Swaragini 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the guy coming to Baadi and clicks his pics. He comes to Swara and Ragini’s house and introduces himself as Nikhil. Ragini thinks Swara told her about the cook. She asks him to come. Nikhil comes inside and tells that he has done MBA etc….Ragini says you will soon become great man. She thinks don’t know why he wants to become cook. She asks what you can make? Nikhil says he can make people fool and tell about the incident. Ragini asks her to make a dish with gourd so that she can know about his talent. Nikhil agrees. He asks who are you? Ragini says I am Swara’s sister. Nikhil thinks when we were together in childhood, she was not having any sister. Swara collides with Sanskar and falls in his arms. Sanskar asks are you blind? Swara asks him to leave her. He leaves her

and she falls on ground. She is shocked and angry. Sanskar and Swara argue. He says I can’t get rid of you, as you find ways to stay in touch with me. Now you have come as wedding planner for Utara’s wedding. Swara says you have agreed and called me, and asks him to suffer. Inspector comes and tells that Laksh’s phone location is traced. Swara hears him and is surprised.

Nikhil shows the dish made of lauki and asks Ragini to taste it. Ragini tastes it. Nikhil says he will send recipe to his mum. Ragini goes to spit it. Inspector, Swara and Sanskar come to Baadi. Swara says this is our Baadi. Inspector says Laksh’s phone is traced and it is here. Ragini comes back and scolds Nikhil. She says it is full of chilli and tells that all the baraat will leave if he makes spicy food. Swara comes there and asks Ragini to cool down. She says Nikhil is her childhood friend, who will help them in event management. Ragini says you didn’t tell me about him. She says you would have told me that you are not a chef.

Nikhil holds his ears and apologizes. Swara asks her to forgive him. Inspector asks Constables to search in the baadi. They spot a bag and asks whose bag is this? Nikhil comes and says it is his bag. He says there is nothing in it and asks them to relax. Ragini asks Swara, why did Sanskar come with Police. Nikhil picks his bag. Sanskar stops him and holds the bag. Nikhil says excuse me. Sanskar says my brother is missing since 6 months and his phone is traced here, we will search your bag too. Constable comes and says phone is not found in Baadi. Inspector says phone should be here. Nikhil asks them to check his phone and bag too. Inspector asks who are you? Swara says Nikhil is my childhood friend, and have come to meet me.

Sujata asks Gayatri to tell if she needs anything. Gayatri says I am impressed with you, and says you have given us koti before marriage and asks her to give more. Annapurna is tensed. Gayatri says people call this dowry, but it is not dowry, but for your daughter’s luxury.

Nikhil says you are acting as if I have hidden your brother in it. Sanskar throws the stuff from the bag. Ragini sees phone and says it is Laksh’s phone. She gets emotional. Gayatri says Chirag is her only son and Utara will rule in the house now. Sujata gets happy. Gayatri hears the car sound and says Chirag’s papa must have come. Sujata asks when will Chirag come? Gayatri says before marriage. Nikhil tells him that he doesn’t know about this phone and don’t know from where it have come. Sanskar gets angry.

Precap: Sanskar questions Nikhil. Swara asks him not to do mistake again. Later Sanskar sees Nikhil confessing love to Swara and gets jealous.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jazzy

    Today ragini and nikhil scenes were nice but missing laksh

  2. Hemanshi

    short but nice episode……but one thing…….why are they dragging it so much…..bring laksh back and show swasan hate-love story with more tashan and sanskar’s punishment for swara

  3. Silent_writer

    Wooooow loved ragnik epi hehehe what an epic dish u made n swasan tashan was awsmeeee mysterious chiraghhh something seems fishy hope. Laksh comes with a bangggg ???

  4. Scooby

    Best part comes here.. my sans jealous. Aww flying in the sky like balloon. Ahhh sans stomach us burning wait i bring water..
    @mica if u see my comment come lets rag sanskar…
    nikil ur cupid here…. and no words im out of jolly.. bt in upcoming swasan fight and swara crying..

    1. Mica

      Naviiii… how mean!! our Sanskar jealous for nothing and we rag him ? 😀 😀
      Poor sanskar, he didn’t know Nikhil’s prank, his heart burnt already.. ahem ahem..

  5. Neera

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!! Sanskar jealous!!!!!!!!!! I hope this nikhil wont turn negative like sahil !!!! But am damn angry at sanskar for taunting swara in one of d segments i saw…. he s asking her to marry nikhil….. he s damn jealous seeing them…. awww my sanskar dont get angry….. swara is all urs !!!! Again this gayatri n sujata are damn irritating ! Hope laksh returns soon….. i feel very diff seeing swasan’s tashan… keep rocking swasan…. loveee uuu ummaaaaahhhh

  6. can someone pls elaborate the precap more ………….it is a request ……pls tell me the precap

    1. Sumeeta

      Nikhil is proposing swara(i think its not in serious.they may be acting) sanskar saw this nd become jelous nd angry.
      San to swara mujhe tumhari dost le shq karne ki irada nahi hain

  7. Haaawww wat a precap

  8. Thanks H Hasan I m loving these tracks ??

  9. I am new here about esipode war good

  10. Sameera Malik

    Ohh God ye swara itnii b to khubsoorat nai h k sab uske diwane ho jate h
    Pehle Laksh,sanskar,sahil or ab ye Nikhil
    Is swara ko to jaise best Beauty award Mila h k Jo dekho Diwana ho jata h
    Isliye ye show flop hua h
    Kuch bata Lao yaar Baar BAAR swara k diwane mat Lao itna b mat fako serial me k
    Log bor hone ki jaga pagal ho jaye

    1. Chill asa kuch nhi ho ga wo ragu k oposite aya ya na k sawara k

    2. Dear…I think beauty is not about good looks..it’s about good heart which Swara always had…n pls don’t tell me the show is flop…this serial was ruling one time n though it was not on top 10for few weeks there was no scarcity in following..so pls stop taunting Swara…..n pls don’t tell she’s not beautiful ..she’s the most beautiful person inside n outside too…
      No hard feelings…we still don’t know the story ..so pls relax…

      1. Neera

        Exactly dear….. swara’s heart s very beautiful n she always thinks for others goodness…. she looks damn cute ! She s outspoken n frank….. she has many qualities… swara <3

    3. you may c ur face then…? Miss Sameera

  11. Kya bat h is serial m sab swara k hi lovers h kya beychari ragini. Im silent reader but sometimes it’s seems to funny and can’t control it and keep comment on it.

  12. Tqq fr speedu update

  13. Awwwww..
    my cute swasan!!!
    They look soo cute while angry. ?
    and my sanky is more hot in his jealousy avatar!!!!
    And y dat nikiĺ saying those wrds 2 swara???

    thank u hasan mam!!!
    Keep writing
    be happy always

  14. Vyshu10

    loving swasan tashan…nikhil is so funny

  15. this was vry nice I ws waiting for swasan cute fight

  16. Lila

    Wth??? Seriously why does every fall for swara? Why not Ragini? This Rashmi Sharma is very biased

    1. Lila

      Every guy*

      1. Jazzy

        I totally agree with u Lila

    2. Sanji

      because swara is damn cute dear..:-) 🙂

    3. why are u so jealous?

      1. Lila

        Why would I be jealous? I’m talking about the show. Not myself

      2. same what I m saying … I never said that u r jealous about urself so lets not fight on this thing pls!

      3. Because Shalini, it is true, the CV’s are very biased towards Swara. All are Swara’s lovers, sanskar, laksh, sahil and now Nikhil. No guy except laksh has fallen for ragini

  17. guys do anyone of you know the official website of swaragini… I have a complaint to tell them…. plz tell me if anyone of u know… I have to complain about the repeating timing of the serial…
    n nikhil my god u r so fast… sanskar jealous loving it…

  18. Hmmm..I heard that nikil will be opp ragini….so he also lovess swara….sanky jealous.. Plzzzz bring back Our Laksh asap…

  19. Amulya Sampath

    Just read the news that Laksh was kidnapped by Adarsh and Parineetha to take revenge from swara and ragini

  20. Mica

    Thank you H.Hasan mam for update..love you..
    Nikhil and Ragini, when i saw the SBS segment, i thought it’s hilarious,*imagined i will laughing hard to see the scene.
    but then hmmm…just nice attempt, i have a doubt that Nikhil is Sujatha’s son, they have similarity than Sanskar. 😛
    Our Swasan..goosshh this hypocrite fellows, admit that you missing each other damn it!!
    Huh! Swara, you are wrong dear! you think he will suffer to see you ? you even don’t know that his heart will dance for sure. ahem ahem…
    Man’s insting, once Sanskar facing Nikhil, his gaze immediately turn to his lady love (he even dunno the connection between swaragnik) , oohh Goosshhh!!!
    alert! alert!!
    Laaakksshh! where are you hotty ? hmmm.. few days ago, they found your wallet, today your phone, next 2 day, your shoes, than your pants, boxer, t-shirt, watch, what else ?

    1. Pavani

      He he he nice dought abt laksh

  21. Awasome epi now the drama is gooing good lovely tashen se bhara guys next promo me sanky save swara from goons he cant bear that anyone touch swara … awwwww kia secn ho ga jb sanskar ko swara bachaye ga and guyz nikhiljo hy na wo is bar ragu k lie aya ha soo chill agy bht mza any wala hy ??

  22. Thank you H.Hasan so much….Wow today’s episode is better than yesterday.
    Handsome Sanskar jealousy is fantastic…love it.
    Swara eye look so deep …so desperate.
    I love u both hoping that u will be reunited soon.

  23. Mica

    Poor Sanskar, you let your Swara fall but see, it’s hurt you to saw her falling, rite ?
    uugghh my silly Sanskar…

    1. Mica???? you’re so funny

  24. Omg! without laksh serial is boaring,In past, atleast those 5 min raglak scenes were their. Now these dumbo writers got a great chance to sideline raglak,now there is a great suspence about this new guy entry ,for whom he came? Plz bring my laksh back. Then u can show any number of heroes. Laksh only deserves ragini. this nikhl Also nice as a good friend, he is cute, but I think to unite swasan this cute boy will turn negative in madness of love for swara I guess
    Then swasan will be united.my Ragini aka teju choooo cute.

  25. fed up wth swasan drama.wer z laksh?wen will raglak track start??how long shud we wait fo a raglak scene?plz bring laksh back n concentrate on raglak track too..

  26. Kakali

    Thnk u H.Hasan mam..today actually u r a angel for mee… huhh!!!! m dying to watch Swaragini…butt u know i have hole in my fate.. my mom is not allowing me to watch tv..

    Sanskar jealous!!!!
    why? whyyy??? whyyyyy???
    m seriously disappoint with u..i atleast didn’t expect this from u..
    huhh!!! *poor me…
    except u how can i expect this from any other hotty…uhhh!!!
    was it not enough to kill us by ur high intensity n s*xy look…that u r again trying to brutally murder us with ur jealousy expression..waaa!!!
    i almost sleep into coma… CVS u just live long n bang ur head with coconut..

    Waahooo !!! where r u Lakshh??? what game u r playing with us??
    Hmmm!! i guess Gilli Danda..
    welll played…carry on..*ready with popcorn n choco..

  27. I think nikhil will be obsessed of Ragini then lash will come back again to save ragini from nikhil anyone tell me a ff of raglak which is complete so that I can read it in one flow please

    1. Did you read the fanfic ‘her director his designer ‘very nice fanfic hilarious and lovely.I am also a die hatred fan of raglak dear.

    2. Want raglak very badly plz don’t utilise this chance to highlight one pair.I know it is waste request in the world now laksh was sidelined slowly ragini dies.then u can introduce a new girl . Swara adopts her as sister, renamed as ragini. And this time this new ragini is sanyasini so she won’t marry anyone.so there will be a beautiful,epic,romantic, Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliette love story.” Sorry if any swasan fans hurt by my words, I am a frustrated fan of raglak”.

  28. SWANIK R cute awww sanky jealoussssss???? bring back laksh soon want RAGLAK

  29. ????nikhil..say those words to Swara. .u will see me coming flying on an aeroplane and hitting u..be ready…dare say the words..

  30. I don’t know if it is true or not but a few days ago I read that uttra’s fiancee to love Swara…not nikhel…
    WRITERS…we didn’t get Swara’s reaction towards sanskar words to utter’s mother in
    (That they are two sides of a river ) they aren’t going to be reunited.
    Even sanskar doesn’t realize that Swara heard that…I don’t blame her whatever she does.

  31. how can sujata marry uttara in such a family
    what a precap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sanskar jealous!!!!!!

  32. Sanky is soooooooooooo hot i just love him he is jealous and still looks extremely cute laksh did quit the show is it true?? Miss him but still sanskaar is damn hot swasan is better than swalak or swanik

  33. This directeors are very biased towards raglak. Mainly swara and ragini. Sometimes ( mostly ) I feel like raglak are being sidelined. It is because of this that our teju almost quit and namish is planning to quit ( search it up if you don’t believe me ). Sometimes I also feel like it is swasan instead of swaragini. They are also so unfair to ragini. Look at swara, she gets more screen space/time. Everything revolves around her ( the problems revolve around her ) and ragini is always a helper to just solve the problem. For swara there have been so much masti and drama in her relation with sanky but in ragini life? no masti Why? Cuz they are bisaed towards swara. They had a chance to make masti in her life. By making karhtik obssessed and making her refuse the marriage and how he gets her back after complications and everyhthing. But they didn’t do that. Why? Cuz they are biased towards swara. Swasan marriage happened with so many probs and complications but raglak marriage? just two min maggi noodles. For swara 3 guys have fallen for her, but bechari ragini only one. This nikhil I bet they will also make him fall for swara and if they do I will seriusly continue to hate this show all my life. They have to show some fairness to raglak. It is like only swasan are main and raglak is supporting cast. Sometimes it is just irrirtating to keep on seeing swara’s face. Sorry if I hurt anyone. I don’t hate swasan, in fact I like it but I am a die hard raglak fan. This is not meant to bash swara or swasan or CV’s or swasan fans, just to point out how they are being unfair to rags. I just said what I feel. Sorry again if I hurt anyone

    1. U r absolitely correct actually i too feel iritated to see swara face sometimes i love swara very much but still cvs is partially neglecting ragini and laksh and they r always introducing a new guy and make him fall for swara this totally bakwass i mean ragini is also beatiful even though swara has great heart and she is cute dilwale girl when compared to ragini but still how could a stranger suddenly fall in love with swara and apart frm all she is married come on in real life nobody wluld do such things like swara did to sanskar i accept swara did so much to sanky and his family and sanky too did many things i think cvs can change the title as swara the detective and the helping hands r rags sanky and laksh .ragini always had less prbls in her life and swara had many prbls but still swara is getting piority and masti than rags pls let thiz new guy fall for rags and let laksh fight for her and in swasan case bting a new girl for sanky to make swara jealous and let she fight make some new attempts yaar why same story alwys atlast pls give some imp to rags pls pls i love ragini and ragsan so much it would be a great treat if someone direct a serial with teja and varun in lead roles im die hard fan of varun kapoor aka sanskaar aka hotie i also love swara so much such a great and good girl but still hate her for not being with sanky kya karo mein cant hate her fully cause she done do much to sanky but still sanky too did many things so hoping for their reunity swasan rocks ragini is best no words for her missing laksh yet my sanky heart throbbing beauty

  34. Thanks meera

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