!!

  19. ria

    Please director n producer. … pls revel ragini’s evil thing to all… n make maa n baba unite…. …. n swara should get respect from every one…. pls.. .. revel ragini’s evil things…. .

  20. s

    by kidnaping laksya sanskar wants to bring ragini truth out and then after he sacrifice his love for swara to unite her parents and he will tell swara to move on her life… then swara can understand him how much he loves her.. i think now only she came out of truma where laksya didnt trust their love.. so now again she dont want fall in love with him again.. thats why she said like that she dont want their friendship and relationship….. but hope all things sorted out in swasan life soon…..
    i saw in one spoiler that after swara proves sanskar innocent and aadarsh martial life.. she develops soft corner for sanskar and after ragini becomes low she will be more strong to unite her parents and she will definetly united them.. but waiting their ragini truth revealed…. se develops soft corner for sanskar after this incident… lets see what cvs planing for store in swasan track and their love nd relationship….

  21. Pls reveal ragini’s evil things. ….swara should need family respect… . unite maa n baba….now episodes r becoming lengthy. … trust me.. . max. People want dis….. reveal ragini…… pls pls pls

  22. matendo pharida

    While showing swaragini put e english words bse its shown many countries and its not dat every ones india language and there is no time to watch reputation so make sure to put e english words at night.

  23. swasan

    plz don’t spoil sanskar image in front of swara n other family members in these kidnapping drama n I want swasan marriage happened n evil ragini plan flop n her true face come out plz plz plz swasan rokkkkkkkkk

  24. unknown.

    Swara plz don’t go against Sanskar and y do you feel for Laksh when you hate him and he hates you..I WANT SWASAN TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER

  25. Kya ho kya rha h…….. Yeh ragini itni doost h…..itni jaldi maanegi nhi……..Arrey kuch toh kregi hi……..bas yeh pakad jaye toh maza hi aa jaye……..itni sheedhi thi yeh……hamesha……..jo itna sheedhaa hota h woh last mein ……..yehi hota h…….. Ragini ki wajah se swara Phas jaati h……….sab ragini ko bhut hi sheedha smajte h………aur yeh Uski dadi maa usko expose karne ki jagah laado laado karti rahti h….

  26. anu

    no more swasan plsss… ragini ne dhoke se shadi kia laksh se. then how she can get him?? swalakh is the best.. we want to see them together again.

  27. anu

    no more swasan plss.. ragini ne to dhoke se shadi koa laksh se. then how can she get him?? now expose her & make swara & laksh together. we all want to see them together again.

  28. MeH

    SwaSan moments was lovely. ………today’s SwaSan moments (were he walk forwrd n she bakwards….keeping his hnds on either side of hers bloking her) reminds me of arnav n khushi(my fav ;-))………and I really want SwaSan mrg to hpn…bt lyk alwys it ‘ll not hpn ..coz we want it…:-(

  29. Wat bakwas
    If it’s not swasan I’m gonna stop watching plzzzz swara accept sanskar..
    The drama is so stupid
    I think adarsh gf is someone from sankars past

  30. san

    swaragini: lakshya and ragini decided to get swara sanskar married..

    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will show that lakshya and ragini will plan to expose sanskar and swara’s fake marriage.
    it will be seen that maheshwari family will organize a pooja for the kul devi and they will plan to make swara and sanskar sit for pooja.
    ragini and laksya will say that swara and sanskar will have to get married again.
    swara and sanskar will try to avoid the marriage but they will not be successful.
    laksya wants to expose swara’s fake marriage but at the same time he is not able to stop his feelings for swara.
    therefore,during swara and sanskar marriage,laksya will decide to go away on a business tour.
    let’s wait and see whether swara and sanskar get married or not.

  31. s

    i saw youtube video where sanskar kidnaps laksh other side ragini is doing mehandi function for swara… ragini sharmistha ko gaayab kiya hai and majboorn swara applying mehandi and sanskar is dissopinted.. sujatha also dont no what to do?/ she comes and takes swara with her… marriage preparations going on…. but something ragini is planned dont know what she isplanning but swara is disopointed and she dont have any intrest but she is doing all this to keep her mother safe…
    is swasan marriage will happen?

  32. hate u laksh

    laksh is dumb
    laksh is idiot
    laksh is stupid
    laksh is muddy fellow
    laksh is dirty fellow
    laksh is crazy
    finally laksh is short fellow
    if rags want to hug him she has to bend..hahaha..
    and he is the worrest fellow in the world..this is my feelings on laksh

  33. kirti

    in today’s epi wen sanskaar blocked swara’s way by keeping his hands on either side of her i juz thought dat dey both wud kiss each other lyk how it happns in movies bt nothng lyk dat happnd
    felt pity fr sanskaar as swara rejectd him
    o felt happy wen swara twistd rags hand n den da way sans tauntd rags

  34. I can’t wait till the day when that psycopath ragini’s truth to come out. And also want to see the reaction of sheker, dadi, Laksh and evreyone when they find out about ragini’s wrong doings. I also think that sanskar and swara will be together in the future.

  35. Guest

    I just hope after whole kidnapping drama this ragini tells her truth.its high time ya. M getting bored of this drama now

  36. i dont want that in drama that swara is doing all thing to reveal raghini thruth but fur her parents not for laksh why swara i want that swara’s feeling fur laksh to be started and she only luv laksh
    if the twist is thre that the laksh is caring of swara i want that swara should be hurted and there is no one eccept laksh with she
    i only luv that swalak luv will never end
    and as soon as possible reaveal raghini thruth

  37. kirti

    Hey sk wat r u trying to say i didnt gat it
    And i dont get dat y swara dont luv sans now wen he is da only one who cares fr her n olso luv is juz a feeling wich can develop at anytym fr anyone and not a prson who can b called at anytym

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Ya kirti but sk is correct!
      Forgetting first is not easy dear……..
      Laksh n swara loved each other truely….(but now, by seeing laksh’s behaviour I can’t even support laksh!!!)

      But the thing is, shona was in true love with laksh…….so for her it is really very difficult!!!

      Anyways I juz want laksh to get on his knees n ask for forgiveness from swara………..

  38. I saw each episode of swaragini and at one episode swara was telling sanskar she is only girl in the world who love laksh a lot.
    but I don’t think so ragini love a lot more than swara do matter infact she has lot to loose more than swara . ragini doing a lots of bad deeds maybe some r not forgivable so what she a human one day she will realise….. waiting for dat episode
    and tejaswi is doing a fantastic job as a actor and loved sanskar too ..
    it was just my opinion..

  39. my last question is for the writer of swaragini if they want to unite laksh and swara in the end or whenever they want why u need to kill or screw two character (ragini and sanskar ) everytime showing how goody goody is swara how bad is ragini
    and both brothers fall in love wid her .thats stupid
    u could have shown some crazy psycho of laksh past girlfriend as a villain.

  40. neha

    I hope for swara and sanskar to unite they really look sweet together just made for each other
    I have a strong feeling that swara will accept sanskar and laksh will turn negative dats why now his character is showing blind trust on ragini

  41. R

    If laksh and swara are united trust me no one will watch this serial and their ratings would be zero
    May be all dis drama wil happen up to dussehra and then raginis truth will b revealed.I hope so
    Ofcourse one week takes for swara marriage arrangements and the second week for kidnaping and fight with sanskaar
    Atleast in dussehra reveal raginis truth and then show swaras closeness to sanskaar
    Otherwise this serial would b no worth of watching

  42. xyz

    I also think that truth will come out on dushera. I think it would be fun to watch when laksh will get to know truth and swara will leave the house and go and laksh would be guilty and want to talk to swara …….And sans.&lak. will fight for swara as they both lol her

  43. Jas

    Big news

    laksh will be beaten up by goons swara will come to his rescue and will tell truth to laksh and will say that if he believe her than please come and tell the truth to everyoneas only he can stop her marraige with sans

    will laksh come or not???

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